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my wife get itch and red bumps
my wife gets red bumps start with itch then red bumps mostly on legs and arms she has to t
imran655 2018-08-08
3   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Hi doctor, I am facing so many problem in life, I am an artist and I tend to think a lot
Inhuman2493 2018-08-17
10   Tui 3 months ago

Chronic Prostatitis symptoms and painful urethra
I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis Pelvic Pain syndrome, my serum pro
mumairba1 2018-08-18
1   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Weight gain
Hello.....I m a 21 yrs old female.Currently i having weight issues.6 mnths back my weight
Amrita Khan 2018-08-18
4   Mister4 3 months ago

help needed please
My mother aged 66 years Diabetic since last 40 years and a family history of kidney relate
saha 2018-08-18
3   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Secondary amenorrhea and pcos
2017 i dignosed with pcod since then I tried homeopathic medicine but didnot worked so I t

Sky_123 2018-08-06
28   Mister4 3 months ago

Baby constipation 7 months old
My baby is 7 months old. Started solids . He is now constipated and grunting to pass stoo
Swiss horse 2018-08-17
6   Tui 3 months ago

Re : Increase Height
Dear Sir/Ma'am I m 18 yrs old , weigh 100 Kg n i am currently 5'9" tall . I
aroy1234 2005-12-16
4   jadi 3 months ago

premature ejaculation
I need some help with my problems Age 35 . Male symptoms 1. premature ejaculation ( 1

speed123 2018-07-30
13   Mister4 3 months ago

Silent reflux in 8 month old
Hello all Pls suggest a remedy for an eight months old baby boy who has silent reflux. Did

Eecki 2018-06-25
72   Eecki 3 months ago

Dr.Kadwa help my maid
Dear Sir My maid's mother, a woman of about 40, near about 5', black complexion
sandy3 2018-08-15
2   sandy3 3 months ago

hair fall
Hello, I am a 34 year old male. I am facing hairfall for the last 6-7 years. i am having d
pav85 2018-08-17
1   kadwa 3 months ago

ref att kadwa 11 dose complete - advice
Dr Kadwa, I completed the 11th treatment as advised by you and have seen some improveme
john doe1 2018-08-16
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Homeopathy and Binaural Beats/Subliminal Affirmations
Hi! I suffer from depression and anxiety. I'm consulting a professional homeopath an
Pirbie 2018-08-14
1   kadwa 3 months ago

To Dr Kadwa only
Dear doctor as per your prescription l take sulphur 200 phosphorus 200 nux vom 2
pratprat 2018-08-17
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Frequent Nightfall
Hello my name is subhash and my age is 19 now. I have frequent Nightfall and semierection
Subhash kumar1 2018-08-12
3   kadwa 3 months ago

how to cure pcos ?
I suffer from PCOS and have the following symptoms. I am 21 years old. Irregular Periods
mayatardis 2018-06-04
11   Reva V 3 months ago

Weight gain
Hello Doctr...Mera naam Amrita hai.Mere age-21, wght-57kgs n ht-5.3 hai.Mere 6 mnths pehle
Amrita Khan 2018-08-16
1   Amrita Khan 3 months ago

Skin ciolour changing
My son 17 had almost fair color by birth.When he came to 12,light black patches started to
mrbaig 2018-08-16
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Detox Bath? Is it Possible
Detox Bath? Is it Possible
justsimplyhealth 2018-08-16
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My 7 month old baby recently grew out of reflux. But he is so skinny and growly slowly. Hi
Swiss horse 2018-08-15
3   simone717 3 months ago

Milk allergy with eczema and rash
My 22 month old has milk protein allergy. she gets eczema in the sides of the upper arm an
nbxx 2017-10-25
2   nbxx 3 months ago

Night fall, urination problem , mental problems, stress, erectile dysfunction
Hello, Because of the 4 years of masterbation habit I am suffering with the above problems
Rampitkal 2018-08-12
9   Mister4 3 months ago

My 2.5 Year baby suffering with constipation issue
Dear Sir/Madam, My 2.5 Years old babay suffering with constipation issue. Due to it her a
Vikash_83 2018-08-15
3   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

hello, my name is Aditi. i have a 7 weeks old daughter whose having really bad silent refl
Aditi3 2018-08-15
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Unable to urinate due to spinal cord injury
I am 33 year old unable to urinate due to spinal cord injury occured due to bike jerk .as
rajanvikash 2018-08-15
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

160/90 blood pressure pls help
I went for regular yearly psychical exam today and also having periods. Age 50 years. doct
dneil 2018-08-15
5   Urepierk 3 months ago

Anal fistula since last 1.5 years. No surgery yet.
Hi, I am suffering from Anal fistula for 1 and half years. Initially it developed as absc
Vivek87 2018-01-31
4   bilbo 3 months ago

urgent help needed,tongue biting wound....Dr kadwa and others plz help immediately....
last night my father ,65 yr old bit his tongue,it was bleeding a lot.. he pressed the cu
monny82 2018-08-13
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Cat; any natural remedies for internal parasites
My cat loves outdoors on the farm; she comes inside the house when ever she wants to. She
1   kadwa 3 months ago

For Dr. Kadwa - Severe Anxiety Disorder
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I have had consistent positive results through your diagnosis and I would
Buink 2018-08-09
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Brain Fog, unclear thinking, confusion low mental energy capacity
Need solution of Brain fog I am going through from many years. This has made my life path

Warkurf 2018-06-07
19   kadwa 3 months ago

Ibs constipation and diahreaa
Hello doctor IAM male age 32 and suffering from severe ibs condition from 2 years Sometime
Hash25 2018-08-09
3   kadwa 3 months ago

teeth breaking off
Hello would very much like some help please. For a couple of years now bits of my teeth
EP6 2018-08-13
3   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

First stage of Male Pattern Baldness
Hi, I am a 27 year old male suffering with early stage of male pattern baldness for last
dumas.bd 2018-08-12
5   dumas.bd 3 months ago

I have hyperacidity with recurrent chest pain and stomach bloats with gas even if I have h
SM24 2018-08-08
11   simone717 3 months ago

Thuja Occ for cavity in wisdom tooth
I am sorry for the repost. I was not sure if the first post ever made it, so I am posting
mleibac 2018-08-13
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Looking for HELP for my dog
I'm trying to find a natural cure for one of my dogs. According to the homeopathic v

millerp 2018-06-27
22   Reva V 3 months ago

pain all over the body
GENDER:male Age: 54 Complexion: normal Weight:85kg Height: 168cm OCCUPATION: farme
chandra kumar 2018-08-10
9   Tui 3 months ago

Anal Fissure - Please help with the case
Hi, I have had anal fissure issue since last three years. It gets cured and then again I

nishantgoswami10 2018-07-09
14   jawahar 3 months ago

Whooping Cough
My son who is 12 has whooping cough and I'm looking for some guidance on what to give

TiredMom1 2018-08-02
20   Mister.4 3 months ago

Unwanted Facial hairs
Hi my name is Amrita.My age is 21.Weight-56kgs n unmarried.Sir i m getting hairs on my fac
Amrita Khan 2018-07-12
9   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Bartholin Cyst- 1.8 years old - painless
1.Age-32(female- having one 6 yrs baby) 2.Problem - Bartholin cyst- No Pain 3.Age of cyst-
mangalore 2018-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Need to lower creatinine.GFR 12
Hi I have a very high creatinine 3.55 and urea 22.i have been a kidney patient for over
angie100 2018-08-05
4   angie100 3 months ago

Belladona overdose or not
My 3.5 yrs child has hyperactivity and cannot speak in sentences. He just uses 1 or 2 word
Dalia123 2018-06-27
12   Dalia123 3 months ago

SMALL remedies?
I keep reading and trying to learn from complaints and prescriptions. Some doctors on this
jawahar 2018-08-12
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

cartilage issue in knee
my age is 26 ,my cartilgae in knee has been reduced , is there any medicine which regenera
suyash1 2018-08-10
4   jawahar 3 months ago

Dr Basu Dr Reva please help
Respected doctora I have been consulting dr Meheer for my daughter's condition and he
Umeedalam 2018-08-11
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Infra red sauna
Does anyone know if an infrared sauna antidote homeopathy?
Brittany 2018-08-10
2   Brittany 3 months ago

igna 2018-08-09
6   igna 3 months ago

Magical homoeopathy
I have seen a lot of people who are taking a lot of homeopathic medicines at a time.. This
Mister.4 2018-08-08
8   jawahar 3 months ago

Multiple problems
My Mother is 61 and has multiple problems, Request your help in prescribing the best medic
SM24 2018-08-11
4   SM24 3 months ago

multiple gall bladder stone and want to increase breast milk
My age 37 yrs . Currently diagnosed by multiple gall bladder stone . Can I taken Ricinus
diwyam 2018-08-10
1   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Dr kadwa plz help
Mujhe left kidney me stone ha 19mm ki aur ct scan me peshab ruka hua aur puj obstruction a
verma007 2018-07-24
8   verma007 4 months ago

best pathology labs in delhi ncr
Pathology labs play a crucial role in diagnosis as well as treatment of any disease becaus
jiyoindia 2018-08-10
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Ipecacuanha 30 dose
my 9 month old son have cough issue. can i give Ipecacuanha 30 to him. please guide me dos
adnanhameed 2018-08-01
3   Reva V 4 months ago

Acid reflux, gerd
I am 35yrs old female, have hypothyroidism I take 100mcg does from past 10yrs. I want hel
17jo05 2018-06-22
4   jawahar 4 months ago

turbinate swelling
hello m rohan gaikwad. m 24 years old m suffering from deviated septum and turbinate hyper
chinna_thala 2018-08-09
2   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Excessive masturbation since 12 year old now i am 21
i had very bad history about my past masturbating since 10 year old, was so healthy at my

igna 2017-06-15
17   igna 4 months ago

Could a trained homeopathic dr please take my son’s case?
I am new to this forum and have posted in the past. My son is almost 10 years old and has
jbh8182 2018-08-08
6   simone717 4 months ago

Returning UTI - Cantharis & Sepia did not work out-Please help
I would appreciate if any one could help, I am a 28 year married female.4 years ago (afte

Honar 2011-01-17
25   DianeS 4 months ago

problem related to brain
saz8581 2018-08-09
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

back pain
jaya kumari 2018-08-09
4   jaya kumari 4 months ago

my 4 and half year old have stomach pain
my son has stomach pain since friday only one time he vomit in the saturday morning no dia
imran655 2018-08-06
2   kadwa 4 months ago

Red rash on the back baby
Hi everyone, I have a 4 months old baby and yesterday gave her 10 pellets of staphilococci
Dididecho 2018-08-04
3   kadwa 4 months ago

frequent urination
23 years old female , frequent urinaion, some times do not old urine some times burning in
anupama1 2018-08-09
9   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Bursitis / Tennis Elbow
Does anyone have suggestions for bursitis/tennis elbow? I could not find my specifics in

tshallow74 2006-04-05
36   Aikidoka 4 months ago

Delayed reaction with Belladonna
Per the advice of our homeopathic doctor we began my 9 year old son who has autism, adhd a
jbh8182 2018-07-23
12   maheeru 4 months ago

Itchy rash still persists after 2 weeks
I am 51 years old woman, I suddenly developed a rash all over the body a couple of weeks a

magicwand 2018-08-04
25   magicwand 4 months ago

consent pain in right abdomen 2 years and more burning sensation
hallo myself sheela age 46 feeling pain right side abdomen pain. i have three surgiers
sheela2 2018-07-30
2   simone717 4 months ago

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