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I need the user named TUI for my treatment
Hi everyone, My first post asking for a remedy in this forum was attended by a
rahul34 2020-09-17
3   A.Singh last month

Bladder and Kidney Stones
I have stones in my bladder that are from the bladder and kidneys. I have them before and
Merisel81 2020-10-05
2   A.Singh last month

Potency LM. Versus 6c
Is a 1 lm potency gentler than 6c. Less
Ideal56 2020-10-02
8   Ideal56 last month

16yo boy - several years of allergic rhinitis
My 16year old boy has been suffering from what was diagnosed by his allopathy
falcon74 2020-10-04
1   drjitesh last month

Kidney and ureter stone 5mm
my son age 31 has 5 mm stone in kidney and 4 mm stone in ureter for the last one month.
nirmal kumar 2020-09-28
4   nirmal kumar last month

Looking for remedy
I am looking for a remedy. - patient is otherwise healthy and functions fine but has a
ngtoronto 2020-10-04
5   drjitesh last month

I have been suffering vertigo for many years. I took Merc Sol 30, 4 years back and I was
hedican 2020-10-03
7   Pramod Jha last month

How much time between Staphysagria & Lycopodium?
Hello! Nine days ago I took Staphysagria 6c (5 doses). It has worked VERY well to clear
PeacefulOldSoul 2020-09-29
6   Ideal56 last month

Silent Reflux and Stomach issues since 6 Months
Hello All, I have been suffering from chronic silent reflux (a derivative of GERD) for
mehulmadan 2020-04-04
24   User_1276 last month

Snizzing problem in the morning mostly
Hello, almost every morning either of my nose gets blocked or start running water and I
aly.irshad 2020-09-21
10   aly.irshad last month

abdominal pain nausea and anxiety
Hi - my 7 year old daughter has been complaining of sharp pain in the lower abdomen,
Nath-san 2020-10-01
2   Nath-san last month

Adenoids in 8 year old active girl causing snoring and sleep issues
Problem: Snores when sleeping, sleeps with mouth open and moves a lot, mainly back

ariesboy 2020-04-09
29   ariesboy last month

Abscess on chest
I have an abscess or what you may call an excrescence on the chest for around 8years. At

Arun kanti 2020-06-12
36   Arun kanti last month

Is Sepia still my medicine?
Hi Sepia was my medicine in 2007 when I first went to a classical homeopath. I am the
afarheen 2020-10-02
3   drjitesh last month

Hard Lump on bottom gum
Dr. Mahfoozurrehman L I need remedy for hard lump on right and left side of gum teeth no
Averyvl 2020-10-01
1   drjitesh last month

Superficial gastric ulcer
Hi Team, i am suffering from the superficial gastric ulcer due to the h pylori
Illuri.krishna 2019-10-13
23   Illuri.krishna last month

Please suggest
Please suggest: Female(30 Years) , very thin , married Height : 4'11" Weight :
Soumick Basak 2020-10-01
1   Pramod Jha last month

Nerves of head
The nerves of my head are taut all the time and causes headaches. I also feel as though
Sungho1 2020-09-22
7   Sungho1 last month

Anxiety driven High Blood pressure
Dear Doctors and experts, I have had anxiety disorder from early childhood, however
muralim2576 2020-09-30
3   thakurhimanshi last month

Acidity after sulphur
Hi, I have taken single dose of sulphur 200 as constitutional remedy. It is working well
rajeshsingh 2020-09-30
3   rajeshsingh last month

Dear doctor I am suffering from hypothyroidism and my tsh is now 12.10.I used lots of
Vkp88 2020-09-30
1   Pramod Jha last month

Dioscorea villosa
Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone has treated hormonal imbalance related insomnia with
crabcanc 2020-09-28
3   crabcanc last month

Question about antidote
If vegetable acids are an antidote to Sepia, should I never eat them or just when I take
Freya2 2020-09-30
3   A.Singh last month

Hi All, I need help for stubborn cellulites on the backside of my legs. I did very hard
stubborncellulite 2014-04-28
15   A.Singh last month

How long can Arsenicum Album 30 and SBL Tonicard gold drops be used. Have anxiety with
ram2909 2020-09-29
11   ram2909 last month