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question for joe re: gerd remedy Page 4 of 7

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You did not confirm that you took 4 tabs after dinner.

I have not received any reports of any negative response to NP. On the contrary I have only received accolades from those who are using it and this includes Medical Specialists who normally prescribe the standard drugs like Nexium for GERD who are now wondering if they should prescribe Nat Phos as a more suitable and effective remedy to help patients.

If you are already low in weight, you will not reduce any more. You can weigh yourself daily to check. Drink plenty of water but not after meals for 2 hours. No cokes please.

What is your eye pressure ? Keep up your regular tests. Up to 14 is OK without the usual Beta blockers they prescribe but we do have a Homeopathic remedy which helps instead. The Arnica that you use will also help in this regard.

I would like you to get another stock of Nat Phos from another source to check if what you are now using is the genuine product.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the response. I did take the 4 tabs after dinner. Yesterday overall, the acidity was higher than usual, and I could not sleep much during the night. The NatPhos I am taking is the Boiron brand (Made in France); which other brand/brands would you recommend? Just out of scientific curiosity, how does Nat Phos help cure GERD? I know the PPIs block the acid in the stomach to treat the symptom not the cause. Similarly how does Nat Phos go about (chemical process or whatever)attacking the cause of the problem?
My eye pressure so far has been normal (as per my regular visits; can't remember the exact number), but it's more of an asymmetric optic nerve that they are observing and regulating. What homeopathic medications are available in this respect?

I don't drink coke or any carbonated water, or alcohol; have always been a water drinker (drink at least 3000ml/day). My diet consists mainly of vegetables (mostly steamed or grilled; no tomatoes, beans), fish (mostly salmom) and very little meat (no red meat, just chicken), rice, bread and couscous.

Thanks in advance once again for your time and help.
chamomile last decade
The Boiron brand is perhaps the best so there is no need to look elsewhere.

I shall copy some information about Nat Phos from the works of Dr Schuessler:

Natrium Phosphoricum

Sodium and Phosphate ions are to be found in our body in the muscle, nerve and brain cells, in the blood corpuscles and in the tissue fluids. According to Dr Schuessler, Nat Phos splits the lactic acid, which is produced by the work of muscles into carbonic acid and water. The carbonic acid is absorbed by the sodium phosphate and brought to the lungs where it is eliminated in the process of breathing. If sodium phosphate is lacking, there results an excess of lactic acid and consequently a sour taste, heart burn, sour stools, vomiting of sour, caseous matter, particularly in babies who are overfed with sugar and milk. If lactic acid reaches the lymphatic glands, the albumin of the lymph glands coagulates and the gland begins to swell. In the initial stages of swelling of the lymphatic glands therefore, Nat Phos has a healing effect because it can split lactic acid. Nat Phos further assures that the uric acid of the blood which is formed by the splitting up of the albuminous substance is kept in solution and secreted by the kidneys. Should this not be the case, uric acid will be deposited in the joints. The sequels are Rheumatism. Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. In the Gall, Nat Phos saponifies the fatty acids which have been consumed with the food. It is hence indicated against digestive disturbances resulting from excessive consumption of fat.

Reminder: Are you taking Arnica 30c in the wet dose ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Please also visit:

Joe De Livera last decade

Thanks for the prompt response; appreciate it. Yes, I am still taking Arnica 30c in the wet dose. I'm concerned today because my right ear and throat seem to hurt a lot; actually the entire right side of my throat, ear, head and eye hurt. Could be the high acidity that I experienced throughout the day and the night yesterday. Is there anything I can take in addition to the Nat Phos when I feel bad heartburn like I did yesterday? Does baking soda in water work?

Thanks Joe.
chamomile last decade
Quite frankly, I am at a loss as to how I can help you.

If you are agreeable to using a few remedies that I can suggest on an experimental basis I can do so as from now on it will be a case of trying out a remedy for you for a few days to see how it can help you to overcome your problem.

I can think of Nux vomica 30c which you can take twice daily in the dry pellets sublingually. 3 pellets per dose.

No baking soda (Soda Bicarb) please.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Well, I took my two doses of muriaticum acidum per my homeopaths instructions 1 wk ago.
So far, I haven't noticed any difference in any of my chronic problems.
Nothing is worse, nothing is better. May be too soon to tell yet.
I haven't taken anything but her remedy, no Nat Phos or Arnica per her instructions.
My heartburn has not been out of control but I attribute that to the Nat Phos/Arnica I was on for 3 wks previous to my 'constitutional remedy'
I told you I would update and I have nothing new to report.
I am supposed to go back to homeopath dr. in Aug for follow up. I did some reading on the muriaticum acidum remedy and discovered that its duration of action could be up to 30 days, so, maybe the healing that is taking place is deep seated and I haven't noticed anything physical yet. Time will tell.
I will keep you informed. Thanks for getting my heartburn under control w/your suggestions. I am sure if that had not taken place and I had started the muriaticum acidum and nothing else I would have not been able to tolerate the heartburn.
Looking for a cure in so many areas can be complex at my age and I am will to be patient.
Hope things are well with you.
goingdownhill last decade
To Kath

It is of academic interest to me to learn that the remedy you were given by your presumably 'classical' homeopath has not shown any improvement in your GERD.

This is symptomatic of their classical attitude and I am not at all surprised that you and so many patients with so many ailments continue to suffer so unnecessarily due to the attitude that these classical types adopt perhaps because they do not realize that there is more to Homeopathy than they were brainwashed into accepting during their studies in their respective schools of homeopathy.

I am glad that you reported the progress of your GERD and I would recommend that you return to the Nat Phos / Arnica therapy as there is the distinct possibility that your chronic condition may return without them to help your stomach.

I cannot resist copying a post that I made on the Natrum Phosphoricum thread which is of interest to this thread too and I shall do so below in another post.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am almost embarrassed by the reports in the posts above on the successful outcome of cases of GERD which I treated with my default remedies Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30. I have always maintained that I am not a qualified homeopath but I do have the dedication to this science which has given me the opportunity of using many remedies for ailments that are not listed in the classical texts as a result of which I have been marked as one who rocks the homeopathic boat and is perhaps the reason for the wide spread criticism that I often encounter even on this forum by some pseudo classical types.

I felt that I should take this opportunity of once again projecting my viewpoint on the use of the Non classical approach towards healing which I am aware is held in utter scorn by the classical school of homeopaths who would never even dream of using simple remedies in the manner that I do to heal patients who usually come to Homeopathy as a last resort when after years of being under treatment from gastric specialists who would delight in prescribing various drugs that are used in medicine for GERD like Nexium, Prilosec, Tagamet, and Zantac to name only a few, all of which are expensive and are H2 blockers and operate by reducing the flow of acid in the stomach. They use these drugs when it is discovered that the patient does not react to the OTC drugs bases on Aluminium Hydroxide which were popular up to about a decade ago which operate by neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. All these powerful drugs serve only as palliatives and can by no means be considered as a cure of GERD in any form. They also have known side effects which are too numerous to list here. They all are only palliatives and members would have read on this and other threads how many patients have suffered for years, even up to 45 years with GERD, only to experience the blessed relief that my treatment of this seemingly chronic disease which sometimes ends in cancer, when in a few weeks on Nat Phos and Arnica they are able to return to normal health which is the right of every human being.

It is a matter of concern to me personally to note the reaction of the classical homeopathic fraternity to the methodology I use to treat ailments. I have no quarrel with them but I do resent their continued attacks on other forums which I have stopped visiting as I spent too much time in defending my position of treating the disease instead of virtually going round the bush and using the 'constitutional remedy' approach to solve a problem which I have proved is not at all necessary to cure a disease like GERD or others that I specialize in and which members of this forum may be aware of.

I do not rule out the use of the classical approach to cure but I feel that it is time that the classical homeopathic fraternity wakes up and condescends to use methods similar to my own which is to treat the disease, after taking into account the various factors that cause it, if it is considered pertinent to the diagnosis. The point that I wish to convey is that if a certain remedy has been proved to help a patient who suffers from GERD there is no possible excuse that can be made by the homeopath to use other remedies purported to be the classically sanctioned remedy merely because they are listed in the Homeopathic texts. Medicine and Homeopathy are progressing forward daily and with it new discoveries are made in both sciences. I believe that it would be foolish for the respective science to not use a drug or remedy merely because it is not officially sanctioned and permitted to be used if it has been discovered to also help the ailment being treated.

I can think of another serendipitous discovery on my part of using Arnica for the control of Diabetes. I had given this remedy to a Type I Diabetic to help cure his non healing wound and he discovered that his blood sugar level had dropped in a remarkable manner that he had not experienced ever before. Arnica is now being used in many homeopaths both here in Sri Lanka and in India and I presume in other parts of the world after I first announced my discovery on the Internet.

I do hope that others too will follow my example and not hesitate to use a remedy in the manner that I have done and if they too discover a response to a remedy that is not listed, I hope that they too will share their discovery with others on forums such as these.

I believe that this will help the forward march of this precious science into the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
After I read your last post I felt I should clarify some points. It is true that my GERD hasn't gotten 100% better on my 'chronic remedy' (constitutional remedy), however, it has not become worse either. My heartburn has continued to be controlable just as it was on the Nat Phos/Arnica. I would like to say that I believe that the Nat Phos/Arnica remedy treated my acute (immediate) problem very well and it has not worsened even though I have not had any Nat Phos or Arnica since beginning my chronic remedy (1 wk ago) recommended by homeopath.

The homeopath I see is not so much stuck in the 'classical' mode. She views her patients on an individual basis and says there are 'acute' remedies and 'chronic' remedies.

In my particular case I have many chronic ailments since childhood which you were not aware of since I only spoke of my GERD and Barretts. I will say again your remedy for that particular problem for me was the right one in relieving the immediate discomfort. So it treated the 'acute' well enough for me to explore in depth some other issues.

After my interview with the homeopath she took complete history and is attempting to treat me for many varied issues and muriaticum acidum was her first choice. She has told me to pay attention to my issues and note any changes agreeing that we may not 100% have the right chronic remedy and may need to change. Since I only took the homeopath's remedy 1 wk ago I believe that I should give it a little more time before declaring it to be ineffective overall. The 'duration' time for that remedy is up to 30 days.

If I see no change (better or worse) in another week I will contact her to discuss.

I may be mistaken but I believe a 'chronic or constitutional' remedy effects a deep healing and I should not expect immediate results.

I guess what I am trying to say is there is a time for 'acute' single remedies for quickly alleviating an illness and there is also a time for the 'chronic' type remedy to root out other issues which may also be present. I believe my homeopath is aware of when to use which course.

I have found your advice and suggestions to be great and they did indeed relieve my immediate problem but now that that area is in control I have to start treating the many other symptoms that I have that are longstanding and way too involved for this forum.

I don't believe it has to be all one way (classical) or another (acute). With the right homeopath I think both types of cure will be considered and utilized depending on the situation.

Once again thank you for helping me get my heartburn under control so that I could begin to tackle some of my other ailments.

As the saying goes 'Don't throw out the baby with the bath water'

There are worthwhile principles in both methods and combining both schools of though I think the word 'cured' could become commonplace.
goingdownhill last decade
Hello Joe

The Nat Phos 6x has contributed to a large extent in healing my throat and lately have had no difficulty eating, drinking or breathing.

It has had a significant improvement in my bloating around my upper torso.

I continue to take it daily as I feel that my throat is not totally back to normal yet.

Although, I have not taken it for the last couple of days because I ran out of it. I have been doing well. Today, I did use a dose of homemade Nat Phos 6x so I have not gone without it completely.
Pat2006 last decade
To Pat

Glad to learn that Nat Phos 6x has helped you as it has helped many thousands, some of whom were suffering from GERD for many years.
Please report on your response to the home made remedy.

I have not used it as Phos Soda is not available in Sri Lanka although Tri Sodium Phosphate is available. Nat Phos is Bisodium Phosphate which is a slightly different in its chemical structure and is not available here.

You may like to know that the oldest survivor of GERD had suffered for 45 years and was of course under medication from many sources but with no positive response as the patient had to use the drugs daily and it was only when these drugs were not helping any more that the case was brought to my attention. Nat Phos came to the rescue and helped this case but it has to be used on a daily basis in the same manner that the various drugs were used for this ailment in the past.

I am however hopeful of a cure in the near future after the Esophagus has been healed by the combined effect of Nat Phos and Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade

Your post just caught my eye.

I wonder if you might not be experiencing a type of migraine headache. I just experienced similiar symptoms to yours after taking antibiotics. That is why I got off them.

I took some extra acidophilus for it and it worked. I think that the extra acid in the stomach doesn't help matters.

Hope this helps.
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Joe

How many drops of Arnica 30C will be equal to three pelletes or globules of Arnica 30C.

akh826 last decade
Ihave read that 2 drops are equal to three Pelletes. Is it Ok ?
akh826 last decade

I do not seem to have prescribed for you before and I presume that you got the remedy in Ethanol and that it is marked Arnica 30c. It would be useful if you will please indicate your ailment.

You use just 2 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water which you will shake hard before you sip a teaspoonful. This remedy is to help rebuild the delicate tissue in the esophagus which is now eroded by the gastric juices which usually causes much discomfort.

I presume that you are also taking the Nat Phos 6x tablets 2-3 per dose 2-3 times daily depending on the intensity of your GERD.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe and everybody,

would you please ask some question?
I have red almost all GERD forum, but I don`t understand 'NatPhos6x'.I can buy here 5CH and 9CH NatPhos Boiron product.They are not tablets, but little 'globulus', smaller than a black pepper.
What is the dose??? And when should I take them??
The Arnica 30 (CH I think)is clear, but they are not 'tablets', but 'globulus' too by Boiron. Is it the same you speaking about?
Thank for your help, I hope it will help, because other homeopathic product are often used in our family, and helps a lot for my little children and me,too.
macikari last decade
Nat Phos 6x is a Biochemic remedy and is made in tablets by Boiron. The 5 and 9CH potencies cannot be used for GERD as you want the low 6x potency.

Buy about 500 tablets as they come in a 0.5kg pack and are useful in the home to help with digestive disorders.

Do you also suffer from GERD ?
If so would you like to list your symptoms and for how long you have suffered ?
Joe De Livera last decade
HI Joe

I have read the complete discussion about GERD and you mentioned We can use Arnica 6c. I have 2 questions

1.i am trying to buy in arnica Montana in abchomeopathy and it shows in differrent types like liquid, tincture etc .to make wet dose which one do i have to pick up

2.i have read about how to make split dose .do i have to drink 500 ml of water at time or is it for 1 day ..

You advise is appreciated
RajAsha last decade
Arnica alone cannot help your GERD. The primary remedy is Nat Phos 6x dose 2-3 tablets after meals to help settle the hyperacidity which is the real reason for GERD which stands for Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease. It is when the excess acid leaks up through the Lower Esophagal valve up into the Esophagus that you end up with GERD and if this is not treated in time you can end up with Barrett's disease which is infinitely worse.

The drugs that are prescribed by doctors work to reduce the acid flow and have to be taken daily and usually cause other more serious problems

The Nat Phos helps in every way by first stopping the back flow of the gastric juice into the esophagus and the Arnica helps by healing the inner lining which has been eroded by the acid.

Answering your questions:

You want Arnica 30c in the pellets

The split dose is made by dropping just 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you will shake hard before you sip a teaspoonful only twice daily.

You DO NOT drink the whole bottle in a day as it should last you about 4 months at 2 teaspoonfuls daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Don't waste your money on Arnica.It is uselss. Try Nat.Phos alone.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have started my wife on the NP/Arnica remedy..she seems to think water triggers her heartburn..is that possible?
nishpatel last decade
'Similia similbus curentar'

What can cause can cure it.

What can cure can cause it.

Many patients have reported of hertburn after taking Nat.phos, on this and other forums.

All will not be helped by 'this for that' therapy.

Please consult a competent homeopath in person, who takes a complete case, and prescribes the appropriate remedy.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Nishpatel

It is possible that your wife suffers from an excess production of acid which is secreted by the stomach even before food arrives in it during a meal. If she drinks a glass of water before a meal this can trigger the release of gastric juice which will then proceed to digest the delicate lining of mucus which coats the stomach walls which can backfire up into the esophagus if she drinks a glass of water before a meal.

My diagnosis can be confirmed if she suffers from Hunger Pains which occur before a meal. This is when the stomach lining is being eroded and can be very painful.

The easy solution to this is to keep the stomach always busy digesting something like a biscuit or a fruit to prevent the formation of excess gastric juice. She will have to eat something every 2 hours or so and this will keep the stomach from digesting itself and thereby prevent the heartburn.

Use the Nat Phos 6x and the Arnica 30c as instructed and ignore the statements of the troll who pontificates on Homeopathy with only 4 years of book knowledge behind his ravings.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

If you don't stop calling me a troll,and avoid the personal remarks, I will add the title 'lunatic' to you, with every post I make, along with the google reference.

Now, the choice is yours.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

It is fortunate that I have some today, Sunday to respond your inane posts.

Please do not delude yourself that I can be cowed by you nor for that matter anyone as I am certain that I am only voicing the ideology of many homeopaths throughout the world in my approach to this science which you and many have termed Joepathy.

I would like to copy here the last few posts that we exchanged for the enlightment of members who will read this thread.


Re: Cystic Acnes! Please help From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Murthy

I am copying my post on another thread which will give you some food for thought:

Re: Diagnosed with weak osephagul sphicter From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Murthy

Chahat has clearly indicated that he is now only using the Nat Phos 6x but NOT the other essential part of my standard therapy for GERD which has worked in many hundreds of cases. He has probably stopped it for some time and his present condition is serious as he is considering surgery which will not help him and perhaps leave him a patient for life.

This is the reason why I spent some time to prescribe it to him and all you do is to butt in as usual with your standard prescription to see a 'classical' homeopath.

Why don't you prescribe that elusive 'single remedy' to cure Chahat of his chronic GERD ? All you can do is to suggest the patients who has obviously run the gamut of doctors and also 'classical' homeopaths and has finally landed on the ABC and asks for help.

What makes you think that any 'classical' homeopath can help him with a single remedy which you can also prescribe ?

You are advised to spend more time in helping patients instead of jumping in on every thread that I prescribe on, instead of wasting your time on investigating the past posts of everyone on this ABC which now run into millions.

I know that you cannot resist your urge to upset everyone especially me on this forum but as you have seen I am made of sterner stuff that your obese self with a clear mind even at my age of 77, old enough to be your father.

Remember that age and the experience that comes with it helps especially if one in not as conceited as you obviously are.

I believe that you would have been the over grown schoolboy throughout your life and cannot even at your age of 50 years, overcome your bullying tactics that are getting you nowhere, at least on this forum where you are recognized to be the Homeopathic Troll.

Re: Diagnosed with weak osephagul sphicter From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Chahat

You can help your GERD with the addition of Asafoetida 6c which you take in the dry pellets twice daily.

Please report your response after 2 days on this remedy.

Re: Cystic Acnes! Please help From gavinimurthy on 2006-12-03
Dear Joe

You can't win a point through discussion and on merits.

You sulk for a day, after being thoroughly dressed down, and come back with your 'bullying' tactics.

This has become a routine, and by now is a matter of fun to the regulars.

It gives me too lot of amusement.

I hope you are enjoying it too.


Re: Cystic Acnes! Please help From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Murthy

I am simply amazed as to how you presumed that the reason for my silence yesterday was due to my sulking 'after being thoroughly dressed down, and come back with your 'bullying' tactics'. I can reassure you that I just did not have the time to even read your insulting post which I did only this morning. There was no question of 'sulking'.

You have obviously forgotten that I do not have the luxury of the time you obviously have hanging on your hands which you put to use to vilify me and others on this forum. The same tactic you tried on the Homeopathy and More in one of your posts was promptly deleted by me.

You may like to know that I am the Chairman of my Company and have matters pertaining to the business to attend to especially today, since my 2 sons are abroad for a week on business. I am at 77 years of age fully occupied and I am able to devote some time to Homeopathy only during my free time, of which I have more when they are both in office.

I can assure that my attacks against you will remain a routine strategy till such time as you cease to vilify me with your 'classical' homeopathic nonsense. I am glad that my calculated barb at your being an overgrown schoolboy bully has found its mark. I hope that its amusement value to you continues.

It is obvious that you live in a world of your own spreading your message of hatred throughout the homeopathic world and you still delude yourself that you are doing a service to Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade

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