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oily flaky scalp with heavy hairfall
Hi..I am a male 23 years old, height-5'11, weight-82 kg. I am suffering from heavy da
shubhamrathore17 2018-05-09
9   Dr R Basu 5 months ago

Extremely Shy
Hesitate & shy even cannot meet people
Tiard 2018-06-13
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Bell's Palsy for 4 months
Hello! I still have Bell';s Palsy for four months. It's on the right side of my
zedm9256 2018-05-25
12   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

semen leakage after urine and after toilet
sir, I have semen leakage problem after urine. when go to toilet and pressure some sticky
joy2 2018-06-12
4   joy2 5 months ago

How many drops for a small bottle of globules?
I’m trying to do my own homeopathy mixtures. I’ve bought 5 reference books! Th

namn 2018-03-05
68   namn 5 months ago

Menorhaggia with uterine fibroid
I am hoping someone can help me! Thank you for reading. I have a uterine fibroid, central
MorningSong 2018-04-16
6   Zady101 5 months ago

Irregular period
Hi I'm suffering from irregular periods from starting age itself(13 years old).It cam

Rithima 2017-12-20
63   Nishat Parveen 5 months ago

Hello can you please tell me if opium and pulsatilla are compatible or does one antidote t
Brittany 2018-06-08
4   Brittany 5 months ago

Hesitate & shy
Tiard 2018-06-11
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My daughter has been evaluated as having elevated ADHD
After reading many articles, my daughter seems to be best described below which they say i
gfanizza 2018-06-09
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Nosal discharge
Sir, When eating watery discharge in nose from 20years.spicy food grow symptoms much. 18

Pk yadav 2018-04-07
16   Pk yadav 5 months ago

Toddler does not want to eat please help
My daughter is 1 year 9 month old. She is underweight only 8 kg. She does want to eat, she
Piu 2018-06-10
3   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Dry cough
Persisted dry cough.astamatic symptoms.
Indrani Kachhap 2018-06-06
7   HealthyWorld 5 months ago

Proving many homeopathic remedies easily
Hello What should I do if I am proving many homeopathic remedies easily ( sometimes after

NiniM 2018-06-08
13   NiniM 5 months ago

Trouble with urination; calculus in midline of prostate
I am 41 years of age. I have been having trouble urinating along with having urinary reten

phoenix2 2018-06-08
14   phoenix2 5 months ago

Can i take these three medicine together. Any side effects
Can i take these three medicine together. Any side effects. Carboveg 200 arsenic album 30
Indrani Kachhap 2018-06-08
1   maheeru 5 months ago

Potency of Equisetum Hyemale for Cystitis
If a person is suffering from medium urinary tract infection, is it okay to go with Equise
varunb 2018-06-08
1   maheeru 5 months ago

Hesitate & shy to speak. Lack confidence & shy in making eye contact while conver
Tiard 2018-06-10
1   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Please need help,A 70 years of male paitent have asthema due to accessive smooking.give mw
chakbedi 2018-06-10
1   Tui 5 months ago

stramonium for night terror
i have posted a similar question before. i am enquiring about how effective it is for nig
mother2 2005-07-11
3   Taoist2 5 months ago

Left eye trauma
Dear sir.. I m 23 year old male Their is trauma in my left eye On 8 may I visited Sankara
Omperd 2018-06-09
3   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

CKD and Hypertension, Help needed on Serum Anguillea
Sir/Madame, I was diagnosed having BP and CKD about 4 years back and Creatinine was 1.8. I

Srini3553 2018-04-07
31   Dr R Basu 5 months ago

for breast enlargement tips
sir, i am debika. my age 24. my weight 54 kg. breast size 30. height 5'5. bp 110/80.
Debika 2018-06-09
1   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Hi, For you all fellow homeopaths out there, I would like to know that why is it in most
unified 2018-06-08
1   simone717 5 months ago

I am posting this for 2 reasons. 1 - because I have some questions on follow up and 2 - to
winnieandco 2018-06-07
3   maheeru 5 months ago

For breast enlargement tips
My age is 24.but breast size is small. My breast size is 30. Please help me...how can i in
Debika 2018-06-08
1   simone717 5 months ago

My dog has a chronic ear infection
Where can I find help for my dog's chronic ear infection? She has had several convent
SannaJ 2018-06-06
5   Tui 5 months ago

Renalis calculi
We have this item from Standard homeopathic. Anyone know what the FDA UNII number would b
rnapurchasing 2018-06-07
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Primary Rhinoplasty Mumbai
Rhinoplasty refers to a Nose Reshaping Surgery. This minor adjustment surgery is one of th
allurem11 2018-06-07
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Homeopathic personality traits
I would like to know what remedies could possibly cover the following personality traits:
Alison2 2018-06-07
1   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Canine Pemphigus
I am looking for a homeopathic remedy for canine pemphigus around the nose and mouth. Sma

kattraxx 2009-05-29
24   Fuzision 5 months ago

Allergic rhinitis & Asthma in Pregnancy
I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with asthma and allergies since 15-
ritu14s 2018-06-07
1   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Urgent Help - Dr. Kadwa
Dear Sir, Age - 40yr Prob - PE ED - OK cause - Exessive Mastrabution i am suffering c
manish_22111 2018-06-07
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Toxic synovitis
Hey my son 2.5 years has toxis synovitis. Any remedies to go away faster? Thank you
Argie1 2018-06-07
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Testies 3x is same as Testis Siccati 3X ??
I have got a Testies 3x of bioforce ag switzerland triturations restore 3x instead of Test
anto250591 2018-06-01
3   kadwa 5 months ago

GRED problem since 5 years
Dear All I have GRED problem since 5 years i use many medicines of Homeopathy like Carbo
kamran.cisco 2018-06-05
3   homeo_helper 5 months ago

Umbilical Hernia Guidance
Hello, I’m really hoping that you can help me. I feel like I’ve been looking a
Conphiamcgrace 2018-05-22
11   Tui 5 months ago

tissue salts
Tissue Salts, as either individual remedies or in combination, are an ideal addition to th
anuj srivastava 2018-06-06
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Dr Kadwa enlarged prostate
Dear Sir, I am male 47 weight 78 height 5.8 My prostate is slightly enlarge. I have also
suman76 2018-05-31
3   suman76 5 months ago

because of what I mentioned earlier
about the significance of diet strategy strategy, then you really are not going to get thi
Bulincop 2018-06-06
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Nightfall effect
Hello, age : 22 After every nightfall i am getting skinny, Its sucking my body very muc
Asifahmad555 2018-06-05
3   HealthyWorld 5 months ago

Husband suffering from sensation of lump in throat, trouble breathing anxiety, fatigue
My husband has been suffering for about 2 months now and is getting worse. He has a sensat
cara1967 2018-05-24
10   homeo_helper 5 months ago

Remedy: Balsam of Peru
As per the book PRESCRIBER by J.H.Clarke,page 217,the spot of Parasitic Itch, is to be rub
sahai 2018-06-05
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***Breast Pain with yellow discharge***
One week ago I developed pain in my right breast after my period. Breast feels tender all
delhigirl 2018-05-07
10   simone717 5 months ago

Severe migraine
I would like to know which medicine works best for a person suffering from migraine.. Head
Devanshim21 2018-06-05
4   Devanshim21 5 months ago

Remedy for Tongue Tie revision
My almost 5 week old baby will have a lip and tongue tie revision- clipping some extra ski
Mswest37 2018-06-04
5   Surekh 5 months ago

DR. TONY ALMEIDA suggestion for diabetics
discovered a successful treatment for diabetes. . Ingredients: 1 - Wheat flour 100 gm 2
rameshdiabeticcure 2012-06-15
12   priti3 5 months ago

Doctors please - Nightfall
My name is Shafi and I’m 21 years old from India. I think, i am suffering from Wet d
Shafi1 2018-06-04
3   Shafi1 5 months ago

Dosage of Lycopodium 200 for hair loss ?
Hi. I am a 29 year old male. I have hair fall problem for the past 4 years and my hairs ha
diffusehairloss 2012-05-06
12   Frerechure 5 months ago

Low sperm count / infertility
AoA Respected Dr. Mahfoozurrehman sir. I have problem regarding sperm count . I married 3
Huzefa 2018-05-27
3   Huzefa 5 months ago

Tremble / Tremor in left hand
I am 66 yrs old, male. For the last 6 months I've noticed my left hand (especially el
wellness4u 2018-05-25
8   Surekh 5 months ago

Age 25 and small breasts
I am Sandhya, Female, age 25, student, single, weight 74.5kgs, height 5ft 6in, country Ind
tirk_sa2601 2018-06-02
2   Surekh 5 months ago

squint in left eyes and facial palasy "brain surgery in 2014"
Respected Doctor My son 9 and half years old, gone through a brain surgery in 2014
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Loss of logical powers, memory and concentration
Around seven months back, i took a biochemic remedy called Tranquil which was advised for

Vapour 2018-02-19
13   kadwa 5 months ago

What are the dosages of Dr.Reckweg R56
Respected Sit/Madam, I visited there website but no clear information about dosage is giv
Hooda 2018-06-02
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Fordyce spots on lips
Hi Dr. Kadwa pls advs me treatment for above spots on my lips and corners of lips. All sa
Rajivk1980 2018-05-31
1   kadwa 5 months ago

Dr kadwa, help please , absence of emotional reactions
Hesitation & shyness in speaking. (Shyness & Lack confidence) in making eye contac
Tiard 2018-05-31
4   kadwa 5 months ago

body strength
Hello, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation cured. But that both already sucked all o
Asifahmad555 2018-05-31
2   Asifahmad555 5 months ago

Should i get married or not. Please advise.
I am 28 years old with weak eyesight -3.00 both eyes, not increasing body weight i.e. 50 k
Hassid 2018-06-02
3   Tui 5 months ago

hypothyroid problem, with asthma
i need help from you my aunt 40yrs suffering hypothyroidism since 6 years. she is short,
kothwal 2016-04-02
6   Arjun1 5 months ago

Allergic Asthma
Hi, I am allergic to monsoon/ rainy weather. Whenever rainy weather starts I gets cough
swapniljs 2017-09-22
2   Arjun1 5 months ago

AktlamJeryanAktlamateehiss suratinzal ka masla ha. 20 saal say. Weaknesses both zayda ho g
Dano 2018-06-03
no replies yet

Pre-Op Prep
Any advice on what I can take a few days prior to an operation for wrist fusion operation
kohler 2018-05-31
4   kohler 5 months ago

Weakness both mentally and physically
I am a male 21 years old studying at university level.my height is 5 foot 11 inches and we
Muhammad hamza 2018-06-02
3   Muhammad hamza 5 months ago

Nat. Phos. 6x for 6 week old
Hello there, My six week old daughter has been diagnosed with acid reflux and she seems to
Aleksandra1 2018-06-02
3   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Aggravation from Nux 30c in an apps 8 yo cat
Three days ago, my cat was peeing small bloody amounts all over the floor and his bed, an
Raberdash 2018-06-01
3   Tui 5 months ago

Dog got into Ars Alb
Hi, I gave my dog Bella Donna 30c may 27 at 2:20 and 6:20 PM and then again on 5/28 I th
melissabr55 2018-05-31
3   Tui 5 months ago

Dog suffering from red, itchy, bumpy skin and ongoing ear infection
My dog is a Pit Bull/Staffordshire Terrier. Mostly white fur (very thin fur) with a few br
cara1967 2018-05-24
4   cara1967 5 months ago

homeopathy remedies to try before and after dental appointment.
ACONITUM : Great fear and anxiety on going to the dentist, doctor, or medical tests, MRI,
anuj srivastava 2018-06-01
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Seasonal skin allergies
Hi, I am a 21 years old female living in Canada. Every spring and summer I have skin aller
pollen 2018-06-01
5   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

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