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Lack of self confidence when facing authoritative/dominant people? Page 2 of 2

This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Dr Reva on your attitude and advise.I still remember your two draft on sexual weakness,masterbation and how to recover from this all with little bit of my contribution.We will be very happy to work as a team whenever patient need guidance.
akshaymohl last year

For the patient:

Follow one person at a time.
Akshaymohl(dr mohla is a homeopathic dr with a practice and decades of experience.)

Reva is a homeopath in USA.
Zady is a homeopath.
Jawahar is not a homeopath, but contributes on the forum.

Usually when people ask for help on here, they get one person helping. For some reason, a lot of response on your thread.

People do not collaborate - one person has to monitor your case.
As long as you are happy with who is helping , follow them.
If you decide to follow another, let the first person know.
simone717 last year

Dear Doctors,

I am giving a clear picture of my mind so that you can see the related emotions/thoughts around it.

1. Delusions, Delusions , Delusions, ......in my mind. Delusions of CRITICISM and BEING LAUGHED AT which will frustrate me and make me anger, willing to beat them

The following part is there in me since my childhood even before using baryta, silicea and sympthathum.

2. Anxiety, Anxiey, Anxiety....in my mind.
2.1 anxiety comes when I imagine someone asking me questions which I don't want him to know like how I am generating finance.
2.2 Anxiety comes when I imagine somebody executing authority on me, dominating me.
2.3 Anxiety comes when I see somebody manipulating me.

All such anxiety will lead to outburst in me, using abusive language.

Both One and two points above are two different problems. I am mostly focussing on Baryta Carb part to be solved so the body will bring up the past issues so they can be solved then.

Please doctors kindly tell me the reasons for the remedy you have chosen.

ganapathi1 last year

Thank you Dr. Mohla for reminding our joint work. Indeed it is my pleasure to work with you, as you are one of the few with selfless service to help people coming on your way.

Thank you for taking my sharing in a positive way, as always you do.

Reva V last year

Dear Doctors,

I have taken Colocynthis 30C 3pills/day in the evening for 3 days.

All my physical sensations have moved to the right side of the body.

I did find mental relief with respect to outbursts from someone asking me questions.

Guide me further on this.

ganapathi1 last year

Now wait for 15 days and come back with whatever left.
akshaymohl last year

Dear doctor Dr.Mohla,

All my symptoms returned on 3rd day after 3 doses ie on 6th day after taking colosynthis. I couldn't bear those symptoms and took staphysagaria 200c 8 pills as you said on July 27 and again on 1st August.

Today all symptoms came back.

The significant symptom is delusion of criticism/ or delusion of someone being very dominating on me.
Both these leading to anger / violent expression. Inside mind I use harsh words.

Whenever I can't bear further I am automatically drawn to sleep and the process repeats indefinitely.

Just this delusional brain forced by my constitution due to baryta carb is the curse for 8 years since now .

Is Nat sulp a good remedy to me?

ganapathi1 last year

I found this link which might be helpful. http://structuralhomeopathy.blogspot.in/2010/04/criticism-in...

Eagerly waiting for your reply

ganapathi1 last year

Dear doctor

I forgot to say one important thing. 65% of time my mind is behaving like childish. I cannot think a matured thought of 34 old. All childish thoughts and actions in mind. Please doctor show some way
ganapathi1 last year

If you need more help pls tell me too.
jawahar last year

Hi Doctors,

Thanks Jawahar for your concern.
I finally found out the most greatest finding of my life.It is silly for you all.

I had proved silicea and it has four antidotes camphora,Helliborous Niger,Flouric Acid and Hepar Sulp.

I have the following symptoms:


Behaviour; shrieking
Insecure, uncertain, scared; anxiety
Insecure, uncertain, scared; anxiety; during chill

Restlessness, nervousness


Occipital throbbing, synchronous with the pulse.
Fleeting stitches in temporal region and orbits.
Beating pain in cerebellum
Cold sweat
Pulsating; back of head (occiput); standing

Expression; anxious
Perspiration; cold


Suspended respiration.
Breath cold


Anxiety; region of heart

All of these are 100% I want to say to doctor but I dont know the terminology.

Remedy matched is "CAMPHORA".

I am lucky to find it.

I used silicea 12x. I took one dose of camphora 200c and felt like I want to live now and I can be happy for the rest of my life.

How do I proceed with potency now? what is the potency of the antidote I should use? As I already proved silicea, will i prove camphora also?

Only one more puzzle: I have pain in the head of penis while penetration. I cannot have sex so I cannot go for kids. Sympthathum Q OR baryta Carb might be the reason for this. How do I solve this?


Please someone can tell me the exhaustive antidote lists for Silicea,Baryta Carb and Symphathum Q?

Thanks for your patience.
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ganapathi1 last year

You seem to have picked up more knowledge than most of the prescribers here. But pls do tell WHAT is your problem.
jawahar last year

Dear Doctors,

I will describe my case in two parts: Before Baryta Carb,silicea and sympathum Q overdose and After Baryta Carb,silicea and sympathum Q overdose

I was overdosed continuously for 45 days with symphathum Q 10drops morning and evening, silicea 12x 4 tabs/3 times/day and baryta carb 200c 3 drops/3times/day.

From that day(Dec2010) till this day, my life has been hell. homeopathy does not have any side effects is what I was told so I never thought this will have so much effects on my life till this day.

Before Overdose part(my childhood problems) :

1. I used to bleed from nose whenever I spend excess time in sun.
2. I was having constipation. I cannot have bowl movement for 3 days. I used to get lot of headache if I don't have bowl movement.
3. Whenever I listen to any song, I only used to enjoy the music and never get to the lyrics part. i have to repeat so many times to listen to the lyrics and I cannot get to the lyrics.
4. I cannot understand complex logical sentencses. Example: He is son of your mother-in-law's father's son-in-law. I dont know even if that example is good but decoding such logics in short time is not possible to me. I have to sit and go very slow to unravel it.

5.There was a shyness whenever I visit new people and especially with females even till today. No confidence in meeting women. I was brought up in boys school till my graduation, can you believe it?

6.I used to get angry with people who manipulate me.Right before my marriage, the thought that the women I marry will sleep with somebody and come into my life used to tear me apart. what if such a bitch comes into my life.Day in and Dayout, for 3 years,I used to get lot of angry. But luckily I married a godly women and I am happy now.

7. very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. I used to get lot of anxiety after watching TVs especially computer monitors.

After Overdosing:

1.Delusions of criticism.
2.Delusions of superiority. If I see any stage performance, I will image I am doing that.
3. Aggravtions of the above with cold and right after eating.
4. I am suffering from mild lower ventricualr hypertrophy.
5. I have pain in the head of penis which prevents me from having intercourse. Its been 6 years of marriage and we still don't have intercourse only outside sex. According to chinese medicine, the head of the penis corresponds to the heart region.
6. My breaths are small and fast.
7. The pulse starts in the lower base of the heart and I can feel it across left nipple, left arm and the back part of the head. I have to tuck my back part of the head into pillow while I am in lying position.
8. I have diabetes, non-alcholic fatty liver.
9. I can feel the pulse in the back spine behind my heart region.
10.The above sensation get amplified with using wifi in mobile and standing before mobile towers.

I conclude my solar plexus in not functioning properly. I defninitely know this but homeopathy does not treat according to chakras.

If you can read the materia medica of baryta carb, silicea and symphathum, you will defenitely accept all these symptoms. they are imprinted on to my constitution.

Only God has helped me swim through the pain all these 6 years. hope he will smile at me soon.

MAG MUR best describes me. It gives me lot of relief. I was told its my constitutional remedy. It actually solved most of my constipation, high belly fat etc.

Please doctors attend my case.
I am homeopathic prover which makes choosing the dose very tough.


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ganapathi1 last year

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