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phosporus for bleeding
dear forum, i have had chronic metrorrhagia for over a year now, and recently found out i
pistil 2010-02-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

does a blister on ur lip mean u have herpes even though u had no physicall contact with anyone or was near somone with herpes.
i used to get these blisters when i was little. but i havent got them in a very long time.
madeline 2010-02-14
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Head Pain while Reading!!!
I have this head pain for long time. When I move my eyes sideways my head hurts over the a
contreras19561 2010-02-13
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Insulin level
I have insulin level 9.82 myu IU/ml(RIA method)Ref range is 2-25 fasting. I am having fast
godisgreat 2010-02-07
11   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

This drives me nuts........
..........when I see this vague statement written on a homeopathic remedy: 'if the re
spazrats 2010-02-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Some questions about doses
How does one determine the potency of the remedy they should take for any given remedy, ie
spazrats 2010-02-13
2   spazrats 8 years ago

Eczema in a 5 months old baby
When my boy was 3 months old he got red cheeks one morning. For days I tried all kind of m
mamidi 2010-02-03
5   to_be_cured 8 years ago

Advice please - digestive problems
Am 51. Female. History of bulimia for over 20 yrs. Now ok but tend to be overly strict wit
colly 2010-02-13
3   colly 8 years ago

I am very weak and thin,der tak khada rahne ko dil nahi chahta, koi kaam karne ko dil nahi
hardstone 2010-02-13
1   kadwa 8 years ago

About Thyroid and Foot Pain problem..
My Mum is having Thyroid Problem and she is taking Thyrodium 1M from past two months thou
michael2303 2010-02-13
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Want to Increase My Height atleast 5 Inchs...
Hi I have been taking these medicines from last four months:- Baryta Carbonica 200 Silice
michael2303 2010-02-13
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Piles problem
Sir, I am suffering from pilessince last 2 years.I took Pilex tablets as well as creams
abhishek351 2010-02-09
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Selenium Antidote
A patient has taken Selenium for sexual and uro-genital problems. But he face aggravation
sadeqahmed 2010-02-13
1   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Problem with loss of hair
Hello, My friend is suffering with this problem. On various spots of his beard (left and r
msrilu 2010-02-13
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Penis forskin problem!
I used to masturbate twice a week before, then i experienced this problem , this whitish
ankur_garg 2010-02-13
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Atopic Dermatitis and food sensitivity
Hello I am 27 year old male and had atopic dermatitis since I was 1.4 years old, I had tim
dan82 2010-02-13
1   kadwa 8 years ago

constant runny nose!
My one year old has had a runny nose and wet cough for over a month! She has had 3 ear in
2girls 2010-02-12
2   kadwa 8 years ago

antidote....plz help
On 2nd august i took agnus castus 200 and acid phos. 200 for 3 days and after that i am ex
nixter 2008-08-24
8   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Seeking help for herniated disk and digestion
Hello, I am a 31yr old male. I had a illness about six years ago, flu like symptoms, fev
samherb1 2010-02-12
1   kadwa 8 years ago

4.5 yrs suffering with adenoids with continuously runny nose and cough
Hi My kid is 4.5 yrs and suffering from continuous cold during winters since he was 6 mon
aniket 2010-02-10
5   kadwa 8 years ago

I had taken four doses of Kali Phos 200c for two days just like I would take 6x potency(wh

a_gnan 2004-12-02
21   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Can anybody tell me exactly what I should take for priapism?
number 2010-02-12
1   rishimba 8 years ago

antidote procedure
dear forum members kindly advice the basic procedure for antidoting any medicine suppose
11   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Dr. Sameer PLEASE help antidote me!
Dear Dr. Sameer I am a 42 year male with dark hair and dark eyes. I regret that I did not
dejpop 2009-05-13
9   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Dr.Deoshlock, Dr Risimba, Dr Mahfooz antidote each and every recent remedy
If someone want to antidote each any every medicine which he has taken recently in a month
Paki1 2008-11-03
5   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Remedies that antidote each other
I have a question. Where can I find out which homeopathic remedies antidote each other. I
aberridge 2003-02-23
4   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Dr mahfooz help me
i want to know about this dieses.
alsyedimran 2010-02-13
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Lycopodium Aggravation & Antidote
On recommendation of a friend i took the following remedies last week. Lycopodium 1M (4 d
sunnyjamiel 2008-01-09
3   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Antidote required , please help.
Hi everyone, i have a problem of constipation and i consulted a doctor who prescribed me

zeus_god 2008-12-22
25   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Attn: Dr. Mohla
Sir, I am 33 years old unmarried and my sexual desire has increased a lot. It seems as if
muhammadhussains 2010-02-11
2   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Pain in the lefthand, and neck aggravation in night immediatly on lying
I am using Homeopathic drugs from long time under the direction of a qualified Practitione

pvlnraobangalore 2010-01-29
32   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Pimples on scalp.
I am suffering with pimples on my scalp. My hair is always oily and thin and these pimples
cortelyou 2005-09-16
2   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

dr kadwa plz help me
age 25. i start masturbate 10years ago now my condition is very bad like erection time is
alizafarpk123 2010-02-12
no replies yet

(Correction) Capsule Splitting for 37.5 XR Effexor
I am currently taking 37.5 mg of Effexor XR and would like to try the splitting/spike meth
Lizzygirl123 2010-02-12
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Capsule Splitting for 37.5 dose
I am currently taking 37.5 mg of Effexor XR and would like to try the splitting/spike meth
Lizzygirl123 2010-02-12
no replies yet

Any Doctor, Please reply
Sir, I am 33 years old unmarried and my sexual desire has increased a lot. It seems as i
muhammadhussains 2010-02-12
no replies yet

bad life
dear doctors I have long story started from 15 years ago after amonth of my marrige iam a

medo39 2009-07-01
32   medo39 8 years ago

Tonsils have my son 5.3 years
Dear respected doctors My son have from last few months Tonsils and little fever with dry
RKGupta 2010-02-12
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Any doctor! pls. help
Dear Sir, Since the last few weeks whenever I pass gas through rectum, it smells a lot an
POINT 2010-02-12
1   kadwa 8 years ago

I need to know please that my left eye ball gets red twice in a week. I have visited many
shabbajee 2010-02-12
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Deafness, Hardhess of hearing
Man aged 65 years, due to cold and cough at the age of 16yrs to 20 yrs, lost some of the h
lrk123 2010-02-11
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Hearing Voices
I was on respidal for a year now and it stoped my hallucinations and the majority of the v
alexb 2010-02-11
7   kadwa 8 years ago

HELP quick potency advice...
i cannot find Kali Carb in any potency other than 1m and that was hard to find. can i con
derangenoid 2010-02-11
3   dhundhun 8 years ago

need help with chronic acne, anxiety, fatigue, digestive complaints!!
Sorry to put that in all caps, but please if someone can help me I would be ever grateful.
treesofgreen 2010-02-11
5   kadwa 8 years ago

Constant tiredness
Hello: Am feeling tiredness almost every day, blood tests are normal , am on low dosage o
viper35 2010-02-11
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Weight gain from antidepressant
Hi, What is the most common remedy for antidepressant induced weight gain? Thank you.
Rose13 2010-02-08
5   kadwa 8 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst!! I am in so much pain
Hello, I have been suffering from pilonidal cysts for about 2 years now. I fisrt got one
jdavid1007 2010-02-10
4   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

please help
I am looking to purchase Optic Nerve LM4 anywhere online or in Toronto, Canada. Please hel
rainbowb 2010-02-12
no replies yet

I would like to find out if it is safe to use Merc Viv during pregnancy. I have been worki
zuzuzu 2010-02-10
4   dhundhun 8 years ago

5 year old with alopecia
Hello, I have a daughter with alopecia that activated in december 2008. She lost 80% of h
efialka 2010-02-09
4   Reva V 8 years ago

My 11 year old son just developed extreme case of psoriasis. He is stressed coz we are mo
AHtyagi 2010-02-11
1   rishimba 8 years ago

bottled up feelings
hi! here is my case. i hope somebody can help me! :) thank you I am 32, female. Blonde,
klari 2010-02-05
12   rishimba 8 years ago

Urgent -Asthma
Hi I have bought from your site some remedies for me and they were very useful. Now I need
mazighie 2010-01-02
8   mazighie 8 years ago

weight gain from antidepressant
Hi I bought the nux vomica as suggested. But here in Canada it is in 200ch, not 200c and
Rose13 2010-02-11
no replies yet

Question about Remedy
One of my patient has taken remedy as per following specification and get good result. se
sadeqahmed 2010-02-08
4   dhundhun 8 years ago

Acne 17 year old
Hi, I am new to Homeopathy and I want to find out what the best remedy is for acne. It
bw100 2010-02-11
5   bw100 8 years ago

dr.Mahfooz Pls save me to be BALD
Hello Dr.Mahfooz, I am 30 yrs old Vegetarian guy, unmarried and going to marry in March.

ABC100 2009-12-25
25   ABC100 8 years ago

Please Help!!
Can any Doctor here help me cure my hair loss..?? Please help me...i am really worried!! A
newjersey 2010-02-08
6   kadwa 8 years ago

Pellets or Liquid?
Hi there, I am ordering some homeopathic remedies and I was just curious to know what was
JohnG 2010-02-03
2   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

White Tongue
Male, age 22 I suffer from a white coating on my tongue and bad breath Details: 1. The whi
Coriantum 2010-02-11
1   kadwa 8 years ago

attn: DR Mehfooz
assalamoalaikum dear dr mehfooz or others! i hope u all are fine. me using (acid phos
abdullah84 2010-02-11
no replies yet

Anxiety/ Abdomen tightness
I was taking potentized zinc ( 10c ) to offset too much zinc supplementation which had cau
robreke 2010-02-10
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Acid Phos6
Dear Sir, I have read the article of Mr. Farhan and I have also same kind of problem.Dr.
anilchau65 2010-02-11
1   Dr Riaz 8 years ago

penis erictile, stifness/hardness and enlargement problems
assalamoalaikum dear dr mehfooz or others! i hope u all are fine. me using (acid phos 30
abdullah84 2010-02-11
1   abdullah84 8 years ago

Dear Below is the answers for the questionnaire to help you understand my problem .1 - de
mazighie 2010-02-10
2   kadwa 8 years ago

storage of homeopathics?
i made a wet dose of a remedy in a spring water bottle which i do not need right now it h
girl2010 2010-01-21
1   dhundhun 8 years ago

Pregnancy Problems
hi i am 20 week Pregnant i have few problem's 1. i have stuffy nose . 2. shore
sayali 2010-02-11
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Chronic cold- Dr Sameer, kindly help
A 28 yr old lady is from a tropical place. Now she lives in a comparatively moderate place
saranga 2010-02-09
1   saranga 8 years ago

dear doctors pls help me
hello, Doctors iam 25 male from chennai. for past 10 days i'am having severe pain in
lokes 2010-02-10
5   kadwa 8 years ago

For Sameer Reguarding My daughter
Hi there this is in regards to my daughter. She get stomachs all the time is afraid to be

lakemee 2008-12-08
102   sameervermani 8 years ago

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