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TO Joe de Livera

Hello Joe

I'd just like to say thanks for posting your GERD postings especially the use of nat phos and arnica. I have suffered from this for 3 years with grade ii multiple erosions of the food tract. I was on 2 2omg of raberprazole a day a proton pump inhibitor but am now not taking any after taking nat phos and arnica wet dose for about 2 weeks. I will continue to take and report back to this forum. Thank you once again i was at my wits end with this problem.

Best Regards

  chahat on 2006-10-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To Chahat

It is good to know that someone, especially someone whom I do not remember having advised, posts a thank you note to tell me of the successful outcome, in just about 2 weeks, of using my default Nat Phos/Arnica therapy for GERD.

Judging by the drugs that you have been taking, I believe that you were an advanced case of GERD and I believe that you chanced on the ABC and my many posts on GERD in the nick of time, and used just the 2 remedies that I have prescribed in many cases, some which have even been more advanced than yours. The majority of these cases have been successfully resolved but it would be futile to think that they are cured as this process usually takes up to a year. In almost all these cases, although their problem seems to have been resolved there is every possibility of their GERD symptoms returning and this is when they should have the Nat Phos 6x at hand to be used at the slightest sign of discomfort.

You may not know this but I have been at the receiving end of countless attacks by those who consider themselves to be classical homeopaths who would never have prescribed the 2 remedies that I use as default remedies for GERD. This is due to their classical training that dictates the use of other remedies that they fish out of thin air in a manner that awes me as no 2 classical homeopaths will ever prescribe the same remedy to the patient for his ailment.

Instead of helping the patient they seem to prefer to make his condition worse with their 'constitutional' remedies and it is only after many visits to the homeopath that they may condescend to give the patient the remedy that I use as a default remedy for GERD. It is unlikely however that they will use Arnica 30c for healing internally but it is possible that they may consider Nat Phos.

You may like to visit the following links to read the responses from patients who have been helped by me:


Thank you for your post.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe

Thanks for your reply. You will not remember me as i did not post about GERD but simply read through your posts and the responses you were given. I fully understand this will not be a cure after only taking for 2 weeks but in all honestly i did not believe this would work so soon. I had releif from the first dosage. I have had 2 endoscopies which confirmed the slight erosionsand was told to continue taking the proton pump inhibitors.

I was constantly nauseous and had acid reflux coming upto the back of my throat even when i was standing, now i can bend without having an attack of reflux.

I shall continue to take and shall keep the forum informed about the long term outcome.

Once again thanks for your posting.

Best wishes.

chahat last decade
Hi Chahat

As Joe pointed out,I feel that Nat.Phos alone is capable of helping you, and there is no need for Arnica 30.

It is not advisable to take homeopathic medicines continuously.

Nat.Phos 6X being a tissue salt,repetetion may not pose much problem.

I suggest to you to stop Arnica 30 and stick to Nat.Phos 6x, alone.

May I also add that my wife was a chronic sufferer from the above condition, and she got fantastic relief from Nat.Phos 6x.

She got totally cured, and doesn't take any medication now, including Nat.Phos.

If you observe relief, it is better to stop even Nat.Phos, and repeat only when the condition recurs.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy

I note your classical attitude in advising the patient who was virtually cured of her GERD in just 2 weeks after suffering for over 3 years not to use the therapy that I have used in countless cases to cure them of this ailment which as you are aware is difficult to overcome.

I can assure you that there is absolutely no danger whatever that can befall anyone who takes Arnica on a nightly basis as I have done for the past 11 years and it is very likely that I am the only person in the whole wide world that has done this research on myself to prove to you and to anyone who may read this post that Arnica does have some mysterious quality of helping in improving the quality of life of the taker. I have many who are on a nightly dose of Arnica 30c in the wet dose, here in Sri Lanka and many others overseas who are users of Arnica which they take on a nightly basis.

I have submitted my test results to you on a previous occasion and shall repeat it for the record here. My BP is usually below 120/80 with pulse 65 which is as you will observe, good for my advanced age of 77 years. It is more the result of my test results when I stopped my nightly dose that is of relevance as my BP increased and I was distinctly feeling my age in just a week without it and at the end of the 3 week test period, my BP was elevated by 10mm and I was achey all over. At that point I started back on the Arnica 30c and came back to normal in a week.

I am aware that classical Homeopathy does not recommend the use of any remedy on a long term basis and this is the reason why I have taken some pains to share the information that my non classical approach to this science has discovered. I can assure you that none of the cases who have used Arnica have had any reason to regret that they used it in the manner that I recommend. At the worst it may not work to ensure deep sleep but this may be due to other causes over which I have no control.

I am convinced that Arnica is indeed a very special remedy which, has been tested and found to promote the flow of blood in the body. Coupled to the fact that it promotes deep sleep, I believe that it helps the body to recover better during sleep and thereby helps it to operate at a greater state of efficiency than otherwise. It is my hope that double blind tests will be conducted to test these remedies to verify my findings as it is obviously in the interest of humanity 30% of whom are reputed to suffer from gastric ailments in one form or another.

I would recommend that you test it out yourself for 2 weeks in the manner that I have done but you must stop your coffee that I am aware you are addicted to and any other stimulants that will antidote it. I remember that you were one of the first to test out Nat Phos 6x when I discovered its unusual weight reduction qualities 3 years ago and it helped you during the first few weeks but it did not bring your weight down as it has in thousands of other cases. The combination of Arnica 30 and Nat Phos 6x can prove to help many to keep their bodies up to maximum efficiency especially cases like Chahat who has benefitted from the therapy that I have advised and will hopefully use the Arnica too as directed. I would like to emphasize that the reason why I still insist on the Arnica is because it will help in the restoration and repair of the delicate membranes that would have been eroded by the gastric juice due to GERD for which this patient has used Proton pump inhibiters and other H2 blockers which are the only drugs that medicine can offer to help CURE an ailment that homeopathy can cure in a very short period. These powerful drugs have other side effects and will only serve to help the patient temporarily but can never cure GERD. They are also expensive and have provided their manufacturers with a non ending source of revenue throughout the lives of the patients using them.

I must admit that this record of cure in just 2 weeks is the fastest rate of cure that has ever been reported and I hope that others too will remember that it was a non qualified homeopath in Sri Lanka who was responsible for the discovery and the promotion of this simple therapy which has helped many thousands to overcome their GERD. It is so very rarely that a patient who has benefitted from any remedy cares to record its effect and I thank Chahat for doing so again as it is unsolicited personal testimonies from patients that are of importance as others too can read them and hopefully draw their own conclusions.

I do hope that members who read this post will spread the word to their friends who may be suffering from GERD or even Obesity as this same therapy which can be used in any part of the world wherever homeopathic remedies are available, can use them not only to overcome GERD but also to reduce their weight which has been estimated at the best at 1 kg per week.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

If Chahat is willing to do it, I want her to take nat.phos 6x alone, and see whether it makes any difference.

Whether a daily dose of Arnica 30 is dangerous or not is still debatable.

Is it not better to stop the medcine to stop when things improve and retake it only when symptoms return?

Other than the theory ,I think even common sense supports my view. Homeopathic medicines too have to be taken with caution, as is the case with any other medicine, be it allopathic, aurveda, Unani, Siddha etc..

We shold allow the body to respond on its own, and take medicines only when necessary.

I just can't understand the logic behind insisting to take any medicine for months and years together non stop.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hello Joe and Bandarbabu2000.

I have read your statements with interest and acknowledge your greater expertise in this field. As stated in earlier posts, i had suffered with GERD for 3 years, gradually becoming worse over time with an almost unbearable buring sensation in the middle of my chest which was confirmed as grade 2 multiple erosions by endoscopy.

I then took nat phos 6x and felt immediate relief to the point that i do not get any symptoms at all UNLESS i eat a very spicy meal which i rarely do.

At this moment in time i am just taking nat phos 6x although i initially started off taking both nat phos 6x and arnica 30c wet dose in the evening. I stopped taking the arnica after reading it is not advised to take more than one medication simultaneously so have been taking just the nat phos 6x.

I know this will not be resolved overnight, patience is the key to this. I am hoping to reduce the dosage to one tablet of nat phos 6x over the coming days and then stopping altogether and seeing what the outcome is.

I do not have the burning sensation in my stomach or my oesophagus and do not bring up acid as i regularly did.

As for the weight loss, i have not experienced this yet although i am 5ft 10.5 inches or 1m 78 and 80 kg. My BP has always been about 120/78 and pulse rate of about 60. I have rarely suffered from anything major apart from acne and this current problem only started when i was working in pakistan and woke up one morning with my stomach full of hot gas which i was constantly passing as wind from both ends.

As previously stated i WILL keep this forum updated about my symptoms.

Thanks once again.

last decade
Dear Chahat

I am glad you stopped taking Arnica on your own, and still getting relief with Nat.Phos 6X.

The dose for adults is 4 tablets, and better to take 3 or 4 tablets, whenever you need to.

You are right that it needs time for you to get totally cured.

Keep posting.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
As advised by you, I have ordered Nat. Phos 6x online. Until then I am taking the 30c. But I am very careful with my diet. Bare minimum and extremely bland. Gallons of water. Stomach pain has reduced considerably. Bowel movement is still not satisfactory. I tried benefiber as recommended by my doctor. I get severe abdominal cramps, so discontinued it. Any remedy in Homeopathy? I see that you have recommended Arnica 30c to many patients. Do I need to take it? Thank you so much in advance.
Malathy last decade
I am confused. Please confirm that

Malathy is Chahat.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

No Malathy is not Chahat. Im Chahat and i think you have me confused with Malathy although i did take your recommended medication for GERD.

chahat last decade
To Malathy

I cannot trace advising you but I presume that you too suffer from GERD. If so the remedies you have ordered Nat Phos 6x is OK. I note that you are taking NP 30c which you state has also helped you. I would suggest that you stop the NP 30c you are now taking as it is too high a potency to help you with GERD.

The Arnica 30c will help you however and taken with the NP 6x you can expect to be cured in a few weeks.

Please post your response in a week after you start on the NP 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe and others.

It has been some considerable time since i have posted on this forum, i would like to take this time and report that my acid reflux has stopped completely although i ma still taking nat phos 6x for signs of dyspepsia etc.

I would have hoped this would have helped with the pain under my right shoulder blade as this comes and goes and causes discomfort in the shoulder and right side of my neck.

Is there anything i can take for this, its not under the rib cage but right underneath the shoulder blade, radiating to neck more then often.


chahat last decade

Someone recently posted about this same sort of shoulder blade pain.

Do a search here and find that post for the remedy for that symptom.
allergic last decade
hi allergic,

Yes i have looked at these, i have had checks for liver and spleen and al came back negative. Hence the question, plus i do not have any of the other symptoms eg yellow coating on tongue, jaundice etc...

chahat last decade

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