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HALITOSIS among other symptoms.

Hi All,

Ive had this CRIPPLING halitosis now for about 9-10 months. SO bad ive had to quit my job and have become a complete recluse. My halitosis is so bad it can be smelt 10-20 feet away and has completely ruined my self confidence. I've spent thousands of pounds for a cure to no avail.

I have recently tried a halitosis cure from sinus-pro which had several different homeopathic ingredients. But it has not worked and has instead made it much worse and led to other symptoms such as post nasal drip, lower and back pain intermittent although not very severe,ileocecal valve pain and poor digestion. Most of my symptoms are on my right side but do stretch to the left occasionally. I have ordered some tissue salts and halitonic to help, however after the sinus-pro treatment went so bad, i am really unsure of taking the new stuff.

I have attached a photo of the medicine i took from sinus-pro.

I have a post here by another member whose symptoms seems identical to mine and seemed to have been cured. The post:

I continually got worse, being bloated, ileocecal valve pain, poor digestion, halitosis, sinus congestion, and mid to lower back pain, especially in the early morning. Most symptoms appeared on my right side. Just recently I found that my recovery time seemed to be increasing when I had a bout of all these symptoms. I spoke to my sister who had also experienced the same symptoms and a year earlier she went to a homeopath/Chiropractor. His assistant that did thermography. After a number of visits where she was treated a number of different ways. She is now cured of all her symptoms. So I went to see them and after my thermography I was told that one of my most severe problems is having heavy metals in by body. I received an unmarked bottle with a homeopathic remedy which has help me tremendously. It also showed some issues with my prostrate and I am now on Sabal-Homaccord. My back pain has now been reduced by 85%, bloatedness 100% gone, Ileosecal valve pain 100% gone, sinus congestion 50% gone, digestion increased by 95% and I have not felt this good in over 15 to 20 years'

PLEASE can someone help me, i am at my wits end and am very depressed.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!!
  miahs123 on 2016-09-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sorry the ingredients were:

Chelidonium Majus 9X
Arsenicum Album 9X
Hepar Sulphuris Calcarea 9X
Mercurius Vivus 9X, 30C
Carbo Vegetabilis 9X
Nitricum Acidum 9X
Nux Vomica (strychnos Nux Vomica) 9X, 30C
Sulphur 9X, 30C
miahs123 4 years ago
How did it start
mnaari 4 years ago
Write about following:
Age/Gender/Country/ethnicity. Height / Weight /Skin color/Eye color.

PLease explain everything in detail. Don't try to cut short.

All your past and present health in sequence oldest to newest. How did each one start. All details of previous treatments (oldest to newest) and their effects.

Write in detail about you – emotions, fears, sentiments, etc. your personality, physical parameters, habits, feelings about life, etc.

Write in detail about your life: social, family, occupational, schooling, childhood, etc. You should mention about incidences that might have influenced or impacted your mind / health / life considerably.

Write about what common opinions most people have about you; what most people comment /say about you frequently; how they react / interact with you & why?

Write something unique about you (how you are different from others or what makes you special).
DrKulkarni 4 years ago

Please start with following prescription:

1. Hydrogenum 200c, pills (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop), take 5 pills (for one dose) only once, (No repetitions).
Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.

Do’s & don’ts:
1. Stay away from Strong odors.
2. Do not touch medicines or spill them. Use the cap of container (of same medicine) to transfer the medicines.
3. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep the dose for at least 2 minutes in mouth.
4. Keep medicine containers airtight, away from direct sunlight, heat, any smell and children.
5. Avoid strong smells and odors AFAP.
6. Do not take any other medicines for any health problems. Most symptoms go as they come within 24-72 hours.
7. Report any problems & seek appropriate advice.
8. Otherwise report progress after 2week.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Hi Dr Kulkami,

Many thanks for your reply.

Okay so:




British Bengali

16 Stones

Skin Color
Light Brown

Eye Color

So i have always been a very healthy boy. Consistently went gym ate healthy however did indulge in occasional junk foods.

SO the halitosis first started in October last year, but then it was very mild and only noticeable if very close to me. Would go away if i brushed teeth or had specific foods. It gradually got worse and worse through the months until February this year where it became very chronic and severe. It come through my nose and mouth and even when mouth is shut and am breathing in, the smell travels feet ahead of me. It has continued to get worse through the last few months and is ALWAYS there, never goes away even after brushing. It can travel 20 feet easily from my car. It was during these few months where my diet go really bad. Eating a lot of junk food and lying down straight after eating and sometimes eating while lying on back. Very bad for indigestion. While the halitosis got worse, any flatulence i had was also getting gradually worse.

The halitosis originally was musty and sour but over the months has developed into a very strong fecal smell and sometimes rotten eggs and stinky feet smell. It makes people around me cough, sneeze and even scratch parts of their faces. Its so severe, as i leave windows open during sleep to air the room, people outside the house can smell and will cough and sneeze.

When i am stressed i will get a lump in my throat which i can never get rid of and over the last 2 weeks after taking the sinus-pro remedy i have constantly got mucous in my throat and am suffering from pot nasal drip. Since the halitosis started gradually getting worse since last October, the back of my tongue has always been very white and whatever food i eat, the taste will never leave and stay.

Since October last year i have taken Omazerapole and difulcan for 2 months. Then after that i have taken 3 different types of antibiotics (Metrodionazole. Amoxicillin and Rifiximin). However none worked and if anything the antibiotics made the smell worse. I consulted with a homeopathic doctor in August and he gave me sulphur pills to take one every 3 days. After taking 6 pills there was no cure if anything the smell got worse.

So from end of last month i took the sinus-pro homeopathic remedy and things have got so much worse. I did a lot of research and found that effects of homeopathic medicine included:

-Vivid Dreams
-Irritation of moods
-Back and should pain due to toxins being removed.
-Abdominal cramps
-Mucus in throat due to detoxification
-And also a healing aggravation. So my symptoms can get worse before getting better.

However the aggravation was bad and prolong. The halitosis is now extreme. There has been no improvement and i am now getting pretty bad abdominal cramps and back pain occasionally. especially while/after eating. The mucus in my throat has also gotten really bad. I do not know if the potecny was too high but i took 2 pills a day/ (1 night and 1 day) dissolving under my tongue. But i am now getting abdominal cramps and light back pain.

I have taken supplements including:

-Activated Charcoal
-Probiotics (Up to 50 billion flora)
-Vitamins (B12, C, B , D includ others)
-Digestive Enzymes
-Apple Cider
-Irrigiated node withNetti Pot with saline solution.
-RENEW LIFE DETOX including liver and bowel.
-Colonic hydrotherapy to get built up feces out.
-Magnesium and Zinc pills
-Nasal sprays
-I am currently taking anti anxiety medicine.
-ALL kinds of mouthwashes and dental maintenance.
-Went to a dentist to have deep cleaning done but no change Gums and teeth are in great shape.
-These are just the top of my head there has been many more supplements claiming to cure halitosis, but to no avail.

Right now i am a very sad and lonely person. I am constantly thinking about the smell and avoid any human contact unless absolutely necessary. I tend to stay at home for days until i absolutely must go out. I am very unhappy and have to quit my job because of this situation. It has made me really miserable and recluse and very irritable and starting to become quite bitter.

Before this i was a confident person, going gym and a good outlook on life. I WAS a very outgoing and genuine person. I am very loyal and will always look out for my closest and dearest. I had a good feeling bout life and had high ambition and a good drive which had made me pass 3 exams in quick succession while working full time. I would go out at least once a week and relax. I am of a very strong minded person and can occasionally be stand offish with parents. I rarely get emotional as i am a believer in being string and getting things done with minimal fuss and not ever feeling sorry for oneself. You make your own luck and create your own success. Physical before i was in good muscly shape and am considered a good looking person. As such my confidence and ego up to a point was good. I have a habit of listening to music and drifting away almost in thoughts and dreams i wish would happen. But this is more therapeutic and relaxing habit than anything else. I would constantly think about being successful in the future and passing all my exams.

Before this halitosis i was very social and have a good set of close friends who i would often see/call. My family are incredibly kind and have always supported me. I had a great childhood and couldn't ask for anything more. I went to normal primary/high schools and was like any other experience. Highs and lows but was always generally very happy.

Last year in January i split up with a girl i was seeing. We both cheated however when i found out she had cheated i was devastated. This was during my last year in uni. The experience was quite traumatic and a very emotional one. It left my confidence at an ll time low and doubting myself. This was my first heartbreak so to say. However i had to suppress and keep all the negative emotions to myself as i had to concentrate on my last year in uni and also didn't want people to see how upset i really was. The emotions were pretty much very strong until October when i moved for a new job in a new city. However i would still have thoughts about the relationship and still even now occasionally have dreams about her cheating. I believe the stored negative emotions and anxiety and not dealing with my emotions properly has impacted my digestive system and intestines and from my research has impacted my ileocecal valve. Along with the junk food diet from October and bad eating habits, it has contributed to really messing up my insides and maybe toxifying my system.

This one event has by far been the most emotionally draining and long lasting event ive had. However i feel as since February i have become a recluse because of this condition it has made me even more sensitive to the feelings and emotions from the event. As during October to February i was feeling good and mixing with people.

But since this condition i am shadow of my previous self and have changed considerably.

People think i am a confident and clever person and hard working. They know i am driven and strong willed before all this. The frequently mention my ability academically and my friends and family were proud of academic achievements and getting a job. I worked in the financial industry for 10 months before quitting due to my halitosis. During my employment was studying exams for a professional qualification which would better my job prospects. However after passing 3/6 and being motivated i have stopped and just sit at home and have put on close to 3 stones.

People would react with me in a very friendly manner and would always be courteous and me back. But now i feel some family avoid me or are holding back due to this halitosis.

I would say i am different in the sense i am a genuine person and very loyal. I cannot stand and do not indulge in gossip or any bitching. I am very respectful of people and have always been calm and assured. I believe these qualities along with my previous drive to succeed made me special, however this now feels a distant memory.

I have recently purchased 6x tissue salts of the following:

Nat Mur
Nat Sulph
Nat Phos
Kali Phos

And also a ileocecal valve detox spray from elixir by Dr king.

I cannot believe how bad the smell is and how much it travels and the lenght of time ive had it.

Thanks again for your reply to my post and any questions please ask. I am desperate for help. I cannot tolerate this kind of life anymore.
miahs123 4 years ago
Sorry i forgot to mention i will be taking the salts 3 tablets of each 3 times a day under my tongue. Please can you advise if this is a good idea.

Also where am i able to purchase Hydrgenum 200c?

miahs123 4 years ago
You say you are loyal / genuine but you menstion you also have cheated on your girlfrind. That's an imp point.

Please do not take any of the medicines now except Hydrogen, if at all you can get it buy the same Homeopathic shop. This being a rarely used medicine you may fnd it dificult to get.

Don't worry if you can't. actually I have to analyse your case now for a suitable remedy for you.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Hi doctor.

Thanks for your reply.

That is a fair point, however Chet for me was getting another girl's number if that can truly be classed as cheating before we had sex. She kissed another guy 6 months in.

Do you have any links for the remedy. I buy my stuff online and can't seem to find it anywhere.

Again thanks for your help.
miahs123 4 years ago
Hi Doctor,

Sorry for the late post. For the last couple days after i have stopped the sinus-pro remedy i have been suffering from bouts of dizziness/light headiness all through the day. It will happen every 5-10 minutes or so and last 2-3 seconds.

miahs123 4 years ago
Please start with following prescription:
1. Natrum muriaticum 1M, pills (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop), take 5 pills (for one dose) once at 5pm and again just before bed time only one day, ( Only 2 doses - No more repetitions).
Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.
2. Next day onwards, Kali-phos 6x, tabs (buy 25-30 grams), take 3pills moistened in a teaspoonful of water twice daily.
Nothing else to eat or drink 20minutes before and 20 minutes after the doses.

Do’s & don’ts:
1. Stay away from Strong odors.
2. Do not touch medicines or spill them. Use the cap of container (of same medicine) to transfer the medicines.
3. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep the dose for at least 2 minutes in mouth.
4. Keep medicine containers airtight, away from direct sunlight, heat, any smell and children.
5. Avoid strong smells and odors AFAP.
6. Do not take any other medicines for any health problems. Most symptoms go as they come within 24-72 hours.
7. Report any problems & seek appropriate advice.
8. Otherwise report progress after 2week.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Also doctor...this is the hydrogenum which I have bought...please advise if good to take.


miahs123 4 years ago
That's fine but I think now you can start with Natru mur that I have just prescribed as Hydrogen will take some time to be delivered.

Let Hydrogen be in your stock at home. Do not take it unless I advise, once you start on Natr mur & Kali phos.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Hi Doctor.

Thanks for your help.

This is the Natr mud I have bought:
Natrum mur.
Quantity: 1
Form: Pills (No 6)
Size: 4g
Potency: 1M

If all good please advise.

I will take them exactly as you have prescribed.

Again I appreciate your help.
miahs123 4 years ago
That's fine but what about Kali-phos?
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Apologies the Kali phos:

Kali phos. - kali-p
Quantity: 1
Form: Pills (No 6)
Size: 28g
Potency: 6X
miahs123 4 years ago

But these renmedies you could have got from local store to save time.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Yes I understand, but there's not many great stores hear me. Also I would need an appointment with Doctors to get any from them, which is very expensive.

Can I ask, what do you feel is wrong with me? Why is the halitosis so severe and constant? And also why my reaction to the sinus pro remedy was also very bad?

miahs123 4 years ago
Since you are in the uk I wanted to let you know it is easier to buy remedies from Helios homeopathic pharm online-they have everything and faster than remedia pharm in Austria.
Also for Kali phos 6x tabs - homeo force in uk has standard remedies and the 12 cell salts in tabs usually less than Helios.
simone717 4 years ago
Thanks for this information. I will keep this in mind for future purchases.

[message edited by miahs123 on Fri, 23 Sep 2016 01:21:41 UTC]
miahs123 4 years ago
As per your backfround I understand that the cause for this is your repressed emotions expecially, after your breakup. Actually, wish to confirm if felt let down & worthless yourself after the incident?

Actually such incidances might reflect on health within couple of months but it is delayed in your case possibly because you were a happy and easy going person initially.

the reaction to the combination medicine is not unlikely. Homeopathy doesn't recommend random mixture of several medicines at a time because effects of such conbinations are never sientifically studied in homeopathy. their combined effects are likely to be adverse.

Moreover, homeopathy doesn't recommend too many repeations of the indicated medicine. The doses are to be administered by monitoring sensitivity and reaction of the person which an experienced homeopath believing in classical homeopthy only can do, as per my opnion.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Hi Doctor,

Thanks for your information.
Yes after the break up I felt very let down and betrayed. There was real feelings of anger and sadness.

What are the chances of this horrible condition being cured would you say? Would you expect the remedies to work instantly?

Many Thanks
miahs123 4 years ago
Even I wished I knew some magic or witch craft like things so that I could cure people within a blink of eye. But unfortunately, these are medcines, they do a repair work.

If you have to renovate a building I don't think you do it by waving a magic wand. It rquires it's own time right?
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Na I agree the construction will take time.

But this has completely taken over my life and changed my personality and am totally desperate for a resolution.

Appreciate the help.
miahs123 4 years ago
Hi Doctor

So I've started taking the remedies as described. Today was the first day to take both. I will now continue to take both and will let you know if there are a change in symptoms. Also how often would you like an update?

miahs123 4 years ago
Also sorry,

Just to confirm continue taking Kali Phos 3x daily until further notice. Don't take anymore Num Natr now and neither the hydrogenum?

miahs123 4 years ago

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