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I am 73 years old. I feel I have started forgetting names of persons, books ,films etc.
Sadhana Singh 2021-08-03
1   anuj srivastava last month

Chalazion for almost 6 months now
Hi, I have several chalazions. Internally and externally on both eyelids, up and
yaya3 2021-08-02
1   anuj srivastava last month

Family member with suicidl thoughts
Dear sirs, a member of my family wants to take her life, she's been having
roberta1 2021-08-02
4   roberta1 last month

Weakness and oral issues
Acid phos 3x can be taken for weakness and merc sol 30 for gums problems? In the same day
dipak4 2021-08-02
1   Kaps last month

Calcarea Carb 200 repetition
Dear Homeopaths, How many times a week Calcarea carbonica 200 be safely repeated if
sdhs 2021-08-02
6   sdhs last month

needed 5 to 6 medicines combination works as subtitute of zenex.
before approx 8 years i read on internet 5 or six homoeopathic medicines if one one drop
seq106029 2021-07-23
5   seq106029 last month

Hi, all
Any medicine for adhesion and tethering of left overy, parameterium, bladder wall and
Surabhi2 2021-07-31
11   Surabhi2 last month

for saksham
You do not have to interfere in other threads please keep and be on your thread Secondly
Kaps 2021-08-02
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dear sir, i am 31 years old boy. i had married in nov.2009 but i am still childless.i

Nizam Bacha 2009-06-13
29   SHAW111 last month

Gum Bleeding and receding
I have severe bleeding all the time. I have used numerious homeopathic medicines but no
ahmedkhan1 2021-07-30
6   anuj srivastava last month

Nervousness n other issues
Gender Male Age 40 I have been suffering from following symptoms:- 1. Lack of confidence,
Mak25402 2021-07-31
1   Kaps last month

pilar cyst on scalp
Hi. I would like to know if there is any type of homeopathic remedy that can help with
mdrdlc 2021-06-30
16   mdrdlc last month

I am 29 years old. No allergies, not on any medications except testosterone prescribed by
Nickp 2021-07-31
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Bad Reaction to Ignatia
Hello. Last week I had a death in my family and my doctor gave me ignatia for it. It
snrein1016 2020-06-23
5   Kaps last month

Dr Maheeru. H Pylori infection with ulcers.
Hello Dr Maheeru, This post if for my mother who has had H pylori infection for 20

syria 2019-09-14
37   maheeru last month

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Hi, My family member is 29 yrs old. Had a difficult childhood and was diagnosed with
noshiahmad 2021-07-28
4   noshiahmad last month

Prolapse please help this mama!!!
I recently had my 8th baby 8 weeks ago and I noticed a mid grade prolapse of my uterus,
Lilnbrandon 2021-07-10
17   telescope last month

Intense Gums Bleeding
I have severe bleeding all the time. I have used numerious homeopathic medicines but no
ahmedkhan1 2021-07-28
5   ahmedkhan1 last month

Excessive nightfall/nocturnal emissions
Hii Doctor I am Pankaj,Age-21 yrs.,Weight-52kg,Height-5.8 ft.I am stuffering badly from
Jeachioj 2021-07-29
1   anuj srivastava last month

inner thigh itching
Dear Doctors please help, I have inner thigh itching problem with some water
skmangal 2021-06-18
5   skmangal last month

Stomach Ulcers, Bloating, pain in Ribs,Breasts and backpain
Hi, I am Deepthi(female) and 34 year old. I am suffering from below conditions.Please

nagadeepthi1 2020-09-16
111   anuj srivastava last month

PCOS Weight loss and Breast reduction
Hello Doctor, I'm overweight and have PCOS. My lower body is more slim than my upper
jasmineismina 2021-07-28
3   jasmineismina last month

Dear sir, What is the best topical remedy(s)for ingrown toenail and toenail fungus? Drops
pravric 2021-06-10
4   Chitrangda last month

Urgently needing help! Experienced homeopaths only please!
PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Infection with severe pain after tooth extraction 1. Age: 49 2. Sex:
Saya 2021-07-20
12   Chitrangda last month

Stress, autoimmune, sinusitis
I picked some remedies intuitively but was suggested to post symptoms for
anonymousyogi 2021-07-27
3   Chitrangda last month