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Got homosexual feelings at age of 28 years- can someone advice me for any homeopathic cure on this

I am in high grief & depression. My age is 30.now.

I was a normal male till 28 years of life, attracted to females only.

My love life has been full of roller coasters & had been through several failed serious relationships, besides that i used to be in high tension due to financially disturbed family atmosphere.

Its important to mention here that i was aggressively masturbating almost everday before the issue & fantasized about females only.

But suddenly everything changed, I started feeling attraction towards male as well.

Initially, it happened like smiling when looking at males. Somehow, I felt strange why am doing so.

Then some people felt strange in eye contact with me. I always had heard of females getting enticed by whistlng. But strangely i started getting enticed by whistles also.

I cannot bear loud horns at all, it irritates me.

Shortly, I started felling attracted to males & felt uncomfortable in their presence.

I feel uncomfortable looking at male body.

Its been one & a half years that am struggling with the problem. The worst part is that I dont like it at all as i always loved feeling attracted to females only & adoring their beauty.

I had lost confidence to speak in a bold voice with males as i use to do earlier & to interact with them confidently. Previously i was never sensitized by a males touch but now on and off i get sensitized by any males touch although their is no erection attached to it.

I also wanna mention that their was normal instant erection at the touch of a female & strangely it continued even after that horrible day of december 2013 up-till last month.

althouh the strong attraction to females is not there but still a feeble attraction exists for them.

Surprisingly, Since last two months I had been feeling strange in my upper chest as if i had been having tiny breasts that i really dont like at all.

I had been trying to explore the issue online but to no help. I just really wanna be that normal male as earlier & enjoy being that confident male as i used to be.

I should also mention that due to many failed love relationships & family as well professional tensions, i started taking heavy doses of tobacco on daily basis to relieve me mentally. I used to get acid refluxes almost once a week atleast. After the incident as quoted earlier dosage got more heavy, finally i started getting acid refluxes almost daily which lead to heavy weight loss & few months back was diagnosed for Celiac disease.
I had recovered on my health now but not the issue of same sex attraction.

Yesterday, I came across this website & felt a ray hope to get me rid of it all.

I am writing with a hope that some good man will help me get rid of the issue & help me with some homeopathic medication to get rid of this all.

By this text my intention is not to hurt sentiments of any one who isn't straight but to put forward my case- I never felt attracted to any sort of male since my childhood Till 28 years of my life so just looking for right cure to get me rid of this all.

Look forward to an early reply plssss.

  akkish on 2015-09-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr. kadwa or any one else, pls help me
akkish 6 years ago
I should also mention that earlier i was not having the urge to urinate frequently but not if am at home, i will urinate almost every hour.
akkish 6 years ago
Ok tell me if you got attracted towards males after use of conium or it was before that?

mani_jee 6 years ago

thank a ton for replying instantly, i never took any homeopathic cure for this earlier , i had not used conium either uptil now
akkish 6 years ago
i had not acted on these feelings physically and still fantasize about females only.

although hopeless, was trying to find a soloution to my issue & finally came across this site.

Pls. help , i would be grateful to you for my whole life,

my personal & professional life has gone for a toss
akkish 6 years ago
I ll look into ur case tomorrow and would prescribe.

mani_jee 6 years ago
Thanks a lot , i am so very grateful to you
akkish 6 years ago
I need some explanation of the following:

"I should also mention that due to many failed love relationships"

Do you think that you were actually in love with all those partners (I believe there were many) or it was just the sexual need you felt and there was no existence of love actually.

This is very important and would decide on your constitutional medicine.

mani_jee 6 years ago

it was actually strong feeling of love that i had to them, i never had been physical with anyone of them,

"I should also mention that due to many failed love relationships" - here i should clarify that i had 3 failed love relationships , besides that i always had strong attraction towards girls only.

if you require any more info , i would honestly share the same with you, shall not be hiding anything at all.

would look foward to your advice.
akkish 6 years ago
From your text, flouric acid appeared in my mind, but after your explanation, it is not your remedy.

I would require more details on your love life and why all 3 relationship ended. Where was the fault. Beside smoking what impacts it had on your life. Give me detail whatever you want to share.

mani_jee 6 years ago

I was at the age of 17, when i felt strong attraction to this girl who was my classmate, i simply had fallen for her.

somewhat she also understood my expressions & we started with it.

it went on for almost four years, when suddenly she stopped taking my calls suddenly. I should mention that we never fought & i was always polite to her. I felt as if due to my financial status she is avoiding me altogether. I simply was in high grief & lost interest in almost everything.
My family's financial situation was very bad so started looking for a job & finally got one , i engrossed myself in my work so as to forget it all but was never able to forget her.

I should tell you that i had the habit of chewing betelnuts since my schooldays.

Then after a year in job, a new girl joined in, it seemed as if i felt strong for her & again somewhat like earlier my behaviour revealed to her about my liking for her.
We started and it all continued till almost one & half years, it was that i quit my job to start my business but it failed and i lost all my money but she was still there. I again started to look for a job , in this period due to financial tension i started to chew pan masala (pls confirm if u dont understand this word's meaning), i got addicted to it. i got laryngitis at that time. but she was still with me & finally i got a job , it was just a few months of job when one fine day when i called her up in the evening that she disconnected without answering but i still tried for a few days for no results.

I somewhat was addicted to pan masala as if it use to relieve me.
akkish 6 years ago
Part 2:
I started to read A - rated stories on a rated sites & ejaculate with cheap imagination of man in different roles(servant, brother in law etc) sex with woman.

it some what was comfortable after ejaculate that it became a habit for me to do it every other day. but no same sex attraction never came.

Then one of my friends introduced me to paans with kimaam & i got addicted to it as well, i used to have atleast 10-15 of them everyday.

alongside i started to search for chatting sites for a girlfriend & finally got one. we started talking over the phone as she was from a different city, very much in love, we started to have intense love talks. all was great & my habit of surfing erotic stories & masturbating with those weird imaginations was not there.

it went on for almost 3 years but suddenly i felt as if she is cheating me, heartbroken i stopped talking to her completely.

in high stress, i again went back to surfing all those erotic stories & weird way of masturbating, also intake of kimaam paans & pan masala increased heavily. It was then i started getting acid refluxes on and off on weekly basis but i never stopped the addictions at all.

Then someone suggested me that gutkhas are better and atleast more safe than paans so i started to have them & as usual i never liked spitting out , just like paans i use to gulp all the juices inside.

I guess was 27 & a half years old by then, it contitnued to have gutkhas & somewhat within a few months i felt as if my face is getting pale losing its shine.
akkish 6 years ago
Part 3:
it was that horrible day of december 2013 when i woke up & went to have gutkha & paan that the shopkeeper was taken a back when i looked in his eyes, i was surprised & the incident was repeated with a few more people whom i interacted with, they told me that i had become homosexual , i recalled that from some time i felt strange with a male touch on & off.

started thinking as if its true because the same people never told me this before & why i was passing the smile to this good body built man few days before incident which has never happened like earlier. i went to a pyschiatrist who told me me its just high anxiety & being unmarried uptil now such thoughts are coming.

but it never went off & i became so uncomfortable with males around , the anti anxiety pills given by him didnt improved my situation & i lost all the interest in life, even planned to suicide but thinking of my family revoked myself but to immerse more in addiction of these gutkhas. My confidence & courage to interact with man was all gone. i started feeling getting attracted to males & male physique which was somewhat happening although was not liking this behaviour of mine. Also started passing strange smile when men use to look up to me. it was so weird & to add for worse started even getting affected by the whistles even. My weird ejaculate tactics continued aggressively as if it was a short time relief to all the pain & grief.

although feeling attracted to man, i was still aroused by touch of a female, use to get erection with their touch & getting attracted to them but the thoughts of same sex attraction bogged me highly & my social life became zero, thinking i cant spoil their life somewhat i never intiated to converse with many girls whom i got attracted to in this period , just that weird way of ejaculate was the only console.
akkish 6 years ago
part 4 :
i was carrying my life as a burden & continuing my job somehow. slowly my health detiorated & i lost almost 17 kgs in few months, having acid refluxes almost daily & admitted to hospital in this year february to be diagnosed with celiac disease.

wheat products were banned from my diet & i started to gain health. the weird ejaculate was all to continue but just the only change being imagining myself as that man in different roles sex with females.

my gutkha intake has increased highly again, it was in august this year that i felt that female touch give me erection on and off only and not always as earlier. although male touch was still sensitizing me but never had an erection with the touch nor i fantasized about having sex with them.

the same attraction is intact but attraction to females is like on and off basis. now since this saturday i had decided not to ejaculate at all. since august i am also feeling as if i had got tiny b**s which is really irritating.

i had tried to put forward most of it , pls feel free to ask me anything more that you want to,
am sorry for bothering you much and thanks for being so kind pls
pls help
akkish 6 years ago
to Dr. Mani -

sir, am sorry if i bothered too much, request you to pls. help.

akkish 6 years ago

1. Ignatia 200
2. Natrium Phosphoricum 6x

Please take Ignatia 200, daily one dose for 1 week.

If remedy in liquid form, 2 drops of remedy in 2 teasepone of water makes a dose. If in pellets, 3 pellets under the tongue makes a dose. Dont touch pellets with hand, instead use cap of bottle to take a dose.

For acidity, take Natrium Phosphoricum 6x, 4 tablets whenever you have heartburn. Make sure that you do not take more than 4 doses of nat phos in one day.

Continue for 1 week. If you feel aggravation or better after 2-3 doses of ignatia, then stop the remedy and post update.

[message edited by mani_jee on Tue, 15 Sep 2015 08:34:41 UTC]
mani_jee 6 years ago
thank you so much for replying...

i hope u have read through all the brief written in 4 parts.

are these medications for my issue of homosexual thoughts, same sex attraction .

pls. guide for dosage timings & precautions if any.

like before meal/after meal , any precaution in diet etc.

thanks again... u seems like god sent angel who has come to save me
akkish 6 years ago
Yes I did read all the 4 parts. This medicine is for your over-all personality and once the case will progress I will be prescribing you based on the update you provide.

Best timing for the medicine is after dinner. Avoid anything eating or drinking 30 mins before/after the medicine.

Avoid coffee.
Avoid gotka and all types of tobacco chewing (I know it would be hard, but at least you can decrease the intake).

mani_jee 6 years ago
thanks sir, i will start the medication from tomorrow and will update accordingly.

best regards
akkish 6 years ago

Sorry for the inconvenience , i just wanna share this incident: i had a nighfall today before waking up at 5 am in the morning, and not a wetdream....it had been just 4 days when i last masturbated with erotic imagination....in these 4 days not even read through anything erotic at all..

Am worried ...pls suggest
akkish 6 years ago
Its ok
Go ahead with the remedy ignatia and nat phos.

mani_jee 6 years ago
thanks sir.....will follow as instructed by you & shall update accordingly pls.

akkish 6 years ago

I started taking ignatia 200 from yesterday night , I was highly anxious today since morning ...it was also that I was a lot sleepy in the day and slept from almost 41/2 hours ......weird dreams were coming through . frequent urination not controlled either ....although I will continue to take ignatia as adviced by you. Just wanted to put things to your perusal . regards
akkish 6 years ago
Sir request your advice pls. Regards
akkish 6 years ago
Ok thats gr8. One dose was sufficient. Please dont take further. Keep me updated.

mani_jee 6 years ago

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