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Irritable, overwhelmed, tired, acid reflux

I have had acid reflux that is present most days. Even water gives heartburn. I feel like I get 1 or 2 good nights of sleep a month due to sleeplessness. I am easily annoyed or tend to quick to anger. Time is a stressor. Currently, with the seasons changing to cooler weather asthma is more bothersome.
Please help!! I am at a loss as allopathy has only ever been a bandaid. Nothing really ever works. I have tried some homeopathic medicines previously, but I honestly just need real guidance. Currently on no medications.
  Smileyfacesrox on 2022-09-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do you lose temper at smallest issues and after that do you feel u shud not have lost it? Can your temperament be described something like “vexed at trifles “?
What are you taking for asthma ? Does it aggravate with cool season or going into an AC room or area ?
Do your eyes water when u have an episode of Asthma?
Any history of Tuberculosis in parents or grand parents ?
Start Thuja 200 one dose empty stomach once a day for three four days update as and when u feel different
Kaps 4 months ago
Yes to temper. And then of course feel terrible about it.

For asthma I just use rescue inhaler (albuterol- allopathy) as needed. It is definitely bothered by cold air outside or for inside if a fan is too high or air conditioning blowing in my face. I'll even get headaches from the inside air blowing in at me. I cannot recall if my eyes start to water. I dont think so though unless maybe when I am coughing very hard.

Unsure about TB in family.

I have Thuja 30c on hand. Could that be used?
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
Have 30 CH
Twice a day for three four days and update
Kaps 4 months ago
Hello, posting an update.
Temper has definitely been more manageable and not as hot. Asthma symptoms have been improving. Still some thicker mucus is throat/back of nose especially when in cold air too long. If it switches to too hot I also get stuffy. I haven't noticed a headache in the last day or two either. Reflux has been still there, not nearly as bad except for 1 day.
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
Continue Thuja 30 once a day empty stomach for three four days and update
Ur age M/ F
If F any Gynae issues
How long does it take to get the remedies after ordering
Kaps 4 months ago
Okay will do. 30s F. Yes had endometriosis removed previously and get PMS. I haven't order yet because of having on hand.
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
OK update as posted
Kaps 4 months ago
Kaps will continue to help. Not sure if your md has talked to you about diet and acid reflux.Most drs just give antacids or prilosec - Our cells have to be alkaline. Too many acidic food choices over years turn cells acidic and causes acid reflux.
Google acid forming food and alkaline forming food. For at least two weeks use mostly alkaline forming food and drink. No coffee , milk or dairy,, black tea, citrus food no junk food, chocolate, spicy food. Cells will reset. Then you can add in acidic gradyally and if reflux returns you can adjust diet again. I had one family member with terrible reflux caused by a new habit of eating a chocolate bar after dinner. That tipped him into acidic levels and on e stopped (took 2 weeks) reflux stopped
simone717 4 months ago
Thank you! I was on antacids for 15 years and had a gallbladder removal. I have found at this point black tea has been a huge cause. I have tried so many different food diets to find relief, but have really been unable to find any. I know much of it is old poor choices and being overweight too.
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
Diet a lot more difficult with gallbladder removed.
But the deal is once you are over the line on acidic? One cup of black teawill mess up everything for a few days. I have had the reflux myself and had to cut black tea out for 2weeks. Now, I can have one cup only-once a day or problems start.

Have you tried Nat phos 6x cell salt for help-Ask Kaps if ok.
Nat phos 6x is the homeopathic version of Antacid.
[Edited by simone717 on 2022-10-04 18:46:21]
simone717 4 months ago
Yes, I have used all 3 nat cell salts to combat symptoms and healing and it worked wonderfully as long as I didnt consume a couple things. Ineas able to get down to only using two if the nat cell salts. I stopped a little before starting this remedy from kaps
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
You were on the right track with diet tweaks. I used Cal phos 6x, and Nat phos 6x and gradually did not need them at all.
simone717 4 months ago
With gallbladder removed you are to be very careful with your diet as the body’s ability to digest fats is highly compromised.
Reduce weight the best trick is to not to eat anything after 7 PM it really helps reduce weight try it
Kaps 4 months ago
It does help not eating late. Im currently down 30lbs since march/april if this year.
Smileyfacesrox 4 months ago
Good loss in 4-5 months
Kaps 4 months ago
Posting an update. Mood and sleep issues started to go back to how it was after missing a couple of days. They were missed because I had forgotten and already ate so I didn't take them. Yesterday I took a dose again, after eating something small. It was definitely a cliche rainy cold day: everything going wrong, late, overwhelmed, fighting a small cold. Last night I slept so well. Still tired, but 1st time in a week I slept 6 hours straight. Took a dose this morning on an empty stomach.
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago
These are the symptoms after taking thuja or cell salts ?
Kaps 3 months ago
The improvement is after thuja. I stopped cell salts once taking thuja. On the days I missed thuja because of already eating I did reach for cell salts a couple times because my heartburn was so bad.
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago
How long should I continue this remedy?
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago
How are your symptoms now
Kaps 3 months ago
I can definitely tell if I dont take it. Stomach issues increase, and irritability return. I also notice a slight tooth pain in front bottom 2 teeth now but I thought maybe I am grinding or clenching more due to irritability.
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago
Take Nux Vomica 200 one dose just before switching off the lights to sleep for three four days post symptoms as and when u feel different.
I feel it is due to a very prolonged use of antacids
Have a bit of patience and update quickly
Kaps 3 months ago
I apologize for the delay. I hadn't received an email you replied. I have nux30 on hand will that work? You could be right, I had used them for over a decade, like previously mentioned, and they continually try to push them more and more on me. I refuse still. Thank you for all your help.
[Edited by Smileyfacesrox on 2022-10-30 18:52:43]
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago
Yes it shud do
Have Nux Vom 30 thrice a day for for two days
The last dose or the first dose today just before putting off the light to sleep
Have you been prescribed steroids and have taken those then you will need sulphur 200 too
Post after Nux
Kaps 3 months ago
Do I still continue the thuja?
I was rx steriods a couple times in last 5-6 years. I havent had any in probably since last year. I took 2 doses of prednisone and became very angry. I seem so sensitive to any allopathic or really anything that I eat/drink honestly.
Smileyfacesrox 3 months ago

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