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Murthy Sir : my dog has a sty in the eye
Sir I have a 6 year old golden retriever. He has a growth in the inner side of lower eye l
Ruchira 2016-10-14
1   gavinimurthy last year

Silent reflux
My daughter (8 weeks old) has been diagnosed with silent reflux doctor wants to put her on
Cjackson9 2016-10-14
1   gavinimurthy last year

Quitting gutkha side effects
I have tried and not chewd gutkha from last 3days but more saliva is coming in my mouth an
Loich 2016-10-13
5   gavinimurthy last year

constipation in childern
i have a cousin who is suffering from constipation she is only 12 years old.Her mum says s
AK110 2016-10-13
2   homeo_helper last year

Need discussion
Need to discuss on the meds in Homeopathy which can kill someone if used without proper di
anindya384 2016-09-17
6   simone717 last year

weak erection
Doc Mera Problem ye hai kay mujay bht weak erection hoti hai aur bht thori dair rahti hai
emransalman 2016-10-13
1   akshaymohl last year

Have it since past 40 years, was in control by the help of homeopath Dr. who use to give s
sultana 2007-06-16
7   cosmicweaver last year

An interview with George Vithoulkus
An interview with George Vithoulkas (S. Waldstein) Though many people today consider me a
gavinimurthy 2016-10-12
7   cosmicweaver last year

Thuja and Lichen schlerosis
I am using Thuja 200 to help with lichen schlerosis. I have had it for about 3 years and
BertieBeetle 2016-10-12
7   gavinimurthy last year

Nowadays, I find that patients are taking Ignatia on their own for grief related issues.
gavinimurthy 2016-10-12
8   gavinimurthy last year

Diabetes is a result of pancreas dysfunction, resulting in the body being unable to contro

abc 2002-07-09
109   jayeshchauhan last year

acute uti
Sir I am mrs Deepti Sinha. Dob September 1955.got married 1978 Dec.1979 my first child bor
shaktikroy 2016-10-13
1   0antivirus0 last year

Rapid Heart Rate homeopathic aggravation URGENT PLEASE HELP
Hi everybody, Recently I ordered 1M Staphysagria from Washington Homeopathic Products due
Odorg 2016-10-12
7   simone717 last year

irregular periods and pulsatilla
hi all, my wife's period this month extended a bit and because we are travelling next
dpnctl 2016-09-25
7   gavinimurthy last year

Advanced Kidney Failure
This is for an 89 years old male. He is in overall good health; still a clear thinker. H
SamIam1 2016-10-12
1   gavinimurthy last year

Pawan Kumar Singh
Dear Dr Kadwa, My daughter aged 23 years developed frequent twitching of both his eyes s

pks1964 2016-09-16
18   simone717 last year

Height growth
Dr. Pls help me...iam 21 yrs of male.weight is 43kg...height is 5'4inches...sir are i
kumarvik96 2016-10-11
2   gavinimurthy last year

One medicine in morning and another in the evening.
For curiosity sake, I was reviewing the success rate of such prescriptions on this forum a

gavinimurthy 2016-09-08
13   DrKulkarni last year

Ignatia for chronic grief
I am going through a lot of major upsets over a long period of time. I tried ignatia 30c
Friday 2016-10-06
6   simone717 last year

cronic lower back pain
I, am a male from India aged 31, Married, weight is 83 kg Height is 5.11 I am suffering
abgautam 2016-10-12
1   0antivirus0 last year

Thyroid Problem
Hello Doctor. I need proper remedy for thyroid problem. My wife suffering by thyroid probl
Minhaz 2016-10-07
5   0antivirus0 last year

Early discharge
My friend is aged 40 years and is around 140 kgs with 5.9" height. He got recently married
Ashley1 2016-10-11
1   mnaari last year

Weaker Penis,too much masturbation
i am 25 yr old male,Obese i masturbate 3-4 times in a day.ithink due to this my penis is g
sameergupta1 2016-10-06
1   kadwa last year

Continued fever
I am suffering from low grade continued fever for the last two months .The fever varies fr

vatsrp 2016-05-13
36   vatsrp last year

Kidney Failure - Lets make a deal
Lets make a deal, I will help you to resolve your kidney problem if you promise to read wi

Alexthink 2005-12-04
27   simone717 last year

Genital Herpes - Please help!
Hi guys, I got diagnosed by genital herpes 4,5 months ago, I had herpes on the lips all li

franky73 2010-08-05
67   nisha301 last year

9 year old with breastfed trauma
Dear group, i had posted recenlty regardingy son and lung problems. gladly it has improved
funnytree 2016-10-09
6   simone717 last year

Attn: Anuj
Dear Anuj Glad that you recovered from chikungunya so fast. Can you please share what di
gavinimurthy 2016-10-08
3   Eephoi last year

My son has lack of appitite
Hello Doctor, My son is 12yrs old, he has very low appitite. After he takes food he goe
Priya1 2016-10-10
1   DrKulkarni last year

Make Remedy with blank tablets
Child much prefers this form to sugar globules. Do I just spray the blank tablets with a
baddiver 2016-10-09
5   baddiver last year

Advice :-) I want to give it a try with Homeopathy
I was thinking to try Homeopathy to resolve some issues. - It feels there is underneath
omo 2016-10-10
1   simone717 last year

Missed periods
I am a 43 year old women.I missed my period last month. I have lot of backpack, leg cramps
Reknil123 2016-10-10
1   mnaari last year

Attn: Dr.Kulkarni
Can you please look into this case? http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/519266/ I shall
gavinimurthy 2016-10-08
5   gavinimurthy last year

HALITOSIS among other symptoms.
Hi All, Ive had this CRIPPLING halitosis now for about 9-10 months. SO bad ive had to qu

miahs123 2016-09-20
36   DrKulkarni last year

Hearing issue in left hear
Hi i have serious hearing problem in my left hear, not able to hear any sound please help
Trorfurz 2016-10-10
1   DrKulkarni last year

!! cough please advise !!
dear sir my son four years old he suffering from cough (Kho Kho type) Sound. not coughing
Nitesh Kamal 2016-10-10
4   DrKulkarni last year

I have brown spots on face and nose plz suggest cream and medicine to get rid from spots
suman1 2016-10-10
2   DrKulkarni last year

Excessive Masturbation - Sexual weakness ED but still high urge/desire to Masturbation
Dear all , Please help me Im 25 yrs old I'm very much worried of this bad habit, bad
khaki1 2016-10-09
3   Teupne last year

Severe neurological symptoms
Hi, I've been ill for about a year now and been admitted one time in October and twic
Woumiarjo 2016-10-09
3   Woumiarjo last year

i have been suffering from nightfall for 5-6 years.plz help me detailly
nripen1 2016-09-15
2   suman10 last year

Dr Deoshlok Sharma saved me from emergency
Dr Deoshlok Sharma saved me from emergency when I was going to receive catheter for urethr
pastet89 2016-10-09
4   gavinimurthy last year

Severe acidity,gas,headache
I have been suffering from acute acidity,gas and headache problem from past many years now

Rinks 2016-08-21
29   anuj srivastava last year

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma's credentials
[moderater comment. Dr desoshlok's credentials were questioned on another (now delete

deoshlok 2006-10-18
85   pastet89 last year

Hair-Loss medicine Lyco?
Hello All, My doctor had suggested the following medicines to be bought for treatment of
Iaxourlerel 2016-10-07
7   Teupne last year

Gutkha addiction
I m trying to left gutkha and decreasing of chewing it in vry small quantity n 2-3 times a
Loich 2016-10-08
2   DrKulkarni last year

Just one simple question?
Hello, I am on some homeopathy medicine and I would like to try unani/ayurvedic blood pur
xpert5233 2016-10-09
2   simone717 last year

Blocked Nose...Can anyone help?????
Hello, Age:21 I have got a blocked nose since yesterday night.I drank cold buttermilk day
akki94 2016-10-08
2   mnaari last year

Headache after sport
Can you give an overview of remedies which have strong pain in the forehead after sport (h
Casino94 2016-10-08
1   anuj srivastava last year

Kidney stone and Blood in Urine
I have two stones in right kidney ( 10 mm and 6 mm) and have two stones in left kidney ( 5
akhilasw 2016-09-20
10   anuj srivastava last year

Pilonidal Sinus
Hi all My name is Ripan i am from nz and 26 year old male I was suffering from pilonidal s
gurizo 2016-10-08
2   DrKulkarni last year

Hypothyroidism - Patient Administered RAI
Dear Sir, My Sister (Aged 45Yrs) has Hypothyroidism and has already undergone Radioactiv
Jitendra1960 2016-10-08
1   DrKulkarni last year

Continue heavy cough at night
Dear Dr, My 7 year old daughter having continue heavy cough at night especially during co

srinivasest 2016-09-28
24   srinivasest last year

loveguruji312 2016-10-08
no replies yet

loveguruji312 2016-10-08
no replies yet

Different ways in prescribing homeopathy
Using Homeopathy Ten Different Types Of Prescriptions In all there are 10 major types of
gavinimurthy 2016-10-07
2   simone717 last year

Inflammation of cheeks, throat and vertgo
My wife is 46 year old.She is suffering from occassional inflammation of the cheek and thr
sanjaychandak 2016-10-07
4   simone717 last year

eye stroke
56 aged man having both diabetes and high blood pressure for 9 years.taking medicines for
homeopathictreatment 2016-10-07
no replies yet

About wet dose
Plz anyone tell me about wet dose. How to make one dose with 200 potency liquid medicine?
riyazahmad5 2016-10-07
4   gavinimurthy last year

NHL-Primary Effussion Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Hello Doctor, My father aged 68 years was diagnosed with Pleural Effussion and on diagnos
RSVH 2016-10-05
12   gavinimurthy last year

Radiolucent Ossifying Fibroid in Lower Jaw Bone
Earlier this year my Dentist did a panoramic xray and found a Radiolucent Ossifying Fibroi
lauramendoza 2016-10-05
3   DrKulkarni last year

5 year old has atopic dermatitis in scalp going to face
My Daughter has an extremely dry scalp and that is causing rashes around the scalp. I took
tanushree 2016-10-06
5   DrKulkarni last year

Low FSH, low sperm count
I am 33 year old. Married for 5 years. We are trying to have baby for last 1 year, without
bashar 2016-04-04
11   homeodr last year

bleeding piles
SIR,my mom is 41 years old..she has been suffering bleeding stool from 3 months..there is

ANIMITA 2016-04-18
29   gavinimurthy last year

Pityriasis Rosea !! Homeopathy?
Dear Doctors Please disclose if there is any treatment for pityriasis_rosea in homeopathy?
zaid36 2008-02-04
8   DrManojVEDI last year

is there any remedy for venous leak in Homeopathy
Is there any remedy present in Homeopathy for venous leak.
hp1990 2016-10-06
3   simone717 last year

harmesh chand 52/m , bleeding stroke 5/10/16
hello everyone, I'm harmesh chand 52/m from punjab. i was a BP patient and i made mi
harmesh chand 2016-10-06
5   DrManojVEDI last year

Macular degeneration
Dear sir I am 66 yrs old. I am not diabetic, no BP. Recently I am diagnosed with Angoid st
Venkata_sreddy 2016-10-06
2   DrManojVEDI last year

Dr. Simon need help
why Dr. nawaz not replying to me i am waiting his reply but he is not replying please sugg
human1 2016-10-04
5   DrManojVEDI last year

6 month baby and 2 year old toddler have cough and runny nose.
Both my 6 month baby and 2 year toddler have a running nose and a bad cough. No fever as y
Raisar 2016-10-06
1   DrKulkarni last year

Accidental overdose- pulsatilla 200 and Bryonia alba 200
My 2 year old toddler has a cough and a cold with nose discharge. I accidentally gave him
Raisar 2016-10-05
2   Raisar last year

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