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Udpate : back is fully blocked, 10/10. Can't move positions while sitting or lying down, can't stand up without getting hurt so much, doesn't hurt while walking... It's so weird, I'm sure its a muscle pulled inside. It's not the typical pain i usually get.
syria 3 months ago
The pain is unbearable doctor. Can I take an anitiinflamamtory? I can't move on bed or wash my face anymore.

How am I supposed to handle such emergencies?
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-07 14:53:13]
syria 3 months ago
During exigencies(emergencies) you could take anti inflammatory or take a nearby physician's help.

How are you now?

If something like Arnica/Rhus helped in the past they individually or together can be used. Sometimes Rhus could be externally applied. Sometimes even application of warmth also helps.

We could have used Nux like I said earlier. Anti doting/Remedy selection based on current symptoms is dynamic so no need to fear if all the good work done by earlier remedies would stand negated. A lot of people will have to take Nux for one reason or another(based on symptoms) so if it'll cancel every good thing gone by earlier then no body could ever feel SAFE/IMPROVED taking remedies :)

Jan.15 is not the right time to repeat third dilution dose. Let's wait will tell you the time later.

What happened with the brace?
[Edited by maheeru on 2021-01-09 04:54:03]
maheeru 3 months ago
Cold is 100% cured.

Back pain is 80% better, went to see an osteopath who said a muscle was blocked under a vertebra, made me crack and it instantly felt better, but there's some pain left, he said it shall be better soon.

I did not have to take anti-inflammatories. :-)

Acne pimples got better but one left a scar, I did not even touch it, I will keep applying my oils on it.

I'm getting the braces on Monday (teeth braces). I did not understand what you meant by what happened with them.

I will wait for your green light for third dose. :-)
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-09 17:30:16]
syria 3 months ago
Hello dear Dr Maheeru , how have you been?

I'm doing fine on most levels, back pain was taken care of by the osteopath, and right after the session, the pain disappeared. Thank God I didn't resort to anti inflammatories.

Left big toe hurts in a few shoes but soft shoes don't hurt it.

Fatigue, digestive system, mind state are all fine.

Self confidence about looks and myself is not back like before, but it's okay.

Dwelling and depression are fine, a few moments here and there of sadness but that's human nature. No jealousy /revenge nowadays, I guess.

Butt crack still white and flaky, but doesn't hurt. Herpes has not come back yet at that spot since the last outbreak.

Glans psoriasis is there, right side, and is flaky and red.

Pimples from the first week of january reduced in size, but left some scarring.

Bald spot behind head and tiny one on spot are there unfortunately. I had high expectations from Aurum Met and Syphilinum but I don't think the bald spots are linked to syphilis. What's your view on this?

What shall be our next step/steps?

I have my braces, i'm happy :-)
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-14 13:49:04]
syria 3 months ago
Hello :-)

We should also not forget the end of may till end of june pollrn hay-fever allergy. You said its better to treat it before the season starts, when shall we start treating it?

I still have the pollen 30c i bought last year but never used it.
syria 3 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru, any updates?
syria 2 months ago
oops no alerts. At the same time I wasn't available as well. On and off my responses could be somewhat delayed.

For syphilinum 3rd dilution dose I think you could take that dose in second week of February.

Thankful that back pain is resolved----I really didn't want to interfere with medicines for it ---might have been an aggravation but just to cover bases I suggested some homeopathy and a nod for painkillers/anti inflammatories.

Saw some of your responses on other threads then I realized the intensity of what you said in relation to the emotional state ---things like short temper, vengeful feeling, somewhat high handed attitude. This would like you said interfere with relations, friendships, acquaintanceships.
maheeru 2 months ago
You see what I meant. :-)

Yes that hepatitis A incident took a toll on my overall wellbeing. I felt cheated by life, my family got on my nerves and the homeopaths back then did not help things at all, one prescribed Chelidonium which is toxic for the liver for 6 months and the other one changed remedies every two days.

The homeopaths who followed me back then were not you, so that irkness in that post was not for you.

You were the one who gave me faith again in my health first of all and in homeopathy also. :-)))

Okay, I will take Syphilinum third dose in second week of February.

Overall, things have been going well, on ALL levels (except the bald spot and the never ending white dead skin on butt crack ). I am, by the Grace of God and your help, doing fine.
[Edited by syria on 2021-01-29 08:56:41]
syria 2 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

There are some remedies like Calc Carb, Nit Acid anf Syphilinum which you're prescribing me for chronic problems, but for acute problems like the bald spot in the hair, isn't there an acute remedy which you could advise to grow hair back in that spot?
syria 2 months ago
[Edited by syria on 2021-02-09 08:49:01]
syria 2 months ago
Took third dose third dilution of Syph 1M on Friday February 12th.
syria 2 months ago

What shall be the next steps?

The pollen season will be starting shoot soon, I have pollen problems from May to end of June, what shall be our protocol for it? You talked about Pollen 30c last year before the season starts, i still have not used it.
syria 2 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

I'm not hearing much from you lately. Have you rested my case, or is it just that you have been busy with life? :-)
syria last month
Any update?
[Edited by syria on 2021-03-01 19:32:33]
syria last month
oops was not alerted to this thread. Also was not available.

Let Syph. dose act for some time. Next dose may be taken first week of april. Let the season come we'll think about pollen in the first leg of the season.

Bald spot --don't think it's acute and require a separate remedy.

Irritable behaviour-- I was looking at it from a bird's view point of view taking in to account what you had narrated in earlier posts including the tiff with your mother. If it's another person in your place I simply would not have engaged, instead would have just reported the post :) Strong feelings and emotions could also be put in a better way, wouldn't you agree? You should talk to elders in your congregation about milk and see what's their reaction :) These days there are too many neo theories. Another one is in wings--one might hear how bad it's about consuming animal products and how it's so WOW to eat lab grown meat---any bells ringing about hybrid seeds?

Nit Ac should have helped with irritability, vengeance but was it egg-chicken cycle we saw? So for the time being we are shelving N.Ac doses.
maheeru last month
Glad you're back. :-)

Which post are you referring to? The one about Hepatitis A?

Yes emotions can be out in another way, I'm working upon it :-)

What's an egg-chicken cycle? It means a cycle where things didn't work?

About milk, maybe raw milk indeed has benefits, good bacterias, plenty of vitamins etc, but 95% of the milk sold in market nowadays is sterelized milk, how a dead sterelized disnatured drink can benefit the health is out of my mind's reach, but I'm ready to read its good benefits if you have some links/articles etc:-)

Irritability has been somehow better... I try to avoid negative thoughts which irritate me.

I still eat too much for the size of my stomach. Those Cravings are unreasonable. I crave chocolate, biscuits, cheese and fizzy fresh drinks. I crave for the Sun also.

On all the other fronts, I've been doing well, Syphilinum has acted on quite a lot of levels I feel.
[Edited by syria on 2021-03-09 09:27:41]
syria last month
Hello Dr Maheeru,

Shall I take Syphilinum's next dose next week (1st week of April)? Anything else apart from that?

What about Calc Carb, if i'm right, we never moved to 1M dose. Will that happen in the future?
[Edited by syria on 2021-03-23 11:21:23]
syria 4 weeks ago
Yes we will focus on Syph. doses in the immediate future. Calc carb can happen in future no immediate plan.


Not one post, was referring to multiple possibly three or four ones.

Egg-chicken-egg cycle. It's a which came first conundrum! It's like wondering 'was the medicine healing or aggravating'.

Milk, chelidonium are good things and they may have caused aggravations in specific instances but they are not harmful. Cheli. is a frontline remedy in liver complaints and one can't blame h'paths using it for hepatitis like complaint. Sometimes mother tincture may aggravate or may lead to fatty liver and in those circumstances LM dose should be used instead. I find your question on milk amusing :) I'm getting queries about which corona vaccine to take or to take the vaccine at all and here I see a question about milk. Milk is a metaphor to spirituality so it's rare coming across such questions--will let you know if I come across some piece that may satisfy you on this topic.
maheeru 3 weeks ago
Going to take Syphilinum's 4th dose today.

I also started applying Thuja mother tincture on the wart under left feet. Got it frozen three times, it is still not going. It doesn't hurt, nor bleed, its small and white. Is it okay?
[Edited by syria on 2021-04-03 20:36:36]
syria 2 weeks ago
Have we discussed about this symptom: 'wart under left feet...small and white'?

If possible hold back thuja application.
maheeru 2 weeks ago
Okay i will hold it back.

I thought I did, but indeed, I've browsed through the pages, and I never mentionned it...
All the other symptoms were so time taking, that i never remembered this one.

It's been there since a year or two, or maybe more, and got it frozen in the last 6 months, three times, but no success.
syria 2 weeks ago
Any thing you could remember when this symptom came on? Any idea how it could have happened?
maheeru 2 weeks ago
I cannot remember anything related to it to be honest... Most probably at some swimming facility where I used to go bare foot at some point. Now i always wear slippers, but 2-3 years ago I just went there without the any slippers, and people catch warts usually in such places according to the belief.

My mother says my brother and sisters also caught them in swimming pool facilities when they were much younger (6-7 years old) and got them frozen back then.
[Edited by syria on 2021-04-06 06:50:10]
syria 2 weeks ago
You may apply Nitric acid Q (12X) for some days and let me know if anything changes with wart.
maheeru last week
I got it frozen once again at the dermatologist. Let's see if it works this time.

Nitric Acid mother tincture is not available, the lowest dilution available is 3c. I guess only the mother tincture works on warts?

I will update next week about Syphilinumns fourth dose.
syria last week

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