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birth stress - something mothers should know

Many people have asked for remedies or solutions to help the suffering of their young children, this is why I post this topic of birth stress. However I will not explain all sicknesses that you will be able to resolve, this would make a rather long post. Please read, if it makes sense to you and you want to know more about a specific illness within your child you can contact me.

BIRTH STRESS, or rather foetal stress, is a wide concept needing to be explained more thoroughly. Each human being is unique. His nature, habits, beliefs – that is, his experience gathered from past lives – makes him different from any other man.

There comes a time when the paths of two people cross – a man and a woman – who in addition to their past lives’ experience have gathered knowledge from their present physical existence. They conceive the physical body of a child who is a Spirit desperately needing to come into this world. It has had a much bigger say in forming its own body than we can imagine. This can be clearly seen in situations where the man and the woman do not want a baby but, despite all their careful planning, the baby still manages to be born. The same applies in cases where a man and a woman have longed for a baby for years but nothing happens because there is no spirit in need of that particular body.

As we can see, the greatest factor influencing the act of conception is the child itself. The child comes to this life equipped with experiences from its previous existences but none from the life it has just arrived in. That is why
It has to come – to learn.

The child’s relation with its mother and father are determined by the nature of the relationship with its parents in his previous life. In case the relations between child and mother in a past life were not good and the child has chosen me for a parent, it means that I too need to learn this lesson of communication.

So, three entirely different characters have come together. One of them, for example, may have lived in Russia a hundred years ago, another, two hundred years back in France, the third, three hundred years ago in America, but still the same spiritual truths apply to all of them – they are all God’s children.

The foetal period and the rest of man’s life can be compared to a folding screen, where the foetal period is symbolized by the folded state of the screen and the rest of life, by the screen as it is spread out. All that happens during the time the baby spends in the womb – the folded up state – will manifest itself during its lifetime, more and more clearly, because of the accumulation of similar stresses.

Stresses breed a lot misunderstanding. The baby has to start setting right its parents’ mistakes from the moment of birth. The reason for the child coming into this life are intertwined with these same problems, only the priorities often get mixed up. The child’s nature and its purpose for coming into this world often have a great deal to do with the parents, but this too is the same as any other obstacle – to be overcome in order to rise higher and clear the path to move on.

The Spirit of the child, when it comes to Earth, is always pure and the feeling of love for its parents is great and sincere. With unending gentleness it seeks out the two people best equipped to give it what it has come to life to experience – difficulties. Here the problems begin, because the parents hand over their own problems, the ones they themselves are supposed to deal with, to the baby. If only we knew how to understand each other, there would be no problems.

Before going any further I would like to repeat, so that you can truly understand:

There is no good and no bad, everything just IS in its goodness and badness.

The same rule applies to the parents. The subject of parents is a particular tender one, as nobody wants his wounds ripped open. If someone has problems with his parents, nobody else has the right to interfere. But you want (your son) to be healthy, don’t you? By denying your problems you are accepting sickness.

Sometimes the problem may be so extreme in its nature that the person prefers to remain ill. There are parents who refuse to accept the concept of foetal stress as, despite lengthy explanations, they feel they are being blamed.

There is no fault, only the main cause, born out of misunderstanding.

By acknowledging the problem, it is possible to remove the stress (Sickness). The bundle of stress begins to disentangle and the sickness disappears. Relations with parents become free of tension and after so many years the person finds his real mother and father. People often tell me, “I feel so free and light at heart. Suddenly, we communicate so easily. I myself was the one who didn’t understand my parents.” A lot of them are the ones who knew they were unwanted and because of that, their parents didn’t love them. The constant feeling of not being wanted had made them ill. By forgiving, the person’s own stresses are set free and he is surprised to see that other people too have changed in the process.

The baby comes to life along a symbolic road of fate. It is a ROAD, taking it to the DOORSTEP and from there to a ROOM – LIFE. The left side of all that was described is influenced by the father and the right side, by the mother.

The ROAD symbolizes the Spirit; the way it arrives in this life from its previous existences, some come with a quick step and a purposeful mind, some waltz along merrily, some come with a wary heart. Some make it their solemn intention to adapt to every circumstance, some, have curiosity and a desire to understand everything, and there are those who are in a hurry to begin this life because the last one was too painful in its lessons.

The child body is created by sexual intercourse. The Spirit of the baby arrives:

- before intercourse – those are the children who want to improve their fate in advance – approximately 8-9%;
- during intercourse – those who had realized at the last moment that something could be improved – approximately 20%;
- hours after intercourse, at the time when ovum is fertilized by sperm – those who accept their fate – approximately 70%;
- later in the pregnancy – the late comers who keep their distance from life and don’t particularly care what happens to the body – approximately 1-2%.

The DOORSTEP symbolizes the aims and objectives in life. The way those objectives are reached is also distinct. Some step over the threshold without paying much attention to it, recklessly, as if annoyed at its being in the way. Some wait, expecting to be called in. some realize that they are standing at the threshold and savor the joy of the moment. Some cross the doorway without even noticing that it is there. The methods of getting over a high doorstep are equally numerous: some haul themselves heavily to the other side on their belly, relieved to have finally crossed over; some are angry that they had to exert themselves. Observe yourself crossing any ordinary threshold or doorstep – how do you do it and what do you feel? By answering this question you’ll see how easy or hard your goals come to you. It is especially educational to observe a small baby crawl over a doorstep.

The ROOM symbolizes a baby’s life at the moment of its beginning. Everyone is capable of changing his own life but nature of the very first moments depends solely on the parents. Every spirit sees right away if the room it is stepping into is bright lit as if filled with sunshine – positive – or as dark as night – negative; or if the lightening in the room is diffused; or if it’s filled with clouds of fog. Nothing is without meaning. The energetic of the room depend on the parents, their love and mutual relations. The parents may be fine people, loving, respecting each one another, educated or un-educated, but if there is no true love between them to provide a firm basis for a passionate sexual relationship, the room will be dim. When relations between mother and father are anything but ideal and where there is no real understanding between them, if they can still remember the love they once had, that in occasional moments of desire still brings them together in passionate lovemaking, then the room will be well lit – at least at the moment the spirit arrives. It makes the Spirit happy and this person will know how to love.

The moment of conception marks the beginning of the journey of the physical man. At that time three components come together to form the human being in its entirety: the formative primeval energy of subtle matter, the energy necessary for life and the eternal and invisible self. Up to that moment, the person inside – the self – has not been considered a true being of the Earth.

There are the very few who come earlier to make a proper start to the formation of their physical body. The Spirit has considerable willpower and its strength lies in love, as does everything else remaining of value in this world. If the spirit has suffered from a lack of nurturing and love from its parents in its previous existence, it now takes good care to arrive early. It gives the parents, who might otherwise not have too much passion for each other, such a powerful impulse of love that it makes them crash together in the act of love like two balls of fire. The pillar of love created in that explosion will remain in the child’s heart forever. Life may be very hard but it goes through it without bitterness and everything it does is a success.

There are some concepts which denigrate sexuality as something immoral. There is only one absolute truth in the world and that is God. If God has given us sexual organs and caused us to breed in that way to carry on life, then physical love between a man and a woman is as sacred as everything else in God’s creation.

Love, the greatest value of all, is the primary condition necessary to conceive a child and the greatest heritage anyone can wish for. A child, bred with love, knows how to love himself, and a person who knows how to love himself, will know how to love others.

As my job is healing people – that is the sick – I can assure you that I have met very few sick people who have been bred with love. But how can the spirit know if the parents are in love or not?

A spirit that arrives hours after intercourse, at the time when the actual fertilization takes place, will probably finds his parents fast asleep. The Spirit doesn’t know that people work in the daytime and sleep at night. It comes to the conclusion that nobody is expecting it, nobody is asking it to come in. all it can see, is total indifference and so the first stresses are born – I am not expected, I am not needed, I am not loved.

The spirit of a child stands between its mother and father. All that the father thinks of the mother and in life in general, as well as all that the mother thinks of the father and life in general passes through the child as through a thin sheet of paper, leaving holes – stresses – in the child’s soul.

Hearing this, a lot of parents are hurt: Well it’s its own fault – who told it to take those things to its heart. We never meant it any harm!” In their own way they are right but had the room been well-lit, the spirit would have seen more clearly and entered with a light heart.

Dear parents, if you only knew how much hurt your children have to go through during the first minutes of their lives! You never guess a thing; you don’t even know that you have just started a new life. Unfortunately, a lot of children are not planned. Waiting ten years to get pregnant is not planning a baby. Planning means that you plan to conceive a baby today and that is what you proceed to do. Mothers are often annoyed when told that the child’s stress is caused by a lack of family planning.

When a man and a woman have longed for a baby for many years and gone to bed every night feeling guilty, doubtful and hopeless, then the spirit, too, feels a lot of tension. But the tension it feels is something entirely different by nature.

The spirit has made its conclusions based on the experience of the past existence. Its ideas can and may be changed but to do this, you have to address the Spirit, ask it to forgive you and explain the problem.

If the child’s spirit takes the mother’s attitude towards the father and to the whole world as her attitude towards it personally, it can only come to the conclusion that Mother, and consequently all women, think like that. If the spirit is a girl, she will see herself through her mother’s problems.

If the child’s spirit takes the father’s attitude towards the mother and women in general personally, he will develop the idea that all men and thus Father must feel that way – particularly towards his child.

When the woman has the notion that she is a poor unhappy creature and all men are pigs then the child is bound to feel the same way in the future. If the child’s past lives have proved something different, the two ideas clash in his mind. The outcome depends on which experience is stronger. But in case the child’s past life experience was anything like that which the mother feels, then the mother’s attitude will be further magnified in the child.

The child’s self-image will develop according to its sex. If it is a girl, she will grow into a whiner, avoiding men at any cost and, should she somehow manage to marry, will surely turn her husband into an uncaring and impatient bully with her endless moaning. If the child is a boy, he will feel sorry for the women and let them treat him any way they want to. deep down he will feel unworthy for not being able to fulfill their every wish and may die of a heart attack, stroke or cancer of the lungs at a very early age. This, by the way, also applies to men who have very understanding wives. Everybody sighs with regret, “He was such a good man. Why did he have to die so soon…” The mother of the dead man will, of course, blame the daughter-in-law for not taking proper care of her son.

So the first stresses are born during the first minutes of the foetus’ life. The Spirit feels a terrible longing to be like its mother and father, even if they hurt it terrible. The Spirit knows that it has picked its parents with love and the choice it made is sacred.

The mother should address the spirit as it stands on the threshold of life and say, “Dear baby, please forgive us for not knowing how to love you, so that the feeling might light up your life. We just don’t know how; we have no real understanding of sexuality and we don’t feel particularly close to each other. We were fast asleep at the time you were standing on the doorstep, waiting to be asked in. please don’t be hurt, we just didn’t know that you were there. Try not to take it personally but learn something from it. You know, people usually work during the daytime and sleep at night and that is normal. The Spirit doesn’t need any sleep – that’s why you may have thought that nobody was expecting you, and that nobody loves you. Please, learn from what happened. We have waited for you. We love you very much.” Parents should know that the threshold of life is the place where the child’s attitude to the world has its beginning.

The women of long ago may not have had particularly high IQ, but they had one immense advantage over modern women – when they conceived, they became one with their pregnancy; they were motherhood incarnate; they were the perpetual motherhood. Everything they met on their way was instantly understood by the baby, and it was born without stress and could start to learn its own lessons right away.

The 20th century woman carries a child under the slogan: Me and My Pregnancy. The material side of life clouds the feelings and the woman doesn’t know how to communicate with the unborn baby. That is why the baby is born with stress and instead of being able to begin its own life, has to start dealing with its parents’ problems first.

The woman planning a baby would actually be able to communicate with the child’s spirit long before it was born, if she addressed the Spirit as a friend and opened up her heart to it, asking it to forgive her for all the possible mistakes she might make out of ignorance, and if she taught the child to deal with mistakes with reason. That would, indeed, be communication worthy of the high intellectual level of the modern woman.

If the woman, from the very moment of conception, took the trouble to comment on everything she was doing, to the baby, then the baby would have no stresses at all. The mother could teach the child in the following manner: “Sweetheart, look what a wonderful day it is! I feel so great. Put that feeling in your heart, it will make you strong. I love you.” Maybe a dog yaps at her and she is startled. She tells the baby: “Sorry, honey, I gave you a start but you know, I have always been frightened of dogs. There’s nothing I can do about it. But you can accept it with reason, then you’ll be strong and wise and not scared of dogs. Don’t ever take the bad things into your heart – their place is in your reason. Always know that I love you and everything will be just fine.” And then she will forgive herself for being startled and the dog for its mischief.

In real life, such situations are usually different. The woman carries the scare in her heart throughout the whole pregnancy, wondering if the baby is all right. Each time she remembers the incident, she is adding to the stress and it is quite possible that the problem will erupt in the form of sickness. All unpleasantness that takes place at home or work has to be explained to the child to the best of the mother’s understanding.

It is not uncommon for the interference of grandparents in the family’s life to be quite forceful. They think they have every right to decide whether a grandchild should be born or not without ever realizing what stress they bring on their child and grandchild by taking such liberties.

If you feel unable to explain a situation to the Spirit of your child, you can just say, “I’m sorry but I simply can’t understand what it’s all about, but I’m sure that you’ll grow up to be wiser than me and will be able to use this experience. Learn from it. I love you.” And the child’s stresses will be released.

Children born without foetal stress starts to hold their heads up right away raise their heads and are able to fix their glance on an object. Approximately 15 women, who had unsuccessfully fought against infertility for 5 to 15 years, gave birth to healthy children during the past year. A couple of these women who has 1 to 3 children in childbirth due to various reasons. When the first baby born without stress was brought to me 6 days after being born and raised its head from its blankets, looked around, found me with its eyes and gave me a wide smile, I was shocked, in the best possible sense of the word. Now, after having more experience, I know that if a new born baby is not like that, then the mother has not been up to the mark.

Every mother should know that she is the only one providing the channel for the baby to be born. The baby would know exactly what to do, if only the mother would not keep interfering in its arrival with her stress. Neither the woman’s anatomy nor the size of the baby is an obstacle for its life.

Dear mother(s), if you can do nothing else, then at least tell your baby at the time it is being born, “Dear baby, I love you, I’m waiting for you! Come! All is well!” And the baby, the Great Lover, will come. Is there anything else for it to do but come, when the mother calls out to it?

The midwife has a very special role to play. The midwife symbolizes LIFE, she is the very first person that the baby will see. The midwife determines the child’s later relations with other people. If she is serious and worried, then all the new people the child meets in life will be the same – worried and serious. If she feels dissatisfied the new people in the child’s life will be discontent too. And if she is kind and loving the child will meet a lot of loving and kind people on his way.

- Dear midwife, if something tells you that the delivery is not going well and that you should do something to help, then the greatest favor you can give is to talk to the baby whose mother has not known how to communicate with it. Tell the child, “Please sweetie, come out! Come for my sake, if nothing else. I love you and want to bring you healthy into this beautiful world. All will go well!” Tell the woman to do the same and even if she doesn’t believe in the power of the word, at least you are setting your mistake right in the eyes of God-.

You should know that a lot of children have been won back to life only by the midwife’s kindness of heart, directed towards the baby. Maybe you have a difficult patient, who causes a stress of antipathy in you with her behavior. Nonetheless, her child deserves to be loved just the same, and some day when you are in trouble, the child will come back into your life to help you out. (There is no coincident in life) There are no lucky chances and no strange coincidences in life; action is always followed by result. When a person strikes lucky once in a while, he has given himself this piece of luck a long time ago by some forgotten good deed. And should you stand face to face with danger; the Spirit of such child will direct help your way to save you from death. A good deed is rewarded in this manner; this is the universal rule. I hope you understand now how wonderful the work of the midwife is?

The mechanism of stress formation is the same for everybody. The mother has an obligation to teach the baby. There are some spirits who are already able to think in their foetal stage but there are not many.

The stress, in principle, is still the belief of each individual person; the other party may not even be aware of it because he didn’t mean or plan it this way. He just feels that there is tension in the air.

The act of forgiving has to come from the person who feels bad.
Now lets us return to the Doorstep once again because this is the place we get our stresses of beginning things and new beginnings.

Often the child has chosen a threshold too high for him and climbing over it is difficult and frightening. A stress is born, causing the person to be afraid of new beginnings. The mother should tell the child, “Sweetheart, the doorstep you have chosen is too high. Forgive your aims for being too high for you. The doorstep will not suddenly grow any smaller but you’ll grow bigger. Please learn from it, take it with reason; I know that you are wise. I’m just teaching you what I know. I love you.”

Everyone should contemplate what their mother has told them and think about her remembrances. Find out what your parents’ life was like during the time your mother was pregnant and forgive your parents for not explaining their problems to you. And if somebody still says, “But my mother and father didn’t know all that. I just learned it myself”, then try to understand that nobody is blaming your parents. In the kingdom of God there is no fault. The act that mankind today is not willing to receive the divine wisdom is a bitter lesson for everybody, including you and your parents. But still, the people who, throughout their life, have kept their hearts open to kindness (and nobody is denied this right) have a light heart and a peaceful mind. They are considered lucky by others.

All mistakes can be put right and by doing so, you do yourself and a lot of other peoples a big favor. Also, you are improving your future as much as humanly possible. Some roads of life are wide – meaning that there is a lot to be improved. The road of a negative person is usually wider than that of the more spiritual individual, as the rise in the spiritual wisdom brings about and added responsibility to experience less physical suffering, to move on more quickly and achieve more.

All the happiness and sorrow coming into the pregnant woman’s life must be explained to the baby. Each negativity presses down on the body as does any other load. If the expectant mother feels that her feet are killing her, if they are heavy and swollen, if her belly hangs low and the pubic bone hurts, if her bladder is constantly bursting and the baby is restless, it is quite clear that something has to be done to help her and the baby.

First of all stretch yourself, then forgive your difficulties, ask your body and the baby to forgive you and lastly, stretch yourself once more. Do not be afraid to stretch. The common, but mistaken, belief is that when the woman stretches her back, the child may abort.

The pregnancy ends in spontaneous abortion if

- the baby feels that it is not loved. It is loaded with the problems of its parents to the critical limit and that causes the spirit to depart. How long can it suffer? If the mother now dedicates herself to carrying her pregnancy to term with love and care then the baby will stay, but if she worries, is frightened of losing the baby and is looking for someone to blame, then this stress is added to all her earlier stresses. In that case no cure can help her. Fear blocks the adrenal glands and the child decides to leave rather than have a life like that. Artificially keeping the pregnancy from termination for moths, without removing the stresses, will result in pathological delivery and a sick baby.
- The spinal column has sunk. The IV lumbar vertebra supplies the womb with energy. The womb is the baby’s cradle and the organ of maternity. The stresses of the mother and her daughter – a future mother – make the womb heavy, positive energy is destroyed and the womb has no strength to hold on to the pregnancy. If the IV lumbar vertebra is sunk then during pregnancy it cannot hold the baby in and during delivery it hinders the baby’s birth.

The same applies to premature birth. Premature babies are fighters who, instead of suffering or being destroyed, decide to escape. They hurry away from the place where they had a hard time, in the hope that the situation will be easier in the future. To retain them is to destroy them because they know best when the best chance fro them to save their skin is. Each positive interference: the mother’s hope, a good thought, release of stress and supportive attitude of the doctors and nurses, will help to carry the pregnancy to term. Medication is not proper solution to the problem.

You may inject the woman with distilled water and keep suggesting to her, very sincerely and with great strength of mind, that everything will go well – and that’s exactly what will happen. Even when prescribing the latest and most potent medication, half the effect will still rest on the power of the mind. Scientists have researched the so-called placebo effect for a long time, but only from the patient’s side. In actual fact, the will-power of a midwife or a doctor is as strong as the patient’s, or even stronger in critical situations, because it is more aware and directed.

The spirit of a child is self-sacrificing. Its love for its parents and for life is such that the child may tightly connect itself to the parents so that it cannot forget them even if it tried. It may take the burden of the parent’s troubles upon itself. A lot of mothers feel as if all their worries have lifted from them during their pregnancy. They feel that nothing in the world can touch them. Mothers explain the cause of their inner calm by reference to the fact that throughout the pregnancy they had nothing on their mind but the well-being of their baby. Unfortunately, they are often deceiving themselves. If you used to be overly sensitive before, then the child just takes your troubles on to itself and, later on, it doesn’t know how to let them go.

In addition to the procedure for forgiving, each expectant mother should teach her baby in the following manner: “Dear child, everyone has his own fate. Your father has his, and I have mine. We all have to manage the lessons of our life’s by ourselves. It is a mistake to take other peoples’ troubles on yourself. They will not feel better – but you will feel worse. You must learn from other peoples’ mistakes, teach them and give them support, but taking their mistakes upon yourself is a crime. By doing this you are taking the other person’s lesson, i.e. his chance to learn something, from him, and he will remain ignorant. Please accept this with your reason. Learn from it. I love you!”

Dear mothers
The child understands everything, you only have to explain and ask him to find a reasonable solution to the problem. The spirit is very wise, but its wisdom is never unlimited nor final in any sense.

Being born feels like entering a comfortable cave or canal to the baby. The canal begins with a wide festive looking entrance and ends with a narrow gate for exit. The birth canal lies to left side of life – the side of the father or power – as delivery takes great effort and clarity of mind. Children of unwed mothers or children whose father lives away from home feel a lack of the father’s support. If the mother forgives the father his absence, explains everything to the child and asks it to forgive her, the child will not develop a stress. The child is able to mobilize itself, for its own and for its mother’s sake.

Natural childbirth, where the father participates, is perfection and everybody gains more from it than the can even begin to imagine. My practice has proved it over and over again. For instance, a 30-year old first-time mother, weighing 50 kilo’s, who had been treated for infertility for ten years, delivered a healthy baby, weighing 4500 gram in less then 6 hours. The child was able to raise its head and fix its glance on objects immediately after birth.
And so the unbelievable turns into the natural and what is natural will soon be taken for granted. Childbirth is a natural process.

We have already touched upon the role of the midwife. Let me just add one more example to what was said before.

A woman was in labor. The baby was so full of stress that it felt it was going to die. A young and inexperienced midwife was delivering the baby but sensing the gravity of the situation felt completely at a loss. However, she happened to be in love; her soul was filled to the brim with love. She instinctively clasped her hands together as if in prayer and from the bottom of her heart begged the baby to be born safely. She just couldn’t imagine what would happen to her if the baby should die. It was the cry of a loving heart and the baby heard it. It felt that it was the one who was loved; the midwife was the first person who loved it and so it rushed out to meet her. Labor was unexpectedly intensified and the baby was born safely and in good health.

The midwife was so happy, that she felt ready to cry, and a big tear of relief rolled down her nose and fell on the baby’s tummy, spreading like a hot sun all over it. It was the proof of happy love.

The woman, whose birth stress we were releasing, cried out happily when she heard this, “Now I know why I always put my hands on my stomach when I feel bad. I immediately start feeling all nice and warm”.
“And I bet you like people who walk by you in the street with a drop on the tip of their nose?”
“Oh yes, I find them so endearing!” was her answer.

Everyone has his own way to love.

I want to explain some more on this topic of birth stress, I would like to explain certain pathology, increasingly common in recent years, and to show you children illnesses and how to cure them. However the ABC forum doesn’t like lengthy explanations, so in case you want to know more about children disease coming from Birth stress, please contact me.

Dr. Beek
  Alexthink on 2005-12-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Judy,
Thanks for the email,

Im happy about the statement it proves that talking to the unborn works, it certainly did in your case.
Keep me posted pls.

Dr. Beek
Alexthink last decade
Dear Judy,

please send me your correct email address, mails keeps returning to me.

Dr. Beek
Alexthink last decade
Thanks at length for the lengthy sermons, though it doesn't make any medical sense, as far as human birth is concerned.

1. Things that are Symbolic are only philosoph'ical, and have no relevance to the scientific world.
2. Symbolizism, is only theory, an illusion, an hallucination.
3. Symbolizism is different for each Human race, Continent....
- a Pumpkin fruit (vegetable), may symbolise a Obese person, a witch craft ingredient, a hallowen item, a delicacy, a meal and so on.......
- a Cross may symbolise Christ (christanity)
- a Dome may symbolise a place for worship to different religions.
4. Your lengthy sermons are related to Human foetus. Human mind (readers of this article) can easily be manipulated and twisted by sermon preachers.
- How do you explain the same vis-a-vis the non-human foetus (i.e. animals, mammals, birds, fishes .. )
- What is the rationalisation or effect of your sermons, on non-humans.
5. Sexual organs are a part of Anatomy, for propaga'tion (that is biologically cell-organism multiplication) and have nothing to do with Spirits or with Love.
6. IF we were to be re-born (with the past), earth population could have remained stagnant and not multiplied. Evolution could not be taking place.
7. Love is a spiritual and emotional feeling. One moment it is there. The next moment it is not. The law of demand and supply is rampant in the feeling of love. Love stems from necessaties, fears, desires, aversions, cravings, which in turn dramatically changes, should the necessaties are not inclined enough.
8. Talking to an unborn, is like self-hallucinating. For self-satisfaction. To placate the deep-inner fear (craving & aversions).
- President Bush could have talked to a non-present (image) of President Saddam, and tried to convert him with Love and this could have been vice-versa.
- try the same with alcoholics, drug abusers, tobacco abusers, hard-core criminals ... hardly works.
- similarly since the base-structure of all religion and faiths is based on violence, Love could have prevailed with talks (philosipical) but then love is only an sentimental emotion. Comes easily and Goes easily, depending.

IT IS ALL IN THE MIND (only in the manipulative humans)... (in the philosopher / preachers mind).
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha-

Many thanks for your reply, it shows you have been reading it - unfortunately you read only that what is acceptable for you, and which you can identify and understand.

Although I do not intend to have lenghty discussion, and without being able to sense that we would be on the same wave, it is better to respect your view.
However your reply bears a signature, one that many people who have crossed my office had as well.
The dogma's past on by generation to the next, the obsession with faith and relegion's is a subject that I do not like to touch. Everyone has its own perception of God, and that's fine. Some may pray facing the east others just have it in their heart.
I might 20 years ago have argued the same, and defend it to the end, however wisdom comes with age, and the wiser one in this case will agree - because he knows better.

PS: Of course my treatment doens't make a medical statement, it doesn't charge you with high bills or fees either. Modern medicine doens't make sense as well, you have to pay, for not getting healthy, you are pushed from one office to the other, endless diagnosis, and a list of pharma poison. How is it possible that even today (God bless the work of doctors)doctors are only able to see the result - and not the cause. Why?

When a small town farmer speaks out a little thruth - he is made a fool, only when years later, a high profile medical scientist reveals his findings - he's regarded wise beyong belief.

Once more, thanks for the input.
Dr. Beek
Alexthink last decade
I agree in some aspects of what you are saying Nesha. I do agree that sermons are not needed on this site or strong-opinionated religious beliefs. What we need is an interest, knowledge and overall drive to make us healthy in all aspects of our lives through homeopathy.

However, I do believe that talking to an unborn fetus could have profound affects on the mother and child. I would have thought that all would agree that positive thinking in any form and towards anything would be a benefit. An unborn child absorbs all that the mother can give on the inside and out.

I am also very scientific in my education and beliefs, however, I do believe that many things cannot be explained by science at the moment and one point in particular is the unconditional love that one parent feels towards their offspring. If these feelings come and go easily, wouldn't we all have difficulties holding relationships with our families, friends and loved ones?
Traci_London last decade
Dear Traci-london

Your absolutely right, let me quote part of your reply "the unconditional love that one parent feels towards their offspring. If these feelings come and go easily, wouldn't we all have difficulties holding relationships with our families, friends and loved ones?
This is exactly the point Tracy, "they come and go" - even more important what is coming and going - think about it. Im sure you will find similarities.

many thanks for your respons, btw, im not looking for souls, or promoting religious beliefs, this is the liberty that anyone has to figure out for himself.

Dr. Beek
Alexthink last decade
1. Talking to the foetus, is equaivalent to "Auto-Suggestion", a part of psycho-hypno-therapy.
- A type of persistent make-believe self-babbling, which one MOSTLY and ULTIMATELY gets tuned into belive'ing and ultimately adapting, (depending). Works wonders on the most gullible minded people.
2. The foetus's perception of all senses is dependent on the mothers emotions, psychological and mind/body distress such as traumas, anxiety, phobias, stress, limiting beliefs, addictions, compulsions, allergies and personality disorders.
3. The foetus hears (feels) only the mothers emotions, and his fears and emotions (i.e. self preservation mechanism) get toned down and relaxes..
4. All individual emotions (perceptions) are dependant on various hormonal glands, individually or a combination of certain hormonal glands.
5. When the mother is treated well, even upto the level of highest positive elevated emotion, then all will obvisouly will be well enough. However this is difficult to achieve, in a way - it is impossible.
6. Thinking or Theory'ising or Illusion'ising or Hallucinating on past life (non-existant), only serves to tame down the persons thought level, bringing the person to observe confessions and penance for the ultimate non-existant hallucinated sins, relieve'ing him of his non-existant guilt, thereby promoting mental-peace, inducing him tame down his own aggressive'ness, suspicions, Critical attitudes, Grudges, Fears, Angers, Careless'ness, depression and other emotions.
THIS serves only as a temporary emotional SELF OUT-LET. A type of self-introspective out-burst, inducing him to think that he has clean'sed himself, which in-turn CALMS down his entire emotional and behaviourial attitudes. This is directly related to inducing the hormonal glands to function more optimum'lly, WHICH ULTIMATELY COULD HELP THE FOETUS, SINCE THE FOETUS IS STILL CONNECTED AND WIRED UP AND DEPENDANT TO THE MOTHERS HORMONAL GLANDS NETWORK.

THE ABOVE WILL EASILY WORK EVEN WHEN YOU REPLACE THE WORD "MOTHER" with anybody else, like a step-mother, aunty, uncle, relative, neighbour, domestic animals and so on.

7. All the above is not at all connected (directly or indirectly) to past-Birth, Fear, Sinning ....
8. A hypothet'ical explaination, trying to link above is the norm of the day, which each of the medico-research person will try to achieve for sake of creation of a different self-identity. Such hypo-thesis, abound plenty, is sufficient to pre-judice the gullible preached. Of course the preacher accumulates all such offensives in the form of archieves storing them in his pigeon hole (office).
9. High charges for the Modern medicine makes ample of sense to me. Here IT IS the medical demand and supply ratio, which causes the medico bills to rise. In USA, the demand for medico service needs is much-hyped - hence the high medical bills. In India, which is highly equivalent in the medical service-track, the medical-treatment is low-hyped - hence the medical bills is 20% of the medical bills charged in USA. Of course there are charitiable institutions which do not charge at all.
10. It is unwise to expect home service or bed-side service from the medical faternity. The Pharma poison, you described is the one presently responsible for prolonging the life-age ratio and probably the best help in saving lifes in emergencies. This, literally, no other medical system does it. AND definetely the positive thinking does not help in. NEITHER the hypo-thesis or sermons of any type of preacher (religious or otherwise)..
11. ON WHAT basis can you say that "doctors are only able to see the result - and not the cause. Why?" . Ask those numerous heart-by-pass surgery patients for the results. Or ask those who have had their diabetes bought under control within 1 hour of taking insulin injections. It could be pharma-posion for you to understand, but it is life for the patient and not for the doctors.
12. Things that cannot be OR till they are not proved, ALWAYS form basis of a Hallucinating hypo-thesis. Let see you doing a hypo-thesis of an existing thing that has already been proved.


EMOTIONS (including FEAR ...) is via the MIND.
Spiritualism is also via the MIND.
God, Religion, Rituals, Faith is also in the and via the MIND.
Hallucinating about past life is also via the MIND.
Inducing thinking of Guilt, Sins, Hereditary factors is also via the MIND.
Illusion'ising about the super-natural, supreme-power, religion, is via the MIND.
Getting preached is also via the MIND.
Getting pre-judiced is also via the MIND.
Self-Glorifying about ones own self-hypo-thesis is also exhil'aratingly in the MIND.

EVERYTHNG IS IN THE MIND ... hope you get the logic..

"alexthink" : You are further requested to archive my reply in your office, alongwith the other replies of so many people who have crossed your office earlier (ohh... just make sure they enter your office). I assure you of an appropriate psychological satisfaction with my replies.
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha-India,
Many thanks for your reply, I am pleased with your given expertise, I respect your view and I certainly will file it with my other replies. I believe you make a good point, however, I see that you are likely to make the same fault, I once made.

On what basis I can say that “doctors are only able to see the result not the cause”.

Well, if you would have read the above more careful then it might have ring a bell, that – all - the doctors see is the damaged part(result), dis-eased part, etc.

It’s like a car mechanic who describes a discovered failure in a car engine.
The mechanic starts to explain, meticulously to the owner, the fault of the part that he found not working, what the responsibilities of this specific part are, and how important it is (was) to look after it. Then he writes a rapport on the particular part and also he continues to write a lengthy explanation that describes all reasons, why the car suddenly broke down. He even will summarize the options to resolve the damaged part. The car owner reads or listens to the diagnosis given by the car mechanic, and after a quick thought he agrees to “change the damaged part” or “to take it out all together”. Everybody is happy now – the car mechanic can write a healthy invoice to the car owner – the car owner all ready depressed that he was not able to use his car for several days, gets even more upset when he receives the bill from the garage.
What’s wrong here, you might ask – Well, the car mechanic may have found the part that was not working, studied it, and fixed or replaced or even changed the oil filter? Although the car owners now knows what is not working anymore, and that this has caused other important parts of the engine to malfunction, he still doesn’t know why it became damaged..

What he is not told, is why this particularly part suddenly went broke?

The car mechanic, if he would have been able to look behind the result (the broke car part) he would have informed the car owner as follows “Dear car owner, the reason for this problem with your car lies with you, I have noticed you driving your car on several occasions, when you came here for a check-up. You drive your car to the limit, day in day out, although you have received warning lights telling you to check vital engine parts – you constantly ignored them, until it broke down. You may have changed the oil once in while, this however was only a temporally solutions, and so the oil filter collapsed under the pressure of collected dirt and entered the engines hart, this caused extreme cylinder damage.
You have to change your driving style and you will see, how much longer you will enjoy this fantastic car, take care of the vehicle and listen to its signals, and you will never have to come again”

We can study everything on the physical level – look at each organ and how it is connected, write detailed papers about, and still forgetting to tell why it went out of order. A diabetes patient might be able to control his sugar levels with insulin, but this is not healing the patient. A kidney patient will now have to wait until somebody else dies so he can get his “good” kidney, and if the kidney isn’t accepted, modern medicine has an answer ready.

Our parent’s gave us a brain to think not for decoration, all those who are commenting on concept of healing are doing so because of their guilt. I’m here, and ready to help them, let them come, its free of charge, I only expect the patient to work with himself a little- that’s not to much asked for.

And in case we achieve to resolve the matter than that’s another human being saved.

The mind is the term most commonly used to describe the higher functions of the human brain, particularly those of which humans are subjectively conscious, such as personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence and emotion, however our mind on the physical plane needs to be fed, you have to gather knowledge, i.e. learn to walk, to talk and to think.

The conscious mind the state of mind that you inhabit during waking awareness. It is your present time experience of environmental and internal sensations, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and awareness of impressions entering your mind, although people today are not bothered with this, the media and old dogmas have taken over, if they feel a small pain, a paracetamol is quickly found.

The subconscious mind the band of the mind that stores memory, organizes and processes experience, utilizes the faculty of imagination and visualization, and operates the subtle mechanisms of karma. It lies between the Conscious mind and the Meta-conscious mind. From you are able to write me your nice reply, unfortunately limited by you.

Peace of mind, peace or peace of mind' is a colloquialism that refers to a state of being mentally or spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. Being "at peace" is considered by many to be healthy (homeostasis) the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness. ...

The mind is nourished through the body, we go to school to learn, our parents’ learn and teach us. They also love us and in the worse case they hate us. We teach our self – the mind grows and so grow we – you have limited yourself, when you stop feeding your mind.I hope you got the logic.
Again many thanks for your reply, its archived.
Alexthink last decade
"Alexthink" :
1. I had anticipated that you would "archive" my replies, and that's logical. I'm assured that this current reply too would be "archived" in your MIND and office.
2. The mind does not require feeding - It requires reasoning / pondering / hallunicinating capacity / illusionising capacity.
3. If you FEED prejudiced thoughts to the mind - the mind prejudices itself & goes into fear, aversions, cravings, doubts-confusions, aggressions, suspicions, weakness to the extent of hallucinating of non-existant sins & past life's.
4. FED prejudiced thoughts could be either NEGATIVE or POSITIVE or BOTH.
5. The mind reasons when it is not prejudiced (like here if I would say that you are prejudiced with your own thoughts and limitations) can think with unlimited capacity.
6. Almost the entire population is prejudiced with prejudiced sermon preachers :
a) The Allopathic medical faternity is prejudiced with its own closed ended or one tracked teachings (or say limitations), self-glorification, down-sizing homeopathy ....
b) Similarly the Homeopathic'os are prejudiced with its many limitations like constitutional prescribring, classical or non-classical prescribing, protectionism from allopathy ....
c) The parents / guardians keep on FEEDing the child, prejudicing him into their own prejudiced inherited feelings & inherited teachings - THE VICIOUS CYCLE CONTINUES unabated for generations, technically then called as "imbibed in the genes" and the "hereditary factor". A medical hallucination glorified..
d) Similarly religion & politics is prejudiced
e) Similarly Medical faternity is prejudiced.
f) The doctor, who himself is unknowingly prejudiced from his infancy, would treat and understand his patient in the same prejudiced manner in which he was taught by his prejudiced teachers. The doctor will treat or diagnos with his "unknowingly" prejudiced limitations. The doctor was FED prejudiced medical teachings and he will treat accordingly. He was taught to THINK in a particular way by his prejudiced teachers and the Doctor will further teach or treat in the same prejudiced way in which he was FED. The Doctor did not REASONALISE. Because the doctor was not told to. Which he should have. Which he did not. Which he could not. BECAUSE HE WAS FED PREJUDICED (PREACHED) TEACHINGS.
g) We don't learn to walk. We don't learn to talk. We don't learn to think. ALL THIS things are by default, due to the human genetic factor. WE ONLY REFINE FURTHER INTO PROFESSIONALISM through experience (trial & error). That's we walk properly. That's we talk properly. That's we think properly. And where-ever humans LEARN they can be preached, prejudiced and moulded into and like a clone. Fortunately for the non-humans (animals ...), this genetic factor is not imbibed into them, else the preachers and the sermon'ers would have prejudiced them into believing ..... what-nots.

The entire prejudic'ing technique is mastered by the religious and political sermon'ers and preachers, which form part of everybody's life from childhood itself. This sermon FEEDing is drummed or CONDITIONED into the humanity from infancy, AND THE INFANT CANNOT HELP BUT GET OVER-WHELMED into submission into involuntary etermity.

The same infant, when he grows up, further preaches (FEEDs) to his children & family, to his community, to his country, to the world, to his students and so on .... and this cycle too continues unabated into eternity.

The mind is nourished / fed through the body, only for its pathological needs. AND NOT for its psychological needs. The mind nourished by the body cannot grow. To GROW, the mind is nourished with its own perception, reasoning, experience and so on - AND ALL THIS CANNOT BE FEEDED AND SHOULD NOT BE FEEDED.

If so FEEDed, then the human race would be clones (which they are - in a way).
Here how the human mind is feeded and prejudiced.

More than 50% of "Human" population profess Christian'ism
More than 40% of "Human" population profess Muslim'ism
More than 80% of "Human" Doctors are prejudiced allopaths
Approx 6-8% of of "Human" Doctors are alternative practioners

HOWEVER hardly there is a population who profess all the religions.
HOWEVER hardly there are doctors who adapt all the medical therapies

PLEASE note that I have used the word "HUMAN", 'cause they have the capacity to think and reason. The Animals can't achieve the human thinking poweress and hence literally cannot be prejudiced or preached or sermon'ed. It is quite easy to play with the human mind.

Nesha-India : "It is too easy to think. Even the un-thinkable can be thought off (i.e. Hypo-thesis)
However, the ART of thinking lies in "How to reasonalise un-endingly". The rest becomes history".
Nesha-India last decade
dear nesha,

unfortunately - the animal kingdom is on a higher plateau then we are!

Alexthink last decade
dear Sir Nesha from india

I have followed the teaching and i have learned to lease my fears, it was hard and difficult at times. doctor Beek is not preaching. he does not take money, nor is looking for lost souls.

I had MD and already for 3 years I am free of my disease, no orthodoc medecine could achieve this.

we learn to walk because we see, when seeing we are learning, open your eyes and look inside yourself.
intelectuel people we have enough and you can't see the reasons that are given in this teaching. i like your explanations but I feel that you don't like competetion.
every beginning has its roots, and so has illness, mine is solved because i looked and found thanks to doctor beek

greetings from a saved soul/body
Plusseven last decade
thanks plusseven, don't forget that we should not judge other people for having a different point of view, everybody is different, that makes our planet so rich, we should treasure our next of kin. he who is wise will know.
Alexthink last decade
Dear Nesha-India,

just a quick reply,
If a patient turns away from orthodox medicine and goes to a healer for help then something has to be wrong with medicine, if the situation is the opposite then the healer should have something to think about. Both sides should draw their conclusions. But the largest responsibility lies with the person him self. Nothing will improve as long as you continue to turn your body over to other people in the same way you take your car to a mechanic. Nobody can take away a sickness that you yourself have so diligently accumulated over the years. It is not possible, it is not permitted, and it is not within human powers. Sickness is a lesson. You have taken it on yourself and if you refuse to believe it, then you’ll have to suffer.
Each branch of science has had its beginning and has had to fight for its right to exist. If it is a real science, it always finds its place side by side with others. In its coming, it has not pushed the others out. Any reasonable person can see this. World practice shows that orthodox medicine is, more and more using the help of people with psychic abilities.

Up to now, mankind has lived on the level of its instincts. During this time only 5-6% of the potential of the human brain has been put to use. It has been learning through suffering. For the last 2000 years, the human brain has been ready to open up but at this point in time, necessity has grown into inevitability. Human kind is standing at a crossroads; those who will accept the Teaching of Survival will continue onwards. Those who don’t…will go back.
Alexthink last decade
" Alexthink" (Dr. Beek) :
Thank you for remembering me, which I presumed you would always do so. Obviously you have been thinking about my last post, which was posted more than two months .... HOWEVER, let me put it this way : I understand your spirit to discuss & debate, which I welcome & recipocate.
(PROVIDED that you do not agree with me and I do not agree with you. The moment agree'ness takes place the debate ends ... - do not talk of logical endings - )

1. There is nothing wrong with the orthodox medicine and in a way orthodox medicine is responsible for the current global population explosion. irrespective of the fact that any population explosion leads to multiple cumulative diseases and unique disorders, demoralisation (both physical and mental).
- Unfortunately Orthodox medicines like it counterpart (homeopathy, ayurveda .... ) is also not perfect and complete and shall never will be. (as it is nothing ever is permanently very perfect and satisfactory) Medicine system will evolve into something else. Till then all systems of medicine & healing can be inter-woven to suit the patients malady for relief or cure.

2. There is nothing wrong with the healer (psycic healer). I consider them to be the Gods of this current evolution. Provided, of course, the psycic healers are genuine and true to heart. Unfortunately most Healers take into their head and prejudice themselves into thinking that they possess super-natural power and then impose their prejudiced notions (with limitations) to the gullible people who cross the path of such healers.
- healers should be independant, but yet complement & co-opt with other medicine therapies.
- healers, eccen'trically, have to be masters of many sciences & teachings.

3. There is DEFINETELY WRONG WITH PREACHERS WHO PREACH RELIGION AND POLITICS and manipulate the generally gullible patients (population) into believing one tracked preachers (with their own limitations) and inducing the gullible people to become clones or zombies.
- peace of mind is associated with satisfaction (and is only a "n" state of mind)
- peace of mind can be easily achieved even when not "spiritually at peace"
- "spiritually at peace" is equivalent to satisfaction and also otherwise too
- "spirituallity" is hare-brained & weak-willed philosphy, self-appeasement.
- "peace" is medical pathological equilibrium (both mental and physical)
- physically, when hunger is totally satisfied, peace of mind and spiritually is also experienced.
likewise, for some ...
- mentally, deliberately experiencing pangs of hunger, also brings peace, both mentally and spiritually.
IT IS ALL IN THE MIND ... the wrong into good. and the good into wrong.
- some attain spritual peace by the wrongs they do
- some attain spritual peace by the good they do
- some hate sympathy - some crave for sympathy
- what is spritual peace for AAA could be stress and hell for BBB
- some crave for children and on achievement, experience bliss & happiness
- some are averse to children and attain peace of mind without children.

4. Since evolution is accepted as recognised, there are several branches of different "n" number of sciences which existed and vanished over a period of time. The current sciences, too will vanish with time. Everything vanishes with time. The Roman empire vanished. Various forms of religion and gods vanished. Various theories and species vanished.
- no science co-existed in the same therapy
- no religion co-existed in the same room
- no kingdom co-existed in the same land

5. Human uses a very small part of the capacity of their brain. Why ? Human can think and get prejuidiced at the drop of a hat. Why ? Due to prejuidced teachings. Why ? because the humans get satisfied very easily. Why ? Because of its own limitations to cravings and aversions, and feel that it is better to resign to fate. Why again ? Due to pre-conditioned and prejudiced teachings from generations together.

6. Humans hardly self-learn anything. They always want to be handled by someone, They always want to be taught by someone. WHY ? Because they do not want to think & reason. Whatsoever is given to them is perceived satisfactory enough. With satisfaction comes an end to future thinking thought process.
- a patient will follow a therapeutic-regime till he is in the hands of the therapist. Back home, everything is forgotten. Why. The care, the sympathy, the empathy, the nitty-gritty of sweet-nothings from a alien (the therapist) is heavenly. This for-self and by-self is not acceptable to the patient.
- people periodically will go to places of worship, feign devotion, love, care and what-nots. Try to tell them to give the same emotions for their own old aged parents, relatives and friends - that's taboo for them.
- people will donate millions to charities, place of worships, old-age homes, orphanages ..., (to satisfy self-ego), but helping their own kith and kin & friends is again taboo.
- people were never taught to periodically help their own kith & kin & friends, because the preachers never sermoned about it for obivious selfish reasons.
- people are drummed and conditioned from birth itself, to listen to preachers, to the preachers well versed soft inducing words in his gait. People allow themselves to be over-awed by such robes and personalities and then ultimately get self-submitted.
- people as a routine, shrink from responsibilities, learning with reasoning ...

7. Very few people are beyond all of above points. Rest will remain where they are today, to be handled by preachers, politicians, religion'ers and other manipulators. AND WHY NOT ?. Everyone has to survive their own professions, irrespective of anything (logic, moral, shame .... )

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
My Dear Nesha-India

To reply your post:
1) "There is nothing wrong with Orthodox medicine" Well maybe it is the way you put it. I'm a little sad about the fact that Orthodox medicine is continueing diagnosing the result - instead of finding the cause.And yes, maybe one day, both orthodox medicine and healers will fuse.

2)I see myself more as a teacher, my classroom is filled with "students" trying to learn something, that had to come from there parents in the first place. Unfortunately the larger part of parents are tied up in work and career. My students are able to use my material for their own benefit, and the individual effortwill show the result.

3)Spirit and Soul are the level of FEELING. Body is the physical level. When we are human we have a body, feelings and thoughts. A human that grows strong and healthy produces good. A good person will grow if the parents have good thoughts. Thoughts are the tool for correcting our feelings according to times in which we live at the moment.
Mind is an expression of the physical level - it is there so that we can adjust our life according to need.

The quality of thought is more important then the quality of food.

4) The Roman empire may not be present at time, there achievements (like toilets) are still fine things to have in our Time, its not vanished yet (luckely)

5)Before mankind is able to use the brain completely a few centuries will have passed. The little we use right now, seems to be enough for mankind, the rest of the brain is there to be filled with spiritual knowledge, unfortunately, mankind is not ready for this.

6) Humans learn a lot! unfortunately through suffering.

7)Surviving becomes an Art. Those who will learn pass easy, those who lack the understanding will vanish.

PS: I will achive it with the other interesting replies I have received from you, my best wishes.



Alexthink last decade
Alexthink last decade
final installment of healing through forgiving
Alexthink last decade
An further answer relating to the current topic is given on

Nesha-India's QUOTE :
'The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, and to have the two as close together as possible'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
babies are born from kisses
Alexthink last decade
children are being blamed, most of the time, all the time and even if they are not around they get blamed.

look inside yourself, look at your family, then come back to me!!!

Alexthink last decade
There are no Secrets!!!!!!
thank you
Alexthink last decade
Birth stress link
Alexthink last decade
Dear C

Pls bear in mind that:

'Female organs of reproduction are characterized by their constantly changing action. To be able to receive the physical love of a man, the woman has to keep on giving him love from her heart. The male organs of reproduction are capable of stable performance up to an advanced age. The state of health of these organs depend, above all, on the man’s way of thinking which, in turn, is based on the convictions of his parents that nobody else but the man himself can change. If the man feels the need to constantly proof his sexual ability then he will not be able to do this for very long.'
Dr. Beek
Alexthink last decade
for becoming moms -Fresh up article
Alexthink last decade
Dear Dr. Beek, you present a true dimension of the picture.
girilal last decade

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