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Autistic daughter

Hi everyone,

I have an autistic daughter who is treated using homeopathy but I can't see any major improvements in the last few months. History as follows:

Female, 9 years old. 1st child of 2nd marriage (for me). Her younger brother (7 years old) is also autistic but I will put up a different post for him. Lean, fair with large eyes and straight hair.

Was developing normally until age 1year plus (already repeating a few words) when she started to not respond to calls, no eye contact etc. Stopped speaking totally. this is after the 1year old vaccination (MMR). Just after vaccination she suffered rashes around the genital area. Treated with creams from paediatrician.

Diagnosed as autistic when she about 3 years old.

Went to hom doctor and she was started on remedies to counter or clear vaccination effects.

After that She was given Silica (her constitution then) and after 3 days of taking the remedy she started to make eye contact again. At that point she was still non-verbal.

She started talking at about 5 years old but with limited vocabulary. She spent most of her time watching cartoons and I guess when the "switch" to absorb language and speak was turned on in her brain she was listening and watching cartoons in english hence she picked up the language. Our mother tongue is not english.

Still a lot of echolalia then. She would repeat what people said to her if she didnt understand it but with a questioning tone at the end of the repeated sentence. Example - Mother: Eat your dinner! Her: Eat your dinner?

Her vocabulary grew noticeably at the end of last year when she started watching spongebob and a few other shows.

Throughout all the above she was and still is very very attached/close to her mother. She does not want to sleep unless a part of her body is touching her mother.

Some things about her:
1. She is very messy - leaves clothes, toys, plates, books, color pencils all over the place. Sometimes like to dress up when she is going out but most times just couldn't be bothered.
2. She is very very scared of insects (even mosquitoes) but loves cats. Also very very scared of the dark. Says she sees ghosts and monsters in the dark. Not afraid of strangers, can just say hi to anybody who passes by the house.
3. She suffers from mouth ulcers a lot - mostly inside the lip or at the gum, rarely on the tongue. Does not drink a lot of water despite being reminded to do so.
4. She suffered from eczema when small and still has itches now but not as bad as before. Her calves, thighs and forearms and upper arms are filled with scars or marks where she scratched until the skin broke.
5. She is shameless - not concerned about covering up properly for example after shower etc.
6. She is very inquisitive and wants to participate in everything especially handiwork which require using tools like screwdrivers etc.
7. She daydreams A LOT - it would take her 2 hours to finish a plate of food if not reminded constantly to finish the food. When daydreaming it is like she enters into her own world and starts talking to herself, she would walk around (or to and fro) smiling and talking in a quiet voice to herself. I tried to catch what she was saying but I couldn't hear it. When asked who she was talking to, she'd say "I am talking to myself".
8. She does not have any friends other than the girl next door who is 3 years younger than her. There were a few other girls around her age or 1 or 2 years older who used to drop by and bring her out on their bicycles but they stopped coming since she can't speak our mother tongue and they can't speak english. The next door girl learnt english through youtube and can speak english fluently, so as at today that's the only friend around her age that she has.
9. She doesn't want to go to school as she finds it difficult to wake up in the morning. If forced to attend school she would sometimes sleep at her desk in school. When asked she will say "My eyes are so tired (or sleepy)" or "I don't want to go to school, I want to be with mum". However, her teacher at school says that she is a quick learner and would have gotten the exemplary student award if she attended school more.
10. She does not like to be interrupted at what she is doing especially to clean up. If she is coloring and is asked to do something else she will refuse to do it and start to complain in a loud high pitched voice. If forced to do it, she will continue to complain non-stop while doing the task. However, if the request is worded as " Can you help me to ....." there is a higher probability that she will do it without complaining. This refusal is more probable when asked to clean up or to shower when she is playing with her toys or coloring.
11. She does not like to brush her teeth until her teeth started to have brown stains on it. She usually uses having mouth ulcers as an excuse saying that its painful to brush her teeth.
12. Very reluctant to take her bath/shower unless there is a "reward". Eg - "you have to shower because we are going out". She spends a long time in the shower just staring off into space and daydreaming (see no. 7)
13. Sometimes when refused something she really wants, she would start to cry, run to her room, slam the door and cry loudly in the room. After 5 mins (while still crying) she would start peeking out the door while trying to complain and repeating what she wants in a loud voice between sobs. When agreed to (even with conditions) she will be appeased.
14. Loves to sing (currently she is a fan of BTS - the korean boy band) she is able to sing (same melody but using her own lyrics) any song she likes after listening to it 3 or 4 times. She would sing it (in a loud voice) non-stop for hours. She would request to watch youtube videos of BTS and try to dance (her version of "dancing") when watching it. This singing noticeably started when the pre-school she went to, started using songs to teach alphabets etc. This was about when she was 5-6years old.
15. Since she is messy and loses her things, she would not search for it but instead ask her parents to look for it. Also does this when something related to her needs to be done.
16. Since 3-4 years old, she loves to play with strings. She would tie strands of strings on her toys, table legs, chairs etc. She still does this even now.
17. Very creative. Eg: She created her own version of chopsticks for eating noodles/spaghetti by tying the ends of 2 thin sticks together using a rubber-band to make a flexible V shape utensil. Other things are a fully decorated cat house for the neighbour's cat, games (connect the dots type), toys (pull along type).
18. Sometimes suffers from constipation (2-3 days) before going to the toilet.
19. Used to suffer from eructations (loud) especially after dinner at night. Suspect that it was caused by what she ate but couldn't pinpoint any particular item.
20. Writes her numbers and letters of the alphabet backwards (some - like number 2 or letter F).

During pregnancy, her mother (my wife) did not have any infections, fevers etc or develop any conditions. Normal birth.

However, my wife was and is very affected by the fact that her father married a 2nd wife many years ago. She will cry if she talks about it remembering how her own mother (father's 1st wife) and the children (her and her siblings) was treated before the 2nd marriage and after the 2nd marriage.

My wife comes from a big family (11 siblings) and was brought up by her grandmother so she is not very close to her father and mother but still calls/contacts her mother from time to time. She says "I haven't called my dad in a long time, but if I do, I don't know how or what to talk to him about".

Can anyone suggest a remedy for my daughter as this has been her condition (unchanging) this whole year. I would like her to not be too attached to her mother so that she can go to school and to stop the daydreaming. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
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  someone1 on 2020-11-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sulphur 30
Make the remedy like as below:
Take a 250ml bottle.
Take 200ml distilled water in it.
Give only 3 drops of Sulphur 30 in it.
After closing the bottle woth the cork, jerk the bottle 8times. Keep the bottle in freezer (Normal).
In next morning, jerk the bottle 4times only and give her only 5ml/1sip from it. And preserve the bottle in freezer again.
Wait for total 5 days and observe the changes closely. List down all and update here.
freehomeoforall 2 months ago

You need to tell Freehomeo what remedies she has tried.
What remedies is she taking now.
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simone717 2 months ago
Yes. You shouldn't give any other medicine with this. And need to update time to time.
freehomeoforall 2 months ago

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