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Memory, Stress & daily habit of masturbation

Age 23
weight 54-58 somthing

gets acidity easily
slightly liver enlarged
slightly curved penis
taking hemp to get rid of stress and started taking it from last month

Problems in Detail

I don't even remember when i started masturbation and not sure about that do i want to stop doing it or not and yet struggle daily in argument with my own self and because of this continue argument i feel frustrated All the time and sometimes i masturbate when i'm not excited just because of this sexual frustration. normally i do it once or twice a day but if i eat sugar then it turns into four or five times a day or more..the reasons i want to stop doing it is weakness, low confidence, feel less emotional and i'm religios person also and this is the main reason because after getting excited i feel like lets accept it and do it but even in that condition i struggle because of religious thoughts.You might understand the weight of my religious thought by reading it " when i imagine while doing masturbate, I try to imagine in a way so no one gets hurts even in my imagination as if i'm doing it in real. ". I have consumed ayurvedic sex medicines to regain the strength back. but all of them had aphrodisiac effect so i have stopped taking them but i have continued them for at least 1 year or more. There is one more thing that i have discontinued taking ayurvedic herbs many times but started taking them again. because i forgot that how much they made me excited before and also because i was desperate to regain my strenght as quickly as possible. Right now i want to stop doing it because i always end up feeling guilty(after doing it thinks that i shouldn't have done this for many different reason) but after started taking hemp i do not feel that much guilty but still unable to accept it.

These days i'm in stress because i'm 23 old and unemployed and not even doing something about it because no matter how much i study or whatever institute i join i forget very quickly and once i can't remember about what i studied. i try to remember but easily get tired mentally and unable to force my self to think and always end up loosing confidence. but i believe if i can only remember things better and get enough strength to force my brain to think over somthing then i can definetly do many things because i love study and learning new things.

i have tried many things and many times. that is why i have become very impatient and desperate to get result.

one thing that i'm aware of that i don't know whether god exist or not. it is just that i'm attached with him. so i'm not blind believer. i still believes in only logic.

these days i 'm only taking these ayurvedic herbs
Himalaya Bhrami
On&on Spirulina
Divya Medha Vati.
Wheat Grass
Himalaya Amalaki(only At night)
  akhilsharma1 on 2017-10-24
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I only can take your case if you reply me in time REGULARLY (or as directed after every 2 days etc) otherwise your case will be closed in between .. and I will move to next one. if I'm not replying click my name and email me to remind .. a long with your case Page link ..

(save your case page link and refresh the page daily for updates / replies at the bottom . Login first then paste the link)
Patient name, age, profession, how long patient got married, if married how many children, patient daily routine , how long patient suffering from this problem, what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have ? When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates ? do you have swollen hands or feet , foul smelling gasses ? Any light sensitivity ? Sweaty hands or feet ? Do you feel pronounced weakness in body ??

What you like in food and what not ? Do you feel thirsty mostly or do you like water ? Or mostly thirst less ?? Do you feel cold in body or hot ? Do you like to be warped in a blanket even in summer ? Or feel hot in body mostly and dislike hot weather etc .. what you like in food The most = sweets or salts ? Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details.
E-mail me any reports .. Click my name for email. Tell doctors opinion regarding your problem as well ..

What medicines you used in the past ? Name and potency ? Are you dibetic or suffering from high blood pressure ? Or any other chronic disease .. ??
healer21 11 months ago

If you think you can solve my case then i don't have any problem to post reply daily..

Daily Habit of masturbation is the main problem and i think all of my problems relates to this.

Name - Akhil
age - 23
Porfession -
I'm not married

before having stress i used to follow proper routine like waking up before 6 o'clock or sleeping between 10-11 pm classes lunch dinner everything was at the time even i had a schedule for drinking water 1 pm - 5 Pm But these days wakes up between 7-9 then bath, worship, lunch and spend most of the day in front of laptop and unable to sleep at night so takes an ayurvedic medicine which actually cause gain weighht but helps me to get sleep.

Don't really have any pain but sometime head feels heavy due to frustration and headache somtime mostly after masturbation or while having acidity problem.

Sugar or any product which condains sugar makes me masturbate more times or if i'm taking something high nutrient rich foods then it increases the desire but doesn't actually force me to do masturbate but continue declining it makes me frustrat and i end up doing it.

No swollen hand or feets.

foul smelling gasses - yeah but not very foul smelling

no light sensitivity

sweaty hand or feet - yeah but rarely and only hand

i feel weak if i have done masturbation more than 2 times in a day. but when i was not taking spirulina i used to feel weak alot.

Normally i would say fast food but i have stopped eating them very long ago. these days i eat only homemade food and potato is like my daily food. i hate ladyfinger(bhindi), Taro(arbi).

Sometime i feel thirsty and sometime i do not. and if i have eaten alot then i do not really feel very thirsty. but before i sleep i drink water alot which makes me hard to sleep, i do not know if it is out of thirst or habit.

sometime i feel my face and ear hot like they are burning. and i like staying at cold places.

i like to be wraped in blanket even in summer

i don't really know whether i hate hot weather or not.

i add both salt and honey in milk but i would say i like sweet food most.

if you don't count early ejaculation then, other then acidity(which gets in control if i stop eating spicy) i don't have any health problem

i don't have any current health reports. All of them are 1 or 2 year old.

Please let me know if i have missed any question.
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

look ... and look again.. think >>

you said ..

you like staying in cold places .. & you like to be wrapped in blanket even in summer.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ? you feel cold in body or hot ?

first condition shows your body hot, but second condition shows you feel a lot cold in body that is why you like to be wrapped even in summer .. >> ?

I need clear answer .. what you feel actually ?

Your condition is not cleared but still let me give you something.
Till then take one dose of nat.sulph 200c (liquid form drops) 4 drops in a disposable glass .. early morning in some water .. mix well drink slowly .. before breakfast .. once only .. no more .. one dose only. do not eat or drink any thing before or after 30 minutes of taking medicine. as a rule remember this for every time.

do not masturbate or do not use sugar .. you can use cane sugar (gur > alternative to sugar) do not use coffee or mint etc .. do not use junk food or oily foods .. your problem is only sedentary life style .. no medicine requires if you do not feel good by this prescription .. you have to change your life style this is your remedy.

Report after 2 days.
[Edited by healer21 on 2017-10-25 12:56:02]
healer21 11 months ago

the thing i said is true. that i like to be wrapped in blanket as long as it is not a very thick one. beside that i don't think i have a clear answer of your question because i used to live at the top floor in summer. my room used to be very hot. and i started hating summer but at the same time i always used to be always ready to go outside even between 12-3 pm maybe because i used to be like sweating. and then i started living in ground floor where the temperature used to be low. and i started keeping my self in blanket.

in short i don't know which one i like cold or hot.
sorry for not being able to answer.

there is one more thing about this. as i mention i'm desperate to get rid of habit of masturbation. while spending all my time find a way to get rid of this habit. i do not know how or on what bases but i came up with conclusion that heat in my body is the main reason for masturbation and i started eating food which lowers the tempreture. in the starting i felt like i'm having some benefit but after continuing this i ended up where i started after. few months back somehow i came up with another conclusion that low temperature of my body is cause me masturbate and started eating things which increases body temperature. and same thing happen. felt like having benefit but after few days i ended up where i started.

i know the thing i did was totally idiotic yet telling you without any shame so maybe you can get any idea to solve my case.

i'm not using sugar but use honey for adding in milk..
doing masturbate is not in my control that is why i'm seeking advice.
i do not take caffeine products like choclates, tea, or coffea but i will keep in mind about mint.
i don't eat junk food but oil is being used in vegitables at home. Will it count??

i will Buy this remedy tommorow. and will take it in the next morning. because can't buy this Today.
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

Yes oil matters in any form .. but reduce it as much you can ..

Update after remedy ..

healer21 11 months ago

i have taken nat sulph 200c in the morning and didn't eat anything till next 1 hour after that drunk nimbo paani.. and used only butter(Indian Cow ghee) in lunch. i take my lunch at 10 am so yup i have already taken it.

can i expect less sexual argument from before?

I forgot to mention in my First Post that selenium used to cause me unwanted sexual desire. and if have i ate sugar at that time than i used to do masturbate alot than usual and that masturbate used to cause me too much weakness but i used to overcome it very quick too and I have taken selenium few days back and since then i'm not feeling weak not even while using hemp. but i think it has also increased sexual argument in the morning. this time i wouldn't say that it increased the desire but after taking selenium i feel good or maybe i'm just feeling things a litter better. and when i'm having sexual argument, I feel that sexual pleasure very easily which leads me to masturbate quicker than usual.

and it is not like i'm free these days that is why i'm having this argument. i have tried many times to keep my self busy, but never able to keep any schedule more than a one or two months because i was always having sexual argument when i was at home. I have also tried to stay away from home and it helped too, i was having less argument but i was still masturbating atleast twice a week which used to cause me guilt and weakness(more mentally than physically) and just like always i couldn't continue that schedule. These Days i have just stopped trying in a fear that it will end in a way it always end thats by i'm having sedentary lifestyle.

i have already tried China, Lycopodium, staphisagria, Cannabis sativa( only because i was consuming hemp) sorry to forget mentioning it before.
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

No masturbation, no butter, no hemp, and not any other medicine ++ all other precautions I mentioned earlier, don't use them as well etc .. say no to everything I told ..

Report after 2 days
[Edited by healer21 on 2017-10-27 06:58:30]
healer21 11 months ago

Masturbation is not in my control not in my control. but somehow that argument didn't arise yesterday. argument was there but not sexual so maybe that is why i managed to passed that day without masturbation. waiting for next 2-3 days to confirm if it is a effct of medicine or just a random day.

i have reduced butter(ghee) or oil in my daily routine as much as it possible. I drink one or one and half litre Indian cow milk Daily and Ghee is a part of Milk. Will it count?
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

homeo medicine is not only for once particular problem .. our selection is for whole body. from head to toe. so medicine will start working in body from head to toe.

it has no connection with your masturbation. but your general health level .. one thing mind it >>

every thing should be in your control .. if not than it is the same case as if you driving a car with 60-100 k.m per hour but it is not in your control .. what will happen ? you must know.

you have to schedule your life .. no sedentary life style. make your self busy schedule it .. this is the only way you can fight your problem.

oil in milk does not count .. but in some cases. but oil in meals counts or in bread (ghee pratha etc) ..

note changes in your general health .. improvements. and daily routine work improvement etc ..

Report tomorrow.
[Edited by healer21 on 2017-10-28 06:45:27]
healer21 11 months ago

there is no change. as far as i can see, can you please tell me where to focus to see changes.

I'm trying my best to change my lifestyle.

I have a question about my health.
I feel headache especially after eating spicy. i have noticed that i get that same headache from everything which affect cough. Even after Gargle. ( ginger, cloves are not included ). That is the main reason i don't eat spicy. It cause me stomach issue too but headache arise first. but when i don't eat spicy, I feel sleepy lot. If i'm eating spicy after 3-5 days than i doesn't cause me headache but my nose flow a lot and when i eat spicy 2nd day than it cause me headache. Can you tell me what is the cause and is it possible to cure it?
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

your problem doesnt seem medical one .. it seems like self-abuse type of .. you feel hot but same time like to go in sun even in summer and even when sun it at its peak of heat .. 12-1pm ..afternoon ..

what is this ? like this habit you have a lot of bad things .. why ?

you can not tell what you like or feel cold or hot weather, thirsty mostly or thirst-less ??


CHANGE YOUR HABITS / SELF-ABUSE, going in heat even in summer while you hate hot weather and all this type of artificial developed symptoms etc .. even this you did not tell me after my first question message that which medicines you used ? you tell later in your messages about this. your health is at risk ..

This is a reason you even can not prescribe your symptoms correctly. read my first posts .. i instantly realized and said your symptoms are not clear etc .. just because some reasons i mentioned earlier in this message etc ..

evil made you numb , can not explain correctly. how someone can prescribe some medicine in this condition ?

you are only 23 and started using hemp etc .. in your age normal person is much more active and energetic etc .. you are following evil .. SO EVIL IS YOUR BOSS NOW. and this EVIL will lead you to the swamp or sump of destruction ultimately. and there will be no body to help you. you will cry, for help etc .. but it will be too late ..


this will be the condition where no one loves you .. and you realize it very late that people left you far before but you were thinking you are with them or they will help you etc.. WHAT YOU THINK EVIL WILL GIVE YOU HAPPY ENDING ?

everyone hates you this is the reality, as long as you are following evil. AND THERE IS A LOT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING AT THE END WAITING.




[Edited by healer21 on 2017-10-29 08:13:20]
healer21 11 months ago

I agree with you that It can be self-abuse. I tried my best to explain my situation to you. Let me try again, hope you'll understand. the thing i'm trying to tell you is that There is a huge conflict in me between what is right thing to do and what i want to do. I have get rid of many habits because of this argument or conflict. that conflict started few years back like 3-4 or maybe 5 years back. I used to be diluter & weed addict, At that time i used to take a lot of tea and fast food and an excessive amount of suggar in every thing. it was like i had stopped taking home food ( but i was never able take spicy nor i was able to smoke pure ciggrete ever). Hemp is not an big deal to me. I became religious after i started that type of lifestyle but when i got attached to god than i started questioning myself. it wasn't like magic or that i will have to answer him after i will die but i used to worshipp him everyday because of this i used to face him everyday and started thinking that what he might be thinking about me? and when i started to thinking about my life from his perspective, I started hating my self. From that day i was in stress because i wanted him to think about me good and started changing myself. i stopped taking sugar and any sugar product and stopped every other bad Thing. Don't get the wrong idea that i thought weed, sugar or diluter was the bad thing. When i tried to see things from Gods percpective then the only thing i found bad was addiction, It doesn't matter whether i was addict with weed or sugar or fast food. i stopped every thing i could then the only thing left was masturbation which i wasn't able to stop no matter how many times i tried. In the last few months i have just become hopeless yet continueing try to stop this habit Because even in this hopless condition i'm unable to accept myself.

the thing you were asking about hot and cold stuff, Let me clear you about this. I didn't like hot yet used to find a reason to go outside between 12pm - 3pm because i thought it is a right thing to do and i shouldn't let this hot wether affect me and i used to try to enjoy it. and now i'm living at ground floor which is cold so i'm using blanket most of the time and when i was at the top floor and in hot wether i didn't asked for AC From my Father. I thought i will become addict of it. And used to cover my self in thick and heavy blanket because it used to sweat me lot and i thought it is a good thing and i used to kinda like it too. the reason i wasn't able to tell you clearly this before is there were times when i cared about wether but i wasn't able to remember that time maybe because it was totally alternate.

The reason i didn't tell you about other medicine i have used before was, I was answering your question one by one while reading all your questions line by line and in the end when i read "E-Mail me any reports" etc i thought question has ended. or else i don't know why i couldn't read last part but it wasn't like i was hiding or something.

i take hemp only after bath and worship and lunch, Not three times but when these three things have done after that i get lot of free time and in free time i think about lot of things including future. It is not like i will die poor or something. My Family is Financially very good and i will survive but in the end i will have to depend on them. and the real thing is i have my own philosiphies about life that there is no gaurntee in life if i'm not on my own legs. and i think about memory stuff that no matter how much i study, i forget everything very quickly etc. which cause me lot of stress and to get rid of this stress i take one forth part of hemp in a day not like whole ball. it gets me mild high where i have enough strenth to think about things i care or want to think about but not enough to think about everything. if i don't get stress or feel heaviness on heart which leads me to masturbaton. Not because of any desire but believe that i might get relieve from it. so i'm using hemp and masturbating only because of desire not to get rid of stress. besides all of this, hemp also makes me very understanding and less egostic person and feel more pity towards helpless people, I don't know wether it Sound realistic or not.

It is good to share your philosiphies but please don't tell me these common things which everyone including me is aware of. Like i already know that i'm living like a garbage of socity.
i don't understand about evil stuff. i believe in time And your Past Made you who you are in your present. Please don't think of this as an argument it is just an old habit of mine talking about philosiphies.

I believe, i'm unable to explain what i want to cure because i might do not know my self. only thing i can say that i want to stop masturbation.

i didn't really understand what you meant by "who are dying with pain or need help etc " if you are talking about helping random people who needs it then i can tell you one thing about my self that i love finding logics and creating new philosphies and when i find someone in stress i listen there problems and when they are done with there problems, I share my philosphies and expierience to motivate them and they question those philosphies and i answer them and at the same time i gain more knowledge from there expierience they share with me. this talk used to be more than 2-3 hours sometime with guy & sometime with girl. it used to motive me too. but not doing from last few months like 2-3 months
if you meant something else then please let me know.

i'm having this issue from last 3-4 years so i have spend many time on this and had lot of things which i think i should share but i can't remember all of them at the same time. I don't have any idea what to tell and what not because i don't know what symtoms are important in homeopath.

please tell me what to expect from Nat Sulp and will it help me to get my desire in control? and 1m is higher dose which i will not get nerby. will have to order it online which will take a week.

please let me know if there is a way to cure memory & mental tiredness. memory is my second problem if it get cured then it will boost my confidence lot.
akhilsharma1 11 months ago

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