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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I was aware that Candida was connected to yeast and that it seemed to affect some to a degree that the medical profession could not cure.

I never realized that it makes one to "SUFFER HORRIBLY" as stated by you.

There is an excellent article about this infection on:

I believe that this infection can be caused by slow peristalysis in the gut which makes the food to empty very slowly into the colon. This can result in the lack of appetite like what you have experienced as the gut is still full of the slowly digesting food that is stagnating in the gut and you are not ready for the next meal. This will also explain your not eating for 7 days !

I am confident that Nat Phos 6x should help to settle your problem as it seems to accelerate the passage of food by altering the chemical structure in the stomach and intestines. I have given some data on this subject in my post "Nat Phos the Ultimate cure for Obesity" on this forum which I copied from a text book.

In your case you can increase the standard dosage of 2 tablets to 3 tablets for the first few days to enable the remedy to help you fast.

I would request you to please report your response a few hours after you take your first dose, as it is possible that this simple Biochemic remedy Nat Phos 6x which contains just 1/1 millionth of the salt Sodium Phosphate (NA2SO4) can help to cure the condition that you have suffered from for perhaps many years.

If as I hope it does cure you, I believe that you have been instrumental in enabling me to add another FIRST to my list of Discoveries which have not been reported ever before in medicine, Homeopathic or 'Allopathic'.
Joe De Livera last decade

I think you are correct in that slow peristalysis also contributes to Candida. This is just the perfect conditions for the yeast to live off of--rotton food. There favorite food. LOL

I will get back to you with my results with the Nat Phos 6x.
Pat2006 last decade
I am thankful to you fo opening my eyes to this problem which you and many thousands are suffering from for many years commonly known as GERD or Candida or Yeast infection.

I am amazed that modern medicine has no direct remedy that will cure it and I am hoping that Nat Phos 6x will. Mind you I am still theorizing as you have not used it up to now but I am confident that my theory will work.

You are quite correct that Candida thrives on the rotting food in the gut and this results in a vicious circle which has first to be broken to ensure that the digestive process is re-established when all will be well.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry for the slow reply to your questions about Candida. Please be patient with my lenghthly reply because I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking it was easy because it is EXTREMELY difficult to cure

Please bare with me as I write about my experience with treating Candida. I do not want to mislead anyone that it was easy because it was EXTREMELY difficult.

Growing up my mother would tell me about her friends who would go to Mexico because they were sick and the doctors here were unable to help them because they simply were not finding anything wrong with them. One of the first friends who went to Mexico did so because she had no bladder control. One by one and year after year, my mother told me stories about her friends coming back with the same solution: avoid flour, fried foods, dairy products and coffee.

It never occurred to me to apply this same or similar diet to myself until one day a co-worker came to work excited about this book on food allergies and talking about how much energy she had and that her eye sight had improved dramatically and that she had lost weight

I immediately took the diet to heart and got on a mostly raw vegetables and fresh fruit diet. . A diet that I adopted for about 5 years. A diet that alienated anyone who came to my house to visit. LOL No one would ever return because I never had anything to eat in my cupboards. Sorry that most people don’t consider vegetables food. LOL I also went to an allergist and subjected my body to being poked around and the allergist made fun of me when I told him I was allergic to salt. He told me there was no such thing. The allergy test only showed that I was allergic to corn and wheat and that was it.


Five years later, I started getting real bad backaches (I couldn’t sit straight) and decided maybe I should go visit a chiropractor. Since I always made it a habit of writing down salt and vinegar on questionnaires when asked about any allergies, I knew right away that I found a cure for my allergies/addictions when the chiropractor clearly understood what I meant and didn’t criticize me. He briefly mentioned a book called the Yeast Connection especially since I was allergic to vinegar. And he told me my back problems were due to this yeast condition and that I should read the book. That is all he told me in one sentence. I went out as soon as I left his office and bought a book with a similar title, The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge. I read it as soon as I got home inspite of the horrible headaches I was experiencing at the time and the intolerable eye strain. I related to everything I read in the book.

As I had already had 5 years of being on a strict diet, it was “easy” for me to eliminate just a few more foods when I started my treatment. I eliminated all sugar which meant all fresh and dried fruit and also all nuts and seeds to avoid any possibility of ingesting any mold. And I quit drinking chlorinated water.

The Yeast Syndrome (by Trowbridge) tells you the step by step process for treating the disease.
First, the fungus must be starved by not feeding it anything it eats. This is when the strict diet comes into play (this step I had been doing for five years)

Second, the bacteria that has been destroyed by antibiotics whether by ingesting it in pill form or animal products had to be replaced with acidophilus. If I remember correctly, the book says to take 2-3 capsules daily before meals.

Third, the yeast is further destroyed by taking garlic. Garlic kills the fungus.

But I ABSOLUTELY cannot understand how someone can suddenly go on a crash diet to starve the fungus. I think the diet mentioned in the book should be done backwards and slowly.

From my recollection, the book says to take 2-3 capsules daily BEFORE meals, but always doubting the accuracy of what I read I eventually took 3 capsules 3 times a day but AFTER meals. I needed to take them after meals because it helped me stay awake. The dying yeast made my fatigue worst and by taking the capsules after meals really helped me get through it.

I visited the health food store where I learned about a product called Yeast Fighters by Twin Labs and Hydrogen Peroxide. These were products that were not mentioned in the book. I started substituting the acidophilus and garlic with the Yeast Fighters for the Remainder of my treatment.

Since my recovery, I remember picking up a flyer at the health food store about a product used to treat Candida that works by assisting with the digesting of sugars. I do not remember what that was.

If you can find a more gentle way to treat Candida, it is best because the way I did it as described in the book entailed an enormous amount of suffering. Immediately upon starting my treatment, I experienced horrible depression and anxiety and my head and face got real hot and I couldn’t think clearly. And to make things worst, the people around me couldn’t deal with my being sick.

Keep researching and learning about this horrible and life crippling disease.

If you can find a healer like someone who does Reiki or acupuncture or Tai Chi, hypnosis, homeopathy or some sort of martial arts to help, please do it.

At the time I started my treatment, I was barely alive and barely had enough energy for anything and so my options were very limited.

I believe that I recovered from Candida in one month because it was when a co-worker invited me to a sandwich place for lunch. I had a crab sandwich with a lot of mayonnaise (Yuk, mayonnaise with fungus in it) and I suffered not one single consequence. That was in 1989 (about 17 years ago) and I still to this day remember the experience very vividly. The book tells you to start introducing food back into your very bland diet one by one to test it until finally you try vinegar/yeast and once you past all the test you are cured.

Although I suffered no consequences whatsoever after eating that sandwich, I stayed on my an extremely strict diet for 3 months and continued to take Yeast Fighters and hydrogen peroxide. Now that I had enough energy, I also got involved with Tai Chi, Qigong, and got my Reiki attunements. The Reiki attunements got rid of my forehead headaches and added clarity to my mind.



I would strongly try the Nat Phos 6x, arnica or any homeopathy remedy that can help you because it maybe a lot better option than the way I did it. If homeopathy remedies like Arnica can help people quit smoking and drinking it can most definitely help people with their food allergies/addictions because CANDIDA is a type of alcoholism problem.

The books are available at Amazon.com or Half.com or your local book or health food store. The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge is my very favorite and the Yeast Connection by Dr. Crook is another good book as well. But the Yeast Syndrome has the step by step process to treat it.

You might want to start a new thread asking people to share their personal experiences with Candida treatment. And look for Candida support groups because it is awful going at it alone.

For some people who only have a mild case of this disease might do very well with just taking acidophilus without the need for getting on a strict diet first to kill the fungus. One of my co-workers got on a very healthy diet which included primarily raw veggies and adding acidophilus capsules to his diet didn’t cause him any discomfort only benefits (he finally was able to quit eating cookies)

Another one of my co-workers always raved about the book and how merely eating yogurt made a big difference in her life. But I chose to use the acidophilus in capsule form instead of the dairy products. She got off the capsules because she just could not handle the affects of the dying yeast.

BEWARE: If there is anyone out there who claims that they can diagnose this disease, at this time I would be skeptical because in my experience the lab test that were administered on me by a medical doctor/homeopath scammed me out of my money for the lab test. She had me make an appointment to explain the results to me but then when I showed up for the appointment, she just wasted my time as she walked around the office intentionally quiet just to charge me. Her office was located in a very large city where “alternative med” is very prominent.


I am convinced that the homeopathic remedies I took after recovering from Candida for unrelated reasons have also helped me from getting the disease again..
Pat2006 last decade

I now realize the trauma that you have suffered and lived through for over 5 years.

I presume that this is a common problem that many other sufferers have to undergo with this ailment that has been identified with yeast and termed Candida, GERD, Hyperacidity and many others. I am convinced that the real cause is the lack of normal peristalysis in the small lintestine and I am confident that the Nat Phos 6x will help to fix the problem.

I have treated many who have been suffering from this same syndrome but who may not have been as chronic as you with Nat Phos 6x and you can inform me in a few days as to whether or not it has helped you after you start on it.

My guess is that you should feel relief within about 15 minutes after your first dose which you will take after a meal and if it does so, I shall be delighted. The normal dose that I prescribe is 2 tablets after lunch and dinner but in your case, you may take a dose after breakfast as well and it is important that you eat normally.
Joe De Livera last decade
Oh, Pat, thank you so much for taking the time to explain your story to me in detail. I have copied every word into one of my permanent files.

Frankly, your answer surprised me. Somehow, I expected you to say that you were on Diflucan or Nystatin for months on end to get things under control.

Your analogy to alcoholism seems exactly right – we crave what our bodies really cannot handle. As a recovering alcoholic, I know this to be true. I think I have had my head buried I the sand when it comes to my sugar addiction/ cravings.

And I can’t believe that you figured out FOR YOURSELF that garlic ONLY works when taken at the END of a meal. I did not know this until very recently, although like you, that is when I tended to take it. Nor did I know just how well garlic works against yeast/ Candida, if taken properly. The professional who told about garlic also stated that you should take it just like you would take penicillin – every 6 hours. He is a medical doctor (but practices “integrative medicine”), and his #1 top recommendation for anyone who came to him very ill with any ailment or disease was freeze-dried garlic. Quite a statement from a doc who has tons of drugs at their disposal.

I have had the book “The Yeast Connection” since the 80s, I think. I tried some of it, but certainly not a whole-hearted effort.

I am experiencing exactly what you described when I take pro-biotics. I feel worse. Now I know why.

In 2002?, I had a comprehensive stool test done to check for a number of things, yeast being one of them. Well, no yeast showed up, but I had absolutely no acidophilus/lactobacillus flora in my gut – only bifidus. And I been taking pro-biotics regularly before the test. Well, since no yeast showed up in the test, I figured it was NOT my problem. Well, I think I know better now.

Wow. I feel enlightened.

Also – funny you mentioned it – after reading some posts from Joe, I got my Nat Phos and started taking it last night after dinner. For some reason, a 10x potency is what came in to the health food store, but that isn’t all that different from 6x, so I went ahead and got it. It did not seem to help much last night, but I will say that I went to the bathroom rather promptly this morning, which is what I got it for in the first place. Having had a “stool transit study” done, I know that it can take 6 days for stuff to pass through me, so I’m very hopeful about the Nat Phos. Arnica is out for the moment, but hope to introduce it at a later date.

Pat, if you have made it down this far on my verbal commentary, I have a couple of questions:

What kind of “yeast” test did that one alternative person use?

Would you recommend staying away from anti-fungal meds like Diflucan and Nystatin, or do you think a short round of one of those initially might shorten the length of time to get the yeast under control?

Joe, I hear you, and I’m doing it!

Truthfinder last decade

I did try a part of a prescription of nystatin that that q k M.D./homeoapth gave me. Of course, she wouldn't tell me to take garlic. I read an earlier post here at ABC where someone wrote that they didn't get the results they wanted from nystatin but did from the homeopathy remedy.

In my case, I didn't notice any results from taking it and after I took it, I read in the Yeast Syndrome that Nystatin actually kills the antibodies that the body has built up all of these years.

That could mean running the risk of getting another illness that your body has been building immunity up against during your entire life.

I truly believe there is no test for Candida and if there were, only a handful of people would be honest about it.

You need to understand clearly that Candida immitates MANY DISEASES, arthritis, PMS, infertility, autism, astagmatism, heart problem, breathing problem, psychological problems. There is no end to it. A lot of people can be put out of business if people cured themselves of this MOST HORRIBLE DISEASE that is kept so quite by so many professionals. It is so much cheaper to treat your own self.

Candida is a type of alcoholism. But the alcohol is made by the yeast inside your digestive system. You have your own personal, private brewery inside you. Get a copy of the Yeast Syndrom by Dr. Trowbridge, you will get a very clear understanding of this.

When I had full blown Candida I used to crave alcohol although I had never drank any before nor had I ever been around it. From a very young age, I always watched everything I put in my mouth because I was so sick. I gave up coffee when I was about 13. I always ate as healthy as I possibly could even as a kid and never put anything inside my body that could do me any harm whatsoever (that I knew of at the time)

I AM VERY GLAD THAT YOU WILL TRY the Nat Phos and Arnica homeopathy or any other homeopathy remedy. Do everything you can to cure yourself of this horrible disease as gently as possible.

Another one of my co-workers used to take her acidophilus before bedtime because that was the only way she could avoid the yeast die off suffering.

The best garlic that I know of to kill the yeast is Kyolic. It supposingly manufactured in a special way that works very effectively to kill the fungus. I think it has to be manufactured in a way as to not aggrevate all of the gas and acid created by the yeast. I cannot use fresh garlic as medicine because it is too hard on my digestive system.

Please also visit your local health food store to inquire about any recent supplements, garlic, etc.

Tracy, be brave and strong and touch and beat this killer disease. Take care.


I agree with you totally and am so glad to meet you. I am convinced that I am about to receive yet another miracle. Thank you
Pat2006 last decade

Sorry I meant to say be tough.
Pat2006 last decade
the other food those doctors in Mexico were telling my mothers friends not to eat is fried food.

During those 5 years, I discovered that the only oil I could eat that didn't make me sick was olive oil.

On rare occassions, I used to treat myself to canned garbanza beans with canned green beans sauted with 1 Tablespoon of olive oil to which I added water. Even one tablespoon of any other oil would make me very sick.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks again, Pat.

I hate olive oil - can't even stand the smell. But I use almond, grapeseed, evening primrose, and some flax seed oils.

Yes, fried foods do not agree with me.

I have had some intereseting, immediate reactions to the Nat Phos. Will see what happens in a few days. Sometimes, I react strongly at first, then don't react at all within a few days. Go figure.

Truthfinder last decade
Pat, I forgot to say that is very interesting info about the Nystatin killing antibodies - I had no idea!!

Did it say Diflucan does the same thing?

I just found out I have Lyme Disease, so I already have the disease known as "the new great imitator" because it can look like so many other illnesses. Factor in the probable yeast problem, and the yeast symptoms could be attributed to the Lyme, and vice-versa.

I have a feeling that I am just one, big microbe-fest, LOL.

Truthfinder last decade
Hello Tracy

I am so glad that you are trying the Nat Phos and that you are sharing your experience with it because I just received my order in the mail for it but haven't taken it yet. I just took a remedy and have been suffering really bad aggrevation from it. So I need to get over my fears before taking the Nat Phos.

As far as the Diflucan, I can't answer that question because I have not read the book or done any more research on Candida since 1989 (16 years ago). Although I bought several books, I don't have any left because I gave them all away.

I really hope you get a copy of the Yeast Syndrome. At amazon.com, some people have rated the book.

Thank you for posting which oils don't bother you because some people can't get on such a strict diet as to eliminate all fried foods and really need options.

Remember to try Arnica also when you are ready. Anything to kill the yeast.

As soon as you destroy most of the yeast, you will be relieved of all of your symptoms. If you do indeed have a true case of Lyme Disease, you will know it after you kill off the fungus.

Please do get a clear picture of what this disease looks like from the inside.


That is what the human looks like on the inside.

If all of the organs are covered in mold, they will not function properly and create an illusion of serious deseases.

Once the yeast is killed, the organs begin to work properly and you receive many miracles.

Pat2006 last decade

The book has a very long list of symptoms, all of which I had at one time simultaenously. The list can be very helpful in putting you in touch with your symptoms.

The list also allows you to check them off one by one as they disappear.
Pat2006 last decade
Hello Peskye

I hope that you also get a copy of the Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge.

It contains a very long list of symptoms which you can use to help you get in touch with your own symptoms and also a list to cross off as your symptoms dissappear.

The first time I got a migrain headache was when I was 10 years old after taking antibiotics. My blood pressure also was never the same since then. This migraine headaches never went away until I read this book 25 years later. Although, eating primarily raw veggies, eliviated their severity, I always had small episodes after ingesting sweets/flour and on cloudy days. 25 years later, I also was able to bring my blood pressure back up to normal.
Pat2006 last decade
I am concerned that you have self diagnosed yourself to have LYME DISEASE.
"just found out I have Lyme Disease, so I already have the disease known as "the new great imitator" because it can look like so many other illnesses. Factor in the probable yeast problem, and the yeast symptoms could be attributed to the Lyme, and vice-versa. "

I would like you to please visit


This will give you all the information you need on this disease and it is very unlikely that you have contacted it unless you have been out hunting and have had a tick on your skin for over 24 hours.

In diagnosing any ailment or disease the patient should not imagine the worst and later discover that there was absolutely no need to have panicked and imagined the worst. This form of fear can set of other reactions in the body and I always recommend that the attititude to be adopted by the patient is more positive and even if one has an incurable disease, it is best to put on a brave front as this is half the cure.

To imagine the worst and to think that you are already a victim of Lyme disease unless you have been exposed to tick bite and have unusual marks on your skin and also have a feeling of constant tiredness plus pains resembling arthritis in your knees, the chances are good that you are not infected.

You have already enjoyed some respite from your chronic GERD with your first dose of Nat Phos and I am hopeful that you will come out of your problem in a few days with flying colours.

Keep up the treatment with Nat Phos 6x as this is virtually your salvation.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again for your help, Pat, and your encouragement. I would like to know how you do on the Nat Phos 6x, also, or any other remedies that you try. I’m still giving it some time to make a determination. We should share our results with each other, and with Joe.

I think I mentioned that the Nat Phos I got was not 6x – I thought it was 10x. Well, I guess I can’t read because it is actually 30x. I may need to re-order, and get the right potency. I will ask Joe about this.

I’m hoping that Arnica will be an option down the road. In a recent experience I shared with Joe under another topic, Arnica 30C taken by me for an acute pain problem (every hour) appeared to cause an immediate halt in my peristalsis after 3 doses. That is not acceptable at this time. I have enough problems in the bowel department. (Incidentally, there was a marked decrease in my spinal pain, so I am not happy that Arnica is not an option right now.)

I will post a separate message to Joe.

Truthfinder last decade
Joe, first of all, I have a question. As you may have noted in my post to Pat above, I bought the Nat Phos in a 30x potency rather than the 6x. I thought my health food store guy ordered the 6x, but 30x is what came in so I went ahead and got it. Should I continue to use it, or should I get the 6x instead?

And by the way, I do not have chronic GERD – that must have been another poster you are thinking of. I do have chronic “obstipation”, functional constipation, and material can take 6 days to go through my system based on some stool transit studies. That is why I am so hopeful the Nat Phos will help.

Your advice about fear and “imagining the worst” are well taken – good advice for all of us.

HOWEVER….. I did not “self-diagnose” myself with Lyme Disease. Forgive me if I gave you that impression. I had a blood test done in December, and my blood is teeming with Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the Lyme bacterium. No, not antibodies – I used a test that looks for the cell-wall-deficient form of the organism itself. I had to ask for the test myself as no doctor has ever suggested Lyme. This is not their fault. They are not taught to look for Lyme except in endemic areas of the world.

Joe, I have been researching Lyme Disease for about a year now. It took me 8 months to decide to get tested. I was tired of having no answers – just symptoms that have left me disabled and unable to work, and multiple diagnoses with no real cause or cure. I have an impressive list of medically diagnosed illnesses which I won’t bore you with, many from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Frankly, I did not think I had Lyme Disease but it got to a point that I had to find out. Now I know.

I won’t take up additional space here about what Lyme is and is not.

I see that you refer me to a National Institutes of Health site for information on Lyme Disease – which then often refers you to the CDC info about Lyme. This is not good, Joe.

PLEASE NOTE: The CDC and the NIH are my top WORST picks for people who wish accurate information about Lyme. I would encourage “seekers of the truth” to go anywhere for information EXCEPT these two website. The CDC is the absolute worst offender. They have now even deleted from their website the fact that Lyme is the fastest growing infectious disease in the country, although that is still true.

Remember all the hoopla and denial we got from the government regarding Gulf War Syndrome, even though whole families were becoming ill? Well, we are facing the exact same problem with Lyme Disease. People who have no exposure to ticks are being clinically diagnosed with Lyme. Whole families are becoming ill with Lyme. The Bb spirochetes have been recovered from mosquitoes, fleas, mites, semen, urine, blood and spinal fluid. Children are being born with Lyme. (The fact that Lyme can be trans-placentally transmitted has finally been admitted by some of the CDCs top researchers.) The closest relative to the Bb spirochete is syphilis. There is considerable evidence – but no proof as yet - that Lyme can be sexually transmitted.

Why no proof about some of these disputed facts? Because of a distinct and glaring lack of funding for research, especially “independent research”.

I’ll quit now. I’m worn out.

I would consider it a personal favor if you would do more research yourself before you refer anyone to the NIH or the CDC for information about Lyme Disease. Both those sites are terribly misleading.

Thanks –

Truthfinder last decade
My apologies, Tracy for having jumped the gun about your Lyme D. This is not known in Sri Lanka at all and I cannot advise you as to what you should use to at least control it and later to cure it. I can see that you have a real problem with your Lyme and I hope that you can get the correct medication to help you.

As for the Nat Phos, I do not think that the 30x can do you any good as it must be the 6x. You can order it from the ABC store if you cannot get it locally. But do get it ASAP as it should help you within minutes after you take your first dose. It will also help with your chronic "Obstipation" but you may have to take an increased dose of 3 tablets to ensure results.

I note that you have taken Arnica 30 every hour and that you noticed that your peristalysis stopped although your pain was eased. I have never experienced this phenomenon and shall record it for future use. I presume that you took it in the dry pellet form and I would suggest that you use the liquid dose which I use now exclusively as it is far milder and also most effective in comparison, to the body. If you have to use it again
Joe De Livera last decade
Continued: (pressed send by mistake)
I would suggest that you use the Nat Phos to ensure that peristalysis is maintained while the Arnica help you. However I would not advise you to take it every hour as this is only needed like when you are just post surgery when I too used it instead of Morphine which was connected to my IV line after my Prostatectomy in 2003.

You may like to know that I was relatively free from pain and was able to get out of bed on the third day must to the amazement of the nursing staff and my surgeon. I was discharged on the fifth day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi, Joe –

Hey, no problem about the Lyme thing – I believe your heart was in the right place. And I hope you are right that Lyme is unknown in Sri Lanka – as in no Lyme bugs being found in people there. I fear it may only be a matter of time, however, but I hope not.

You will find my post about my Arnica experience in your “Arnica” topic – not sure where that topic is at the moment.

Thanks so much for your advice regarding both the Arnica and the Nat Phos. I shall take your advice, and I will get the right potency ordered of the Nat Phos today.

Again, thanks for you help with this – and for all that you do here on this board.

Excuse me for asking, but are you from Sri Lanka, or a “transplant”?

Truthfinder last decade
Hi Tracy,

I was born here in Sri Lanka and am a Sinhalese by birth. We comprise 75% of the Islands majority race. You may have read about the on going war which has been temporarily suspended in an uneasy peace which is often observed in the breach by the LTTE. Just a couple of days ago a naval vessel was blown up by a fishing boat with the loss of 8 naval lives. The Tamils are about 12% of the Island's population and their terrorist leaders the LTTE are demanding a separate state within this lovely land. The Tamils themselves who live in Colombo are a very peaceful race and I have many of my close friends among them.

My name is unfortunately Portuguese due to the fact that they occupied this Island in the 15th century and left behind the legacy of their names on the people whom they converted to the Catholic faith.

Please keep in contact and I hope that you will be able to overcome your problem soon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Tracy

Are you eating as healthy as you possibly can? Are you eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegestables?

The body needs to be maintained in as healthy a state as possible by nurturing it with good things and avoiding things that put additional strain on it.

I think that if you can stablize the yeast in your body, you will increase its ability to protect itself from diseases.

The last step to treating Candida should be building the immune system, but I don't remember reading that in the books. I have never found anything that I can honestly say has helped me build up my immune system.

When we have auto immune diseases like Candida, it is best avoid putting more strain on the immune system with artificial chemicals including medications/birth control pills/etc. It might be best that you also avoid using Diflucan and stick to natural things.

Even pollution from automobiles can put a great strain on our bodies' but since we can't control that easily, we need to avoid those things we do have control over.

I agree that the Nat Phos 6x will be of great help to you remove all that decaying food in your digestive system and help you digest food better.

Take care. Feel free to contact me via e-mail by clicking on my screen name.
Pat2006 last decade
Joe, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have met a few people from all over the world, but I think Sri Lanka is probably the farthest country from me here in the U.S.A.

So far, the Nat Phos in the 30x potency is definitely helping. I have ordered the 6x potency.

Pat, no I do not have a great diet these days. My teeth have all become so sensitive that I avoid raw fruits and veggies these days. Even a simple salad at room temperature causes me a lot of pain. *sigh* But the worst thing is my addiction to sugar, which I will have to conquer first and foremost, whether I am treating Lyme or yeast.

How are you doing on the Nat Phos 6x? Anything to report?

Truthfinder last decade
Hello Tracy

I am so sorry that you are so sick you can't eat veggies.

It is very sad that Candida is not treated when we are young and healthy when we are able to get on a strict diet because when other things go wrong with our bodies eating anything at all is a challenge.

I am so grateful that I no longer suffer any symptoms from Candida because I have had trouble with my gums also and at this time am not able to eat raw fruit and vegestable either. (Raw veggies is my absolute favorite food)

The temperature of foods also bothers me, but only recently did it occur to me to zap even my bananas and supplements in the microwave. Am so glad that I bought one that gives me the option of zapping for even 1 second. 5 seconds makes a BIG, BIG difference.

I steam my vegestable and have learned to either let them cool down or I add a side dish that is cooler to help cool them down. Sometimes I use a little bit of mash potatoes to help me obtain the proper temperature. (If I still had Candida, I would not have been able to eat mash potatoes at all).

I have been told to cut up my apples up. I had just started to learn to zap my apples in the microwave oven for 5 seconds when I hurt my gums eating one the normal way.

I have been suffering with fibromyalgia which has caused my throat to become extremely sensative to temperature. Have gone through so much weight loss because of it.

I think the fibromyalgia has contributed to my gum problems also.

I am so fortunate to have found a homeopath to help me with this horrible and crippling desease, which I got after getting a physical injury. If I had known about Arnica 30c, I would never had gotton Fibromyalgia.

So, Tracy, it is very important to deal with this Candida problem as soon as possible. NEVER forget about homeopathy. It is literally a God sent. Homeopathy has cured me of most of my fibromyalgia symptoms so I can continue to be independent.

I would have certainly died a long time ago, if I still had Candida.

Keep learning about homeopathy and make sure that if you ever go through ANY trauma whatsoever divorce, death, auto accident, physical injury, etc that you get a hold of some homeopathy IMMEDIATELY to help you before another desease sets in.

I think starting a new thread to get remedies suggested to you for candida might be helpful to you. And start another thread to ask for a remedy for your tooth pain also.

Some people claim that Arnica (as suggested by Joe) has helped them stop drinking and smoking. Would be great if it could help you with Candida also.

I haven't taken the Nat Phos 6c yet because I am still recovering from aggrevations from the last remedy I took which contibuted to more weight loss (from the inability to eat). I am trying to get a bit of weight back on before taking another remedy.

So glad that you found Joe who highly recommends Nat Phos 6c for digestive problems. It is very important not to keep any old food in there for the yeast to feed off

I read in another post someone recommending Udos super 5 probiotics and Udos enzymes. Might want to look into those. I found a website that sells chewable ones, which you can probably just suck on if it doesn't bother your gums.

As I wrote earlier, a couple of co workers had great success by simply adding acidophilus to their diet.

My brother used to give it to his racing pegeons to keep them from stopping to eat during a race. They make better books for birds than for humans LOL.

Take care and stay in touch and hope you get better soon.
Pat2006 last decade
Ha, ha - Pat, you are too fast for me in replying....

I'll have to get back to you... I'm about done in for the day.

Yep, I "warm" things up in the microwave, too, ha, ha - like fruits. Otherwise, I can't tolerate them.

I was diagnosed with Fibro as far back as 1992. I'm convinced that it was, in fact, Lyme Disease. A very high percentage of Fibromites and CFS sufferers end up having Lyme... and many Lymies have yeast and tooth pain and sensitivity...

Have you looked into this? Check symptoms at www.lymesite.com and click on the Is It Lyme button... scroll down a bit for a list...

Yes, a new thread - or using e-mail would probably be a good idea...

Gotta run for today....

Truthfinder last decade

It would be absolutely fabulous if you could treat with a homeopath.

With homeopathy, there is absolutely NO need for a diagnosis because homeopathy deals only with symptoms.

By the time I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, most of my symptoms had already been cured with homeopathy.

The doctor who diagnosed me with fibro was reading an old medical report that was sent there from the major medical hospital I had visited when I was in DESPERATE AND TOTALLY CRIPPLING PAIN FROM NECK TO LEGS.

This was the very last recourse for me; and when I got home from this major medical hospital, I contacted a homeopath and received miracles immediately.

Homeopathy can cure diseases that haven't even been discovered yet. LOL

Well, Tracy you are so much smarter and quicker than I am. It's only been two weeks since it occurred to me to put fruit in the micro. LOL

Are you using plastic silverware also? those metal silverware can be awfully cold. LOL

I will certainly look into lyme disease.

I really get a lot out of knowing what is wrong because then when I research it and can go down the list of symptoms I say, 'WOW! I USED to have that. I GET A VERY STRONG SENSE OF GRATITUDE reading a list of old symptoms.

Pat2006 last decade

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