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How long can Arsenicum Album 30 and SBL Tonicard gold drops be used. Have anxiety with
ram2909 2020-09-29
11   ram2909 last month

Sulphur 1000ch Aggravation.
‌I have taken 5 globules of sulphur 1m for one day prescribed by doctor for skin
Iarpou 2018-09-15
7   rajeshsingh last month

hard Lump on bottom right gum
I have had a hard lump on my bottom right gum for 20 years now, at the same i hear a
Averyvl 2020-09-21
8   Averyvl 2 months ago

Please suggest
Male : 33 Years Weight : 95+ KG Height : 5'5" Non-Vegetarian IT
Soumick Basak 2020-09-28
5   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

Homeopathy + vaginal cream
Hello, I take homeopathic remedies for my chronic lack of vaginal lactobacilli, recurrent
Freya2 2020-09-28
2   Freya2 2 months ago

mijoze7 2020-09-16
5   mijoze7 2 months ago

Kidney and ureter stone 5mm
Is it ok to take berberis q,sarsapareilla q, and parrira brava q together. Any problem.
nirmal kumar 2020-09-29
1   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

8 year old with weight and anxiety issues
I have an 8-year-old daughter who is in third grade this year. She started to gain weight
momofx 2020-09-13
10   momofx 2 months ago

Parasympathetic nerve weakness.
I get vasovagal attack that causes fainting. I have been through so much trauma and
gmikhael 2020-09-27
9   gmikhael 2 months ago

tissue salts
Tissue Salts, as either individual remedies or in combination, are an ideal addition to
anuj srivastava 2018-06-06
3   yamarty 2 months ago

Prostate Enlargement
- It is appeared 4 years back (by USG) resulted Frequent urine. -Now my problems are: 1)
tapan1 2020-09-27
2   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

Homeopathy book for beginners
Hi Team, Can anyone suggest me good Homeopathy book for
nityapoojary 2020-09-28
1   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

11 mo old frequent night wakings
Hello, I have an 11 month old whose sleep is getting progressively worse. She wakes
henry74 2020-09-28
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

My son has ringworm under both armpits (from sweat). It spread to an area on torso,
Joyner 2020-09-28
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

permanent whistling in right nostril and increased smell after cold
I had Covid in March, at least I believe I had it, no test: I coughed twice on Fri, had a
SueB 2020-09-26
3   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

Lip biting/sucking
my child 3n half, bits n suck lip, its usually when she is tired, sleepy, bored.. It
Rosh2007 2007-08-21
16   Mubi 2 months ago

Homeopathy store
RRahulkumar 2020-09-26
no replies yet

merc sol and merc cor 30C
is merc sol 30 taken before or after merc cor 30 2020-09-26
9   Pramod Jha 2 months ago

Chalazion in left side eye from more than 1 year Name: TAUQUIR AHMED Age: 26 Gender:
Mahfuz1328 2020-08-23
1   drjitesh 2 months ago

OverWeight, Hair thining post hairfall,Trapped hair under chin,Diabetes
Hello, I have been suffering from a number of problems.Most of these came back post
HoneyKhanna 2020-09-07
1   drjitesh 2 months ago

nasal polyps and nasal congestion
Allergic to pollen. Have nasal polyps and blockage on left side of my nose. Heavy nasal
UserN 2020-07-08
7   UserN 2 months ago

BXO treatment...
Good morning, I was recently diagnosed with BXO. Right away the doctors want to start

Cloudbase 2010-05-08
474   ScottSummers 2 months ago

recall problems after brain stroke
My mom, 76, suffered major stroke 3 weeks ago. She speaks clearly but is unable to recall
momof6 2020-08-25
6   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Dr. Maheeru please help for my daughter
My Daughter is 4 years old, and she is not eating properly, we have to force her for
mariz 2020-09-23
2   mariz 2 months ago

Nasal polyps with chronic sinusitis
Hi all I am a new to the group. I have been suffering from nasal polyps with chronic
daniels2 2020-06-11
2   shykathir 2 months ago