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How I Quit Smoking Using Arnica

I have commented about this before, but it is buried in a thread with a title unrelated to smoking cessation.

In late October of 2005, I began using Arnica twice each day on the advice of Joe De Livera. I'd planned to attempt to stop smoking at some point, though that wasn't the only reason I started using Arnica. I began with Arnica 30X because I had some on hand, then switched to Arnica 30C in mid-November after receiving an order. On December 18 I stopped smoking and haven't smoked since.

I'd smoke for more than thirty years and made several attempts to quit, cold turkey, and with the aid of nicotine gum, patches and a combination homeopathic remedy sold in the US at various times. Among ten or more attempts, I'd quit from a few days to one month, but always started back.

But it's now been six and a-half months since I quit using Arnica 30C twice per day in the wet dose. Arnica cut the cravings and withdrawals to about one-third the severity of any previous attempt to quit. The only other thing I did was use (because I already had it on hand) a combination homeopathic remedy for about the first ten days until I used it up. But I don't think that had much to do with being able to quit since I'd used that remedy before.

By whatever mechanism Arnica enabled me to quit after more than theirty years of smoking. I'd used it for about six weeks before I stopped smoking. I don't know how long someone should use it before attempting to quit, but I'd think at least for a week or two, rather than attempting to quit the same day one started using Arnica 30C.

I've continued using Arnica twice per day since.
  Will88 on 2006-07-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Congratulations, Will!
Daisy43 last decade

Thank you for starting this thread which I hope smokers throughout the world will read and hopefully will help them to QUIT smoking.

As I stated in my other post you have done a great service to smokers who have tried various methods to help them to quit but were unsuccessful. Your testimony as a smoker who has actually quit smoking will I hope encourage other smokers to also quit.

I have also given Arnica 30 to Alcoholics and have sufficient evidence to indicate that it has helped them to quit drinking.
Joe De Livera last decade
Its my 2nd day to Arnica 30C. I am feeling fresh and a bit comfortable. On first day I developed some headache (on left side) but it was gone shortly. Craving for cigrettes havn't reduced yet.
mani_jee last decade
Just a suggestion. It may sound unhealthy, but I've seen this method work in toooo many cases. Get incredibly wasted. I mean, incredibly. Not enough that you'll have alcohol poison, but close enough. Smoke your freaking brains out while you are getting that drunk. By the time you wake up. . you feel like the biggest piece of crap, but I bet you the thought of a cigarette will make you even more sick. People who have done this never smoke another cigarette again. I'm sure it sounds stupid, but. . . dood, it's another way. Take care. I have heard that quitting cigarettes is like quitting masterbation. I, at least, know how hard that is! Take care.
NecroCrate last decade
mani jee

Have you actually stopped smoking yet? When I quit, I didn't notice any decreased desire to smoke while taking the Arnica 30C and continuing to smoke. But when I did stop, the cravings were about 1/3 of what they'd been during any previous attempt to quit.

And, I'd used the Arnica for more than a month before I stopped smoking. I don't think anyone knows how long one should use Arnica before stopping, but I'd guess you should use it a week or two at least before quitting.

Good luck.
Will88 last decade
The poster was made to believe that he was able to quit smoking because of Arnica.

I would say, it is because of his determination and will power. Thousands quit smoking daily, and they nver took Arnica.

On the other hand, many smokers do take Arnica ,some time or the other, and they don't quit smoking.

To see a connection when none exists...

What do you call it?



Dear Will

I am against touting a remedy as a specific for a problem without proper analysis.

I appreciate your will power. I too stopped smoking almost six years back, and I know what sort of resolve it takes to do it.

Don't underestimate your will power, and attribute it to Arnica. I know you have been prodded by Joe, to post this thread.

gavinimurthy last decade
It is not implausible that Arnica would help in this circumstance. The most frequent reason people go back to abusing substances is that upon it's removal from the economy, they begin to experience symptoms of withdrawl.

These symptoms will include, tiredness, sleepiness, aching all over, nervousness, headaches etc etc, and I am sure to all who know their remedies, this picture fits in quite nicely with that of Arnica.

In fact, as was written in a previous thread by...someone who's name escapes me, both Arnica and Nux Vomica cover such symptoms as the above, and who out of all of us with our busy lifestyles does not experience these to some degree? It is therefore quite obvious why so many patients apparent derive benefit from the application of such broad acting acute remedies, however they actually CURE nothing, and upon stopping them, symptoms the original symptoms will return, possibly in an exacerbated state due to such long term palliation, possibly with new symptoms added to them by virtue of the palliatives ability to supress. There is alos of course the risk of developing accessory, or 'proving' symptoms from their long term application in the same potency.

Best wishes to all.


JCS2006 last decade
To Murthy

I wish to record my protest at your statement:

'Don't underestimate your will power, and attribute it to Arnica. I know you have been prodded by Joe, to post this thread.'

I wish to categorically deny that I have contacted Will who I hope will be alerted by email and will respond and confirm this matter. The pity of it all would be that you will still refuse to believe that I had no part in

I presume that this is another instance of your 'brain boiling over' in the evening. I note that Will's last post on this thread is dated August 18 and you dig it up purely to vilify me quite out of the blue. You must really have a very sick mind and I am not surprised at all that you are the butt of jokes about mad dogs etc etc on this forum. I do hope that you will realize that you draw this attention on yourself by your own irrational and belligerent attitude and I do hope and pray that my prediction about your 'brain boiling over' will not come to pass.

Your attitude of obvious hatred displayed by you attacking every post I make today is pathetic and is, I presume, prompted by the success that I have achieved in my own way with my Joepathy in helping members, in comparison to your own feeble attempts to follow my example.

I noticed that you complained about attacks against you from members but I feel that they were calculated to hit you below the belt as they were only retaliating at your obvious hatred against all in the manner that only you know how to foster on the ABC like your post above, to which I felt that I must respond. You must understand that the more you continue with your present attack mode, you will only invite more and more retaliation from us.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Jacob

Thank your for your confirmation that Joepathy did work in this instance.

I do admire your verbosity in expressing a simple point but I presume this is because you have so much time away from your busy practice which you quantified at 12(?) hours a day, 7 days a week !

The fact is that Arnica did help Will to quit smoking and he was good enough to confirm this fact on the ABC.
Joe De Livera last decade
This is where you prodded Will to post a seperate thread.


Re: Attn: Joe De Livera: Arnica & Hypoglycemia? From Joe De Livera on 2006-05-21

Thank you for your detailed report on how Arnica helped to arrest your hair loss but I consider that the fact that you have not SMOKED in 5 months is by far the more exciting news. I note that you have changed the title of your post but I feel that it is not strong enough to catch the eye of members of the ABC and I would exhort you once again to please post your testimony on this and other homeopathic BB's so that others who are hooked to the weed can read about the miraculous effect that Arnica has in supressing that craving for the next smoke.

This evidence which I hope you will post in a separate post with a title like:

'Arnica helped me to QUIT SMOKING'

will catch the headlines and will perhaps help many thousands to allay their craving for that next smoke.

Please think of the many millions whom you may be able to redeem from CANCER to which they are going headlong.

You are warned however that the cigarette giants may react violently against your testimony !


gavinimurthy last decade
Looks like your memory became too short to remember what you did a few hours back.

This is what prompted me to look at these two threads.


Re: Just a simple question....help ANYONE please From Joe De Livera on 2006-11-26
If you are interested in QUITTING SMOKING you may like to read the 2 links below;



gavinimurthy last decade
Regarding your diatribe, I stopped reacting to it long ago.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

It is obvious to any one who reads your posts above that you are unable to comprehend the drift of my argument.

You are quite correct that I requested Will last May to post his confirmation which he did on a separate thread on the ABC. There was no 'prodding' involved as my sole intention was to ensure that his post where he confirmed that he had QUIT smoking was due to the Arnica was given the prominence that it deserved in a separate thread as Will had made the statement which he described as 'buried in a thread with a title unrelated to smoking cessation. '

Your statement implied that I had done so today and this was what I wished to categorically deny.

I believe that this was quite obvious from your statement:

'Don't underestimate your will power, and attribute it to Arnica. I know you have been prodded by Joe, to post this thread.'
Joe De Livera last decade
Ya.Some gramatical mistake.

It should have been

I know you were prodded...

gavinimurthy last decade
Meaning of 'prod'

'A verbalization that encourages you to attempt something'

Source: Wordweb

gavinimurthy last decade
Again Mr De Livera, I will not respond to personal comments, which you obviously take such delight in. If you are unable to post a response to my comments civiliy, and without such diatribe, then I suggest you do not do so.

And I said SOMETIMES equates to 12 hours a day. Please do not apply your own interpretations to my words for the purposes of argument, and as it happens, not that it is any business of yours or anyone elses here, I am taking time out from practice right now to finish my first book, as stated months ago.
JCS2006 last decade
oh, and I actually said 6 days, not 7. Maybe it is you who cannot 'follow the drift' of a discussion, and um, I do not think you are in any position to comment on the 'verbosity' of other people when expressing a 'simple point', which was actually for the purposes of education, when your own posts are often so long that it becomes almost a chore to read them.

Again, sarcasm and personal diatribe are not appreciated.
JCS2006 last decade
To Jacob

I am glad to note that my replies have finally found their mark and evoked a civil response from you. Please accept my apologies that I quoted you as working 12 hours per day for 7 days weekly. I was only quoting from memory and at my age you do tend not to remember as you did when 25 years younger.

It does seem such a shame that you and I have to cross swords so often on the ABC and that our altercations have descended today to a level that is not usual on a public forum read by thousands throughout the world. If you analyze the drift of your arguments and mine, it all boils down to your insisting that only your classically generated prescription can work for a patient. In my case I insist that although I too can identify the classical single remedy with assistance from my Radar 9.2, I had discovered that the single remedy invariably does not usually help the patient and this compels me to use my Joepathy to ensure a cure which in some instances was almost immediate. And do please remember that Joepathy or whatever you call the direct 'this for that' method invariably works better that the classical remedy which I believe is due to the classical homeopath not being able to identify the remedy in his mind without assistance from Homeopathic software.

I believe that there is some positive result that can be had from both forms of treatment of an ailment, classical and Joepathy. I have no objection to your promoting your classical remedy but I do strongly object when both you and Murthy use every possible means at your disposal and descend to unnecessarily low levels in your attempts to make out that the remedy prescribed by me is dangerous for the patient when the true position is that it is usually the classically generated remedy that is dangerous, as it usually does not evoke the positive response that the patient is anxiously awaiting when he posts on this forum.

You may have discovered by now that I am a good match to withstand the combined attacks from both you and Murthy. I have discovered that Murthy is often irrational in his pontifications while in all fairness yours have a certain finesse that is so sadly lacking from your erstwhile colleague.

You are always welcome to suggest an alternate remedy but you are advised to do so in terms that are couched in parliamentary language which must not also have the barbs that you both do delight in firing at me in the hope that they will find their mark. I am surprised to note that your other pseudo homeopath sidekick Nisha seems to have taken leave of the ABC for some days in your joint attacks against me.

All I and my band of resident prescribers on the ABC request you is to permit us to continue with the good work that we have done for many years and if you have any suggestion other than 'to consult a classical homeopath in your city' you will be welcome to participate in helping the patient instead of compelling me to waste my time in writing these long essays which you complained of in your last post.

You have stated: 'Again, sarcasm and personal diatribe are not appreciated.'

Please note that this statement cuts both ways.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
You can't make a single post without uttering my name. Shows how jittery you became now a days.!!

Nothing to worry. You will be alright.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

I do wish that you will read my post which was addressed to Jacob and not to you.

It is unfortunate that I had to bring your name in but it was necessary for the purpose of my argument.

My apologies that I had 'invoked your NAME in vain.'
Joe De Livera last decade
1. AS far as 'Shows how jittery you became now a days.!! '

THIS is OBVIOUSLY evident, with the number of self-glorification posts dwindling down with his side-kick, posting under different aliases.

2. AS far as 'Nothing to worry'

WELL, the worry factor has been NOW deeply imbibed, and hence the loss of memory and other failing organs.

3. AS far as 'You will be alright'

WELL ... Well..... THAT is not possible, with Nesha-India's psychic intervention and the disintegrating of the cardiac tissues before the figure of 78.

'The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining' ...John F. Kennedy

WELL ... Well, again.... problem is the sun ain't going to shine the way it used to be, with all the Homeo toxic pollution being propogated via Internet.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

Nesha-India last decade

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