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fully diseased body

Sir my age is 27..height 5ft 11inch..weight 80 kg..unmarried...sir from may 2015 i started to face problems and till date i am suffering. problem started with left half head pain from backside..pain was continous for some days so on showing to doctor he took MRI and said that you have bilateral maxillary sinutis frequent but his medicine did not helped me ..Along with this i started to face frequent urination ( i e 20+ times a day) and tingling on right leg...On Showing to urologist he diagnosed me with Urinary tract infection..again he gave medicine for some days but no symptom relieved but my frequency of tingling was acquiring my other leg and with this i was also noticing reduction in testis size and on doing ultrasound it shows enlarged prostate but again medicine do not help...i was also facing pain in left or somewhat middle of stomach...As i was noticing reduction in testis i went to endocrinologist and on telling him about my problem of size reduction he said
dont waste your time ,you have no problem he said this without checking or any test..and along with this i got new symptoms like numbness on body parts and tingling all over body..Then after sometime i went to urologist and on asking him about my problem he did some test like serum FSH ,LH AND semen analysis and Transrectal ultrasound..Transrectal ultrasound was normal and prostate was also normal...FSH was in 6range( 2 to 12) and LH was 2.29 ( range 1 to 9) ,one year ago LH was 4.58( it was decreased) ..my serum testosterone
2.41( range 3 to 10).And semen anysis shows everything nill.......azoospermia and again urologist ordered semen analysis and LH ,FSH ...again semen analysis shows azoospermia and fructrose was positive and FSH again 6 ..and LH WAS 1.59 and urologist said that you have non obstructive azoospermia and finally asked to do biopsy ..i was afraid to do so because i already had so many problem.Along with all problems my body was paining ,bones paining ....on sep 2017 i started to face black stool for some days on showing to doctor i was diagnosed with hpylori and stool occult blood positive....i had been on antibiotic treatment for 1 month but got no improvment and on feb 2018 my lymph nodes near groin are got swelled ( still they are swollen) then doctor sent me pgi chandigarh saying you may have any tumour in small intestine but in pgi doc also did not do specific test so i returned ..Then on 2019 i went to gastro doctor they did my Ct scan of abdomen it showed Partial occluding thrombus seen 2cm orgin from SMA....and possibility of INflammatory bowel disease but on colonscopy my report were normal and blood positive then doctor sent me to haemotologist, he did my some specific test like beta to glycoprotein antibodies and lupus anticogulant and anticardiolipin antibodies and polycythemia vera ( as my rbc remain high)...polycythemia vera was negative......beta 2 glycoprotein antibodies were in abnormal range high in all IMM..IGG methods..that is responsible for blood clotting...then doc said to me we cannot give you blood thinner as you are having bleeding frm stool,first of all get treatment for your abdominal problem..then i went to gastro again he did not provide me proper treatment and now from 1 months i am facing too much joints pain..both of my knee make kat kat sound and hands joints are paining...my whole body got numb while sleeping ir even on small pressure on body..whenever whereve i sit my part get numb and little pressure on hand hands start to tingle...my bp is 150/110....my life become hell sir i do not have father ...and i am suffering since may 2015
  harry250513 on 2020-01-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Start with Lachesis 200c one dose every 3 days and report back in a few weeks.

1 dose is 2 pills of 2 drops.
Tui 3 months ago
anuj srivastava 3 months ago

I'm surprised that your doctors haven't done anything for partially occlusive thrombus in superior mesenteric artery????
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Tui 3 months ago
TUI SIR and Anuj sir

doctor are unable to diagnose me properly..stool bleeding ia detected but its proper cause not detected..sometime hpylori is seen but they say it is not cause of regular bleeding..black stool might come from small intestine too...azoospermia is detected but its cause not detected as My FSH is in normal range But LH is degrading with time.....and testis are reducing....Bp is 150/100....lower bp is 110..doctor said you might get yoru nerves burst due to this diastolic pressure increment...i have swollen lymph node in groin ....these days i am having jerking and twitching feeeling in my nerves as blood might be putting pressure...My beta 2 antiglycoprotein antibodies are high which cause abnormal clot..doctor said that you might get clot in brain too..Doctor did not gave me medicine for thromobosis because he said as you are having bleeding from stool,your bleeding might increase so first of all get treatment for stomach but gastroenternologist is unable to solve my issue...my testosterone level is too low...earlier before disease i had masturbation time of 40 minutes and now ejecaulation in seconds even on thinking...I have history of masturbation since age of 16 and upto age 20 i masturbated 1 time per day and after 20 to 22 masturbated 3-4 times a day but nerver faced any issue or any problem due to maturbation..This problem occur 3 months after leaving masturbation as i was worried about my beard as i have only moustache no beard. i have bilateral varicocele...and epidydimal cyst on left testis. MY TESTIS ARE CONTINOUSLY REDUCING..AND I AM HAVING SEVERE TINGLING ALL OVER BODY AND NERVES...FROM LAST 2 MONTHS I STARTED TO HAVE JOINT PAIN AND NOW IT IS INCREASING SEVERELY...sir i have taken many homoepathic medicine NUX VOMICA AND LACHESIS I ALREADY TOOK IN PAST....i shown to an doctor who is 84 years of old he gave symptomatic remedy...but his one year of treatment does not help me even a bit.. as i wrote this mesaage while my elbow on bed my hand got numb and it too 2..4 minutes to come out of numbness...one year ago i faced some kind of problem in ear like whenever it respirate feeling of heartbeat in ears as eardrum wqs moving too and fro then doctor said that your eardrum became weak as you might have faced issue in your childhood but i did not face issue during childhood and after sometime then left eardrum also started to have same beating...both my eardrum have problem

also since my birth upto age of 12 i have faceed too much pain in abdomen but its cause was unknown after the age of 12 i did not face it but my stomach always remain to be upset in morning time with pain
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harry250513 3 months ago
All your problems are not caused by masturbation so no need to worry about that.
I am concerned about clots in SMA ( if it's correct diagnosis) and if it totally blocks, you will be in real trouble.
That's why I suggested Lachesis 200c one dose every 3 days, also want to add Arnica 30c twice daily, possibly for a long time. Arnica may take care of the joint pain too.

And azoospermia and shrinking testicles are from having the low level of testosterone but I didn't include in my analysis as forming clots seem to be the most urgent in your case for now.

Also, I don't know what you've been eating, but you really need to take a look and change if you've been eating a lot of junk and oily food, especially from outside.
[Edited by Tui on 2020-01-31 10:03:18]
Tui 3 months ago
REPORT IS : There is partial occluding thrombus seen 2cm from origin in SMA
2.perirectal and pericolonic mesentric vascular congestion noted.there is a posiibiltiy of inflammatory bowel disease and it suggested colonscopy but colocnscopy was normal

I used to eat mainly homemade food..i do not rely on junk food..i neither take alchol nor cigrette...even i am less non vegetarian..i am purely vegetarian

I dont think masturbation caused me any problem..Last time when i masturbated regularly was 22 of age...and my timing was around 40 minutes but then after i left due to beard issue as i though my beard is not coming due to which i left it..but i never face even a single issue while masturbating..Ants get collected over my urine since 2013...and my knee make kat kat sound since 2013 and now they pains and elbow joint too...So for me masturbation did not cause any problem....

my rbc count remain high like 5.5 ....my hb also remain upper range border and these days due to bleed it is normal...

few months after the time ct scan of abdomen , i did ultraosund and it did not show any thrombus ..Doctor saw carefully as he also wanted to diagnose that thrombus but did not found...But these days i am feeling sudden pressure on arteries and jerk and twitch...and pain nearby chest region or heart region...Since the time may 2015, problem started i have black vertical lines on all my nails...and there also 5..6 numb patches grown on my upper side of both feet..

Sir i have taken lachesis 30 in past a single dose or for 2-3 days and i am not confirm about arnica whether i took it or not..i also took carcinosin, i have tried 100+ homeo medicine but only as single dose.....

So should i again take LACHESIS AND ARNICA as lachesis did not provide any improvment in past...SIR my testis also reduced too much...one year ago on ultrasound one testis is 8.7cc and other 10 cc.....normal limit must be above 13cc.......and within last year they reudced too much..before the problem they were of normal size even my penis flaccid size is 5cm and ercetion is about 4.5 inches......and i have undergone all pubertal changes except full grown beaard i have moustache and chin beard but that is not dense...i have full chest hair...my body was very fit but now i have belly fat..........

Sir i am strong believer of homeopathy but i am not getting right remedy
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harry250513 3 months ago
No, you don't have to take any of them if you don't think it's the right remedies.
I can only suggest based on what you have written here.
Tui 3 months ago
anuj srivastava 3 months ago
I did not say that these are wrong remedies...iwas takingnyour opinion as somehomoepath do not suggest thats why i will take them

ANUJ sir i also tried nux vomica in past 200 potency
harry250513 3 months ago
anuj srivastava 3 months ago

You should find out what is really going on in your body and get a proper diagnosis before it's too late.
If clots keep forming (it can happen as your beta 2 glycoprotein antibodies are high, etc) and block or decrease the blood flow, It could be fatal.
[Edited by Tui on 2020-02-01 07:41:10]
Tui 3 months ago

how to find that i cause i have visited so many doctors since may 2015 upto 2019...no body diagnosed me properly..i visited aiims delhi pgi chandigarh and every hospital of my state...as i am not able to find proper cause thats why i am seeking for you helpe sir
harry250513 3 months ago
What about Paras hospital in panchkula?
They specialize in haematology/ hematologists-
You need that type of specialist for correct diagnosis
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-02-01 16:50:05]
simone717 3 months ago
harry250513 3 months ago
Look up dr pankaj Patel , vascular surgeon in Mumbai.
You can call them. The occlusion has to be treated
And most often they use a catheter type wire to
Cross thru the occlusion and get blood flow restarted.

Sounds like the hematologist just wanted to do
Blood thinners, but is stopped by the blood in the stool issue.
Lots of people have Hpylori etc and it does not
Affect them.

My opinion is that you need the opinion of the vascular
Surgeon because the gastric issue is not the cause- or is caused
By the occlusion itself.

You need the right kind of MD- probably the vascular
Surgeon. Look up the vascular drs in your area
And do a couple consults-
Normally these people are working on the heart,
Thoracic area, varicose veins etc. Your situation
Is rare, and you need to interview these drs to
See if they have handled cases like yours.
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-02-02 07:12:41]
simone717 3 months ago
TUI sir please try to reply me
harry250513 3 months ago
I've already suggested two remedies. I've also shown my concern regarding your conditions.

If you still wish to treat yourself with homeopathy and start with the remedies that I've suggested, please do so at your own risk.
Tui 3 months ago
TUI sir i started your medicine ..It has been more than 2 days taking it
harry250513 3 months ago

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