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Can sheet rock cure some one?

First one must know: What is the chemical composition of sheetrock or Drywall also often called wallboard?
  kuldeep on 2006-02-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
gypsum (Hydrated Calcium Sulfates) is the main ingredient

associated minerals are halite, calcite, sulfur, pyrite, borax and many others.
WNCGirl last decade
Calcarea Sulphurica is the main ingredient but there are more minerals in it.

I experimented with Sheetrock. Few months ago I was passing in a street and saw a labor with huge a boil on his neck. He said he is having boils for the last 4 years. His whole body was full of marks, he said he went to many charitable dispensaries and did many home remedies because he was poor but nothing worked.

I had Calcarea Sulphurica in my mind so I promised him to get him the medicine. I was going to Homeopathy store and saw a construction site where sheetrock was being installed. So I took a small piece and dissolved it in a half liter of mineral water bottle and gave it to the man with the instruction to take a sip each day.

Amazingly his boil started maturing in few hours and he was relieved of pain in the midnight. Next day he said his typical boil cycle lasted 18 days. 9 days to mature and 9 days to leak. Relief started coming after tenth or eleventh day. But in this case relief appeared at 7th day and boil was completely drained in 10 days. (It was his 7th day).

He was familiar with sheetrock so I told him how I made the medicine and till today he has no other boil so far. Later on I experimented more with Sheetrock. Anytime Calcarea Sulphurica was indicated, I used it and it worked miracle, espacially on the boils.
kuldeep last decade
Woooo Hooooo. No kidding.
tamiano last decade
My friend in Kenya asked me regarding homeopathy treatment of boils. I checked with couple of homeopaths but so far nothing worked. I forwarded him this thread and his boil on the cheek has matured instantly after taking a dose of medicine made by plaster of paris.

Will this remedy cure him of the boils?
kapil last decade
Boils are a constitutional matter but a weekly dose of Silica 3X or 6X and a weekly dose of Calcarea Sulphurica 3X or 6X keeps boils away. Or if one has no access to homeopathy medicine both Silica and Cal. Sulphurica could be made at home.
kuldeep last decade
Can you tell me how to make Calcarea Sulphurica by wallboard?
sanj551 last decade
One small clean piece of gypsumboard/sheetrock and add it in a liter of water. Take few drops just as homeopathy medicine.
kuldeep last decade
It is not really soluble so shake the bottle each time before taking it.
kuldeep last decade
this is quite interesting. I would never think of using sheetrock as a remedy. arent there other chemicles/materials that can harm you in sheetrock? It seems kind of weird using something manmade as a remedy. I mean silica is straight from the earth so no problems there, but sheetrock? I would look furthur into this before using it. just to be safe.
hotty198 last decade

I am amazed how Gpsum (Calc Sulph) cured boils.

You may like to know that Calc Sulph 6c is my default remedy for chronic Asthma and I have cured over 25 patients of their long standing ailment which they have suffered from, in one case, for over 20 years. They had all been using Inhalers of various brands all of which were laced with Steroids and all except one does not have to use the Inhalers and recently the remedy any more and can be considered cured.

For those who may be interested I shall copy below my standard instructions to use this remedy for Asthma:

Nat Sulph 6c should be used daily in the precise manner that I have indicated below:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 50ml from the bottle to create some air space in the bottle.
Put in 4 pellets Nat Sulph 6c into the bottle.
Shake the bottle hard to ensure that it bubbles. This is called succussing and must be done at least 6 times before every dose. This raises the potency of the remedy slightly and makes it more effective in helping to cure the ailment.
Take 1 teaspoon of the potentized water from the bottle and put it into half a cup of water and stir it.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water from the half cup once every day. Do not reuse the water in the cup.
Store the bottle in the fridge and ensure that it is succussed before every dose.

If in spite of the remedy the patient has an attack, as can occur in the first few days after starting on the therapy he may use Ars Alb 200 dose 3 globules under the tongue when the attack will usually subside in under half hour.

When relief from the Asthma is observed the patient is advised to use the remedy every other day and later he may stop the remedy completely.

Joe De Livera last decade
Will try but confused. Sheetrock or Calcarea Sulphurica 6C?
fred06 last decade
To Fred

If you suffer from Asthma, the obvious choice for you is to use my prescription which has worked miracles with curing many who were wedded to their inhalers, some for over 20 years.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hey Fred, you did not mention why you want to use this medicine. If you want to use it for Asthma, follow Joe's method and buy Calcaria Sulphurica 6c (unless you can't afford it)

OR For boils, acne etc you can use the way I used.
kuldeep last decade

A relative of mine suffers from cystic tumors, fibroids, long-lasting menses with migraine headaches. She is presently on allopathic hormone medicines to shrink tumors, but wants to stop taking them. She has incorporated liquid supplements into her diet as well. Within one month of extra liquid vitamin supplementing and hormones, her check-up revealed that the ovarian cyst was undetected, also the hormones have kept her menses regular. The uterine fibroids remain still.

If I were to suggest to her to use calc sulph, she could use sheetrock/plaster of paris method?

Also, do you think I could get enough silicea from a mountain river in the southeastern part of the USA? Another relative of mine works on railway, it would be easy to pick up these rocks. Would you suggest one over the other?

Also, do you think she should try both calc sulph, and silicea?
(She fits a little of both).

Calc Sulph- cystic tumors, fibroids, pain in stomach, long-lasting menses, headache. No problems with skin though.

Silicea- nervous, sensitive to impressions and noise, obstinate, disgust for meat, no colds or coughs though, loves hot weather, sensitive to cold air, worse during menses.

If she were to use both, is it important to use which one first?

What dosage would you suggest for these, and for how long?

(If she doesn't feel different, she would need to go back for a check-up to see results, right?)

You don't have to suggest, but would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kuldeep,

P.S. I read your silicea posting and have the info on how to make wet dose as well as calc sulf wet dose. Thank you.
WNCGirl last decade
I believe Calcaria Sulphurica is more effective in tumors.

Few days ago I prescribed Bufo Rana to resolve long standing ovarian cyst, (after every other treatment failed). Patient is showing remarkable improvements.

You can start both medicines. Cal. Sul. in low potency and Bufo Rana 30.

You can use Sheetrock, I have experimented with it and it never failed me so far.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you kuldeep.

To clarify, you are saying use both medicines simultaneously, a few drops a day until noticeable improvements?

I have plain ole' plaster of paris left from making a belly mask when pregnant. Could I just use a tiny bit of powder to make medicine?
WNCGirl last decade
Of-course you can use Plaster of paris. Make sure to make at least 3x dilution, ie one part of material and 1000 parts or water. Shake well before each use.
kuldeep last decade
My boss had sinus problems for the last two years. He had never ending post-nasal discharge for long time, always getting cold in the head. I used homeopathy software on this site and Calcarea Sulphurica was one of the medicines shown on the remedy grid. I used a piece of sheetrock and mineral water bottle and it worked like miracle. Many thanks.
silverman last decade
Silverman, I hope you will get a raise.
kuldeep last decade
I don't know what is sheetrock or wallboard. Can I rely on Plaster of Paris available in India?
harsh last decade
One can also use Plaster of Paris but make sure it is clean and white. Zypsum or plaster of paris is just not only Calcarea Sulphurica but it contains many other calcium compunds. It also contains Silica.
kuldeep last decade
I heard Calcarea Sulphurica and Hepar sulphur are two similar things. Can one be used in the place of other.
silverman last decade
calc sulph or Calcium Sulphate cannot be confused with Hepar Sulph which is Calcium Sulphide.

They are different chemicals and cannot be confused with each other both chemically and homeopathically.
Joe De Livera last decade
Chemicallyn Hepar Sulphur and Calcarea Sulphurica are different. Actually Gypsum is more than Calcarea Sulphurica.

As WNCGirl has mentioned that:
gypsum (Hydrated Calcium Sulfates) is the main ingredient

associated minerals are halite, calcite, sulfur, pyrite, borax and many others.

And many others, depending upon where Gypsum was mined. one of those rare materials that performs in all three categories of soil treatment: an amendment, conditioner, and fertilizer. I believe it does same to human body.
kuldeep last decade
Silverman, what exactly you did with Sheetrock and how many doses your boss took and how? Please shed more light on it.
jeniffer last decade

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