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blood pressure and weakness.......help!
My age is 27 years.I had a problem of blood pressure and weakness more then 4 years.all sy
salman123 2006-01-26
3   last decade

Has anyone took humprhey's 11 while they were pregnant and went through with the preg
jean11 2006-02-04
no replies yet

Kali Phos 30 for 3 days.....shouldn't it be working for now?
If I have the right remedy....shouldn't it be working? I have been on it for 3 days.
jtlaharder 2006-02-02
1   last decade

Meniere's Syndrome
Hi,does anyone know of homeopathic remedies for meniere's syndrome? It is a disorder
Miyuki 2006-02-03
2   last decade

Hot flashes and knee joint aching
I am a 58 year old woman and I want a cure!1. Hot flashes and knee joint aching 2. Hot fla

sheilab 2005-12-26
26   last decade

greast enlargemrnt in males
hai sir iam 22 guy ,i am suffering from breast enlargement like female r thereany remedy f
m.aditya 2006-02-04
1   last decade

memory loss and feeling of fatigue.
I think this is due to Vitamin b12 defeciency, since iam a pure vegetarian,kindly suggest
ASHOKSJ 2006-01-23
6   last decade

Constituional remedy
what is constituional remedy. Does different medicine taken for different remedies simulta
iffi123 2006-02-04
1   last decade

can you help me please
symptoms face painfull/aching around cheek bone area - also tight like mask like feeling
merc 2006-01-23
3   last decade

penile skin itching
I recently had a serious itching at my groin and was cure using homoeopathy. But after tha
Photosynthesis 2006-02-03
1   last decade

Dr sajjad and all -Serious Problem--Please Help
Hi,I am 28 year old.I am sufferring from penail shrinkage...earlir it was well structured

jm_88 2005-11-09
21   last decade

dark areas under eyes and near nose from eating eggs
My Mom always gets dark marks after eating eggs or anything with egg. The darkness is unde
Arata 2006-02-02
2   last decade

Homeopathic Urine Formula
Since Joe got me interested in succussing remedies I thought I would add this recipe to th
Sparkfx 2005-12-30
5   last decade

granddaughter with eye problems
I have a 8 year old granddaughter. She has been wearing glasses and bifocals since she was
tweetystone 2006-01-17
3   last decade

bronchitis in baby
My baby sounds like he has a case of bronchitis. I have a homeopathic kids kit. I've
tbarbie 2006-02-03
1   last decade

Urticaria of Rash
About 5 weeks ago, rashes started to appear all over my body. At that time I have started
JoosChan 2005-02-16
7   last decade

Gas Tabs Wise's # 413 for 2 month infant
My daughter gets gas every single time she eats; I have tried to eliminate anything that m
misty tudor 2006-02-02
1   last decade

cherry angioma (red skin spots)
Hello!I have some cherry angiomas (red skin spots) on my chest. is there any remedy to get
idrol 2006-02-01
1   last decade

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dear Mr. Doctor Deoshlok Would you please very kindly suggest me something for the warts o
Lagar1 2006-01-31
1   last decade

uterine surgery + recovery
Any recommendations for recovery after a D&E for a miscarriage. I feel really sore and cra
jentoun 2006-02-02
2   last decade

pms- throat pain- help asap
I am 26 yrs old and had my 1st child 3 yrs back afterwhich last year I was stressed out an
Monika 2005-12-05
4   last decade

coorg 2006-01-31
2   last decade

Need Feedback: Have anybody tryed remedy for strabismus/squint eye really worked
Need to know have anybody tryed any remedy for strabismus/squint eye really worked. Need y
pritpal 2006-02-02
1   last decade

Heavily running nose
My son 3yrs 9months, has heavily running nose. The discharge is not thick, the mucus just
Deven 2006-01-31
7   last decade

homeopathic medicine shops in bangalore
I could not locate any homeopathic medicine shops in the area near to airport road. Are yo
Dbric 2006-02-01
1   last decade

Widening Hair Partition
Hello, I am a vegetarian female under 20, and am a pretty healthy person, no allergies or
Redredrose 2006-02-02
no replies yet

Rash on inner thiegh and scalp
I have got an extremely itchy rash on my inner thiegh that just developed a few days ago.
Karrot13 2006-02-01
1   last decade

FOR JOE~ insomnia question Arnica
Hi Joe,My insomnia is getting worse. I now don't have solid sleep for the 6 hours.
jtlaharder 2006-02-02
1   last decade

eczema? suggestions.
Where to start...I've always had minor skin problems since young... I mean minor!. Da
ItchyMike 2006-02-01
6   last decade

drsajid/lump behind ear
don't have a picture of the lumps, there is no family history. Just today I had a sha
edaja 2006-02-01
1   last decade

Please post if cured of eczema
Hi,I have seen so many posts asking about eczema. But no post with the things tried and wh
DP 2006-01-18
7   last decade

None Stops Hicups for four days
HelloI found your website through internet becuase after apply each and every method to st
Mansoor Ahmed_PK 2006-02-01
1   last decade

Ear infection
My 19month old daughter has had a chronic ear infection for about a month that will not go
mom2alivia 2006-01-31
2   last decade

Treatment of Side effects of interferon for Hepatitis C
Hi Fellow members, I have gone through the allopathic treatment of Hepatitis C. Thanks to
asifhameed 2006-02-01
no replies yet

cholesterinum, lowers cholesterol?
Dear Experts, is cholesterinum a homeopathic medicine for lowering cholesterol? It is avai
mohini 2006-02-01
2   last decade

Tired lower Jaw
Can someone tell the remedy for a person whose lower jaw gets tired quickly/easily when he
hisam 2006-02-01
1   last decade

to joe::
Hello joe, i am a 17 year old male with hair loss on my temples///sides of head (Around ea
Diesiel 2006-02-01
no replies yet

Eczema in a 20 month old
Hello,My son got diagnosed with Eczema. His symptoms are bumps on the sides of his cheeks
MPallotto 2006-01-30
3   last decade

Atypical neuralgia
Hi,Help for a case ...."I am a 38 years old female. 4 years ago I developed chicken pox. 2
new2town 2006-01-15
3   last decade

Painkillers and Anti Inflammatory
Please can someone help - I am trying to find an alternative to painkillers and anti infla
FJ-369 2006-01-24
3   last decade

Silicea 12
I am a 28 yr old Male. Someone recommended Silicea 12 for my graying hair.I try to buy thr
drummond 2006-01-30
2   last decade

The internal knot/lump behind ear and knot on gums is still there. I took your advice of 1
edaja 2006-01-31
1   last decade

hair loss - urgent advice needed
hi everyone,i am taking arnica 30 in water dose. for example i take 10ml of water and add
Tommys 2006-01-11
3   last decade

urgent advice
I need to know would cina or sulfur would work better for pins worms in my daughter. I nee
jodymac 2006-01-27
5   last decade

Hello Samnbudsmom
I want to know about the medicines that you have indicated. Meddhorinum or Thuja, but in w
Lagar1 2006-01-31
no replies yet

My son has some warts on his penis. He got operated those 2 warts which were quite big and
Lagar1 2006-01-30
2   last decade

Crotalus Cascavella
Does anyone have nay expeerience with this remedy in treating children who are fearful, di
caralyn 2006-01-31
2   last decade

Breathing restricted
HiMy daughter aged 12 has breathing problems while sleeping. She needs to breathe from the
pimathew 2006-01-31
1   last decade

spinal injury fractured D7 Disc
Dear Dr.I am from India writing on behalf of my brother aged 36 Who was fallen from 12 ft.
somitgoldy 2006-01-20
8   last decade

acute-14 mo old smashed finernail!
hi there, my 14 month old got her finger smashed in a cupboard door yesterday.It was immed
wendypape 2006-01-31
1   last decade

thin hair
Dear Joe De Livera,I have read your remarks in this forum carefully. I understand that by
idrol 2006-01-31
no replies yet

post gastrojenjunostomy anastomotic ulcer
sir,this is about a poor guy (aburafeeq) who is working as muaddin (caller for prayer) in
kplavunkal 2006-01-28
3   last decade

Question re Strength
Question:Is 3x stronger than 8x or the other way around. It is confusing because some say
ploutos 2006-01-28
1   last decade

poss glandular fever
Help, My daughter 36years married, young son a full time MUM.Exhausted,very sore throat,ga
drizzle 2006-01-30
2   last decade

Sore throat from orange
Can we cure throat irritation caused by sour orange by making the remedy from a sour orang
hisam 2006-01-31
1   last decade

My father is 77 years old and has had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for 13years. He has just come
Bradton 2006-01-30
1   last decade

eye problem
I have retinal deattachment operationis over Presently my vision is low I came to that op
vaithiyanathan 2006-01-30
3   last decade

What dosage to start sulphur?
Hi, Remedy found was sulphur for 6.5 yr old with adhd and allergy symptoms. How does one
rxfill 2006-01-30
1   last decade

remedy for better eye sight?
Im 23 and my eyes have gotten worse and worse over about a 5 years period. I have post-nas
ice4me2 2006-01-30
1   last decade

3 year old with fever
My three year old son began feeling warm tonight around supper. When he went to bed, his

lmhoopes 2005-12-17
22   last decade

Help Voice too weak
SirMy age is 21.I have very weak voice and sounds kind of speaking form nose.Although if i
Vimal 2006-01-26
7   last decade

Spinal cord tumor
I underwent surgery for Spinal cord tumor but surgeon done for 10% only, hence is there an
manayya 2006-01-30
1   last decade

Sickle Cell Aneamia
Please suggest treatment for Sickle Cell Aneamia - a genetic disorder
vijaykhisty 2006-01-30
1   last decade

To all Doctors - Lethargy is taking my life - Please help.
I am 34yrs old male and was married 5yrs back and have one child. Since the age of 17 I st

Sunjoy 2006-01-12
13   last decade

new, asking for explanation
Hello,I am new to this forum, and to the homeopathy alltogether.After threatment with some
mesec 2006-01-30
1   last decade

gut healing
I am trying to figure out how to heal my and my family's gut lining and overcome nume
conniec 2006-01-13
3   last decade

Iwoke up thursday morning and couldn't hear out of my left ear.went to the dr. on fri
butch 2006-01-29
2   last decade

Ear mucus
HI, My 8 month old son has green mucus coming out of his ear. I'm visiting family and
bigred 2006-01-29
6   last decade

help with withdrawals
42 yr femaleMVA 1987 resulted in head, neck, back injury and brain traumahistory of surger
dirotu 2006-01-27
3   last decade

excessive yawning possibly symptom of gerd or lpr
About a year and a half ago I came down with gerd which i think is possibly lpr(larynophar
gmoreno 2006-01-27
2   last decade

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