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Oral Submucous Fibrosis - Very Worried Please Help!
Hello Sir, Trust you will be fine. My wife is 31 years old and had been chewing Gutkha
kashif314 2014-06-12
16   anuj srivastava last month

Discomfort in legs
I am an 80 year old otherwise a healthy male. Generally my health parameters are
hpadda 2021-01-06
1   anuj srivastava last month

Pre-cum, premature ejaculation , erectile dysfunction - please help
HELLO, AGE - 24, UNMARRIED Weight - 75 I am suffering from ( PRE-CUM ) LAST 3 YEARS,
Asifahmad555 2021-01-04
4   Asifahmad555 last month

Symptoms any below by any one here
Good morning Dr.. I am 60 yrs old old, seems having suspecting suppressed gonorrhoea,
934etc 2021-01-04
6   934etc last month

4yr old son Touching his Private part when feels sleepy and in sleep
Hi Sir/Madam, My 4 yr old son is Touching his Private part when feels sleepy and in
nagadeepthi1 2020-11-25
12   freehomeoforall last month

diabetes and bp
I am Male 46 years, got BP from 8 years and Diabetes from 3 years. I was taking english
phaniv 2021-01-04
1   anuj srivastava last month

prepubescent female forehead pimples
just turned 11 year old daughter with itchy forehead pimples. tendency to pick/touch.
1hjg 2020-12-30
2   krishna7 last month

Seeking help for my preteen not gaining height
My 12-year-old son who is not gaining height. He’s is 92 lbs and his height is
momofx 2020-12-26
10   krishna7 last month

Mental health
I resquest all of you to suggest an experienced homeopathic practitioner who have a good
rpsingh 2021-01-01
1   freehomeoforall last month

Homeopathic Pharmacy Australia & Remedies Online Angels Homeopathy
Hello guys, new here from Australia. Glad to have joined this community. So, we have
angelshomeopathy 2021-01-02
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dr jitesh sharma sir only... for nasal
My daughter 6 yrs 6 months, thin, fair, weak suffering following problem for last 4
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-17
13   Wuerzowsh last month

Help to conceive. Rare and unusual case here:
Trying to conceive, using frozen sperm from spermbank. My hormones are in good balance,
Lau 2020-12-27
5   krishna7 last month

Urgent need of help
Hii , I m 34 years male from india , I have been suffering from bladder outlet
Yawar1 2020-12-21
8   Yawar1 last month

Hello, I have been diagnosed with Staphylococcus. Can you help me with a remedy? Thank
alschneider 2020-12-08
4   alschneider last month

Help with intentional tremors
Loved one diagnosed with rate disease SCA1. Basically his cerabellum is shrinking. He
Shadow Puppet 2020-12-31
1   anuj srivastava last month

Period problem
My wife is suffring from period problem. Actually she was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and
pocari 2020-08-19
6   anuj srivastava last month

Psychosexual Disorder
I am 30 year old , male, unmarried, weight 75 kg, height - 5'8", employed in
SUBHAJIT 2020-12-31
1   anuj srivastava last month

Help for Myalgia and neuropathy
I have been diagnosed with myalgia, at my body feels like it would as if I have a fever
Shadow Puppet 2020-12-31
1   anuj srivastava last month

Experience with hospitals
Hi, this post isn’t necessarily about symptoms. My 5 year old daughter is currently
Urca 2020-12-30
4   Urca last month

Chronic Post Nasal Discharge which aggravates by pressing Top Skull
Hi, My Wife is experiencing Post Nasal Discharge ( No Nasal Symptoms ) since last 3
kanu2912 2020-12-30
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

Unexplained permanent Headache
Hi I have had a permanent headache for at least the past few 16 years (as far as I can
Ganondorf 2020-12-27
8   drjitesh last month

Dairy intolerance
Hi, Need help regarding my 4 year old, recent IGG testing showshigh markers for dairy
akira 2020-12-18
4   maheeru last month

Dr Maheeru. H Pylori infection with ulcers.
Hello Dr Maheeru, This post if for my mother who has had H pylori infection for 20
syria 2019-09-14
21   maheeru last month

Hair growth
Dear sir, Is there a joborandi q ointment/cream available in the market? What is the best
pravric 2020-12-27
1   drthoufeequebhms last month

Diabetic and typho ulcer intestinal
I m suffring from diabetes since 2015. I have typhoid also and ulcer in large intestine
Birfo 2020-12-29
1   drthoufeequebhms last month