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Be Care full - dangerous for the community

These Rajivprasad
was as PhD student in the field of Management doing my doctorate from IIM Calcutta.Homeopathy is his passion but he is not medical qualified person advise may be dangerous to you
Like this
Please do not take any advise from mr. Murthy he is
engineer by education, and a Manager by profession. He is not medical adviser . He cames here in this forum to passing the time ask his credibility.

Qualified medical practioner can do any thing to save the patient like higher potency medicine can be repeat several time but they can't authority .

dr.deoshlok sharma
  deoshlok on 2006-10-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes agreed keep your good work going on
pankajnarang81 last decade
Hi Deoshlok

I am amused. : )

bandarbabu2000 last decade
comments made by pankaj varma ,kuldeep is enough for u those comments tells how knowledgeble u are gr8 man no need to say anymore
pankaj narang
pankajnarang81 last decade
Yes. I am an engineer by qualification and Manager by profession.

I am also a moderator and Team member of the highest governing body of www.Hpathy.com.,the world's most famous homeo portal, where on average 200 members keep browsing at any point of time, all the 24 hours.

Go there and see my profile in the team members profile page.

I am one of the international members of the Hpathy team.

I didn't want to announce all this, but you are forcing me to do.

Read my posts to know my level of achievement in Homeopathy.

My intention is to help the unsuspecting patients. Not to fleece them out of money with some outlandish claims.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

I am known as Gavinimurthy,which is my real name.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
even deoshlok is not working for money here he is not charging anything you are making comments in a rude way and u should realize that only. you can be good at homeopathic but style in which u comment is not a good way .Every work can be accomplished by diffrent way dont stick to a particular thought he is a successful homeopath and has his style of working got from experience u might have diffrent views and may be successful by your way(I dont know much abt u right now i m believing ur words only) but by making such comments you are effecting ur own reputation
pankajnarang81 last decade
Hi Pankajnarang

Your advice is well taken.

Thank you. : )

Only one suggestion..Don't judge a person by listening to what others say about him/her.

Know the person yourself, and form your opinion.

You are working in an industry, and this is very important for your career.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
stop all this and in future dont make unnecessary comments abt dr deoshlok style of working he is more intelligent then u i think you would have understood this..... so better to realize what u have done he has explained his style of treatment.so pls dont make comment in a rude way u can put another thread where he or some qualified can explain your doubts....
Anyway Happy Diwali and pls end the discussion it is going to be like battle and gave negative impression to everyone
pankajnarang81 last decade
Hi Pankajnarang

You are continuing the discussion and asking me to stop.

I appreciate a good prescription. I dissect a bad prescription.

I will not bother to wait and see who is the prescriber.

The patient's interest is paramount for me.

Now, stop all these advices to me and mind your own buisiness.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
see post
Joepathy - for Joe De Livera
according to u any remedy taken for long time should be harmful some ppl are taking from long time what u will say even joe d livora is taking arnica fom long time every day????
pankajnarang81 last decade
Hi Pankajnarang

I explained many times that what is good for Joe need not be good for Pankajnarang.

You have very limited exposure to homeopathy, and don't try to discuss with half baked knowledge.

My discussions with Pankaj and Kuldeep are on a different level altogether.

I respect their knowledge, but differ on certain aspects.

Those discussions are for mutual benefit, and for the benefit of the patients in general.

Don't equate yourself with them or me.

you are a kid, and behave like a kid.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Dr.Deoshlok and other friends,

Just because one does not have a degree in homeopathy does not mean that he has no knowledge.I have studied homeopathy for 14 years, having read over 100 books and a 6000 articles.I have cured more than 400 chronic cases.I would not have said all this but am forced to say as you have taken my name.

Whether people choose to take my advice or not, let them decide.I at least do not charge anything for my advice and do it out of a spirit of service only.


P.S. Dear Pankaj Narang,

I thought you wanted to learn homeopathy and also get your problems solved.But perhaps you will appreciate that your knowledge of this subject as of now is very rudimentary and hence should perhaps desist from making rude comments about senior people in internet homeopathic circles as Mr.Murthy.

I can only request to you to behave like a good student (i mean a student of homeopathy) and stop showing disrespect to experienced and knowledgeable people.Choice of listening or not listening to me is with you.But if you do not listen to me, you lose the chance to make a great friendship with my humble self with my very little knowledge of homeopathy which you must have understood by now from my nonsensical and idiotic posts.

With warm regards to you and a very happy Dipawali.

rajivprasad last decade
May God give a hand to whomever willing to serve, qualified or not qualified.

Most of the scientific world still laughs at Homeopathy and homeopaths so let's not laugh at each other here and let's not criticize other's because of this or that dogma.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Kuldeep,

I totally agree with you and am calling for an end to these unpleasant exchanges.Let us concentrate on helping the people.

rajivprasad last decade

IN CONTEXT with this topic, few members (who prefer the self-glorification route), have created dozens of multiple login i.d.s, where in they will ask questions and answer themselves and praise themselves again and repeat the process over and over, again and again. These member with multiple aliases will also ridicule and demoralise other serious participating members and ALSO complain to the moderator to have others banned and create other nuisance.

Nesha-India, had caught one of them and informed the Moderator (simon) who subsequently officially declared the same AND THEN lately put the top most post which remains static (unchangble and unpostable) informing everybody of the dangers of such nuisance MONO prescriptions for ANY & ALL diseases and self-glorifications.

There are few other self-glorifyers who use multiple aliases log-in i.d., AND Nesha-India, will declare it over here without the help of the moderator.

TALKING of being 'civilised', KULDEEP had created the following dozens of aliases, as the moderator (Simon) himself admitted on this forum and of course subsequently kuldeep too had to admit.

----- START
kuldeep (also known as hoolio, lopez, homeo_fan, stanzione, girilal, Steve Atur, lanif, pw3000, alchemist, laura11, silverman, varun14,l uxmi, kapil, jeevan, jeniffer, vinnie, and about a dozen other names), 'link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/81071/1'
----- END

MY questions to 'kuldeep alias ....................' is :
- Would creating so many dozens of aliases, can be called a 'CIVILISED' act.
- Were you EVER civilised when you posted nuisance matter/postings on this forum.
- Were you not playing with other members emotions and ridiculing them.
- Would you admit that you played 'F R A U D' to other posters over here.
- Did you not create the dozens of aliases JUST FOR SELF-GLORIFICATION.
- When you yourself are a unqualified homeo doctor, are you not fooling around with people's health by prescribing them alternative sources of crude non-homeopathic Nat.Phos. which has the potential to demoralise the entire G.I.Tract.

YOU said 'In my opinion if one person cures only one person in his whole life, it was a life well lived'
- IS the above statement acceptable to the Medical School (of which you never EVER quailfiied).
- IS not the above statement only sooth-sayers PHILOSOPHICAL babbling, without any medical justification whatsoever.
- ONLY a non-medical (Q U A C K) will justify the above statement.
- Each qualified doctor will cure only one patient and sit aside in a sanatorium, since 'it was a life well lived', with a Patiala peg. Yours is a perfect case of A.D.D.

heee heeeeee heeee heee, Kuldeep, your nuisance 'q u a c k e r y's' are snared once again, by WHO else, but only by NESHA-INDIA.

'There is no difference in Praying or Braying. The effect is monotonic & illusionary'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
yeah! yeah! yeah! whomever displeases you is my incarnation.

I am sorry if I gave you bleeding wounds in your endever against Joe.

Arnica is your medicine for brused feelings but a wrong man is prescribing it at wrong time at wrong place to a wrong person.
kuldeep last decade
There are many people waiting on ABC Forum to recieve homeopathic guidance for their problems.
Please do justice to your capability...as you are amply endowed with it.

Refrain from indulging in this kind of banter as it only means ...a lot of your good energy down the drain.

Best wishes
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
It hurts me to see two very capable people engaged in some 'sort of warfare'.

Nesha..if you will stop it...I know Kuldeep will stop it instantly.

Best wishes to both of you.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Oh dear.

If you see danger in another's prescription, you are right to point it out, but if you can't do this with respect and equanimity, then how are you able to find the selflessness and clarity to help anybody?

Truth stands on its own merits, and needs no rhetoric. If what you are saying is true, trust the reader to see it. If somebody harbours doubts about anything you have said, then they may not be alone; if you explain your reasoning, your case is stronger.

moderator last decade
Dear Simon, one day Nesha and I would be sitting across a table, a candle burning between us and a pair
of gardinias .....

In Sri Lanka on Joe's next birthday.

Gardinias .. for Joe.
kuldeep last decade
'kuldeep' :

You fret, fiddle & babble too much. Just answer my questions as above.

You can ask Nesha-India out for a drink in your routine NIGHT-MARE where I consistently persist. AND if I were to confront someone in SriLanka, that person would have a fatal heart-attack combined with a choked up prostate and all the years of his taking the wet-fizzz..ling Arnica would go to waste, 6 feet below the ground..

BTW, Why take Nesha-India for your burning candle-light drink to SriLanka. Instead take your legally wedded registered Wife. HOPE your wife hasn't abandoned you for your typical craving for Patiala type Gardinias.

CONSIDER this psychological interpreta'tion, of a back-stabber :

Back-Stabber = double-talker, untrustworthy, wolf in sheep's coat, betrayer, portrays himself as a sweet & soft talker, highly inquisitive - will attempt to know everything about you to have a upper hand, a schemer, street smart, a meddler in others affairs, hides behind aliases, deceitful, portrays himself as a very nice social and helpful person but actually cultivating hartred, definetly a sadist, fickle minded, sexually overpowering but highly unsatisfied, very very highly jealous, highly unstable - jumps from one issue to another, gets bored easily. whimsical, revengeful, obstinate, thinks high of himself, but actually a loser, self centered but shows otherwise, desire of being a god-father, indirectly vindictive, vexation of mind, always looking for new subjects/ topic discussion to impress others and cultivate attention, faulty childhood, perverted urges,

QUOTE for you from Nesha-India :
'Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha

That's why I sent you my picture so you should live with it.
kuldeep last decade
Logging in rather late to enjoy the fun.
Joe De Livera last decade
These were your words to pankajnarng:

'you are a kid, and behave like a kid.


I am quoting below from a book that writes about Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's attitude towards others:


(When he lived in the town of Kothen, Germany).

..the silver haired man, with deep brow arched and thoughtful, with keen eyes full of fire and a calm,searching face....lived and was happy.

His circle included not only his students but also scholars on other subjects who respected his doctrine. The old man would occasinally lose his temper, but by and large preferred people to speak their minds even if they disagreed with him.


Like a true follower of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann...follow his ways and refrain from 'shutting out' other memebers of the Forum.

Forum is for the emergence and consideration of different views...no matter how far fetched.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
hi Pankaj


'The old man would occasinally lose his temper, but by and large preferred people to speak their minds even if they disagreed with him.'

: )

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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