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Hello Dr. My 3 year old son is suffering from Eczema for the past 8-9 months. 1. He ha

anandr 2015-10-14
30   anandr 2 years ago

nawazkhan sir pls look in to my matter..
SIR PLS LOOK IN TO MY CASE.... sir here are my main problems which i assume require your

aamir2312 2015-12-28
61   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Homeopathy and Health Forum Please note: This is an internet forum. Posts are not from me
sandeep mehta 2016-01-18
2   sandeep mehta 2 years ago

attn dr nawaz
I m 41 years old. Diabetic patient. For this I take alopath. I need help for anxiety . Pro
pkone 2016-01-18
no replies yet

OCD help
symptoms include 1 fear of dirt every thing has to be washed even if only a corner touche
salnas 2015-12-01
5   salnas 2 years ago

Hello Dr Kadwa Mr Dhiraj has adviced me to take rhux tox 30.I understand that he is trying
sandeep mehta 2016-01-17
2   sandeep mehta 2 years ago

Cervical Spondylosis
I m 33 yr male, weight 62kg ,height 5'3", no problem of thyroid, bp or sugar. 6 month
inpain1 2015-12-31
10   telescope 2 years ago

sexual problem
I am 29 years old and married (Nov, 2015) person. I have a problem due to masterbating (be
adil1 2016-01-13
2   Sivaji1 2 years ago

[message deleted by Sivaji1 on Sun, 17 Jan 2016 20:28:43 UTC]
Sivaji1 2016-01-10
4   Sivaji1 2 years ago

2 month old Teething
My son is 2 months and two weeks old, and last week he started seeming just off. Grumpy an
rom109 2016-01-15
5   rom109 2 years ago

chronic blocked nose right side for more than 20 years
I am 45 years old male.My nose on the right side is always blocked gets severe in summers.
sandeep mehta 2016-01-14
11   sandeep mehta 2 years ago

Premature ejaculation and weak erection
48 years old (1m78,95kg) married man live in france,with Premature ejaculation and Erectil
amir68 2016-01-16
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Ignatia 200c
Hi everyone!my friend got divorced. She's suffering in emotional stress. Having lots
Saddy1 2016-01-17
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

nux vomica
Can anyone tell me what does nux vomica is , i got this little bottle at the pharmacy, it
insomniaman76 2016-01-16
2   Sivaji1 2 years ago

phos vs iodum
Hello, what's the difference between the mental tension and restlessness of phosphoru
Orfoast 2016-01-17
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Trying to conceive, please help!
Dear Doctor! My husband and I recently started trying to conceive. I am 41 and he is 65. W
Elli 2016-01-16
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Suffering from anal fissure
Hi, I ma suffering from anal fissure since last two years. I am taking some Ayurveda me
nirajrai 2016-01-16
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Cold, pls help
hi, i am 41 yrs old. i have cold, sneezing and blocked nose since four months now. pls
Rogintel 2016-01-15
4   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Lipoma treatment using staphysagria
sir, plese tell me can i take staphysagria dilution liquid for treatment for lipoma. docto
deepc48 2016-01-16
no replies yet

Sinus Congestion and Pregnancy
Hi. By browsing the web I found this web page and I hope anyone will be able to give me ad
Natka 2016-01-15
1   kadwa 2 years ago

My friend was born with a hemangioma on the left side below his chin. He is now 45 years o
sunila12 2016-01-14
1   kadwa 2 years ago

chronic post nasal drip, extremely dry nose to the point it swells shut (no allergies) extremely dry mouth worse at night
chronic post nasal drip, extremely dry nose to the point it swells shut (no allergies) ext
betsysezzz 2016-01-13
2   kadwa 2 years ago

2 to 3 times nocturnal emission in a day.losing my memory power.
I am a male of age 22. I am suffering from nocturnal emission from many days. I have tried
sonasun 2016-01-10
4   kadwa 2 years ago

pimples on my 15 years old daughter
She has lot of pimples on her face. Gave ADEL 12 for 15 days and stopped as per photograph
surender 2016-01-15
1   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

Sleeping problem at night
Sir, I am 51 years old lady and working as housewife. All the day normally I ma busy with
nandamitra65 2016-01-15
1   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

piles or fissure : how to get rid
Dear Experts, I have a small lump (about a size of big sized cashew) on the right lip of m

Subsuksub 2015-11-16
36   Sandipan 2 years ago

Rishimba or Evocationer please help changeable moods
Dear Rishimba or Evocationer, would you, please, take up my case and help me stabilise my

Dora14 2015-03-10
74   Dora14 2 years ago

Rash after Argentum Nitricum in 4 year old
Dear Rishimba or Evocationer, please help my 4 year old daughter. Main complaints are timi

Dora14 2015-03-10
87   Dora14 2 years ago

Rishimba, please help with sleeping issues
Dear Rishimba, please help with the issues described below. Perhaps it makes sense to look
Dora14 2015-11-03
5   Dora14 2 years ago

upper body fat
I have a problem with weight, I am a fifty two year old woman and have noticed that the up
DKathy 2016-01-02
9   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Pilonidal cyst
I am 25,male,weight 78kgs.Height 5'5". Suffering from pilonidal cyst since a year no

debbie.divs 2015-08-06
62   mav1 2 years ago

serious sexual problem want solutin
Hello dr. Sir i am Balvinder Singh age 30 unmarried person. Sir i am facing very serious s

Balvinder Singh 2015-08-15
55   Sam1 2 years ago

enlarge tonsills of 8 year girl
my daughter 8 year old has enlarge tonsils now doctor saying to remove tonsils from operat
shammu 2016-01-13
2   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Sleeping problem at night
Sir, I am 51 years old lady and working as housewife. All the day normally I ma busy with
nandamitra65 2016-01-15
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Medicine for Brain Tumor
I am 52 years old and got brain tumor surgery in Nov 2014. My 1st follow up MRI was very g
Ch. Saeed1 2016-01-14
4   Ch. Saeed1 2 years ago

Pituitary tumor
Does anyone know if there's a homeo remedy for this?
desikudi 2007-01-18
9   fameshow 2 years ago

Hi, My wife has been diagonized with Scleritis by Allopath docs. She is being advised Ster
trijo 2016-01-13
8   trijo 2 years ago

knee pain
while sits and stand up, both knees pain little, I do excercise squats etc, it happening s
surender 2016-01-14
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

facial complexion
Dear doctor My facial skin is much darker as compared to my body skin, what should i take
shieva 2016-01-14
no replies yet

Any advice to stop thumb sucking.... for a male of 25 years age
I have a friend who's son is 25 year old and not married is still sucking his left ha
Brest 2016-01-12
3   Brest 2 years ago

Itchy skin rash, bartholins cyst, recurring UTIs
Patient ID: Sex: F Age: 26 Nature of work: Office Admin Habits: ? Please answer the foll
naturalhealth16 2016-01-13
5   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Silent Reflux in 2 week baby- Advice onnat phos dosage
Hi, My daughter has 2 weeks and has horrible silent reflux. I'd rather not give her
oogie 2016-01-14
1   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

Scalp sweat while eating hot and spicy food
Hi, I have scalp sweating problem since along time. This happens when ever I eat little s
bvkvarma 2011-07-31
10   sanjoybd 2 years ago

severe bile reflux
Hello, I suffer from food allergies and bile reflux. Although I am trying to deal with my
angela08 2016-01-12
3   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

medicine for lipoma
hello doctor i am anubha and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms and in my thigh po

anubha agrawal 2012-02-04
62   sujoychowdhury1 2 years ago

pray for suggestion.
sir, i am 30 years old, i am unmarried. i have a bad habbit like musterbation from childho

Azizul Hsque 2015-07-29
35   Azizul Hsque 2 years ago

Adenoids --Snoring
Dear Dr's, I would like to advise remidy for my daughters who is 6 -1/2 yrs old born
amshmc 2016-01-13
1   telescope 2 years ago

4.5 year old weak muscles
Hello My son is 4.5 years old. He looks tired all of the time.cries over little things. B
Am123 2016-01-13
2   telescope 2 years ago

Lack of appetite, low weight, feeling full
Hello Dr, I am 35 yr old, male. I suffer from 'Lack of appetite'. In my life I
thaslim.mbio 2016-01-13
1   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

Pin & Needle Sensation
Hi there !! I have a concern, I am 25 yrs old male residing in India. Every winter & r

hyder110 2015-05-12
28   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Chronic Nocturnal Emission/Very Urgent
Dear Dr. Rewa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i started doing masturbation,i did a lot of han

sukdev 2015-08-08
41   sukdev 2 years ago

thyroid disorder
My 5 months old son suffering from low thyroid.his weight not gaining. Can I use Thyroidin
kounish 2015-12-14
8   kounish 2 years ago

Any advise to fix the raised teeh
Hi My daughter aged 12 years is having teeth that are raised. we were planning for braces
gul0511 2016-01-13
no replies yet

sorry, posted duplicated by mistake
sinusman 2016-01-13
no replies yet

Breathing problem,allergies,blocked nostrills
Hi everyone... My wife always have blocked nose.sneezes almost every morning, often have

Bkhan 2013-02-25
52   mani124 2 years ago

I want to lose weight
Hi i am 26 years old. My height is 6"3' nd weight is 110kgs. I want to get rid of my
Ro1234 2016-01-11
1   Joe De Livera 2 years ago

AloeVera is also an alternative for psoriasis
hi all,I am shilpa sehtiya from punjab.i was suffering from psoriasis for 3-4 years. But n

shilpasehtiya 2005-08-21
33   sbdas 2 years ago

Cold, pls help
hi, i have cold since four months now. sneezing and flowing nose. it started as a result
Rogintel 2016-01-12
no replies yet

Bone receding after tooth extraction
Got number 19 tooth pulled December 21. Inflammed healing but was ok. Then this last week
annaxd 2016-01-12
no replies yet

sun burn
I m suffering from vitiligo for last 12 years...some1 suggested to take sun rays. Due to s
surender 2016-01-12
no replies yet

Sexual Problem Premature Ejaculation
Hello Doctors, Sir I am married & 36 Years old. My height is 5fit 9 inches, Our marrie

Minhaz 2015-12-15
19   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

pregnant but no proof need help urgently
I would like to ask if there are any Doctor out there who were gone through same case of p
khushi010 2016-01-11
3   khushi010 2 years ago

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hello Sir, My brother's Age: 27, Weight: 63 Kg, Height: 5 ft 8 inches. In March 201
rchandra 2016-01-11
2   rchandra 2 years ago

HARI_DELHI 2016-01-12
2   HARI_DELHI 2 years ago

Back pain between shoulders
Please Doctor look into my matter, I have back pain between shoulders during night about 4
Amar Jeet 2015-12-09
4   kadwa 2 years ago

Pain in lower side of backbone after cesarean
Dr.Kadwa, please help.. My wife is 24 year old and she got our first baby after cesarean
ankit111 2016-01-11
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Its OCD again
Hello All I am suffering from various degree of OCD since my childhood. Initially I was no
gul0511 2016-01-11
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Gasteric Problem
Dear Doctors, I am new to this forum as well as homeopathy. Since more than 2 years I am
egauravaec 2016-01-11
1   egauravaec 2 years ago

red blister, painless, burning sensation on penis
Hello I wonder is someone can help me to resolve this problem. I have red blisters on peni
psm72 2016-01-02
5   psm72 2 years ago

sexual problems and body weakness,Any experienced doc please
I am 22 year old guy from India I am too weak and look like a 15 year old kid I have mas
danger12 2016-01-11
1   danger12 2 years ago

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