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Mercury would reverse the damage in neck glands (theoritically)
girilal last decade
Dear Dr. Girilal,
You said Mercury would reverse the damage in neck glands (theoritically) .........
and practically? in your experience and knowledge too, has this been the case?
vyushti last decade
I always knew that you would ask me this. Sometimes gland is not working or sometimes something behind the gland is not letting it work and sometimes something is further deep. Who knows?

If problem is deep situated, any reversal by Mercury is wasted.
girilal last decade
dear dr. girilal,
for my daughter i hope the problem isnt 'deep' rooted. i knew you wud answer this,a little belated though!
thank you for all your paitence, help and endurance of my endless questions. God bless!
i will keep you posted on the progress.
vyushti last decade
Thanks Vyushti, we do our best. You ask and I reply, in the process, I myself learn more.
girilal last decade
A fast metabolism is often helped by the remedy Kali Iod but Von Grauvogl gives pref to Ferr Iod
walkin last decade
what about calcarea iod?
moddy last decade
Dear Sir,

Any body can suggest the homeo

medicine for my daughter she has

following report.

1 T 3 82ng/dl norm 60to181

2 T 4 5.50 norm 4.5to10.9

3 TSH 23.62 norm 0.35 -5.5

Please suggest homeo medicine

she has not started any medicine.


RajuK last decade
Hello everyone
The forum so far has made pretty interesting reading.I wanted to put forward my own case and hopefully we can find a cure

I suffer from Hashimotos disease which was diagnosed in 2002.
My reports when first diagnosed were:
T3 0.2 pg/ml (N-1.4 to4.4)
T4 0.09 ng/dl (N-0.8 to 2)
TSH >150 (N=0.2 to 6)
Anti TPO >1000 (N=0 to 40)
Anti thyroglobulin >3000 (N=0 to 40)
Surprisingly I did not manifest any cardiovascular,orthopaedic or neurological symptoms at that time.I had only gone to the endocrinologist because of obesity,tiredness in the evenings and a slight orangeing of the skin (I am told it is a classic hypothyroidism sign).
With such low levels I obviously had to start eltroxin.
Significantly, I had suffered from Rheumatic fever at the age of 14 where again the specialist was surprised at the lack of cardiovascular effects.

In June 2006 the antibodies were:
Anti TPO 23.90
Anti ATA 71.70

My recentmost reports put the thyroid in the normal levels but I don't 'feel' fine and I am still obese.
CBC reports are fine except for a consistent hypochromia and microcytes.I do get tired sometimes but only in the evenings and that too not everyday.

I went through the software on this site and the remedy suggested to me is Calc Carb.

I also read the regimen prescribed by girilal/kuldeep and it looks logical (Thank you for that)except for one thing-I read up Baryta and it is incompatible to Calc carb ! What should i do about that ?
dawkter last decade
Can one of the seniors please read my above post and reply ??

Thank you very much
dawkter last decade
I was suggested iodium 30 for 7 doses and alternating days. The homeopath strongly suggests not taking any other medicine or homeopathic remedy nor things like chavanprash as that can alter the healing or analysis. Has anyone tried iodum alone or the cm dose?

Is there a link between thyroid and the mercury fillings. I am told to get mine removed and take vitamins etc. to prepare for the removal. Any experiences?
simii last decade
Dr Girilal,
My wife aged 42yrs is having
Hypothyroid and Ulcerative colites.She is on alopathy medicine for both the problems but for past 3 months I have given her homeopathy medicine of Hypothyroid per your prescription (along with alopathy) with encouraging results.She has got all the symptoms what you have given except irregular periods and diarrhoea. There is all round impovement except, if she walks a little extra her legs,ankle and fingers of her hand swell. Her blood report is as follows:
T4 10.1
TSH 14.80
T3 4.3
Please advice future treatment for both the diseases.
alsid12345 last decade
Thanks to all for good information.
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Dear Doctor,Girilal,its a matter of gladness that you are informing your succes here.I would ruquest you to please clarify the quantity i mean how much drop of spongia ane psorinum 30 are to be taken daily.Thanks
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Dr Girilal I am still waiting to hear from you about the future treatment.

thanks a lot.
alsid12345 last decade
Doctor I am still waiting to hear from you.
alsid12345 last decade
Can any body tell me that how far thyroide symptoms are relateed with 'ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION'

yesterday I read one topic on net of THYROIDE SYMPTOMS ( FATIGUE, IRRITABLE , COLD , COUGH, SORE THROAT ETC ) are most related to 'erectcttiledysfunction',
low libido.

I think this true in my case becauze I am suffering with all above problems
So I request every body to answer my query and suggest some homeopathy medicine too.
thanks alot
xiang last decade
Thyroide symptoms can cause all kind of havoc withing the body. Thyroid is the regulator of the whole body.
girilal last decade

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism approx. 6 years ago and have been taking Armour Thyroid 60mg. I haven't had any relief of my symptoms from taking Armour Thyroid. I have chronic fatigue, bruises, depression, weight gain, constipation and a rash that is really bothersome. The rash only effects my arms. I was interested in finding out if I could get some great suggestions. I am so drained from having this interere with my everyday life. Anything that I do is not for very long because I get so tired so quickly and it is not fair to my children to have such an inactive mother.
brandondette last decade
i just got diagnosed with the hyperthyroid auto immune grave's disease.

my blood pressure is normal, my heart rate is 100. i weigh 110 pounds and am 37 years old. i am european.

almost all symptoms for a hyperthyroid match with the exception of insomnia. sometimes i sleep 10 hrs a day. the distinct stare of grave's disease started almost 3 weeks ago on my left eye. before that, i never knew that anything was wrong with me. i was vegetarian (with some fish) for 11 years in the past and eat very healthy. i have a 3 year old daughter and felt the best during my pregnancy - best meaning that any hormonal imbalances were not existent during that time. until today, i had never been diagnosed with a disease.

i have a feeling that my disease could be linked to mercury poisoning. some 14 years ago, i had all my amalgam fillings removed without any precautions and i even swallowed a small amount of the filling. also, a year ago, i was exposed to a broken quicksilver thermometer. some 3 months ago, i started to take a compound to remove heavy metals and toxins called zNatural and perhaps this compound mobilized the metals. i did not detox during that time which i probably should have.

i read in a past post re. hyperthyroid about the remedies: thyroidinum, iodium & spongia which i started to take as of last night. i adjusted my diet to exclude: grains (still eat rice, quinoa), dairy, sugar, salt (less), caffeine, alcohol. after seeing the endocrinologist, i am thinking to see a naturopath.
i would love any advice on my condition from this forum.
hypergirl last decade
I would suggest everyone to take a product called Water of Life by WaterOZ which has all the minerals in it or some other ionic minerals to absorb properly. My tsh was 75 2 months ago and now its at 5 but still working on the tpo.
simii last decade
Someone also suggested, taking a spoonful of virgin coconut oil helped his daughter (Hyperthyroid)

So eating raw or dry coconut can also give the same result, in indeed coconut oil works.
girilal last decade
Dear Girilal,

I am a male (42 years) with HYPOTHYROID problem, and tried to treat myself with treatment specified here in the post -

1. Merc Vivis 1M once a week.
2. Spongia toasta Q (5 drops in an oz water) twice a day.
3. Iodum 3X 4-5 drops in an oz water for 4 days every month
4. Psorinum 30C for 2 months.

I have history of being toxic with mercury medicines which I think is not helping cure my thyroid problem.

With mercury vivus 1M or merc sol 30 which I have tried so far i think my body stops working, weight shoots up and adds couple of pounds every week and limbs started to feel stiff and too much dryness on scalp i.e. BIG dandruff flakes accumulate on head. Swelling on face and limbs.
sight go blurry, and I remember voice turns hoarse and even with merc sol 30 i remember my tongue even started trembling when I unknowingly continued merc sol 30 for a month or so.

Body starts to gradually come down to normal function after 2 months of stopping medicine and after realizing its negative effects on my body, Ofcourse I took antidots like NUX, SULPHER, CHINA or ARNICA to counter negative effects of Mercury medicines.

After being normal I have to go on strict diet to reduce weight everytime after being toxic with this medicine.

Now that I know I have tried mercury in both potencies (Merc Viv 1M) and (Merc Sol 30C) and both have seized my body. what should be my approach to treat my HYPOTHYROID problem.

Twice in past I have seen my thyroid being normal after stopping medicines (thyroxine) for almost a year each time. But it has been seized by use of mercury and still think I can can go back to normal thyroid if these negative effects of mercury can be eliminated and continue with a healthy treatment of throid suggested like one yours.

Please let me know if you need any additional information before coming up with prescription?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!
ritukishan 8 years ago
my brother has hyperthyroid problem

His latest thyroid report is as follows:

T3: 3.17

T4: 1.23

TSH: 6.8

Till date he was taking thyronorm 25mcg but now after the latest reports doctor has doubled his dosage to thyronorm 50mcg

Please suggest some homeopathic medicines so that he can cure his thyroid problem and get rid of serious side effects of thyronorm
dipesh23 5 years ago
pls recently to my son i have shown a homeopathic doctor ,he has hasimotos thyroid,

and haorsness.

doctor suggested spongia and thuja

and after days i check blood test
tsh is high 16.

spongia or tuja contain high iodine.
surya2089 5 years ago
Is there anybody, who use the remedies prescribed by Dr. Girilal for the treatment of Thyroid problems (Hypo and Hyper)? Please let me know the improvement. I am waiting for the result. My wife has hypothyroidism problem. Thanking in advance.
ismail1 4 years ago

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