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Infant Gas
My daughter is extremely gassy, she rarely burps and wakes up in pain, squirming, crying t
geofferygirl 2009-11-22
2   geofferygirl 8 years ago

Hello. My mother got the zoster herpes 4 weeks ago-it is located on the right side of her
monicazozo 2009-11-22
2   monicazozo 8 years ago

How do i know what potency i should give my daughter? Does it go by weight/age? What is st
geofferygirl 2009-11-22
2   geofferygirl 8 years ago

Premature Greying
Hi, I wanted to know if further Premature greying of hair can be stopped. In addition can
srilata 2009-10-22
2   deoshlok 8 years ago

i have chronic bloating problem with no apparent reason. can i take lycopodium? i have 6c
sadwife 2009-10-24
2   ak_homeo 8 years ago

Adverse reaction to Nat Mur?
I saw a homeopath on Monday who gave me a 200C does of Nat Mur. Since taking the remedy,
riskitgirl 2009-10-30
2   ak_homeo 8 years ago

excess desire for sex
Dear Doctors, my wife is 26 years of age. . recently she had taken a homoeo medicine to in
kanya 2009-11-17
2   ak_homeo 8 years ago

Continue taking thuja occi after skin eruptions?
I only took the thuja-occi for 3 days. 3C strength. when I experienced the new skin erupti
hope22 2009-11-17
1   ak_homeo 8 years ago

highly stressed and constipatiopn problem
Hi I am a computer professional sitting 8-10 hours daily in front of PC...I am overweight
earthangel 2009-10-12
2   ak_homeo 8 years ago

Hello. My mother got the zoster herpes 4 weeks ago-it is located on the right side of her
monicazozo 2009-11-22
no replies yet

No ovulation
Hello! I'm 29 years old. I took the contraceptive pill for 13 years and since februar
Margaret Olive 2009-11-22
2   Margaret Olive 8 years ago

Loose motions During Pregnancy
watery dicharge motions occurred during pregnancy(6th month)just 10 days before. As advise
Spicey 2009-11-22
no replies yet

Pus Filled Pimples or might be a Blood Infection?
Hello, I'm not here to find a remedy but to acquire information on why i suffering fr
Richski19 2009-11-21
3   Richski19 8 years ago

how to manage calc carb aggravation
My wife is six months pregnant now. When she was two months pregnant, I gave her calc carb
pcthahir 2009-11-21
1   rishimba 8 years ago

blocked nose and sinus problems
Im pregnant and my sinuses are SO bad i can hardly breath. I need some help!!!!
missaussie 2009-11-22
1   rishimba 8 years ago

HI This is saradha. 25 yrs. unmarried. suffering from PCOS since my puberty.In 2007 , i ha
cnsaradha 2009-11-19
6   rishimba 8 years ago

Can Homeopathics Ever be Harmful?
I am new to this forum and have, in fact, never posted anything on ANY forum, so please fo
Boospoochie 2009-11-21
2   Boospoochie 8 years ago

mngjamal 2009-11-20
7   gavinimurthy 8 years ago

Which is stronger 6C or 30C?
Which is Stronger? Potency 6C or Potency 30C ?
Thanasis 2009-11-20
2   maheeru 8 years ago

constitutional type chamomilla for 28 month old
Hello, i would like to kindly ask for help. I'm a mother of 28 month old girl who
mima26 2009-11-18
4   mima26 8 years ago

Sameer and others Kid with runny nose and continuous cough
Child is having the continuous cough since 12 hrs ... Gave him Ipecac 30 .... An
Beekayr 2009-11-21
1   NAJMULHASSAN 8 years ago

pregnancy symptom- blocked sinuses
My nose is blocked in the day and worse at night. Im 6 months pregnant and its getting pro
missaussie 2009-11-21
no replies yet

dry, hacking cough in 4 year old
My son has had a dry hacking cough for the last 24 hours. He has no wheezing, it's d
erika1 2005-12-20
10   kadwa 8 years ago

Catarah from throat
Please some homoepathic remedy for discharge of Catarh from the throat. It is sometimes th
Spicey 2009-11-19
5   rishimba 8 years ago

any homeopathic remeda agains influenca/swine flu?
Hello! Our family don't have the flu shots and also no swine flu shot. Is there some
diana108 2009-11-14
2   drlkumar 8 years ago

Default The majority doesn't know what homeopathy is...
Members, Please view my article 'Homeopathy: The Only True Cure'. It is an attempt
luke84 2009-11-01
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Alumina, Bryonia, Sepia -Dosage
1. Alumina. 2. Bryonia. 3. Anacardium 4. Nux vomica 5. Sepia The above ingredients are
Thanasis 2009-11-20
2   Thanasis 8 years ago

Bach flower
I have been taking bach flower remedy for once every couple of hours today and I have not
dan797s 2009-11-20
1   sriram 8 years ago

Loose motion durin pregnancy
Please advise a homeo medice for watery discharge loose motion with gas for last 3 days. I
Spicey 2009-11-13
2   Spicey 8 years ago

what are the remedies which can be used for hypertension?thanks
rtsZ 2003-12-01
9   metalnun 8 years ago

Hello all, I'm a 44 year old woman who has several medical...'challenges',
Pandora 2009-09-27
3   rishimba 8 years ago

Acid Reflux or?
Doctors please. I am 56 years old, it has beenmore than a year that after lunch or dinner
Kohat 2009-11-21
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Horrible dry acne on arms and back
Please help me with this . It has been going on for the last 7 years and I am a 39 year ol
catunes 2009-11-20
3   kadwa 8 years ago

ssahmr 2009-11-20
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Homeopaths Plz help: Case study Lichen Planus
Hello. I am 28 yrs old male. I have history of scrotal scratch 10 yrs back . My father had
sourabh 2009-11-18
4   sourabh 8 years ago

my wife sage is 37. she is having diabetes since last two years. since last 5 months her w
dmtechddn 2009-07-28
10   rishimba 8 years ago

Looking out for a good guy for my sister, she has leukoderma
Hi, I am looking out for a match for my sister who has leukoderma on her fingers..And I t
meru_jain 2009-11-20
3   Reva V 8 years ago

Dr Sameer, need help for daughters allergy
My 7 year old daughter has been suffering since the last 4 years with allergic condition w
py_delhi 2009-09-27
4   py_delhi 8 years ago

Anxiety / Blood Pressure / Panic Attack?
Hi I need some help, homeopathy is the right help for this problems, don't want to f

RajanTX 2009-11-05
39   Reva V 8 years ago

1. Alumina. 2. Bryonia. 3. Anacardium 4. Nux vomica 5. Sepia The above ingredients are
Thanasis 2009-11-20
no replies yet

Asthma problem
I have seen the questionare about symtoms and will answer them. But first I must say my sy
jhsif12 2009-11-20
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Son suffers from fever
My two and half year old son frequently catches cold and fever. He loves cold however. He
kkdwkkdw 2009-11-14
11   kkdwkkdw 8 years ago

attn Dr. Akshay!
Dear doctor.. For my thinning hair you had reccommended Silicea200C,6 drops(2 drops after
pradeepx28 2009-11-18
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

sleepliness and homeopathy
I have a friend that has trouble getting to sleep because of an overactive mind. I sugges
joojoo 2009-11-20
2   joojoo 8 years ago

pre-mature baby boy
suggest suitable paeditrician in hyderabad city to nurture premature boy 04 months old. re
immaq 2009-11-19
1   tamilnadu 8 years ago

erection problem please help!!!
I'm 38 yrs. male suffering from erection problem.I have anxiety, I use to masturbate
jimmy234 2009-11-19
4   jimmy234 8 years ago

Give me the remedy to clear unwanted hairs at upper lips permanently
HI all, I am suffering from PCOS problem since my puberty. I had recommeded with Diane-35
cnsaradha 2009-11-20
4   cnsaradha 8 years ago

pleomorphic adenoma parotid
plz plz help me i have been diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma parotid and i dont want to
yalublutibya2007 2009-11-20
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Free Daily Updates On Homeopathy. Via SMS
Get free homeopathic updates on latest views and news on homeopathy. sms 'ON HOMEOPATH
Homeoguru123 2009-11-20
no replies yet

cell salt combination and bach rescue remedy?
can somebody help me telling me that if i can take combined cell salt tablets for general
Libra27 2009-11-19
1   kadwa 8 years ago

bad breath
please help me every one on my job tell me my breath is stink, and they cover they nose th
flowerbag1 2009-11-20
1   rawfood 8 years ago

Homeopathic Online Schools
Hello,I am interested in getting an degree in homeopathic studies,but I am confused as to
rawfood 2009-11-20
no replies yet

Gerb and lump in the throat
Hi, everything has started in August last year, I started to get an acid reflux and heart
kristinam 2009-11-19
3   kadwa 8 years ago

acute chornic liver disese
Is acute chronic liver disease (ACLF) is curable in homeopathy. My brother suffered from
rameshsingh 2009-11-19
1   kadwa 8 years ago

autism & adhd
kindly, suggest suitable doctor in hyderabad city to treat and cure autism & adhd. pr
immaq 2009-11-19
no replies yet

Dear Mr. Joe, What does 'C' in Arnica 30c stand for? What is the dosage of Arni
nalinij 2009-11-19
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Do you know Homeopath treatment for Alopecia?
My Sister, age 24, is suffering from Alopecia from past 10 years… Have undergo many allopa
sohail009 2009-11-19
6   sohail009 8 years ago

arnica post op
Hello all, Brother in law had a hip replacement operation on Monday. What strength arnica
busymum 2009-10-21
5   busymum 8 years ago

Kidney Problem
My Father is 60 yrs old & has Kidney problem his creatine is 5.2 & blood urea is 1
charu 2009-11-18
1   rishimba 8 years ago

6 yr old with severe postraumatic elbow stiffness
My 6 yr old son suffered a left elbow fracture 9 months ago and needed surgery with 3 pins
psant100 2009-11-18
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Dry cough
I am 63,diabetic and hypertensive.My problem is that always with the change of season I fa
mrbaig 2009-11-18
1   rishimba 8 years ago

dear sir my sperm test result is azoospermia & my biopsy report is matricular arrest
sachver7 2009-11-19
no replies yet

Please help with adenoids and enlarged tonsils.
My son is almost 3 years old. Suffers from middle ear infections at least every other mont
yulchik12 2009-11-18
3   rishimba 8 years ago

i am kim from u.s.a. i have a molar tooth on my upper left side. the filing in it came off
kimik 2009-10-03
7   kadwa 8 years ago

Separation anxiety at bedtime for my 15 month old
Hi, I am a 28 year old and my daughter is almost 15 months old. She has recently had a che
t2345 2009-11-18
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Hydrangea dosage for kidney stone
Hi, I am suffering from two small (3mm) calcium stones in kidney, and I am wondering what
Rogintel 2009-11-18
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Please Dr. sameer help, adonoid is big with a 4 year old child
Dear DR. Sameer, I need your advise regarding natural treatment for my 4 year old child w
nancy moussa 2009-11-18
no replies yet

I have been recently diagnosed with Uveitis in my left eye, and I am looking for a homeopa
John99 2009-11-17
2   sara.jahan911 8 years ago

5 yr old Dry Cough
Hello, My son is on regular homeopathy for past 2 yr. Its generally to improve immunity a
pri234 2009-11-18
4   pri234 8 years ago

8 month old with acid reflux
My 8 month old son has had severe acid reflux almost since birth. He spits up between 20-3

babyg1rl322 2008-02-26
15   kadwa 8 years ago

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