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Thanks Maheeru... PCOS...Irregular Periods...Unwanted Hairs..
Hi Respected Doctors Kindly prescribe me.I have mentioned information regarding my

jiya2 2018-02-26
96   maheeru 2 months ago

Stuffy nose one side
Please suggest remedy. I wake up every morning with the left nostril and only the left
Oapiziarc 2020-01-19
3   Tui 2 months ago

Homeopathy and personality disorder
Suspected personality disorder or bi polar Male in early 30s who cannot seem to achieve
Snicx3 2020-01-20
2   Tui 2 months ago

Hair Loss in Women
Hair loss Hair thinning Women Ages 55+ Also, graying hair.
Cat4 2020-01-20
1   Tui 2 months ago

Post Vasectormy Pain
Any recommendation on medicines for post vasectomy pain? Male 42. Got my vasectomy
mayazovi 2020-01-20
1   maheeru 2 months ago

My son’s case of ADD, ADHD and associated disorders
My son nearing 6 years is having the following symptoms: 1) ADD - not able to sustain
Kingofwands 2020-01-20
1   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Desperate for antidepressant/ anxiety remedy plse!!!
Hi, I'm Yvonne. Okay my life, strict upbringing, Bullied, physically,metally and

yvonnea178 2020-01-17
29   Tui 2 months ago

For healthy world: Vaginal yeast infection
I m 42 yrs old female with three kids.. I have been suffering from vaginal yeast

mominisb 2019-09-18
58   freehomeoforall 2 months ago

What can i expect to see happen if prescribed ignatia for shock/grief/trauma and

Ideal56 2020-01-17
13   Ideal56 2 months ago

Help! Gave Wrong Remedy to My Cat
I meant to give Phosphorus 30c to my cat for her stomatitis. I accidently gave her
LagunaMom 2020-01-17
9   LagunaMom 2 months ago

7 year old girl with anxiety ...
Hi Hoping you can suggest a remedy to assist with the following 7 year 10 months girl -
veron1 2020-01-18
4   veron1 2 months ago

Compatible of medicines
May I take ashwagandha (Herbal) / Homeo tincture with other allopathic medicines like
Irshad1 2020-01-18
1   Tui 2 months ago

looking for remedies
Women 35 - anemia from child age - Hypothyroid - less friend - philothea - trust in
rawi 2020-01-18
1   Tui 2 months ago

Does anyone know the 'antedote' for carcinosin. I jumped up to a too high
jamesandange 2020-01-18
no replies yet

Recurrent infection of E. colli in the prostate
Recurrent infection of E. colli in the prostate for a long time. For years I have
theguy1 2019-12-11
5   Tui 2 months ago

Doctors - synovial liquid
Hi doctors, I would love some help because my sister fell and hurt her right hand and
julia2 2020-01-16
4   simone717 2 months ago

help for hand
Hi I would love some help because my sister fell and hurt her right hand and now there
julia2 2020-01-17
1   freehomeoforall 2 months ago

Books on homeopathy
Can anyone tell one best repertory and one best materia Medica book. There are numerous
Irshad1 2020-01-16
1   maheeru 2 months ago

my two and half years old have running nose
Hello to all the drs my two and half yers old daughter have running nose all day for last
imran655 2019-11-22
11   homeo_helper 2 months ago

attention , focus, calimg down
my son is 14 years old, young man is super excited for every thing in life and does not
pinkyM 2020-01-15
2   pinkyM 2 months ago

Ignatia and Nux Vomica
Hi, please can anyone tell me if I have given Nux and need to give Ignatia what can I
Luckyleo1 2020-01-14
8   Luckyleo1 2 months ago

New findings on schizophrenia
“The Guardian” newspaper published a scientific Study showing that there is a
simone717 2020-01-14
2   simone717 2 months ago

Enlargement of prostate and hematoma
Age:- 71 Blood clotted in urinary bladder. Prostate is also enlarged(126 mm). Blood
Manjitsaha 2020-01-15
9   Tui 2 months ago

Apple cider vinegar with mother
Does this antidote a
Ideal56 2020-01-15
2   Ideal56 2 months ago

Excessive Flatulence & Urinating Feeling Issue
I am 48 years old and would like to seek request/advice remedy for my two issues 1- Lot
RashidMunzur 2020-01-14
3   Tui 2 months ago