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Silent Reflux and Weight Issue

My two main problems in life are being thin and underweight
and this Silent reflux issue which is probably related.

I'm 31, always been skinny and low in weight since birth.

The only diagnosis that seems to match what I have been
suffering with my whole life is silent reflux. It does not
have obvious symptoms that stand out like acid reflux, so it
went undiagnosed probably my whole life.

Silent Reflux Symptoms:


Frequent throat clearing (Big symptom)

A feeling of a lump in the throat that doesn’t go away even after repeated swallowing

Excess throat mucus or phlegm (Big symptom)

Post nasal drip (Big symptom)

Trouble swallowing

Poor appetite

Early satiety

Sore throat

Trouble breathing (Big symptom)

A bitter taste at the back of the throat

I mention the symptoms that I have the most by mentioning it is a big symptom in parenthesis.

You can refer to this site too where they describe the condition in more detail: https://draxe.com/silent-reflux/

Also, on that site, it mentions symptoms that children have when they have this LPR or Silent reflux. One of the symptoms is Trouble gaining weight. I'm not surprised since I've struggled with that since I was a child.

I can also fill out a questionnaire too so let me know. That is the main problem. Thanks.
  tod86 on 2018-03-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Kali Carb 30 and Causticum 30 twice a day for 10 days and report back.

One dose means 2 pills each of both the remedies at a time.
kadwa 4 years ago
Hi Kadwa, thank you so much for your response! However, I am looking for a constitutional remedy, just one remedy for that. I am not looking for this type of treatment. Not sure why you selected two remedies?
tod86 4 years ago
Now, I would like to know more about your main symptom (silent reflux).

1. Please describe your symptoms as much as you can. For example, what kind of sensation do you have? (e.g burning sensation etc)

2. How is this condition affecting you in every day life? (What is it like to have the condition?)

3. Do you have any fear?

4. Any stress at a job ? If you don't have any stress at a job, then what was the most stressful event in you life?

and what was your experience of being in that stressful situation? (What was it like to be in that situation?)

5. Do you dream at night? Any recurrent dream?

6. Do you have any hobbies? What kind of movies/books do you like and why do you like them?

And I know your sinus pain is under control, but it would be helpful for me if I know more about it so;

7. Sinus pain - What kind of pain was it? (sharp pain? Dull pain? Burning pain etc?)

8. What is it like to have this problem? Does it feel like end of the world like no hope for recovery? or you are quite hopeful as you can manage the pain? (like as long as you take meds then you are ok)

9. And tell me about your nature.

I may have to ask more questions later, but I appreciate if you can answer to those questions as much as you can.
Tui 4 years ago
1. Please describe your symptoms as much as you can. For example, what kind of sensation do you have? (e.g burning sensation etc)

Frequent throat clearing (Big symptom) - I have to clear my throat randomly throughout the day. It's like there is something there and I have to clear it. Sometimes I have to do it really hard. It gets worse after food and depending on what I eat sometimes. Like spicy food will make it worse or acidic foods like orange, tomato, tomato sauce.

Excess throat mucus or phlegm (Big symptom) - A lot of mucus and phlegm is created and comes out of nowhere too. It pretty much gets created in the nose and then it blocks my breathing and air, so I have to pull it down, down to the throat and spit it out. Cannot be swallowed. Wayyyy to thick and sticky. I have to hawk it out with force, it's not just easy to spit out. It's usually white. Unless I eat something spicy, then sometimes it can turn green. But it's pretty much white and clear.

Post nasal drip (Big symptom) - This was explained with the mucus symptom. Have that throughout the day and worse when lying down.

A feeling of a lump in the throat that doesn’t go away even after repeated swallowing - I feel this when I'm eating. This is pretty much the same as the next symptom below, trouble swallowing. There related. It's like there is something there. However, it is not a lump in the sense that it feels like a baseball or tennis ball is there. I have had that before once for a few days, it was due to extreme anxiety but that passed. It feels like food is lodged there.

Trouble swallowing - As I am eating, I feel like a piece of food, or a morsel of food gets stuck there. In the throat. It is a very uncomfortable, alarming, weird feeling and kind of scary. If I try to swallow again, it usually does not go away. So, I have to drink water. It is actual food there, I am not imagining it, because when I drink water, I can feel it go down. Gets worse the more I eat, like if I have a big meal instead of my usual smaller size meal.

Poor appetite (Big symptom) - Poor appetite is my whole life. Even up to my adult years, and has severely changed the last couple of years. Has decreased a lot. Could be because this condition was undiagnosed and not treated or worked on and it has just gotten worse.

Early satiety - same thing. feel full after a few bites.

Trouble breathing (Big symptom) - Yes, my breathing is shallow. I think it has always been like that. Like ever since I was a kid. But it has gotten worse as I got older and notice it more. I breathe mostly through my mouth. But in general, breathing is not as good as it should be.

A bitter taste at the back of the throat - Well, this is due to reflux. The undigested food comes back up and tastes bad in the mouth of course and in the throat.

Hoarseness -You can imagine how much all this reflux can damage the throat, my voice, the vocal chords, the esophagus, my singing voice. All of that!

2. How is this condition affecting you in every day life? (What is it like to have the condition?)

It is killing me. It gives me social anxiety because you have to be around people all day and imagine having to clear your throat a lot whenever it randomly comes...or even worse, having to spit out phlegm in front of ppl...it is not something you can hold for later...sometimes you can, but sometimes it is like an emergency, my nose gets full of phlegm and I cannot breathe. You have to let it out immediately.

It's a horrible condition. I can't eat well, can't enjoy food or life. People tell me how skinny I am all the time. The symptoms suck. Can't eat the things that I want or the amount I want...Have very low energy because of lack of food...every adult male needs certain amount of calories and I doubt I am getting even that.

3. Do you have any fear? No, not really. Just that I have to live with this condition and I hope I can fix it one day. I am optimistic and know that every disease can be cured, but I just worry about when it actually will. And I worry about my health in the meantime.

4. Any stress at a job ? If you don't have any stress at a job, then what was the most stressful event in you life?

My first IT job. Very stressful. A lot of responsibility and was not trained well. Didn't feel like most of them wanted to even train me or want me to succeed. I felt very discouraged, lost self confidence or lost more of it, depressed, felt like a failure. These things still come up as memories to this day. I randomly think about them sometime. I shouldn't because it has passed and it was like ten years ago. But they still do. I felt hopeless at the time. Also, I really did not enjoy doing IT and didn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I pursued music at the same time. But I didn't really get anywhere as soon as I wanted, that further made things worse. I felt extremely depressed, felt I reached the bottom, and even felt suicidal or at least like I might as well be dead.

and what was your experience of being in that stressful situation? (What was it like to be in that situation?)
I think I answered this in first part.

5. Do you dream at night? Any recurrent dream?
No, very rare for me to dream. No recurrent dreams.

6. Do you have any hobbies? What kind of movies/books do you like and why do you like them?
Yes. Music being the biggest. Passionate hobby. Listening to it and also creating my own. I have always loved music since I was a kid. Makes me feel good. Moves me.

I liek mostly comedy movies. I like action, sometimes serious ones too, but comedy is my favorite. I feel good after a comedy.

And I know your sinus pain is under control, but it would be helpful for me if I know more about it so;

7. Sinus pain - What kind of pain was it? (sharp pain? Dull pain? Burning pain etc?)

It was a sharp, sometimes dull pain...a pounding and stabbing pain...this was all felt in the forehead, in the eyes, and especially on the right side of forehead and eyes. Right in the eye socket and above it. It was like someone punching me all day and not stopping...I was losing my breathe from the pain and intensity too..A few times I fell to the floor and cried as I told you..it was that bad... I have never felt pain like this before and that lasted this long.

8. What is it like to have this problem? Does it feel like end of the world like no hope for recovery? or you are quite hopeful as you can manage the pain? (like as long as you take meds then you are ok)

Which one? I can kind of answer for both. Yes, I feel like there was no hope...even for the sinus thing. But I'm assuming you meant for my main problem the reflux. Yes, I feel that way...the silent reflux cannot be managed by meds...it doesn't really help and I have not taken allopathic meds for a long time, years and years. I only took it for this recent sinus attack. I am not ok at all. It's driving me crazy. I am angry, I want to curse when talking about it like right now.

9. And tell me about your nature.
My nature is otherwise very laid back. Like if I don't have any problems like this in life, I am usually calm, easy going. I am also passionate and emotional too. Like with music and that's why I love it so much.

I hope that all helps. Thank you Tui!!!
tod86 4 years ago
I narrowed down to 2 remedies from 5000 other remedies, but I can't give you 2 at a time according to a 'classical method' so lets just try one at a time.

So first, please take Lachesis 1M, just one dose ( 2 pills ) then wait and see.

You can put 2 pills in some water, and take just 1 teaspoon from there if you are very sensitive to a homeopathic remedy.

If you started to have any aggravations, then take another dose and wait for a day.

I would like you to take 1 dose, once a week for 4 weeks, but lets just start from 1 dose.

Let me know how you are in 10 days.
Tui 4 years ago
Ok excellent!

Thanks Tui. I like the way you are prescribing and handling the case.

Ok, I should be able to get this today from the homeopathic pharmacy near me. I will do the wet dose. How much water do I use?

Thanks so much!
tod86 4 years ago
Hey Tui,

actually I just went through my bag of remedies and I already have Lachesis 1M. So, that means that I have tried this before and I remember that I think of this remedy a while ago and I did take it. The way that I do it is I take one dose and wait a week (7 days) and it didn't do anything, so I did not repeat it.

What is the other remedy you were thinking?
tod86 4 years ago
Mercurius solubilis 1m.
[Edited by Tui on 2018-03-19 18:24:21]
Tui 4 years ago
Ok, I just got the Merc Sol 1M and I am going to make the wet dose and take it.

It already sounds like a good indicator because of the description on the remedy. It says sore throat with offensive breath and excess salivation. My whole life I have had to spit a lot and it felt like I just had too much saliva. Also, I have had issues with my breath too. I didn't really mention these things because they are not like unbearable symptoms or anything, but they are a part of me and my constitution.

I put two pills in almost half a cup of water. I hope that is fine. I will take the one teaspoon and let you know how things go. Btw, about an hour ago, I took an allopathic med for my pain but that shouldn't interfere with this right? Let's see how it goes.

Thanks again!
tod86 4 years ago
Half a cup of water would be fine or you can also use 20 or 30 ml glass dropper bottle, filled with spring water and a bit of alcohol, put few pills/drops of remedy, then take 7 drops from there.

I'm also thinking about a remedy Conium but see how you do with Merc first.
Tui 4 years ago
Ok thanks.

I used spring water because that's what I drink. But I only put in two pellets of the remedy.

I've never heard of Conium. That's interesting. I will read about it, but ya, for sure we will give Merc some time.
tod86 4 years ago
Ok Tui,

This is the second day after taking Merc...No change
at all so far. When should I update you again? After
how many days? Thanks.
tod86 4 years ago
I would like to ask some more questions before I decide to change the remedy.

1. When I asked how is this condition affecting you in every day life? (What is it like to have the condition?) You answered 'It is killing me'
You have also expressed your sinus pain as the same way (It is killing me)so I'm very interested to find out more about it.

What do you actually feel in your body when you say 'It is killing me'?
Don't think about it too much or try to make sense, but just tell me whatever comes to your mind. You can use any images to describe this 'killing'.

You may want to sit down, close your eyes and just feel and see what comes into your mind.

I maybe asking you a funny question here, but is very important for me.

2. I would like to know more about your first IT job. (You may not want to talk about it but it is important for me)

Can you tell me one example of stressful situation while you were there and how did you cope with that situation? What did you actually do?

Also, you said that you still think about them? so if you have a chance to get back to them, what would you do?
Again, just tell me whatever comes to your mind. Don't think about it too much or try to make sense.

3. You said you like music? then how does it affect you when you listen to the music? What do you experience while you listen?

4. Are you a hot/chilly person?

5. Thirsty? or not very thirsty?
Tui 4 years ago
Hi Tui,

I will try and answer the questions as best as I can. It's possible that there is no remedy for Silent reflux. Who said there is? And what the hell is silent reflux anyway? That may be why we cannot find a remedy. But, by all means, I will answer and you can try to find something.


1. There is a difference between when I said "killing me" for the sinus pain. That was physical pain. Do not worry about that and do not relate the two.

For the silent reflux, when I say killing me. It is NOT physical pain. It is that I am a very, very angry, frustrated person. I am not comfortable socially because of the symptoms and I have not had a stable life either, whether it is with work or with my weight, etc.

2. There is no point in talking about that first IT job or any of the situations. This is the past and these things have passed. I probably have had a genetic predisposition to Indigestion, a weak digestion or stomach my whole life. Then, these stressful situations and depression as a result of it, probably made my digestion and condition worse. That is the main point to take from this. I have always, always tried to gain weight, and during this time, I started to work out and forced myself to eat like crazy to get bigger. That, as I'm sure, overtaxed my whole digestion system and now here we are. The symptoms during this time, were all probably a warning that I did NOT know what to do with anyway. Leading to the condition getting worse and worse to the point that I am now.

I hope that helps.

3. Music gives me a pleasure like nothing else. It is the audio and sound itself that I like more than anything visually.

4. Very hard to answer because I am sensitive to both. I can be easily cold and chilly and I hate cold weather. I prefer hot over cold though. However, when it gets hot, and it gets really hot here in LA. That also affects me, it burns me, it's like I'm in hell. I am affected by both extremes.

5. Thirst in the sense that I drink small amounts throughout the day. Almost everything I eat, like a snack like a handful of nuts, or grapes, or whatever, makes me thirst and I have to sip some water.

I hope this all helps man. Thanks!
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-03-22 01:14:23]
tod86 4 years ago
We try Opium 1M, one dose (2 pills or drops) a day for 2 days (so 2 dose in total) then wait and see.

If the doesn't do anything at all, then try Hydrastis canadensis 1M, same way as Opium.

Let me know how you are in a week.
Tui 4 years ago
Hi Tui,

Thank you for suggesting the other remedies. I actually do not want to try any other remedies right now, because I am hoping to start a new job soon. I might try it like on a weekend or whenever I am not working for a few days.

I am curious as to why you thought of Opium? Also, I think I might have taken Hydrastis 30C in the past but I would have to check on that and get back to you. But I remember, that the 30c did nothing. Also, I looked up Hydrastis and I can see why you would want to try that. But it says that one of the main indications is yellow mucus. Mine is not yellow, it is white and clear.

tod86 4 years ago
I wasn't just looking at your physical symptoms but also looking at mental/emotional state. So far, all I could feel from your above answers were your 'sensitivity'. How you are sensitive to outside environment ( people around you and weather, etc)so this made me think of some kind of 'plant' remedies.

People who need a remedy from plants are usually very sensitive people. I mean, sensitive to the environment and they do react sometimes really badly.

Opium belongs to a plant family called Papaveraceae. People who need a remedy from this group may express their innermost experience (perception or how they see and experience the world) as 'agony, hell-like state, violent, tortured and intense suffering. And they also cry with pain.
Physically, Opium covers 'nerves, brain, lungs, respiration and digestive tract.

Hydrastis belongs to a different plant group called Ranunculaceae and they reacts differently. These people are morbidly sensitive and irritable. They are annoyed, angry and feel harassed and insulted by others...

I wanted to differentiate these 2 groups by asking about your first job experience. I wasn't interested in your actual 'story' or what exactly happened there, but wanted to know how you had reacted to this particular situation.

I also used repertory (the traditional homeopathy) and Arsenicum came very strongly so I could be totally wrong with the plant remedies...

You can also ask other homeopaths for other suggestions. I think there are some great homeopaths here in this forum.

Anyway, good luck with your new job :)
[Edited by Tui on 2018-03-22 23:02:05]
Tui 4 years ago
Hi Tui,

Ok that makes sense. However, with opium and my case, keep in mind there is no physical pain. Not even heartburn!! But heartburn is sonetsome I rarely and occasionally do experience. But not daily.

Hydrastis might be a match. If you're also talking about Arsenicum album? That is not it. I have taken that in 1m and a lower potency.

I'll get back to you regarding Hydrastis. I know I have taken it for sure! A homeopath prescribed that and in the 30c to see if it would help with my physical symptoms and it didn't. We can try 1m but I don't feel optimistic about it. Let me know what you think? Thanks again!

I've posted here before many times. That is why I'm starting to give up on the idea if homeopathy helping me. I know Hahnemann even cured some ppl with diet, exercise, and being didciplidis like that. Maybe homeopathy is not for my case. But I dunno, I seem to do everything right like diet and exercise and it doesn't make a huge difference. Doesn't make my problems go away. So, I dunno what to think at this point.
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-03-23 00:13:02]
tod86 4 years ago
I can't promise you anything here, but I'm pretty positive that homeopathy can help to improve your health.

It is just homeopaths who hasn't understood enough about you to prescribe a right remedy.

Have you tried Mag-c or Mag-mur?

I have a feeling that Mag-c might be a good remedy for you....

And do you have a problem with your dad or your mom?
[Edited by Tui on 2018-03-23 11:34:31]
Tui 4 years ago
That's good to hear from you Tui.

I have never tried Mag-C or Mag-mur.

Problem with my dad or mom? Yes, both of them. Problem meaning that I don't really get along with them. They seem very negative in general in life. And I feel I got that from them and it has affected me a lot. But I have become very positive as a person in the last couple of years and spiritual. But they are not like that and are still negative.

They seem to have a lot of problems of their own. Problems individually, problems with each other, with me, and they don't seem to do anything about it. They don't seek help or anything. They are very stubborn and don't want to change and think they are right. They are very disappointed in me and how I turned out. They actually tell me that. So, my relationship with them, even though we're close, is not so great.

I used to live with them and now have moved out. I couldn't stand it anymore. But I needed to be on my own and have privacy anyway. I actually try to avoid them as much as I can. My dad and I don't really speak much anyway, he has always been like that. Never talks. Very indifferent to everyone and everything. My mom talks but it is only to say negative things about me and others. It's just as worse as my dad not talking.

I guess that's all I can say about that.

[Edited by tod86 on 2018-03-23 20:15:49]
tod86 4 years ago
Try Mag-c 1M just one dose when you feel like taking another remedy.
Tui 4 years ago
Ok. When I feel like trying it, I will order and try it. I'll let you know.

tod86 4 years ago
Hi Tui,

if you really think Homeopathy can help me, then let's do this.

I am going to give you some more info that I left out and this
should help us.

Height 5'7 inches Weight: 102 Lbs (was checked two days ago)

As you can see, extremely low weight especially for my height.

Everything that I eat makes me feel nauseated, sick, and heartburn and reflux. I feel nauseated up to my chest. I also have vomit burps or regurgitation that comes up to my throat after eating anything. If I eat just one or two cashews or any nut for example as a snack, I will feel nauseated and feel the regurgitation.

I feel thirst right after eating anything, meaning one or two nuts will even make me thirsty and they are not even salted. They are unsalted. This applies to ANY food. As soon as I eat any food, I feel thirsy and have to sip water. The feeling of regurgitation and nausea and heartburn and reflux, can happen even after eating healthy things like one piece of vegetable.

I am obviously in really bad shape and I am a mess. Taking some meds like I am doing now such as Pepcid AC for the hearthburn and reflux helps, but nowhere near fixing the problem, controlling it, or even making a huge difference. Just helps a little and I started taking this like a week ago.

Hopefully, there is a remedy to fix all of this. I also don't like to eat alone. I don't like eating my meals alone, but I usually do for most of my life.

The heartburn can also sometimes start from the abdomen and go all the way to the chest area.

That's all I can think of and that is pretty much everything. See what you can do with that. Thank you in advance Tui!
tod86 4 years ago
Please take Iris versicolor 200c, twice a day for 2 days and see how you feel after that.

I know you don't like to take more than one remedy at a time, but Lycopodium 200c and Ars 6c taken together may also help conditions like burning in chest and throat after food, gas and bloating and gurgling...
[Edited by Tui on 2018-04-02 05:37:37]
Tui 4 years ago
Hi Tui,

I will find Irisand try it like you said. Seems like an
interesting remedy that could match me and help.

I don't mind taking other remedies at the same time just for
now, if they will help. But what do you think is my constitutional remedy? I'm assuming Iris right?

I'm going to start with Iris only and see how I feel after two days and I'll let you know. Then we can decide to include the other remedies if we need it or want to include them.

tod86 4 years ago

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