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Tonsillitis in 5yo reocurring
My 5yo was dx with tonsillitis given cefcil for 10 days along with Umcka and a probiotic w
sunnymama 2010-05-15
11   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Help please-worsening fibromyalgia pain
Please help me--I am 45 years old and for the past 2 years starting in the fall through wi
goodperson 2010-05-17
4   goodperson 7 years ago

How to get fair ..
Can one Indian become as fair as foreigners or Americans.. if yes then please do tell me a
simonsingh 2010-05-18
1   kadwa 7 years ago

inner ear problems possible meniers
Hi im new to the forum,i suffer with inner ear probs its the left side mostly,at the mome
tricia62 2010-05-17
7   kadwa 7 years ago

tooth nerves injury
Hi, I got tooth injury two years back from applying braces. My tooth turned gray/black.
marya 2010-03-15
11   kadwa 7 years ago

Starting homeopathic therapies - side effects?
Hello, I have just started seeing a homeopathic doctor in South Asia, where I am being tr
Emma28 2010-05-18
1   kadwa 7 years ago

can take allopathic anti-depression with homeopathic remedy?
hi all.. i have anxiety and depression easily when appear in public or in a crown. i think

kurwa 2010-03-14
15   kurwa 7 years ago

Cydonia vulgaris 200
Please any doctor advice me how i take cydonia vulgaris 200 quantity per day. I shall be v
sohail300 2010-05-17
1   sohail300 7 years ago

Remedy - How to loosen this kid up
slightly apergerish,does excellent in high school, sits in his room all the time, no conve
empathy01 2010-05-18
no replies yet

Please help Finding Remedy - Hay Fever, Red Hands, E/D
I am trying to seek the right remedy for some health issues I am facing right now, and am
pandaxp 2010-05-17
no replies yet

need help for Escherichia coli bacteria infection
hello Drs, I need a help from you.I would like to know the Tamil name for Escherichia co
alamelu 2010-05-15
4   alamelu 7 years ago

Smoking ill-efects???
I've red that smoking a cigarette can reduce it's use's life span of 11 min
Cool boy 2010-05-17
no replies yet

!8 month old have White hair
My 18 old month daughter is developing white hair. She is perfectly healthy baby with no m
Mkhosla 2010-04-20
2   Mkhosla 7 years ago

Cervical Disc Herniation
Dear Doctor, Me saif,40 years . Height-5ft& 4inches, slim, weight- 62 kg. I have cervi
saifzaman 2010-04-21
6   kadwa 7 years ago

baby needs to gain
I posted about sleep, but after thinking, decided it is more important to get advice on we
littleman09 2010-05-17
no replies yet

Cervical Spondylosis with myelomalacia
My mother is facing problem in her lower back since around 2 yeasrs. She feels burning sen
child 2010-05-17
1   kadwa 7 years ago

potency 15c
Hello, can someone tell me whether giving a 15c potency to my son will have the same effct
Aydan4 2010-05-17
2   Aydan4 7 years ago

To Dr. kdwa cervical disc herniation
Dear sir According to your suggestion I have taken Lycopodium 200c. Today is fourth day of
saifzaman 2010-05-17
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Perianal Abscess in infants
Our 3 month grandson has a perianal abscess that has been treated with 2 storong antibioti
Jane1936green 2010-05-17
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Dr.kuldeep -Eczima treatment
sir, IN your treatment of eczima you have prescribed that ppl living in humid area should
bapu4 2010-05-12
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

To Dr. Sameer vermani
Dear Dr. Vermani, I have had 5 doses of Lycopodium-10M in the past one year. The remedy fi
kinjal 2010-05-16
no replies yet

Inflammation after appendix surgery
I have had my appendix taken out five weeks ago but still I have difficulty walking, still
sunny31 2010-05-15
3   sunny31 7 years ago

Constitutional remedy for my 5 month old baby boy
Hello, i would like to find out the constitutional remedy for my 5 month old son due to co
clare4bou 2010-05-08
8   clare4bou 7 years ago

any usefull remedy to get fair skin ..
Is there any homeopathic remedie to get fair skin complexion and that too use full or any
rocky06 2010-05-15
3   rocky06 7 years ago

chalazion hard to get rid of
I have read all the articles here on chalazions and there are so many herbs to take. Is th
muzzze 2010-05-16
no replies yet

inpaending blood sugar/diabetes ?
kind attn.dr,deoshlok, sir, my friend is much junior in age to me he is 30yrs,5'6'
bapu4 2010-05-16
no replies yet

Dr Kadwa pls advise for throid patient
Male Age 29 married -Mind: Depression, absent minded, forgetful,less confidence,lack of in
alice2010 2010-05-16
1   kadwa 7 years ago

stroke diagnosis
Male 61 found sitting in sun and unable to walk - took hour to get him inside (like paraly
sharktooth 2010-05-15
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Infant------Loose, Watery Stools
ATTENTION RISHIMBA : My 20 months son is suffering from Watery Stools since 2-3 days...He
Smiles2Much 2010-05-15
4   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

acne & acne marks
I have been suffering from acne since my teenage years. I am 27 now but i still suffer fro
sos123 2010-05-15
5   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

Upper eye skin problem ...
The upper skin of my eyes is very loose and tick type of due to which eyes look tired and
rohanraj 2010-05-16
no replies yet

Hi Sameer
Hi Sameer, i had asked one of my close friend to write hes case history to you as she has
Priyank82 2010-05-16
no replies yet

Hi Sameer
Hi Sameer, i had asked one of my close friend to write hes case history to you as she has
Priyank82 2010-05-16
no replies yet

vision improvement
are there good result giving remedies for vision improvement? my wife fair complxion,age 4
bapu4 2010-05-15
3   bapu4 7 years ago

6 1/2 month baby no sleep
my son doesn't sleep well at night. I nurse him down while gently walking around the
littleman09 2010-05-15
5   littleman09 7 years ago

Numbness in legs and hands
Hi I am 25 year old female. I have been having suffering wih numbness in my arms and legs
veronica4pres 2010-05-15
9   vikas_grower 7 years ago

severe dry cough & sore throat
Hi, I am 35 yr old male having severe dry cough with slight wheezing & feel the pain
suggestions 2010-05-01
10   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

6 week old with acid reflux and colic
My daughter who is six weeks old has developed acid reflux. She also has very bad gas pain
kinnykay 2010-05-13
4   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

Running away problem in 4yr KID.
HELLO DOCTORS..CAN YOU PLS CHECK & REPLY. My son is 41/2 yr old & he always wants
suggestions 2010-04-29
5   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

How to select a proper Prostate Remedy?
There are more than a dozen remedies for prostatic troubles. But selecting wrong remedy or
sadeqahmed 2010-05-14
10   kadwa 7 years ago

Under weight, low platelet count
My 12 years male child is under weight. His weight is 28 kg and height is 143 cm. His TLC
mguptapdil 2010-05-13
1   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

Heel pain
Hi, I am 38 yr old suffering from continuous heel pain from last 6 months, investigations
golfer 2010-05-14
1   kadwa 7 years ago

tooth ache
i have tooth ache but it is not related to warmth or colds.just at the same time all jaw s
su.maira.2000 2010-05-14
7   kadwa 7 years ago

My aunt needs help w/chronic infection
She is 81 years old and has had a lung infection for years. She will go to the doctor get
Sidney 2010-05-15
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Herbal Dizziness Medication
DizzyStop® is an all-natural and non-drowsy herbal supplement for the control of motio
sharond31 2010-05-15
no replies yet

22 yr female acne please help!!
I am a 22 yr old female who has struggled with acne since late high school. Acne is on rig
alicialee 2010-05-13
6   kadwa 7 years ago

Treat Your Child's Diarrhea With Homoeopathy
Prolonged or recurrent diarrhea disturbs the normal development of a child so it must be t
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 2010-04-11
2   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

Lycopodium - Aggravation or Proving?
Hello, I am a 23 y.o. male who went to my homeopath with the following symptoms: - Hay fe
pandaxp 2010-05-11
9   pandaxp 7 years ago

in 2007 my then 84 year old grandmother had a stroke. she was recovering and put on medica
disneyfan10 2010-05-13
5   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Sleep Disorder & Snorig due to Enlarged Tonsils
Hi, My son is 6 year old. He use to snore a lot since he was a baby. He got his adenoids
pmantro 2010-04-27
9   pmantro 7 years ago

melena(black stool) and dark urine with abdominal pain
Dear Dr.Abhisek- Sir I am 35 years old male(weight-84kg,ht-5.9ft.).I am suffering from th
coolboy25 2010-05-13
1   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

premature emmi
patient details male 32 past masturbate hostory not now for past ten years penis strength
vhari 2010-05-14
no replies yet

help!! nat mur aggravation!
hello everyone i started taking nat mur 6x '5' days ago since i noticed that my h
juliuscaesar 2010-05-14
6   juliuscaesar 7 years ago

I m feeling very much difficulty due to congestion in back,chest and head with band after
wazihahmad 2010-05-14
1   Dr.Sabadra 7 years ago

Pregnancy 5 Month. Pain in whole body , chill , thirst increased
Female: Age: 24Height: 5 Body: Not too slim not too fat bones: small. Pregnant: 19 weak
libra981 2010-05-12
2   Dr.Sabadra 7 years ago

lump in the thigh
Hi , My dad is aged 57, and has sugar, He is feeling heavy pain in the thigh area from th
saigeeta 2010-05-13
4   kadwa 7 years ago

Hi- I think I really need a remedy... I feel physically fine, but mentally and emotionally
COMom 2010-05-13
3   COMom 7 years ago

Ear Popping Problem
Hi Ive been having a consistent popping in my left ear. My hearing has not been affected
elstrom73 2010-05-04
7   kadwa 7 years ago

dear pankaj varma jee
Please read the following from start to end carefully and suggest the remedy. http://abch
ridha89 2010-05-12
10   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Nasal Polyps - Polyp nose
Hello, first of all wanted to disulparan my level of English, but speak only a little. I a
sergioemm 2010-01-31
5   abhishekgoel007 7 years ago

Dear All: I am shedding hair like crazy. I have dandruff and itchy skin. I lost the hair o
isolence 2010-05-12
3   Dr Abhishek 7 years ago

my wife is suffering from toothache for last three days,she suffered acidity problem 4 day
bapu4 2010-05-13
4   bapu4 7 years ago

sperm motility
Dear Doctors My case history is as Initially motilty was around 10 % with sperm count 16
alok1975 2010-05-13
3   alok1975 7 years ago

Suffering from sore throat, sneezing, blockage of nostril, weakness of muscles
I am suffering from sore throat, sneezing, blockage of nostril for the last five years. Th
usmanz15 2010-05-13
3   kadwa 7 years ago

appeal to moderator
i read cases they are stopped after some feed backs and later on there is o trace what ha
bapu4 2010-05-13
no replies yet

Dr kadwa a question
What if somebody is taking Calc carb 200c & it is helping also but at a slower pace th
alice2010 2010-05-12
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Advice please
Brief back story.... Got diagnosed with NSU (Non specific Urethritis) and the clinic gave

soulman 2010-05-10
19   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

girl2010 2010-05-08
1   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Hamster's allergy
I use cell salts at home for my sinus condition. Kali mur has worked great for me. I was
disneyfan10 2010-05-13
no replies yet

in the absence of reva v patient need help.
ridha89 2010-05-11
4   ridha89 7 years ago

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