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Dr.Evocationer plz help me, I have lumph in neck from my birth

I want to take help from Dr Mehfooz,Sir i am a 33 year female,of height 5'2, weight 48kg,have a skinny body fair complexion but with freckles and dull looking,I have a hard lumph in my neck from my birth, which moves while swallowing any thing and has a fix size, but it looks very ugly,and I also have dust allergy problem which has been developed now in astham,and from last 2 months i have high heart beat rate at night after going to bed, it disturbs me alot and i cannot sleep,i feel a fear of hert attack at that time.by profession i am a lawyer and work in sun and unmarried and no sex experience ever in my life time.i am addict of tea and i m hardworking and want to get rid of all of these problems, plz doctor help me.i want to remove lumph from my neck and want to get back my clear skin and need help for asthma and high heart beat rate at night..thanks alot dr
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  mnahil1520 on 2014-04-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi there,

would advise using the edit function on lower right and
edit your headline to put Dr. Mahfooz name in there- he is
not on the forum everyday- sometimes once only in a couple weeks
or so.

If you want him to help and don't get any answer you have to post
any word- ( people write 'bump') and that keeps your post
up on the page so he can see his name when he does come on.
simone717 7 years ago
I have prescribed Thuja for you in the Arnica thread where you had posted your case. Did you want to use this thread for ongoing communication?

Assuming you do, I will repost this information again.

Alright I have spent a few hours looking over this today. It is an interesting case, and I can see a few possible directions we could go.

I would consider one of three remedies, one from each kingdom interestingly enough.

First and foremost, there is a polycrest remedy which I feel might be suitable. This is the remedy THUJA. If I look at the core of the case being:

Fear of opinion of others
Fear of rejection
Delusion body is ugly

... and if I also consider that the miasm in this case appears strongly sycotic (feeling of something being wrong within, of being flawed, which must be hidden from others) then Thuja would have to be my first choice.

THUJA also appears in the following rubrics:

Contemptuous of self
Dreams of high places
Dreams of falling from a height
Delusion body is thin
Angers easily
Angers over trifles
Appetite, easy satiety
Urination unsatisfactory, as if urine remained
Desire for tea
Palpitation with anxiety
Palpitation nervous
Chest, mucous, chronic
Perspiration, odour, pungent

There were two other interesting ideas I had as well though. These were Dendroaspis polylepis (black mamba) and Germanium metallicum.

Dendr-p had a few single symptoms that were very intriguing:

Estranged, feels cut off
Wants to fight for helpless people
Sympathetic, for black persons (looking at the proving the person who reported this was expressing sympathy for a part of their culture that is repressed)

It also appeared in Dreams of falling from a height and Dreams of being pursued by murders (the woman in the black dress wanting to harm you)

Germanium metallicum appeared in these relevant rubrics:

Delusion alone in the world
Confidence, feels he is failure
Self Depreciation

However, I feel Thuja is the best choice at this stage. So if you could obtain Thuja 200c in oral liquid form we can move forward.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thanks alot dear Evocationer for giving me your precious time,I am replying so late because I was out of city and very busy in a case, please tell me about quantity and potency of Thuja. thank u again, and I shall continue cmmunication at this thread instead of arnica thread.
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mnahil1520 7 years ago
I have read now in arnica thread,you have suggested Thuja 200c for me, but please tell me how mant times in a day.. thankx
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mnahil1520 7 years ago
I did not see this thread - I had been checking the other thread to see if you had acknowledged my advice.

You are to take ONE DOSE only of this remedy - not a daily dose. After 7 days we can assess the response and decide how to proceed.

You should take the dose as follows:

Hit the bottle firmly against the palm of your hand 5 times.

Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean water. Stir thoroughly.

Take 2 teaspoons of this mixture into your mouth, hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

Throw the rest of this water out.

Just to repeat, one dose only for the time being.
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Evocationer 7 years ago
Dear Evocationer I am sorry for late reply. actully I was out of city for an official work, today I have seen your email...after your previous reply I purchased thuja 200c from market and started use it but without your advice,i used 5 drops in a half cup of water twice a day and then after two days i caught by chicken pox, my face and my body got full with chicken pox,then i quit thuja because i was busy in work and out of city,i took peadol an alopathic medicine for temperatur and head ache, i came back and now from yesterday i again started thuja in the same quantity, 5 drops twice, now i have seen your mail, what should I do now?
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mnahil1520 7 years ago
Still i have chicken pox, but with scab formation has been startd, they are very prominent and spread on whole of my body.plz reply me urgent.thankx
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mnahil1520 7 years ago
i caught by chicken pox because in my family 2 kids are first caught and then i caught.
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mnahil1520 7 years ago
Hi Dear Evocationer how are you? where have you gone? I am using thuja 200 c according to your instructions from last two weeks, and want to share with the results..you have not replied my previous post, are you all right? plz reply me thankx
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mnahil1520 7 years ago

I suggest using the Edit button on bottom right of your last post.
Click it and then a box will show up on the left-

Delete Dr. Mahfooz name and put in Evocationer.

If you look at the forum you can see he is answering people each day.

People get email alerts when they respond on a thread. sometimes
they don't work right. If they look over the forum it is easy to think
this is being taken care of by Dr. Mahfooz.

You can also Post on another person's thread he is answering
and leave your thread number-426832, and let him know you
are waiting.
simone717 7 years ago
Evocationer, I am using thuja 200 from last four weeks, now I am feeling that everytime there is thick fluid present in my throat and I dischrge it from mouth, and also lump is decresing in size gradually,pile bumps are getting shrinked..i told you that some years before i faced pilesproblem,it left bumps at my anus,leucorea like secretion is also facing in these days after using thuja..
mnahil1520 7 years ago
I missed all these posts - I would have answered you sooner if I had seen them. It could be that the other person's name in the thread did divert my attention away. Seeing my name immediately made me take notice so Simone's suggestion was a good one.

How many times have you used Thuja? Because I did not see your reply, I did not give instructions for use. You were only meant to take ONE dose. I hope you have not been taking a dose each day as this is a significant overdose.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Dear Evocationer you have forgotten.in your previous reply of dated 20-05-2014 told me to take thuja dose once in a week or after seven days.and 3 drops of water in 100ml of clean water..i am taking this according to your instructions for about 6 weeaks, so that i have taken it 5 or 6 times.. wht should i do now.
mnahil1520 7 years ago
posting up to the top of forum so
this can be seen again.
simone717 7 years ago
This was the instruction I gave:

'You are to take ONE DOSE only of this remedy - not a daily dose. After 7 days we can assess the response and decide how to proceed.'

I do not know what taking so many doses may have done. It was not my intention for you to have so much of it without any assessment. You must try to follow the instructions I give. I do understand that as I lost sight of your post you may have been unsure of what to do, but in such situations it is better to do nothing and wait, rather than risk taking too much of the remedy.

Can you please go through all the symptoms you gave me in the other thread, paying particular attention to the ones I listed as being the reason I chose Thuja. Next to each one write Better, Worse or Same. If better or worse, please write a percentage % to show how much.
Evocationer 7 years ago
I am now shocked to unerstand that once dose only and after seven days we can assess the response... really very sorry and also worried about its effect that at first i started thuja with daily dose and then quitted it and started taking a dose after 7 days.. now i feel drowsiness and fatiguge, pain in thigs and want to sleep.. my sleep time has been increased, other mental symptoms are almost same, and in my thrat there is always a white fluid is present like phalgum, though in my lumph there is a little bit decrease in size.. now i am everytime dicharging the white sticky fluid through mouth.
mnahil1520 7 years ago
in my facial skin there is full of white and black heads like small acnes, on pressing they dicharged black or white head easily, and in one of my post i have told you about chicken pox experience after using thuja. all other symptoms are almost same.. my teeth are day by day destroying, i don't know why, i also told you about it in the start, now plz reply me as early as possible, thanks
mnahil1520 7 years ago
Alright I am going to have to spend some time going through all the symptoms to provide you with a list to use for proper assessment. I will get this done as soon as time permits.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thankx, I am waiting
mnahil1520 7 years ago
Dear Evocationer where have you gone? I am waiting for your further guidance..plz reply me urgently. thanks
mnahil1520 7 years ago
Next to each symptom write Better, Worse, Same. If better or worse, write a percentage % to represent how much.

Dust allergy
Itching within ear
Heart beat rate high while lying in bed
Fear of heart attack
Wake up with a jerk
Not much interest in food
Feel full after eating a little food
Eat no breakfast
Thirsty at night time
Craving for tea
Swollen veins in rectum
Many times in day going for urination
Feeling of drops left after urinating
Flow of urine is in spreading form
Pungent smell of perspiration
Change of weather causes flu headache
Dry weather causes fever

Aggressive before menses
Weeping and miserable before menses
Headache before menses
Feeling of failure before menses
Dreams of falling from a high place
Dreams of women in black dresses
Pimples on libia minora

Very sensitive nature
Sensitive to the poor and helpless
Unable to take fee from the needy
Scared loved ones will die
Heart if full of sorrow and grief
Wounded feeling in the heart

Feeling there is something wrong with you
Don't like your own physique
Angry look on face
Serious look on face
Always think negative things about yourself
Not feeling sure about anything in your life

Tooth decay

Aggressive even over small matters
Feel others don't like you
Evocationer 7 years ago
What has happened here? Did you want to give me a report so we can move forward?
Evocationer 7 years ago
I am really very sorry doctor i was busy in protest against our government, we are here in Pakistan facing serious energy crisis,and could not reply due to loadshedding.. I shall reply you in detail...plz never mind thanks
mnahil1520 7 years ago

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