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Asthma of my 13 Year Old son

Dear Joe,

I have been reading your correspondence with Shiny and Fauziya. Am really very happy and inspired that you are taking so much pain and interest in helping them.

My son aged about 13 years is suffering from chronic asthma since last 8 years. He is on a daily dose of SERETIDE 250 Evolhaler. Still he suffers from URTI regularly on and off basis.

I have been trying homeopathy medicines since last 5-6 months but with no great improvement. At times it improves but again relapses. I am intending to start your Nat Suplh 6C therapy immediately. What i want to know is that what do you mean by SPRING WATER BOTTLE. Does it mean mineral water bottle available in the market? or does it mean a river water? I m staying in Mumbai and its tap water (municipal Water) is also as good as a mineral water. Please let me know which water should i use

Thanks and regards

Vijay Thakkar
  datind on 2006-08-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Awaiting your reply in reference to my post. Will appreciate even if Shiny/Fauziya can Help.

Vijay Thakkar
datind last decade
To Vijay Thakkar

I am confident that your son will also be helped by Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose as both Fauzia's two children and Shiny's son Mihir have been helped by this remedy. Many hundreds of other patients have also been helped with this remedy which seems to be the Ultimate Remedy for Asthma.The greatest advantage in using this remedy is that it is absolutely safe to be used even on a daily basis as Nat Sulph is Sodium Sulphate which is also known as Glauber's salt. The Seretide and Ventolin inhalers all have a base of Steroids and these are known to be dangerous for the body which will react in a few years with more major problems.

The reason why I specify Spring Water is because the chlorine in the town mains antidotes the Nat Sulph but you can use it after you boil and cool the water and perhaps filter it.

You will have to stop all other medication when you give your son the Nat Sulph therapy and you may also have some Ars Alb 200 pellets handy in the event of his having an Asthma attack when this remedy will ease up his airway in about 20 minutes.

Please report your response in 2 days after you commence this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a Lot Joe!

Appreciate your response. Will boil the Municipal Water and then cool it as suggested by you.

Will definitely report to you about the progress in a day or two.

Thanks a lot once again
datind last decade
Dear Joe!!!

Its too early to say but i think it is working. It is 11.30 pm in Mumbai/India and i have given him one teaspoonful of your therapy medicine at around 10 pm. And he is sleeping peacefully. Will observe till morning and report back. Have not Given him SERETIDE still, after a very long time.

What i want to know is this;
(1) Do i give Nat Suplh 6C potenized medicine only once a day or Twice. What is the best time?
(2) Do i prepare fresh medicine daily (I really Dont mind if i have to)?
(3) I m giving him one spoon directly from the 400 ml Water with 1-2 drop of Nat Sulph 6C, as his asthma is very chronic and old. I read it in your post to Shiny/Fauziya that that is how we should give rather then diluting if the asthma is chronic.

Thanks a lot

Vijay Thakkar
datind last decade
To Vijay

I am delighted that your boy is sleeping peacefully within just an hour and a half after you gave him the Nat Sulph 6c.

As you wisely stated, it it far too early to judge results so soon within just 90 minutes and I am anxiously awaiting your news this morning as to how he has responded during the night and if he slept without his inhaler. Even if he does not this is not to be considered a failure of the therapy as it takes about 24 hours and 2 doses to be fully in control of the asthma.

I presume that you also have a stock of Ars Alb 200 pellets which are to be used on a SOS basis if he comes in for an attack.

Answering your questions:

1 You will give him only 1 teaspoonful of the remedy. Remember to shake the bottle 10 times hard. This is the secret of the potentization which to those who do not have any faith in homeopath seems ridiculous but this really works by increasing the potency of the remedy ever so slightly upwards and the body responds to the extra 'energy' imparted to the water, better.

2 You can use the bottle for as long as you have the liquid in it which will be for about 6 months. You can store it in the refrigerator preferably with a label that it is medicine and NOT to be used by others.

3 Your interpretation is correct.

I await your latest news.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Your Medicine Worked. My son slept without the inhaler and without any trouble whole night.

It is nothing short of miracle as far as i m concerned. I will religiouly keep u posted about the progress.

Also he is underweight for his age (Only 30 Kg). His height is OK. I m giving him Supplements in the form of Ensure since long in the morning. And have just started a week back ALFA H Tonic (Homeopathic)bought from Nagesh Homeo Pharmacy as he is bit aneamic. Both of this have been started by me (Not on any doctor advice). And i dont think that they are bothering him in any way. If at all i think they are helping him (But Not much Really). So should i continue or stop it?


Will keep u uptodate
datind last decade
To Vijay,

I am delighted at your news.

I thank God that He has guided me in helping so many thousands of patients who have been under the care of Doctors, Ayurvedis physicians and even classical Homeopaths who just refuse to accept that my direct non classical approach to Homeopathy really works far more effectively than their own classical methods.

Please spread the news to all your friends especially those who have children suffering from Asthma that a cure for their chronic ailment is freely available anywhere Homeopathic remedies are sold.

Your son will, I hope grow out of his Asthma and he may perhaps remember later in his life that it was a dedicated Homeopath in Sri Lanka who gave him relief and hopefully cured his chronic Asthma.

I know that it is still too early to be quite certain but judging by my own experience in the treatment of hundreds of cases of Asthma, I am confident that this curative process will continue into the future.

You have mentioned about his being under weight and that you are giving him various supplements. Please take my advice and stop all of them as wholesome home cooked food with plenty of fish and vegetables and fruit will bring him around to enjoy life to the fullest which will not be the case with these additives which can lead to other problems.

I believe that it was his Asthma and the Seretide that were the real cause of his being under weight and he should put on weight in a few weeks.
Joe De Livera last decade

I am absolutely thrilled to learn that your little boy is getting some peaceful sleep. It is such wonderful news and brings tears to my eyes.

I will pray for your little boy that he continues to get well.
Pat2006 last decade

So happy that God has blessed you with a good and loving heart to help so many people and especially little children
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Joe,

I will take your advice and stop the supplements immediately. And yeah, if my son gets cured then not even a force can stop me from spreading the word around about you and your medicine. There is so much micery that the childrens suffer due to non awareness about the cure.

Thanks a lot Pat! I really appreciate your support and need it.

Take care joe, World Needs U!!

datind last decade
Dear Sarla,

I have just read your pathetic story and am so very sorry to read that you have suffered for the last 2 years from Asthma which has compelled you to use your Asthalin Inhaler EVERY HOUR ???. I hope you realize that this is very very dangerous as you would have done untold damage to yourself which is relevant especially if you conceive another baby for the next 3 months.

You have done right with your use of both Ars Alb 200 and Nat Sulph 6c and if you read the post that I shall copy below this reply, you will get all the details that you wish to have. This is the story of a 13 year old boy who was not affected as bad as you with Asthma but who was cured in just 90 minutes of his taking the first dose.

You should get a small bottle of about 100ml and put in just 3 drops of Ars Alb which you will only use if you are having an acute attack when you would normally use your inhaler. You will use the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose which you can read how to make and take just 1 teaspoonful per day.

I would like to ask you for the favour of copying your email to me on this same thread which I have copied below. This is to ensure that others who are suffering from Asthma will know that a simple cure is at hand and they will be relieved of the poisonous steroid inhalers for life.

Feel free to contact me for any further information and I am sure that you will be well in a few days. Please remember that your cure will perhaps take a few months and this is why you will have to be in close contact with me to get my advice how to reduce your dosage of the remedies.

May God Bless you and cure your Asthma for life.

Kind Regards,

Joe De Livera

On Aug 8, 2006, at 11:55 AM, Sarla M wrote:

Dear Dr.Joe,
I am Sarla from India.Yesterday i stumbled on your homoepathy forum from google and found your nat sulp remedy for asthama interesting as i have been suffering from asthama since the last two years and it agrevates during rainy and winter season.it has been pouring heavily since the last one week and my asthama became from bad to worst.I couldnt sleep at night with wheezing and difficulty breathing.
I have been to a number of allopathy doctors in the last two years and all they have prescribed is derryphylin tablets and asthalein inhaler wich i have been taking regularly
at night i require the inhaler for every hour which wakes me up from sleep
In short i am leading a miseable life so yesterday after reading your answer on the forum i went to pharmacy store and bought myself nat sulph 6(in india they dont suffix 'c' after 6)liquid form and made the bottle as you mentioned
Now i have one query and pls help me regarding this
I also bought ars alb 200 but it was not available in tablet form so pharmacist gave me in liquid form .....but i do not know the dosage of ars alb 200 in liquid form so yesterday as i had severe attack and could not wait i just put a drop of ars alb 200 in half a glass of water and drank it....but my husband insists that before taking another dose i confirm with you if that is the right thing to do.....in short how do i take ars in liquid form?
i have taken just one dose of nat sulp 6 prepared in 500 ml bottle and a reaspoon form it and one drop of ars alb 200 in half glass of water since yesterday.today i am not feeling the need for inhaler and feeling much better
but pls respond as to how to take ars in liq form ...i will not take another dose of ars until i hear form you even if i get panic attack but thankfully there is no need for that today
i understand that ars to be taken only in case of severe wheezing so i am waiting for your reply meanwhile i will use the inhaler in case of attack
god bless you for helping unknown unhappy miserable
people get rid ot their ailment
sarla last decade
its wonderful to see kids suffer less and lead better and carefree lives.
all the best to your little boy and thanks to the kind souls who are there to guide selflessly.
vyushti last decade
Dear Joe,

Now it is around 8.30 am in mumbai and yesterday night also he slept without any problem without seretide inhaler. Today morning there was a bit yellow mucus discharge from his nose and a bit cold but no cough/wheezling.

I really think your medicine is working!!
I will appreciate if you can help me in the following;

(1) He is going to go on a school trip for 5 days next month. How do i administer the medicine. Should i give him a small bottle and ask him to take it himself.

(2) How long do i continue this dose. Do i have to taper down to dilute dose.

(3) I give him the medicine immediately after i remove it from refridgerator (as the bottle is very cold) or i keep it outside for a while.

Thanks a lot for everything!!!

Vijay Thakkar
datind last decade

I have a problem with putting cold things in my mouth. So what I do is I take a small class container and put it in the microwave oven for 20 seconds. Then I pour the remedy in it and it gives me the correct temperature.

On very hot days, I zap my container for 10 seconds.

Might want to do a bit of experimenting with your own microwave oven to find out how long to warm your container for for the temperature you want.

Joe will answer you as well.
Pat2006 last decade
Sorry, I'm assuming you have a mw. If you don't, then you might want to find a way to warm up your container first by maybe poursing warm water over it
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks Pat!!

I will try your suggestion. And yes i do have a microwave so it should not be a problem.

Vijay Thakkar
datind last decade
To Vijay

I would view the use of a Microwave oven as being possibly negative for any liquid remedy. You must understand that we are dealing with the molecular memory in the water of the homeopathic remedy which at the 6c potency is the equivalent of 1/1million millionth of the Sodium Sulphate.

I would prefer that you use the water without the MW being used to warm it. Frankly I have not carried out tests to work out the results but my gut instinct is not to interfere with the water in the remedy bottle.

I believe that it is now safe to state that your boy's Asthma is now well under control but he is not cured by it. He is as you state off the Seretide inhaler and the mucus discharge is perhaps due to his getting infected with a new cold virus. It would be interesting to see if this virus succeeds in stimulating his asthma reflex to return. If it does not, we have succeeded in starting him on the road to recovery.

Please remember that I have many patients who are now completely off all inhalers and one of them, my grandniece 22 who was on inhalers, nebulizers etc since about 3 years of age is now completely cured of her Asthma and she does not use any remedies any more. She has unfortunately started to put on a little weight and although she is well within the average parameters she still prefers to be slim as she always has been. I have given her Nat Phos to see if it can help her.

You will have to work out with him how best you should ensure that he has the daily dose on his trip.

He may have to use the Nat Sulph for some time perhaps a year or so and you will report to me from time to time to vary the dosage.

It would be of interest to me and members if you can relate briefly your son's medical history with details of the drugs used by him up to a few days ago.

Also are you or your wife Asthmatic ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

You are the boss. I will follow your instructions verbatim. I wont tamper with the water at all and give the medicine as instructed.

Further niether me or my wife are asthmatic. I am copying a word file of my son's profile for your refernce and for other forum members perusal if it can help any one.

Name in Full: Master Yuvraj Vijay Thakkar
Address: 8/83, 84, Varma Nagar, Azad Street, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069
Telephone: 26830890 Mobile: 9324636655
Date of Birth: 12th February 1994
Religion/Community/Sect: Hindu/Gujarati/Vaishnav Lohana
School: Podar International School, Santacruz (West).
Standard Vegetarian.
Habits: Drinks Tea and Nutritional Drink ENSURE regularly

Family Set Up: Yuvraj is the only child of Mr. Vijay D. Thakkar and Mrs. Rural V. Thakkar whose marriage was arranged by their family is not within the family. Ours is the joint family living together. It consists of Mrs. Nirmala D. Thakkar aged 60 who is grandmother to Yuvraj and mother of Mr. Vijay Thakkar.

Her eldest Son Vinay D. Thakkar aged about 40 years (elder brother of Mr. Vijay Thakkar) along with his wife Mrs. Jyoti Vinay Thakkar aged 38 years a house wife and their two children namely Miss Khyati V. Thakkar aged 16 years and studying in FYJC and Master Kunal V. Thakkar aged about 13 years and studying in 7th Standard.

Mr. Paresh D. Thakkar (youngest son of Mrs. Nirmala D. Thakkar and younger brother of Mr. Vijay D. Thakkar) aged about 37 years along with his wife Mrs. Pina P. Thakkar a housewife aged about 35 years and their two sons Master Ronak P. Thakkar aged about 9 years and Master Akash P. Thakkar aged about 7 years.

And of course Mr. Vijay D. Thakkar (father of Yuvraj and middle son of Mrs. Nirmala D. Thakkar aged about 39 years along with his wife (Yuvraj’s mother) Mrs. Rupal V. Thakkar aged about 35 years and Computer teacher in a school with their only son Master Yuvraj V. Thakkar.

The total size of the family is twelve.

When Yuvraj was of around 3 years his Grandfather and father of Mr. Vijay Thakkar expired due to natural cause. He had a Heart Attack.

He does not enjoy his food at all and he hardly has a full meal in one sitting. He eats junk here and there but nothing nutritional or healthy.

Studies/ Home work are very rare and apart from tuition he studies only at the time of exams. Recreation is play indoors games mostly like computer games, PS2 games, Board Games, Chess etc.


The chief complaint he has is Asthmatic attacks.

On and off through out the year he suffers from asthmatic attacks. These attacks are more acute in night at or around 3.00 am to 4.00 am. And also are intense on Full moon and No moon nights.

These attacks have side effects of infections, fever, chronic weakness, constipation, loss of appetite etc.


His asthmatic troubles have an adverse effect on his overall well being and cause many other side effects. Mainly his immune system is damaged due to which he is prone to infections very easily (2 instances of Hepatitis (Jaundice), one typhoid, one fibroid fever epilepsy, chronic weakness, constipation etc.


(1) Physical Description of the child:
Master Yuvraj V. Thakkar, Male aged about 13 years (DOB 12th Feb 1994) is weighing about 29-30 Kg and of height 4 and a half feet.

(2) (a) Emotional Nature: He is very polite, shy and introvert. Of late (since last year or so) his confidence has increased. He is very sentimental and feels very hurt if negative comments are made. He is very absent minded and is absorbed in his own thoughts.
(b) Intellectual attainments: His school performance is very ordinary and can be said to average or a bit below average. His extra curricular activities include Karate Classes, Computer Games, TV, and few other indoor games. Not much of outdoor person. His hobbies are reading, computer learning.
(c) Child’s relationship with family members, friends and teachers: He is very close to his mother and father. He is having a pressure equation with his mom where mom rightly so, finds reasons to find fault in him. He being a bit careless does not listen to advice, suggestions etc easily. This puts pressure on the relation. He is hero worshiping his father and will always try to impress him. In his immediate family he has 3 cousin brothers and 1 cousin sister. They all being almost of same age group enjoy each others company and as is usual there is at time small skirmishes which they resolve eventually. His relation with his uncles (Fathers Brothers) and Aunts is cordial and polite. Same is with his paternal Grandmother.

(3) Reactions to surroundings.

(a) Foods: Yuvraj desires and craves for all that which can be classified as junk food. His favorite includes pizzas, paneer chilies, Dosa, Frankie, Colas, Wafers, etc. He is a very very fussy eater. He at least takes upward of an hour to complete his regular meals. And that too he hardly eats anything. He does not like regular Gujarati foods.
(b) General Environment: He is extremely sensitive to weather, temperature etc. Whenever there is a weather change he has a tendency to fall ill. He does not enjoy bathing and is not careful about his hygiene. He is sensitive to fibrous clothes and covering etc.
(c) Sleeps and dreams: He often mentions about his dreams and is scared at times about few of them and also enjoys some good dreams where he is a hero. He sleeps very soundly, but does not sleep at regular hours.

(4) Growth and Development of the child.

(a) Type of delivery & Birth weight: The delivery was caesarian and the weight at birth was 2.9 Kg.
(b) Mother’s Health & emotional state during pregnancy and after delivery: Mother as having hemoglobin deficiency at the time of pregnancy and delivery otherwise very normal and happy. There was no difficulties in breast feeding
(c) Milestones: Do not recollect the exact age at which he started teething, sitting, walking talking etc. But all the activities started at or around the normal age else we would have remembered it. But since last few years due to heavy medication we feel that his physical growth has been affected and his physical weight and height is of a 10 year old. Also when he was in fourth standard he had been diagnosed with a Mild Learning Difficulty, and was allowed to repeat the year on our request by the school. His toilet habits are normal (Does not wet Bed etc), but is having a chronic problem of constipation.


Since early childhood he is being treated for URTI (Upper respiratory tract infection). Also once he had an attack of fibroid fever epilepsy, but as this was with severe fever and also no repetitions the doctors advised to ignore it as a one off instance. He has two instances of Hepatitis, one of Typhoid and recurring history of Illness due to infections. Since last 6-8 years he is identified as suffering from Bronchitis/Asthma. And is continuously being treated for the same since then under the supervision of various doctors from Allopath, Homeopathy and Ayurved. But the asthmatic attacks have neither reduced in intensity nor in frequency.


Yuvraj’s paternal uncle (Father’s elder Brother) suffers from Asthma since childhood, but which is under control after his adulthood. Yuvraj’s Fathers grandmother was also an asthmatic. Yuvraj’s mother is mildly anemic and falls ill easily. Also she suffers from PMS (Headache etc).

We, the parents are extremely concerned about his health and well being and are ready to shift him out of Mumbai if it helps. Will appreciate a lot if his growth can be normalized as soon as possible.

Yuvraj was on the following medicines

(1) Seretide Inhaler
(2) Asthalin Nebulization when extreme asthma
(3) Vent PD Syrup (Bronchilidator)
(4) Romilast 5 mg
(5) Eltosin Syrup (Whenever Fever)
datind last decade

You can also warm up a spoon and then pour the water into it to warm it up. Expiriment with regular water first. Use a stainless steel spoon if you're going to warm it up.

I thought that the mw was safe but it might not be the case with homeopathy. Although, I haven't noticed any adverse reactions.

Take care and I am so happy your little boy is doing so well.
Pat2006 last decade
sorry, I meant to say warm up the spoon over your stove's burner.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks Pat!!!

I really appreciate your suggestions.

Vijay Thakkar
datind last decade
I am naturally delighted that Yuvraj's asthma is not under control and you can expect his asthma not to give him any more problems in the future. If he is fortunate like my own grand niece who was a chronic asthmatic for at least 19 of her 22 years and she is now completely cured and does not use any drugs or remedies any more.

Please keep in constant contact with me on this forum for instructions from time to time to use this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe,

I think you meant to say

'now' instead of 'not'

'now under control'
Pat2006 last decade
you can bet that i will keep you informed and i will be in contact regularly.

Also today whole day he was very robust, but didnt felt like eating much. Had very light lunch and is just about to have dinner which is very late(right now it is 10.45 pm) as he was not feeling like eating anything till now. He is also having a mild boil(ulcer?) in the mouth which is bothering him to have food. His breathing is very normal and no cough, no cold and no wheezling. THANKS TO YOU.

I will keep u posted
datind last decade
My apologies about the NOT which should of course read as NOW.

It is possible that he is having some discomfort in his stomach and I would hesitate to put it down to Hyperacidity at that age.

You can ask him if he feels full or has some burning in his stomach which can indicate hyperacidity which can be treated with Nat Phos 6x. However I would hesitate to use it as it is possible that it may interfere with the Nat Sulph 6c which we are giving him for Asthma which is the more important ailment to control.

Please report on his progress tomorrow.
Joe De Livera last decade

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