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Could someone let me know what are the wellknown remedies for type 2 diabetes...?
  hisam on 2006-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Arnica 30c in the Liquid Dose has been successfully used by many for the control of Diabetes.

I am copying a thread on:


Re: Nat Phos for weight loss+Arnica for Diabetes From ahmedbayat on 2006-02-01
To:Joe De Livera.
The Arnica for Diabetes should have been under the thread "Diabetes". I am very happy to report that since I started the Arnica 30c liquid dose there has been a significant drop in my BS levels which is being monitored very closely. I had 2 hypo attacks in succession at night and have reduced the nightime LANTUS shot from 72 to 46 units.Thank you very much Joe - God bless you. Ahmed

To Ahmed Bayat From Joe De Livera on 2006-02-01
Dear Ahmed,

Thank you for confirming that your Blood Sugar level dropped significantly with the Arnica 30c.

May I suggest that you start a new thread on the ABC and in other forums like the Otherhealth and Hpathy and spread the word that you have been helped by Arnica. You can copy your post above with more data of your Blood Sugar level before and after using Arnica.

As you probably know, I discovered this amazing ability of Arnica to reduce BS levels over a year ago when I gave the remedy to a Type II Diabetic like you who was also a doctor to cure a non healing wound on his toe. He was flabbergasted to note that his BS dropped to Zero and refused to use it. He died of kidney failure last September and I feel that he would be alive even today if only he had reduced his dependence on Lantus and used Arnica to control his Diabetes just as you have done.

You may like to know that 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder takes as a tea or in food also helps to reduce BS levels and Type I Diabetics can stop their dependence on drugs like Metformin and use this combination of both Arnica and Cinnamon powder instead.

It is my sincere desire to spread this word around the world and it is testimonials from confirmed Diabetics like you that will help to do so in order that other Diabetics can use it and wean themselves away from the drugs used which will eventually extract their price with other ailments that are connected to the use of these drugs.

I do wish that Medical Laboratories that have the facilities to carry out tests will use Arnica and publish their data and give maximum coverage to this news which can help so many millions of Diabetics throughout the world.

You may like to know that I passed this information about Arnica helping Diabetics to a homeopathic hospital in Kerala and they are now using Arnica exclusively for their patients. They have reported a success rate of 80% and they feel that Arnica is most effective for the use of Diabetics when they first discover that they have this ailment.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
recently in all diabetic case the three medicine are working nicely to control and some times cure of diabetic.
i.e.. Calc Ars 6,Pancreatinum 3x, Ceanothus Americana 3x (5 drops thrice in a day), These three drugs will be taken thrice in a day will give you good result. Try it. it covers all type of diabetic.
try and report the improvement. if patient is insuline dependent after use of three insuline may reduce and procure his normal health.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
As you perhaps know I am not qualified in Homeopathy as it is only a hobby to me although I have studies it and helped people who consult me free of charge.

My discovery of Arnica 30 reducing Blood Sugar levels was quite accidental but I have recommended it to many patients and about 80% reported positive results.

I have not used the remedies that you have suggested but I am aware that they also can help Diabetics.

May I suggest that you too prescribe Arnica in the manner that I have done and report your patient's response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear mr. joe de livera,
if You are not qualified in homoeopathy then why you are advising to the forum user.
Arnica is not harmful but you have to no authority for advise in this public forum.
Only qualified and authorised and registered doctor can be advise to this forum for better result.
Please don't mind mr. joe don't think in a otherway. Please excuse if I am wrong.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear mr. joe,
after arnica patient can take the suger things.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear Dr Sharma,

I presume that you live in India. If so you must be aware that there are many hundreds, perhaps thousands of practicing homeopaths in your country who do not have any diplomas but practice homeopathy successfully and help to alleviate suffering in their patients.

I live in Sri Lanka and we have over 200 practising Homeopaths of whom only about 20 have diplomas which they have obtained from Indian colleges. You may be interested to learn that I have been spearheading a movement through our government to establish a Diploma awarding Institute to cater to the demand from students who wish to obtain a diploma in Homeopathy. 3 Homeopathic colleges are due to be established in the near future in various parts of Sri Lanka and one of them will be granted University status.

I was first introduced to Homeopathy in 1968 and at first I could not believe that any substance when diluted to such infinitesmal proportions could possibly be of any use but when I was cured of my frequent colds I decided to make a study of it and this has continued even today.

I believe that I am sufficiently qualified to pass any examination which will result in a diploma but I do not have the time as to me Homeopathy is only a hobby which I practice free of charge. I am the CEO of a very old family owned business organization and my active involvement to help others started many years ago when my employees came to me with their ailments which I was able to cure.

I joined this and other forums about 3 years ago and have been able to help many to overcome their ailments as you probably are aware by now if you have read my posts.

I do not believe that one has to have a Diploma to help others. It is more the dedication to do so that matters. I am now 76 years old and I am fortunate that I have my sons to assist me in my organization that leaves me some time to devote to Homeopathy.

As you probably are aware I have discovered that some remedies like Arnica and Nat Phos can be used very successfully for the various diseases that I have used them and Diabetes is one of them. This discovery has been tested and is being used by many successfully and you will read many posts on this forum confirming that Arnica has helped both Type I and II Diabetics to reduce their dependence on drugs using the Arnica and Cinnamon combination.

If you are interested in my posts you can click on my name and read the many thousands that I have made on this forum many of which have helped to help cure the patient.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
dear mr joe de livera
i've read ur words about arnica for cure of diabetes
can u tell the dose of arnica for my 7 years old son who has recently been diagnosed diabetic type I and his sugar levels are really highy
ehsan.akhtar last decade
I have never treated a 7 year old juvenile diabetic so far but according to current information there does not seem to be any difference in the dosage used for children and adults.

I presume that your son is under treatment from a doctor and that he is
on a daily dose of Insulin by injection. You can use Arnica 30c in the wet dose made by inserting 3 pellets or 2 drops of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you can get from any supermarket and after you shake the bottle to generate bubbles you give a teaspoonful to your son to be sipped slowly twice daily.

You will please monitor his blood sugar levels as this level has been known to drop drastically when the number of units of insulin that are injected can be reduced to the optimum levels.

You can also use 1/4 teaspoonful Cinnamon powder which you can give your son either as a brew or in food as this too helps to control blood sugar levels.

Please report response if you decide to use this therapy which I shall repeat again must be used in conjunction with insulin given under the supervision of a medical doctor.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi - can I use Arnica 6c as well. Thanks
francois1 last decade
Francois1, scientifically speaking, Arnica 6C is practically indistinguishable from Arnica 12C, which is identical to Arnica 30C.
ZepOz last decade
francois, nevermind Zep, he is visiting here from randiland to disrupt the board.
Daisy43 last decade
what is this randiland?
Ryelink last decade
Daisy43 last decade
I don't see how making any comment that does not agree with our views can be termed 'disrupting the board'.
We can disagree with what ZepOz or anyone says. It's unfair to promote that to accusations of disrupting the forum until that actually occurs. That's what happened when Murthy and Jacob tried to do nothing more than educate (with occassional sidelines into battles royal) people about real homeopathy.
No offense to you, Daisy - just, let's not be like other forums who will not tolerate any other voices - if your position is genuine, you can always defend it.
ripas last decade
Hi - thanks for the replies. Fact of the matter is that my question is not about what is 'scientific' but rather what is therapeutic. I know that the higher the dilution the deeper/stronger the action of the remedy. I was just wondering if I can use a much lower potency such as Arnica 6c or even as low as 6d for diabetes.

[Insofar as the conventional scientists are concerned - please read Thomas Kuhn's book - Scientific revolutions... today's lunatic ideas are the 'science' of tomorrow. It's all about paradigm shifts. It is important to allow for more than one truth to save yourself embarrasment]
francois1 last decade
I can assure everyone that I am NOT here to 'disrupt this forum'. For the public record here, I am not a homeopath, so I will never dispute homeopathy on this forum.

Meanwhile, the facts I provided above are indisputable and can be reliably proven by anyone at any time. However, what people choose to do with such facts is entirely up to them.

Incidentally, Kuhn's ideas about paradigm shifts (published in 1962, incidentally) do not negate the requirement for any new scientific discovery to be both rational and proveable. That is, the scientific method still applies to them if they are to be considered acceptable.
ZepOz last decade
Hi again - Just bear in mind that if something can not be proven at this point in time with the scientific knowledge and scientific method at our disposal, it can not be automatically stated that it is not scientific, neither can it be said that scientifically speaking their is no difference between Arnica 6c/30c etc. - unless your statement is qualified in terms of current knowledge and current scientific method. I just believe that one must keep an open mind - there are many truths out there - we are only able to discover/explore a few with our current scientific knowledge.

Conventional science per se is also very much defined by those who practise it. Example - Philosophy is considered a science, it is not disputed. So is Psychology - but when compared with something such as empirical chemistry the whole conventional scientific method/knowledge/approach becomes a little bit clouded.

Anyway - thanks for your input. I keep an open mind when it comes to other opinions etc.
francois1 last decade
Zep, your attacks at randiland against homeopathy and this forum in particular prove your intentions here.
Daisy43 last decade
Some Zep posts here:

Post 98: http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=68718&page=3

or Post 310 where he calls homeopaths 'thieving scoundrels'

or Post 357 - no effect beyond placego.

or Post 435 - 'We aren't trashing [homeopathy] because we are skeptics. We are trashing it because it's...well, trash!'

or Post 537 'Translated to English: If you include the ?xxx-poor quality trials while making desperate excuses for their lack of results, pretend that other well-run trials with poor results would have been 'good' if they hadn't stuck to accepted rules, and rapidly shift the goalposts to make a failed trial a barely ceded pass, homeopathy measures up.'

And probably many more similar posts. ripas, I'm fine with contrary points of view, but Zep isn't here with an open mind or to be constructive.
Daisy43 last decade

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