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Pl help: Dr. Nawaz
Sir,I am 44 year male and facing these problems/symptoms since last 6 months. Feel heat s
cheema2020 2015-02-16
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Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hello there, I have the following problem. My mom is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Delinquent 2015-02-13
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

My husband is 49 years old and suffers from bouts of vertigo. He is over weight and carrie
jazmine7 2015-02-15
2   jazmine7 3 years ago

brayta carb30 how many tablets in a day,symphytumq5 how many drops in aday
bkushal 2015-02-15
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

Runny nose in 9 month old
My 9 mo old has a runny nose...its clear and very watery..running constantly for 2 days. I
EveleneJ 2015-02-14
3   fitness 3 years ago

sexuall weakness
Am 19 years old from Nigeria but am suffering from this seakness what shoud I do cos am de
ubeh 1 2015-02-15
1   simone717 3 years ago

Permanent solution for children allergic cough problem
My son is 6 years old and he always has cough severe through congestion and almost every m
ashu73 2015-02-15
1   gaintrox 3 years ago

Excess Heat in body
Hello. I have excess heat in body. My body is hot, i feel feverish, weak, tired and sleepy
Hari007 2015-02-13
5   gaintrox 3 years ago

Looking for a execllent homeopathy Dr for sexual problem
Do you happen to know best Homeopath Dr. with lot of expertise in sex problems for Hyderab
jcakjone 2015-02-09
4   jcakjone 3 years ago

Burning sensation on top of head
Dear Sir My age 35, male. Kindly help, my top of head has very hot burning sensation sin
dnm007 2015-02-14
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Sweating of foot
My foots are sweating at evening when I am wearing a shoe and corroding me foot skin. The
anir844 2015-02-14
2   anir844 3 years ago

Tooth root resorption
I have a specific problem with my tooth root, it's known as spontanios root resorptio
Eoja1407 2014-12-18
4   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Abused cat
I volunteer in cat rescue work. A colleague from a different cat rescue has been helping
SophieP 2015-02-13
10   SophieP 3 years ago

Dr Nawaz Plz help
Gender: Male Age: 21 Body Type: average Height: 5.9 Weight: 75 Respected doctor Nawaz
hariskhan 2015-02-14
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Increase your height
sir i m taking baryata carb 30 3 drops thrice in a day ... silicea 4tab thrice a day ...
bharat737 2015-02-13
5   simone717 3 years ago

3yrs old baby suffering from cough & cold, vomiting. Pls HELP!!!
At the time of birth my baby cried after 1 minute and he passed green stool while getting

aguy123 2014-05-21
28   aguy123 3 years ago

Ventricular Rate - 91 BPM - Prescribe Homeopathy Medicine
hello dr, my wife is 54 years old. weight : 52 kg. occupation - home-maker. did general
rchandra 2015-02-14
no replies yet

Lipoma - Need remedy
Hi, I am 34 year male. Form last 3-4 years I am suffering from Lipoma. So many glands.
niteshgp 2015-02-13
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Retinal haemorrhage
my mother is 55yrs old. she is highly myopic.she suffered from retinal haemorrhage in righ
Dr.Charul Rajput 2011-12-28
7   satishk83 3 years ago

nightfall problem
Sir fitness..it happens in interval of two days...this problem is from last three years..w
rohit majumdar 2015-02-01
6   fitness 3 years ago

Swarovski 2015-01-13
11   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

My daughter is 20 years old now and in 2nd year College.Till about Class 6/7 she was very

lajaka 2015-01-02
19   rishimba 3 years ago

Liver - possibly gallbladder stones
Hi There, I am hoping that someone might be able to help me. I have been suffering from

camendt 2015-02-05
30   camendt 3 years ago

homeoashwas 2015-02-14
no replies yet

Spasticity after Brain Stroke
My Father aged 56years had a brain stroke on 1st March 2014 there after his left hand and
deepakkumar 2015-02-13
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

5 years labrador suffering from PARVO..URGENT
Sir, My 5 years labrador is suffering from parvo from last 12 days. stool is of dark red/
sobhan 2015-02-10
10   drsnehanshusaha 3 years ago

increase height at 28
I am 28 now and 5'4" height. Is there any possible medicine which can increase my he
jjuuggll 2015-02-12
1   simone717 3 years ago

night terrors 2 YO
My 2 years old cries and screams in his sleep almost every night around 12/1 am. I think h
bluesky77 2015-02-12
7   simone717 3 years ago

Brain fog and fear to talk
I am Bappy Ahmed, 24 years old, 5'7" long, 58kg weight. I like to stay alone most o
Bappy 2015-02-12
5   gaintrox 3 years ago

Hyperactive Kid
My Child is 4 years old, and is very hyperactive. Because of this he has trouble in his sc

fakhruddin.mota 2013-06-27
56   Zady101 3 years ago

Mid Uretor Stone
Sir I have 9mm stone in the mid uretor...45 daysago, i had pain and i went to homeopath d
ischana 2015-02-13
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

I have pilonidal sinus from last 9 years
please help me I am from asia but living in mexico please explain me with pilonidal sinus

merjaaaan 2015-02-09
13   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count
Hello Doctors, I am 34 years old male from India. I was married in 2007 and have no child

ved1234 2014-10-17
25   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Adenoid hypertrophy
My son is 11 years old and he is diagnosed with Adenoid hypertrophy. His sleep is very dis
geethap123 2015-02-09
6   geethap123 3 years ago

Precum Leakage, Premature Ejaculation
I am 28 Year. I have exessive Precum Problem. When I am thinking as Sexual, OR watching a
neoxsense 2015-02-11
6   neoxsense 3 years ago

Psychological erectile dysfunction
Hi, I am 42 years old male, healthy, tall (1.79m) and slim (67 kg). I had a bitter marri
frequrination 2015-01-18
8   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Aggitation. Overdose? Wrong potency?
Dear all, I am a 28 yo male from Indiana. After having taken homeopathic remedies twice f
homeod 2015-02-11
7   simone717 3 years ago

dns+nasal congestion+gal stone
Hello Forum I am 35 yr male , having acute DNS and nasal polyps left nostrils from the las
amagan 2015-02-12
1   telescope 3 years ago

Warts Thuja C30
Hi :) I have a white ingrown wart on the sole of my foot for which I have taken Thuja Occ
janecp 2015-02-12
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

I want to stop drinking alcohol, but have been unsuccessful. One day I drink too much, th
opdeb 2015-02-12
4   simone717 3 years ago

need good doc advice.
am 39 male. married since 7 years no child. iam suffering from low sperm count, weak erect
desikarachi777 2015-02-12
no replies yet

iam 25 years old and i am male .my height is 5ft2 inches i grow height
bkushal 2015-02-12
1   gaintrox 3 years ago

Female with Guttate and Plaque Psoriasis
Hello. I am seeking advice that will help clear my psoriasis. I am having a hard time dete

tchand76 2015-01-18
17   tchand76 3 years ago

Attn Telescope and simon717 Ovarian cyst and Weight Gain
Hello I have a problem of ovarian cyst and weight gain. I was prescribed Calcarea Carb 20

life.welcome 2015-01-28
19   telescope 3 years ago

Diagnosed with pre-diabetes pls help
Hi Doctors, I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (higher risk of developing type 2 diab
zahan34 2015-01-31
5   zahan34 3 years ago

Dr. Joe Delivera Urgent help needed......
I am a 28yr old female.I have been grinding my teeth when in sound sleep.I have been takin
chutki 2015-02-12
1   gaintrox 3 years ago

Palpitation in arm and back side of liver
Dear Sir, I am 41 years male electrical engineer. I am suffering from palpitation or tremb
mguptapdil 2015-02-11
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Dear sir, I used masturbate daily since 2007. My job is related with computer works, so I
thapa 2015-02-12
1   kadwa 3 years ago

chills and sweating
I have had the chills and sweating on and off, with very low energy! I took calcaria sulph
ademattei86 2015-02-12
3   ademattei86 3 years ago

Erectile dysfunction
Im 21 years old and im suffering from erectile dysfunction since 5 years D penis bends wh
Krnhappy 2015-02-09
1   kadwa 3 years ago

mild hydronephrosis?
I have mild hydronephrosis in both kidneys with no obstruction (had a renogram and fluid p
bluesky77 2015-02-04
5   kadwa 3 years ago

K/Attn. Dr. Kadwa & Dr. R.P. Tamhankar.......Arthritis (Starting Stage)
Hi, My mother-in-law is suffering from joint pains. Her bones are spreading out from wris
aguy123 2015-02-05
5   kadwa 3 years ago

I guess this is just a rant...probably nothing anyone can do for me unless I want to spend

alaskamom 2014-03-13
234   alaskamom 3 years ago

Eczema Aggrevation
My son who is 16 years of age has been having the eczema problem since birth, we have been
radhakumar 2015-02-11
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

excessive hair growth all over the body
hi I'm a 19 year old girl i suffer from excessive hair growth on my face along with m
Moohita 2015-01-13
8   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

8 yr old hoarse voice/mouth breathing/allergies/adenoid enlargement
My 8 yr old boy is struggling with his voice. He is a mouth breather, with allergies (prob
3konrkids 2015-01-18
11   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Help for my silent refluxer (10 months old)
I am looking for some help for my son's GERD. He is 10 months old and a silent reflu
ldemers 2006-02-18
4   Evocationer 3 years ago

Prostatorrhea Problem
I am a 24 year old unmarried male suffering from prostatorrhea. Whenever I think about som

Parimal_N 2009-05-11
64   IndianSubrata 3 years ago

Recurring UTI
I would appreciate if any one could help, I am a 35 year married female. I had my 1st U
Teja Kaur 2015-02-11
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hi My aunt who is 60 yrs old has Rheumatoid Arthritis that started in March of this year.
momofx 2014-05-18
10   momofx 3 years ago

Infertility & recurring UTI
I hope someone can help me with this.... Age: 35 sex: Female weight: 10stone body and fa
Teja Kaur 2015-02-11
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Anger/Rage Outbursts Directed at Daughter
Generally I am a very happy person. I go with the flow, don't take things personally
nmwright 2015-02-11
1   drsnehanshusaha 3 years ago

Pls help........Winter causing too much problem to skin
Hi, My wife's skin is swelled due to chilling air/water, its mostly red and sometime

aguy123 2015-01-13
26   drsnehanshusaha 3 years ago

Internal abdominal scar tissue
I am a 51 yr. old female who had 3 laprascopies and a hysterectomy when I was 34 and also

berta 2007-01-17
124   Doctor D 3 years ago

I'm working on a homeopathic facial mask for aging. Published evidence is minimal, a
aaadvani 2015-02-10
7   simone717 3 years ago

cannot resolve miasm issues, constitutional questions
Hi, I have posted on here a few times before and after seeing yet another homeopath my cas

brook29 2014-12-07
124   brook29 3 years ago

Head hair lice + nits and Homeopathy
Please look onto the title and suggest. Thanks
Khizribaba 2015-02-10
1   simone717 3 years ago

I am 27 year old male. I am very shy and talk little. I am extremely afraid of heights . w
rmartial12 2015-02-10
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Chronic Nose Polyps
Deat rishimba , here is the link in which I posted my words for you. In this post, I expla
BMALLICK 2015-02-10
no replies yet

Celiac disease
Hi, Recently i have been dignosed with celiace disease by doing blood teste and endoscop
farhanbio 2015-02-10
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

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