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Dear Dr.Maheeru,

Following is my current condition:

1. I cannot think on one issue for more than 15-25 seconds. you can call it confusion. extreme confusion. It is so predominant in the mind.

1.2: Delusional brain.

2. It all starts in the chest region/Center of heart.Easily felt on the back of spine behind the heart.

It the heart beat.

this heart beat is so strong and so fast.

It is so FAST,there is like heart flutter in the upper chambers of heart.It is so fast that i cannot catch my breath. I cannot meditate at all. the of fast breathing is being forced upon me. the breath is small. I do take deep breath every 2 minutes.
This of heart flutter is constant through out the day.24*7, meaning all year around.

SO STRONG that I can feel it in the center of brain and does not allow me to think at all. It moves my brain to and fro. Just like heart is beating , so is my head.It creates confusion. It does not allow me to connect to my inner being. It does not allow me to concentrate. It does not allow me to process emotions at all so there is lot of emotional baggage left behind to resolve since 7 years.

SO STRONG that it creates a violent palpitation, goes up chest and all the way into my left arm. I can feel that heart beat mostly in my left elbow region very clearly. Same is felt in the left knee joint and left foot palm. I can feel my left foot palm so hot.I can feel it at the back of spine behind the heart.

3. This action of heart is producing lot lot lot lot of mental anxiety and . I just cannot bear this mental anxiety doctor. first solve this problem.

4. Heavy pain in the head of penis while intercourse so I cannot have sex. Its been sic years like this and still we cannot have kids.

5. Mild lower ventricular hypertrophy.
6. diabetic(diagnosed in last july) : after eating reading is 200.
7. fatty lumps in the back of neck.
8.I cannot do exercise. While running, I will get pain in the center of head.
9.I suffer from non alcoholic fatty liver.
10.Pain in the prostrate region. and also in testes.

My father died of heart attack, mom is taking heart medication, brother also is having diabetic,fitsula,pilesetc.

kindly analyze my case. I am in need of desperate help.

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ganapathi1 last year

Some more questions.

1) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body ?

2) Your hobbies, your emotional baggage, fears, grief episodes and describe yourself in your own words.

3) Any cravings/aversions; any preferences with climates, heat/cold

4) Any triggers that you may know of --for your complaints

5) Why did you take Baryta and silicea in the first place? Was it self medication or was suggested by someone?
maheeru last year

Dear Dr.Maheeru,

I am answering the following:
1) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body ?

Answer :
Aggravations: In the evening, while moon is decreasing, In the Cold weather, After eating any sugar foods.

Feeling Better: In open air, If I skip the lunch.

The left side of the body is worse.

2) Your hobbies, your emotional baggage, fears, grief episodes and describe yourself in your own words.

Hobbies: Listening to the same song again and again and again once you like the song. Very interested in acquiring the new knowledge. Making new connections between subjects like astrology and the diet.

Emotional Baggage :
1. I cannot tolerate manipulation. Extremely sensitive to Manipulative behaviour.I mean I am fear to manipulation. I get very angry when someone manipulates.

2. I cannot stand abuse. Example: In bus if I dont have change, the conductor arrogantly shouts for change which I cannot bear. I dont know the right words to describe the feeling ie, I cannot stand authority,arrogant people or dominanting people.

In my mind, since last 5 years I have been fighting these two patterns only. Day in and day out in my mind these are two dominant patterns.

In my journey into my mind, I can say the root of the these two is lack of self confidence.

I am shy towards opposite sex. I cannot talk freely with women like others do. It could be because of I was not into co-education till age 24 or I had some sexual block with women.

When I entered puberty, I was trying to impress women. Doing body building, facial wellness and in this process I never approached women because of the fear of rejection. I could not tolerate the rejection by women.they will look you down. So I was trying to be perfect so they cannot reject me,like not having good height. In that process I took baryta , silicea and symphathum q for height, increasing deep voice , being very muscular etc.I am lacking self-image or self-confidence I dont know.

I lie to keep myself great above others. boasting. very serious drawback in me.

So words describe me : lack of self-confidence,cannot stand manipulation, abuse bahaviour,boasting.

One remarkable thing in me is I choose my own path. My methods are new and novel apart from convention. like I am autonomous. I don't want my children to join school.i will home school them.i do the task in my own way.

3) Any cravings/aversions; any preferences with climates, heat/cold

I dont like hot temperature food. Neither too cold food. Warm food. I like masala food like Bajji,mixture etc.

4) Any triggers that you may know of --for your complaints

Only eating sugar food trigger my physical symptoms like pain shoots from base of the heart to left arm.Burning sensation can be felt in the palm of the feet especailly left one.

Emotionally: In my mind, there is an episode which is very recent which has shaken my base. i was not given promotion. I felt insulted. In my mind , i have this delusion like she laughed at me. I could not bear that insult. Whenever this episode repeats, the physical symptoms come back like burning sensation in the feet, panic attack in mind.

5) Why did you take Baryta and Silicea in the first place? Was it self medication or was suggested by someone?

it was suggested on this forum only for height increase.

I am sure you are asking the right questions.Hope you will solve this complex problem.

One Note: I am electromagnetic hyper sensitive patient.
ganapathi1 last year

some other details:

Age. At what age did you try Baryta for height?

Have you shown your heart problem to any dr and got any diagnosis? Was the diagnosis Mild lower ventricular hypertrophy made after any test?

If you have missed any other thing miscellaneous but imp. stuff do write down.

Have you ever taken other than Baryta and Silicea and what was the reaction to them?
maheeru last year

In 2010 I took Baryta. I was 25.

The doctor after doing ECG confirmed that I am having mild LVH.

I have taken so many medicine with no improvement or the symptoms moving to right side of the body. Recently I took Sumbul Q which moved my symptoms to the right side of the body. Most of the doctors in India do not share homeopathy medicine. so I cannot tell the names. I remember Nat Mur,phos acid, cell salts etc but no change.

I do have constipation in my childhood. It was major problem. the effect of constipation was I used to feel very sleepy if I dont have bowl movement and also there was kind of pressure in head.

Secondly, I used to bleed from nose when ever I used to be in sun for long time.

I still have both the problems.

best medicine which was told as my constitutional remedy was Mag Mur 6c. I lost all my fat in the belly, very good bowl movement.But it was not solving my heart problem.

One most important information is my very own experience after taking baryta, silicea,symphathum Q: I remember that night I have taken the medicine and was going to sleep. All of sudden there was force in my mind, which was doing the talk in mind so fast I cannot control it. I mean the mind talks which happen.It was so fast I cannot stop it till date. It increased year by year.
Even today If I wake up midnight, I will find something in my mind talking still with no rest at all.Talking or thinking, I don't know the right word.Then morning I found my left finger in the feet got curved. I was damn shocked. I stopped the medicine right away.

many thanks for showing the interest doctor.

Doctor I would like to know one thing: which miasm do I belong to?

ganapathi1 last year


I have analysed your given details. From the list of anti dotes for Baryta, Merc is the closest remedy. It also covers your current symptom profile to a significant extent.

So when you finish off this epsom salt course, and still you want some medicine to be taken for baryta ill-effects, i think you can try Merc. Vivus medicine ----to start with in 30c. Since you are sensitive, you need to go with conservative dosage as well as wet dosage.

Other medicines that come up for your current symptoms are: Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Aurum Met., spigelia.

Tissue change/destruction/structural changes come under syphilitic miasm. Merc. is leader of that miasm. Let's see if you get some relief when you take this.
maheeru last year

Dear Dr.Maheeru,

i did try merc.viv earlier. 4 doses of 200c.

I saw no change.

I will take it again. How often should I take it? Should I take in liquid form?

When should I report back?
Can I still take Epsom Salt 2 tea spoons in 250ml of water?
I do find imporvement.

ganapathi1 last year

what percentage of improvement are you seeing with epsom salt? How many doses are up till now?

This time you can prefer Merc. Sol. over Merc. Viv.
maheeru last year

Just 4 doses and I stopped it.
15% improvement.

I started again from today.I am taking 10grams in 250ml of water early morning on empty stomach. The kind of sensation I feel in chest(stomach,heart region) is very soothing.
I will continue for 1 month and see the changes.

Its all anxiety disorder I feel clearly in stomach(Not intestines).The sensation is now clearly decreased.

How many times should I take mer sol 30c in wet dose?

ganapathi1 last year

Don't continue for one month though this is not potency medicine.

You can take upto 10 doses(epsom salt).

After that leave a gap of one week and take merc. sol. 30c.

Initially take one pill/drop as a dose and three such doses on three consecutive days. Then wait for two weeks to see changes. After that if need be can move to water doses.

Remember always----the person who is taking medicine is the best judge(advisor can not know) about if the medicine makes him/her uncomfortable or not or the dosage is getting overwhelming. So if somebody advices to take medicine for a few days or weeks or months, the patient has to be careful about repetition once he/she observes adverse changes.
maheeru last year

Dear Dr.maheeru,

I will report you after merc.sol 3 doses.


ganapathi1 last year

Dear Dr.Maheeru,

I finished taking 10 doses of epsom salt on 6/10/17.

Nothing improved. But stopped from getting things worse.

One week gap and I took Merc Sol 30c , for 3 days.

4 days have gone taken the dose. I will wait for 10 more days to see changes.

Though I am not singer, I sing better with Merc sol.
No significant changes in my symptoms though.

ganapathi1 last year

Dear Doctor Maheeru,

I did not find any change.

Could you tell me how to proceed?

ganapathi1 last year

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