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6 year old- stomach pains, post nasal drip, apnea, anemia, dyspnea

Has your child been treated by a Homeopath before? No

1. He had stomach pains to begin with, mostly when he was hungry. The pain usually went away as soon as he ate. It happened every few weeks or months at first. Then he started compaining about acid and hit could happen that he throws up. Some toast would usually makeit better, and the symptoms dissapeared. This spring he would complain about acid more and more, and then he started getting heart burn really bad.His stomach pain became more frequent and now he has them every single day, several times a day. The pain used to be mild to moderate but is getting stronger and lasting longer. Sometimes he is extremely bloated and his stool is often ill formed and if it is well formed it is often very, very pale (although it is hard to see nowadays, because he eats a lot of beets, as soon as he doesnnt, there the pale stool is again ..) I modified the diet and the acid is mostly gone and the heartburn. It happens only on occassion but he has post nasal drip during the day instead and swollows alot (water is comming back he says) I assumed silent reflux but he has other symptoms too. He has sleep apnea I am assuming from the post nasal drip or possibly anemia.
2.He bruises easily, looks very, very pail, has dark visible veins around his eyes , on his eyelids and almost black veins under his eyes.Also red spider veins under and above the eye, dark cirles and puffy eyes.His eyes are also blood shot sometimes. His heart beat is very rapid and he gets out of breath so easily,sometimes even while talking. His breathing during sleep is very shallow and he turns around alot, alot, alot. He never dreams so he lacks REM sleep obviously

3. He occasionaly complains of leg pain and he walks funny, like he is stretching the legs while walking. Last winter he would wake up and having leg pain, as soon as he got out of bed he could barely walk. That got better after a while,but then he instead started complaining about leg pain while walking. Now when he walks or stands he seems to just lose balance sometimes, he tells me "I slipped" but he stands still, it seems like his leg sometimes just "gives in". He looks extremely tired and gets tired painful legs easily.
Can you trace the origin of any of these concerns to a particular event, accident, illness or mental
His stomach has been semi-bad for a while, every coule of weeks, but easily fixible with some bicarb or apple cider vineger and food or pooping. Then it started getting worse and daily during the spring. I have been uder stress and he pays less attention and is more stubborn so we did fight more then before, although nothing major. His stomach was a bit worse duting the spring, but in june he got fever out of nowhere, no cold, no flue, no cough, no stuffed nose -just fever from nowhere and then the stomach pains became really bad, he got eye infection and his veins became visible and he got a rash under the eyes. In a couple of days he started complaining of leg pain again and he had acid reflux and got bruised easily. Maybe I was also looking for the worst as I googled alot and found horrible things. He got nightsweats, but it was very, very warm so I am not sure.

What makes your child feel better? It used to be bicarb, now it is mostly tea with anis seeds, colloidal silver sometimes. Not sure, it is upa and down, not even diet seems to have a big impact.
What makes them feel worse?
Fatty foods seems to make it a bit worse, walking too much, getting exhausted, running, smoke, mental exhaustion.
List and date any treatments, medications, herbs or remedies used now or in the past: No treatments, got one dose of morfin at 2 years for respiratory virus and ibuprofen andparacetamol. Since june he got broccoli sprouts, chaga, vit C, zinc, kelp as his aunt has herbal pharmacy but nothing really makes much of a chang except coconut oil and blackstrap molasses
Child’s weight at birth 3,6 kg
Rh blood problem RH positive while I am RH negative, but no problem
Birth complications got deprived of oxygen for a short while got oxygen for a few seconds, and was well directly, no big complications
Delivery was normal YES
Difficult delivery NO
No. hours in labour.3
premature delivery NO, right on the day
Other.got gas during birth, no extreme pain except for him being stuck in a channal for a little while, but quick and good delivery
Difficulties becoming pregnant NO
Weight gained.16 kg
Did you experience the following:
Blood pressure changes very low blood pressure at times
Diabetes NO
Eclampsia NO
Other complications got exposed to mold and developed severe allergies got blleeding at week 11
Shocks/trauma(specify)Almost died due to ABPA fro mold,got suicidal during the end of pregnancy due to lack of support from husband
Emotional upsets(specify)very upset due to marriage problems, felt stuck, almost died and then had to move, was on bed rest for 3 months and very emotionally fragile and inactive
Overall mental state Very bad
Post-partum depression or other complications after delivery Thrush, breast candida, developed allergies, got very sick. NO depression but a lot of anxiety, OCD and mental fog

Cigarettes quit after I found out I was pregnant
Alcohol No
Recreational drugsNo
Anti-nausea medicationsNo
Green teaNo
Coffee Occasionaly
Black tea No
OtherAnti-candida, Rhogam
Did you breast feed and for how long 4 months one breast, 7 months other
Milk intolerance Not for me, but he reacted to it, so I stopped
Latching Difficulty No.
Other feeding problems (formula/solids)Eco forula after 4 months...........
Co-ordination problems. No
Growth problems No
Crawling/Standing/Walking Difficulties No
Speech / Language Difficulties started late
Visual / Hearing Difficulties No
Dentition Problems No
Other developmental difficulties No
Vaccination Reactions (fever/rash/cold/sweats/etc)No
Frequent coldsNo Influenza No Measles No MumpsNo.
Croup or whooping cough No Chickenpox No Diaper rashes Yes

Other diseases/accidents/injuriesRespiratory Virus that was suspected to be meningites, but no test was taken and he recovered within days.
Medications administered for any of the above Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, one dose of morphine
lack of energy colic
hyperactivity sleeping problems
nervousness behaviour problems
digestive upsets
skin rashes allergies
foul odours breath/)
anxiety someties worms possibly, not sure
frequent or recurrent illness (specify*)
*just what I described
Medications administered for above none
Fears/phobias He is afraid of everything, mostly death, hight, losing me,bugs, many things....................................................................................................
Lack of confidence yes in some areas
Excess timidity/shyness Yes.
Makes friends easily if HE feels like it
Likes to be with friends yes, but has none, as I am alone with him and cannot afford daycare. He was about to start pre school but I need to get his health in check first.

Prefers to be alone No
Prefers one parent Has only me, we have been alone for 4 years.
Aversion to
being carried/ rocked No
Better when rocked or carried Not really
Rejects attention when
sick NO
Startles when being put down or going down stairs No.
Hard to please Sometimes
Gets angry easily Yes
Easily startled /Noise sensitive Yes
Tantrums Occasionaly
Biting / kicking /head-banging etcNo
Aggression Passivly
Violence/cruelty No
Passivity No
Affectionate Yes, to me
Averse to being
held No
Laziness No
Resistance to change A bit
Motion sickness Yes
Seems to learn slowly No
Easily distracted Yes
Difficult concentration Yes..
Sleeps long hours, hard to wake in the morning Yes, no
Needs little sleep No
Difficulty in
settling for sleep Yes
Kicks off covers Yes
Prefers cold room Sometimes
Excessive crying. Yes
Easily weepy Yes
Aversion to bathing no
Prefers fresh air yes
.Prefers to be
wrapped/covered no Nightmares(specify)that i leave him across the street
Wakes with a start. yes, looking for me
Eyes sensitive to lightsometimes
Poor eye contact doesnt like to hold eyes still when I tell him, but no problems with wyw contact
Decreased interest in environment yes
Dyslexia not applicable, har time learning reading, math is very easy for him
behaviour Not really Obstinac Occasionally
.Disobedience Sometimes
Lying yes
Compulsiveness yes
Grinds teeth yes
Nail-biting no
Excess scratching and picking of skin, ears, nose and/or
anus yes, scratches hair when sweaty, picks nose, but not in eccess Inclination to masturbate no
Coldness in limbs or torso no
Food cravings, intolerances, allergies or aversions(specify)I dont know ;( He hates nuts or anything hard or crunchy
Other observations If something is planed, he hates to change it and if he gets an idea and it is not like he thought, he gets really upset, angry or sad
Favourite toys, games, hobbies, activities, sports Puzzles,
playing pretend, soft toys, making a game out of anything,very great immagination, he used to be very active, but gets out of breath nowadays, loves to play in the park, he has hard time focusing and always fidgeting while watching tv etc. Watches too much tv,
cartoons and could do it for days if I let him.
Academic history and aptitudes Very advanced in math, knows addition, substraction, some multiplication and has since the age of 5. Reading is not as advanced, but in the level of kids his age. Loves science, drawing, nature and animals.
Family History:
Father 34, problems with prostate
Paternal Grandfather 70, alcoholic
Paternal Grandmother 68, gastro problems

Mother 37, allergies, bad heart,bad lungs
Maternal Grandfather 69, battling lung can cer
Maternal Grandmother 59, heart attack 6 years ago, gastro problems, too emotional
No sisters or brothers
Aunts (s) 46,no diseases 43,no diseases, 30 OCD and thyroid
Uncles (s) No uncles
  Mummy1 on 2017-09-20
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give him 4 tables of Five phos of willium Scheweba three times and report after two weeks.

Mahfoozurrehman last year

Bump up for zady
simone717 last year

does the kid feel cold?
Zady101 last year

Kali Carb 200C

Dissolve 2 drops/ 5 pills in 6 teaspoons water; once pills dissolve, stir with a spoon a few times and drink. Do this Once only.

ONCE. No repetition.Update after 2 days of medicine

Your kid should get better. Avoid anything that might antindote the med.
[Edited by Zady101 on 2017-09-20 17:49:09]
Zady101 last year

Btw, mummy. If your homeo pharmacy will not
Give you a few pills to try- or if they give you some and then no more?
Give me the name of the pharm and I can order it and pay them for you to pick it up.
simone717 last year

I re read this.

Do not give him any more bicarbonate. (Baking soda)
Side effects are:

Pinpoint red dots on skin
Fast heartbeat
Trouble breathing
Very tired
Trouble breathing with any exertion
Soft stools/diarrhea
Stomach cramps
Extreme stomach cramps and injury to the stomach if given right after
Food or drink.

How much baking Soda a day were you giving and over how many months?

Also- please make a timeline for zady -
List each year- illness and what you have and what is still going on.
simone717 last year

Also things like antacids will cause pale stools.

Is the stool brown after beets??

Every day pale stools is not normal if you cannot figure out a cause. He then. Needs a liver enzyme panel and a test for viral hepatitis to see what
Is the cause- remedies would be different depending on cause.
[Edited by simone717 on 2017-09-20 23:35:25]
simone717 last year

Mummy1: pls exercise caution, dont give him
Baking soda, etc

Your prescription is above
Zady101 last year

Please stop giving him Chaga tea and all supplements. There are side effects of chaga of bad stomach pain, bruising and liver disease. Unlike reishi, it has not been thoroughly researched. He needs good protein, vegetables and water- only.
simone717 last year

Dear Simone and Zady! Firstly, thank you immensly for your kindness, your beautiful words and your advise. I am sorry I have been absent, my internet was disconnected and my phone broke on top of it all. As you know, I have some struggle with paying doctors aetc, but found a diagnosing method via frequencies and got an appointment as a birthday gift from my mum (mums are the best :) ) . She said he had gastritis caused by H pylori and inflamed stomach lining as well as lot of inflamation on duodenal part. His skin is fragile and his heart is apparently under some stress. He has a predisposition for a fatty liver, but apparently no serios anemia nor lung or tonsillitis problems. His endoctrine system looked well as well as wel as his immune system. I dont know how accurate the method is, but she did get it right, and started talking about stomach problems right away. He had some acid damage in his esophagus and larnyx. She said he should not drnk water before and after meals, just like you said, and said yarrow, thyme, st ohns wort and chamomile tea would help. She also came with some food restrictions and prescribed more kefirs etc. I started him on Slippery Elm and gave him a lot of tea, and tried including and excluding different foods. Well- the results - he no longer swollows alot (that must have been just a tonsill flare up), but he still has alot of stomach pains, and they are worse as he now holds his stomach before sleep etc. His acid was gone, but now he gets flair ups more often. His diet seems to have nothing with it, as it has been pretty uniform in this period. I did include a multivitamine, which his stomach didnt like so I discontinued it. His spiderveins on his eye lids and under his eyes, as well on his chest and back are getting worse and more visable, and it seems to have nothing to do woth anemia he eats beets, molasses, liver, and test said no anemia, so I am very , very sad about it, since noting helps. He looks sick, and that makes me more worried and keeps me in a spiral of worrying. He still has apnea but nor as severe, and his breathing is shallow. His necj vein still pulsates visable while he sleeps and his heart rate is still too fast. His shortness of breath comes ang goes, but mostly its there. Was thinking of hietal hernia, but the scanning didnt show it. As his stomach pain is getting worse, I have inspected his stoll and there are black spacks in it, as well as white rise like things. He does get organic rise, so Im unsure if its parasites. His stool is not so pale anymore, but he eats a ot of beets too, and greens. There is often mucous tho, and light patches. He grinds his teeth more and looks tired,h does not act like it tho. No itchy anus, but itchy nose and eyes. Blepharitis looking crust occasionaly and some little red patch under one eyebrow. He is eating a lot, still, and hungry always, but not gaining any weight.His stomach is less bloated after the strict regime, but like I said he still has pain, even more the last 7 days I guess, and occasional acid reflux and heart burn although I am unsure of it, as yesterday it turnes out the pain is actually chest pain on the left side...I have started him on pumkin seed, I dont dare to give him cloves, Im affraid its too harsh on his belly. Today his stool had less black specks, but his stomach hurts more. I am kind of going crazy, as you can imagine. Regarding sodium bicarbonate, I gave him that only during acid reflux flare ups, once or twice a week maybe, he had already been struggling when I started giving him , and the amounts were crazy small, sp doubt it had any ill effect. Chaga he got in a tea, and only a little cup a day for 2 weeks, also weeks after the symptoms started, but have discontinued both long time ago..Have been going crazy googling since my internet is up, feels like it was easier when I coundnt.. ANyway, so grateful for your input, and so so sorry for my long posts.. Lots of love to you!
Mummy1 11 months ago

Oh, and ofcourse, thank you dr mahfooz!

SHould I give him 5phos or kali carb, does it still stand? He is not cold,almost ever, he sweats a lot during the night and he never gets really affected by the cold, he thinks its too hot always, because it is - I am always freezing and keeping the heat on. When we are outside and its really cold , he sometimes can comment that his hands are cold, that is probably te only part of him that he ever complains about being cold, ever, and only when its really cold outside. His heart rate is so fast, I guess its hard for him to get cold, however, his circulation cannot be the best as he gets all these spider veins or am I wrong? It is all very confusing :(
Mummy1 11 months ago

I do not believe in diagnosing thru "frequencies"
And then treating what can be a terribly "wrong"
Diagnosis with herbs, teas and so on where you make things worse
And then get more confused.

Last time I wrote he basically had poisoning
From giving bicarb. It does not matter if it was "small"
Amount - giving bicarb after a meal or moderate liquid can tear a hole in your stomach and cause death. He had every symptom of poisoning from bicarb.

Dr Mahfooz is only on here a couple times a year-
Disregard that old advice.

No one can help you on here- he needs western med testing to see if his
Stomach lining etc is damaged. I hope you find the funds to get him treated
And diagnosed.
simone717 11 months ago

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