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Dr JK Mohla or Dr Smeer or Sr Mehfooz Please
Dear Drs I have posted a thread before called 'Many Problems' linked as http://ww
abcusername 2009-10-17
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

need remedy for tonsils
Came down with influenza on tuesday night. Low fever than then became a bit high, chills,
elderberry 2009-10-17
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

kidney problem
i want to contact to dr. deshlok
squreshi 2009-10-17
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Adenoids Treatment
Adenoids is the name given to a lump of lymphoid tissue that sits between the tonsils, hig
booobooo 2009-08-24
2   booobooo 8 years ago

Low Eraction
i m suffering in deafness from last 5 yrs. is there medicine in homeopathy... Javed Ahmed
triple www 2009-10-17
no replies yet

happy diwali to all
a very happy diwali to all our members at abc forum. Specially to gavini,neil,homeopatient
wakeupsidz 2009-10-17
1   wakeupsidz 8 years ago

Gastritis/Reflux/Who Knows?
8 weeks ago my 2 year old had a 24 hour tummy bug, then a couple of days later my husband
flower2007 2009-10-15
1   deoshlok 8 years ago

ED and hardness of panis
i am 32 years old with a hight of 178cm and weight of 75kg. from the last two year i am fa
greatitalian 2009-10-16
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

What is wrong with me - stress, anxiety or?
Hi, I'm 27 years old and hope this forum will give me some good information, about my
authentic 2009-10-08
2   authentic 8 years ago

Tumor Problem Right hand& Belly
sir i have many tumor not increase not finish right hand has three place and one has on be
nurnabi 2009-10-10
6   nurnabi 8 years ago

Symphytum for dogs
I have a 50 kg schnauzzer with a broken toe. He has been splinted for almost 8 wks but las
bigdoglover 2009-10-09
4   kadwa 8 years ago

recurring scar tissue in bladder neck and urethra
In a few days, I will undergo yet another surgery to remove scar tissue in my bladder neck
Bud101509 2009-10-16
no replies yet

Hair fall and white discharge .plz help
We are newly married couple. My wife has got hair fall problem. Every time when she takes
earthangel 2009-09-10
6   pushpi 8 years ago

stomach problems - please help
8 weeks ago my 2 year old had a 24 hour tummy bug, then a couple of days later my husband
flower2007 2009-10-15
4   drlkumar 8 years ago

sore throat.
please advise something for sore throat , there is lot of pain in the throat and also body
nikkikumar 2009-10-16
2   drlkumar 8 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus
Hello All, I am having Pilonidal Sinus sine a year looks like. Initially I didn't n

amit_prayag 2009-09-14
14   rajesh_patro 8 years ago

Confused about cough remedy
I already obtained a grid of possible remedies for my case, but I feel confused about whic
FrauFal 2009-10-15
1   kadwa 8 years ago

23 wk infant on prevacid
Hello! I have 23wk boy who has been diagnosed with acid reflux. he was on zantac but it wa

best option 2009-10-09
13   kadwa 8 years ago

gilberts hyper bilirubnemia - 2.1
hyper bilirubenia (2.1) from last 5 year, bilrubin and weakness increased in summer . wea
mguptapdil 2008-03-04
2   mguptapdil 8 years ago

constitutional remedies...???
I find my symptoms move throughout the year between 10-12 remedies. Each one works well th
alex proctor 2009-10-08
3   drlkumar 8 years ago

Hello, my 3yrs old daughter have a very bad constipation problem. She don't have any
jaydeep 2009-10-15
2   jaydeep 8 years ago

Succussion of LM potency
friends, i have a doubt. if i succuss a LM 0/1 medicinal solution101 times in one go or at
pcthahir 2009-10-15
no replies yet

don't want to overdose
I was prescribed Lachesis 200c 5 pellets once a day for at least 2 weeks. While researchin
black-eyed susan 2009-10-13
6   black-eyed susan 8 years ago

11yr old son, cycle of vomiting,periumbilical pain
I have been working with an iridologist for quite some time strenthening my sons immune sy
Rhonda780 2009-08-29
12   kadwa 8 years ago

dandruff problem
hi i am 21 yrs old suffering from dandruff problem from last 5 yrs, & due to which f
girish304 2009-10-15
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

painful ejaculation
Respected Doctors, greeting, me alman is suffering from painful ejaculation for 2 years.my
alman 2009-10-14
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Learning Homoeopathy on One's Own - Restarting
Hi All In view of the previous thread by this title was hijacked by some unsavory and fut

Niel Madhavan 2009-10-11
54   drlkumar 8 years ago

how to strengthen remedies
Could you instruct me as to how to strengthen remedies? I have my remedy at home in 1M, ra
jofam 2009-10-15
2   drlkumar 8 years ago

growth in 3 year old kid
I have seen lot of info on height increase but not able to decide the exact medicines for
raghunath 2009-10-15
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

numbness of head
remedy require from this learned forum for a 68 years female patient of high blood pressur
honey635 2009-10-11
2   honey635 8 years ago

central serous retinopathy
I'd like to know more about the cure of central serous retinopathy whit homeopathic m
tiquitin 2009-10-14
1   rishimba 8 years ago

mentioned period is very early after 10 or 15 days
hello ,I am 25 years old female struggling with a problem...my mentioned period is irregul
jinofer 2009-10-15
1   rishimba 8 years ago

hI, I am sujay 29years of age and i am suffering form wheezing,congestion,un able to breat
sujayjayateertha 2009-10-15
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Multiple lipoma
i have multiple painless gland in my body. please suggest me proper remedy to cure it. V
ranjana 2009-10-15
no replies yet

Help help my cousin
My cousin is suffering badly for the last 5 years. Here is the text he mailed me to find a
susjay 2009-08-14
6   kadwa 8 years ago

Urgent: End Stage Renal Failure, need expert advice on exact remedy.
I am in end stage renal failure due to P.K.D.Kidney function has dropped from 17% to 14% y

MRFRANK 2007-09-13
13   drprabhat 8 years ago

request for remedy to kidney stone problem
hello, I am suffering due to kidney stones. one 4mm stone is in right kidney. other stone
balayogam 2007-07-27
2   drprabhat 8 years ago

blocked nose and allergy
My six-year old son has been using, since he was two years old, Seretide and other meds oc
borderline 2009-09-29
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Vitamin D Deficiency- Hair loss, numbness
I have Vitamin D deficiency at a level of 12 (shud be more than 30 for sufficiency), sever
Halima 2009-10-15
no replies yet

No treatment so far :(
HI I am 25 yrs old male with 5.9 height and 67 kgs weight. I need your help in getting tre
sureshyy 2009-10-14
1   sureshyy 8 years ago

happy deewali
i wish you all doctors and patients visiting this forum a very happy and prosperous deewal
akshaymohl 2009-10-15
1   nikkikumar 8 years ago

pls help with warts
I need help with my son's warts. He has 2 different kinds. One type is on his face (
frustratedmom 2009-10-14
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction
Hello , I am a male, age 35, got married 5 months ago. In early months of my marriage, I h
sfh99 2009-10-14
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

Dr.Sameer , I need advise
Hi Dr. Sameer, I have heard so many good things about you and can barely wait get your exp
NikkiSmith 2009-10-15
1   sameervermani 8 years ago

Daughter's height & menses
Hello: My daughter is 4'10' and she is 14 yrs old. She did not get her periods ye
or_papu 2009-10-12
6   or_papu 8 years ago

how many qualified doctors on this forum?
this forum has been reduced to NONSENSE. how many qualified doctors are there on your foru
drlkumar 2009-10-14
8   drlkumar 8 years ago

eczema for my 8 months old
hi sir, my son is is suffering from skin rashes since he is 6 weeks old.we atarted with k
budjasmin 2009-10-10
4   budjasmin 8 years ago

infant spit-up
hi...my 9 week old son spits-up volumes especially after feedings (i breastfeed) and it ca
gincip 2009-10-14
3   kadwa 8 years ago

please help my mother high pressor,rheumatism,asthma
Hi All homeopath please kept alive my mother from some problem her age 55yrs old.her some
nurnabi 2009-09-23
7   nurnabi 8 years ago

Recurring Warts
Hello, warts on fingers, genitals and anus quickly started to disappear when I started Thu
abchomeo1 2009-10-14
4   akshaymohl 8 years ago

itching in anus
Hi, i am suffering for over one year from itches in the anus and i have checked with the d
hooch 2009-10-14
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

vital force is oxygen
hi friends i would like to share some information regarding this topic.
dr suchi 2009-10-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

tratment of diabetes and hypertension and obesity
Dear Dr Joe I have read your posts on these topics.I am suffering from all these thre viz.
asimda 2009-09-15
3   asimda 8 years ago

Severe stomatitis/ intermittent sores in mouth
I am a 21 yo female. About a year and a half ago I was on a road trip and suddenly had a s
Wanderlust88 2009-10-14
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

arnica q
hi all, for my oily scalp, can i use Arnica MT directly(without mixing in oil) for regrow
pradeepx28 2009-10-14
1   pradeepx28 8 years ago

uses of both medicine ?
hello sir, kindly suggest me can i use both remedy togather yohambinium Q and phytolacca e
fahad.ahmed.shaikh 2009-10-13
1   drlkumar 8 years ago

Attn Pankaj VarmaJi
Sir I have sent you an email with my problems, kindly rerply back when you get a minute.
rajprasad 2009-10-06
12   moderator 8 years ago

gestational diabetes
To all the Drs. in the forum I would like to ask if there is any medicine for Gestational
MdiNu 2009-10-14
no replies yet

Very dry and cracked heels .
My has got very very dry and cracked heels . He has very deep fissure and bleeding in his
nikkikumar 2009-10-12
5   akshaymohl 8 years ago

sameer, please clarify
dear sameer, in your answers, sometimes you askthe patients to use 120ML, sometimes 250ML
pcthahir 2009-10-14
no replies yet

Mr. mehfuz/Sameer pls help
Age 43 Female Asthma Wheezing inhaling Aggravates with walk going upstairs Cold Air Feels
dunya 2009-10-05
2   dunya 8 years ago

Century Plant and skin problems
Hello: My sister, in TX has asked me what a gentlemen in her church can do about the foll
bigtoes 2009-10-12
2   bigtoes 8 years ago

weight gain
i m 22 male delhi india, my height is 5'10 or my weight is just 52 kg. so i want to we
woodland 2007-04-28
3   aftabparvez 8 years ago

the pains of being an azoospermic man
i am aged 44 years, married for seven years now. i have under gone semen test and am decle
MAMMAN 2009-10-13
no replies yet

Dr Pankaj Scrotal itching contd.....
Hello Dr Pankaj, I had asked you a few days back regarding my scrotal itch problem and yo
sourabh 2009-10-12
6   sourabh 8 years ago

Influenzinum 9C vs 200C
I am taking the Influenzinum remedy from Boiron to prevent seasonal and swine flu. I take
drumstick 2009-10-13
1   superdoctor007 8 years ago

Scalp pain and hair loss
Hello, I've found this forum through a google search and stumbled across a thread po
-myh- 2008-08-17
12   rishimba 8 years ago

Sever pain over my left eye brow.
I am 65,diabetic hypertensive.Since last 10 days a sever pain occures at a point where my

mrbaig 2009-10-10
16   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Please don't feed the trolls. Avoid responding to their posts. Give the moderator som
gavinimurthy 2009-10-12
3   superdoctor007 8 years ago

dull tooth ache
I have a very dull ache in a tooth to the lower right of my mouth. Instead of being put on
louisekerry 2009-10-13
5   louisekerry 8 years ago

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