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Homeopathic Medicine Transmission from Mother to Baby
Hello, I have a 2 month old baby and he is suffering from spit ups and silent reflux. He
joe_metallica 2020-09-18
3   A.Singh last month

Watery diarrhea and fluetence for past 10 days in 4.5 years old
1. Watery diarrhea for past 1 week. 2. Half an hour after eating. 3. Not giving milk or
RJ121 2020-10-19
11   RJ121 last month

Till now received any valuable response from any ... Pls
dr pls help ....Itching after taking My mother age 45 yrs, has taken sulphar 200 for
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-20
1   anuj srivastava last month

Constipation problem from many years
Hi Helping community I am 39 years old , 6 feet tall , overweight (95kg) having a day
earthangel 2020-10-14
5   earthangel last month

Collapsed Arch left foot - presenting symptoms - suitable remedy
Good day everyone, My left foot arch is collapsed and following are the symptoms it is

yamarty 2020-08-27
29   anuj srivastava last month

Rauwolfia for hypertension
I tried Rauwolfia (Serpina) for my hypertension and it seems work. I'm 43 and have
alangreat 2019-10-20
3   simone717 last month

Pain in throat due to belching and gas
Dear Sir, madam, Could you please suggest me a remedy for pain in the throat (larynx
yamarty 2020-10-19
5   drjitesh last month

Tooth decay
Dear sir, What is the best remedy to reverse tooth decay, especially between the
pravric 2020-10-19
1   drjitesh last month

How long until the symptoms gone? (For a chronic problem)
I've had 3 remedies so far for three weeks (1 remedy/week). They eased my symptoms
Freya2 2020-10-15
9   Freya2 last month

Any dr pls help ....Itching after taking sulpher 200
My mother age 45 yrs, has taken sulphar 200 for 4days thrice a day due to headache,
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-19
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Free homeopathic case taking
Hello , I am studying Homeopathy in USA . I am looking for detailed free case work on
vimaljan 2020-10-19
1   moderator last month

Sour food cause problem
My 65 years old mother has developed issue where sour food causes her all sort of
mayankgates 2020-10-18
3   drjitesh last month

Any classical homeopath pls help regarding nasal cattrah
I would like to draw your kind attention regarding my little daughter chronic nasal
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-18
2   Wuerzowsh last month

Very Early Ejaculation with watery semen
hey Doctors.. please help..i ejaculate very early ..i ejaculate before the complete
ZZ007 2013-12-12
2   ZZ007 last month

Anxiety induced stuck air in the chest and stomach problems
My anxiety is too high. When I worry I ingest more air through my mouth at the same time
Violet9 2020-10-16
3   simone717 last month

Lichen planus
How long we can take nux vomica 30c?
Vince1 2020-10-16
4   Vince1 last month

Stress and scalp acne
Dear Dr Anuj Can you take my case of extreme chronic scalp acne since 8 yrs and stress
netwiz87 2020-07-20
15   anuj srivastava last month

Hearing impaired due to nerve issues
Myself had a hearing loss due to nerve weakness (as per Doctor after seeing all the test

sajid sajjad 2020-07-26
32   maheeru last month

Cyst on the left side of neck
Hi. I have a cyst on the left side of the neck, below the ear. It's position is
KrishnaMk 2016-05-29
9   Gock last month

Depression in teen
My 17 year old son is depressed and acting erratically, out of character, and has anger
smpwk 2020-10-11
10   smpwk last month

Stargardt Disease (Macular Degeneration)
Please Help! Looking for remedies on this genetic disorder, which has affected my friend
straylight121 2020-10-05
6   Pramod Jha last month

Please suggest remedy
Symptoms in Female aged 30 years Height : 4'11" Job : Govt. School Teacher 1.
Soumick Basak 2020-10-16
1   simone717 last month

Dear Sir, I am getting headache and eye pain when I use perfume/cologne. Please suggest
pravric 2020-10-13
2   thakurhimanshi last month

premature ejaculation , need medicine
I am 38 y having 2 daughters.I have 2 problems, One of my problem is that from 3 months i
khanjikhan 2017-03-02
13   JoseSmith last month

Homeopathic tinctures vs homeopathy remedies
can external homeopathic tinctures such as jaborandi and arnica Q be used normally 2020-10-02
1   drjitesh last month