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Waiting for your reply sir. M having pimples inside my nose Could that be a pospositive sign
thundercracker 8 years ago
Please take one dose of Nitric Acid 200c. Just one dose and update in 2 weeks.
fitness 8 years ago
I followed ur prescription sir. Later on I went through some tests,which revealed borderline blood sugar fasting n cholesterol and again raised ALT ( Liver function test) was quiet worried. Recently I contracted throat infection and it has now taken the form of chest congestion and mild asthma. However, today was the extreme as I visit different city in which pollen has start ed. I am devastated. My nose is runny followed by sneezes and shivers have a slight temperature with headache. Since I was out I got myself alium cepa 200 as I got desperate. I am leaving this city tomm. Right now m taking antibiotics anti allergy inhaler etc. Please suggest a remedy
thundercracker 7 years ago
Once you are done with the antibiotics, please contact back then.
fitness 7 years ago
Sir its been a week since I have stopped taking antibiotics. Sir pollen season is on verge, I am feeling slight irritation in my nasal area which is a sign of hayfever. I am applying vaselin in my nose to block the effects. Some say use paw paw ointment and honey inside nasal area as prevention. Sir plz recommend effective remedy. For once in my life I want to skip this pollen allergy.I never felt this allegy in karachi which has a sea. Help me sir
thundercracker 7 years ago
Please have one dose of Natrum Muriaticum 200c and report back in one week.
fitness 7 years ago
Sir its been more than a week since I have taken your prescription. No pollen allergy yet. Last reason I guess during these days it had started gradually but april was the worst. It rained alot during these days so this might be a reason behind delay in pollen onset. I also believe its ur prescription.
thundercracker 7 years ago

Depression/mood swings= problem has decreased remains at 25 % but due to a recent heartache and disappointment in love I am feeling weird tickling in tummy and I am very sad.hope I get over it
masterbation decreased due to heartache from 90% to 10 %.

Acidity= problem has further decreased from 20 to 10%
Asthma related to Anxiety= problem remains low .

Asthma general= problem increased from 40% to 50%(totally randomly occuring need of inhaler ).
Constipation= problem decreased from 80% to 60%
ANGER ISSUE :anger issue remains at 75% frustration remains
MAKING GESTURES/IMAGINING FIGHTS : imaginary fight problem R and further increases when remains at 60%
CONFIDENCE ISSUE : problem stays at 60%
PROBLEM OF PREMATUER EJACULATION: problem stays at 40% but it all depends on level of excitement and sensitivity to touch
thundercracker 7 years ago
Have one dose now. Just one dose, not daily.

email me a picture of yourself.
fitness 7 years ago
Ok sir, will mail u my pic today
thundercracker 7 years ago
Did you take the dose.
fitness 7 years ago
Yes sir I did, the allrrgy started from yesterday evening even though I applied vaselin n honey in my nose. used inhaler several times at night due to wheezing and accumulation of phlegm. allergy totally stopped during experimental masterbation, during which my nose n throat got dry.sir rain has started again hopefully it will diminish symptoms but plz do something
thundercracker 7 years ago
When did you take the dose and what were the effects
fitness 7 years ago
Sir I took the dose on 12-03-2015. Only one day of pollen allergy has done the damage. Used inhaler thrice tonight. Chest feels congested with sticky phlegm. There were no apparent effects of that dose.now m sitting in the bed for fear of asthma arts. Symptoms subside wen eat or drink something in warm. Sir help
thundercracker 7 years ago
You are not answering my question properly.

When did you take the last dose and what were its effects.
fitness 7 years ago
Sir i took the dose 5 days ago. Depression/mood swings= problem decreased 35 % to 20% but general disorientation persists due to lack of aim in life.
masterbation increased from 10% to 50%. Constipation considerably decreased from 60% to 30%.

Acidity= no acidity

Asthma related to Anxiety= problem remains low .

Asthma general= problem furgerincreased from 40% to 50%(totally ra
ANGER ISSUE :anger issue remains at 75% frustration remains
MAKING GESTURES/IMAGINING FIGHTS : imaginary fight problem remains at 60%.
thundercracker 7 years ago
You are doing fine. Report back after one week.

Homeopathy can't give you an aim in life, you have to decide that for yourself. Many of your symptoms will resolve once you do that.
fitness 7 years ago
You are so right sir, I have to bring positive changes in my life and sort things out. However right now I am in dire need of homeopathic remedy for rhinitis/hayfever as its getting aggravated day by day. During day time I mostly stay indoors and during my limited exposure outdoors I cover my nose, the real problem starts in the evening. I start sneezing due to irritation in the nasal passage , followed by runny nose n later blockage. I start using inhaler to get rid of wheezing. At night the mucous gets thick n in subsequent morning I spit out thick yellow n transparent phlegm. Sir I believe its high time for us to use homeopathy during such aggravating symptoms.
thundercracker 7 years ago
When was the last time you took Nat Mur dose
fitness 7 years ago
11 days back. on 12 march 2015
thundercracker 7 years ago
Take a dose now and report back in 2 days.
fitness 7 years ago
I have read your symptoms, mental condition and life style. I have experienced many symptoms you are going through and controlled it to the perfection which includes your allergies, asthma, PE and other psychological issues. regrading homeopathy prescription i will leave it for you to continue with the suggestions from "fitness" as you are already discussing the issues in detail but would also suggest to compliment homeopathy treatment further with self hypnosis. most of your problems are due to what you have programmed yourself subconsciously...your allergies and PE problem seems more psychological then any actual physical disorder. my suggestions, 1. make a strict schedule for your eating timings and sleeping timing with good number of hours sleep which includes a possible 20 minutes nap after lunch 2. self hypnosis for allergies and PE, you may opt for videos you are more comfortable with a) search on YouTube self hypnosis for allergies 2) self hypnosis for PE 3. hypnosis for self esteem. DO it for 15 days and I am sure your problems will be vanished like it never existed. you will find yourself more happy and satisfied in your life. when your mind is happy allergies and other issues will say good bye to you.
dynamicfiroz 7 years ago
Sorry sir fitness I couldn't report in two days cuz I had been admitted in hospital due to severe asthma attack triggered by allergy, I barely made it to icu , I went into spasm but revived through corticosteroids injection followed by regular nebulization etc. Now I am stable again and waiting for ur next step.
Thanx a million dynamic , ur observation seems so correct, ive been told bout this mind thing by do mamany.i would love to go for self hypnosis, great idea otherwise how come I feel relaxed during masterbation and suddenly on getting dc I get asthma problem all of sudden. Thanx for this precious idea sir I'll search for them videos n audios. Will keep you posted
thundercracker 7 years ago
Sir fitness the allergies have to some extent subsided but is followed by a phase which I usually go through at the climax of pollen season. On waking up I use inhaler to clear my clogged up chest. As a result round and oblong balls of sticky transparent phlegm comes out in big amounts. The heels of my feet are stressed and pains for 15 mins. Sir recommend remedy plz
thundercracker 7 years ago
What was the last remedy you took and what was its affect

What are the symptoms now, give details

What makes them better & worse
fitness 7 years ago
Sir I took NAT MUR 200 on 22nd march 2015 but then due to severe allergy I had to get hospitalised. During emergency situation I coild not recall the symptoms however my current symptoms are to be discussed in detail. This year theres alot of decrease in the discharge from nose which is only a deception as the accumulation of phlegm is equally severe and asthma attack also strikes with same intensity.
HAYFEVER.decrease from 70% to 30%. the nose get occasionally clogged due to allergy followed by a sneez or two. Have stopped taking allergy medicines but sometimes taking a sip of allium cepa 30 used to fix runny nose in seconds.
ASTHMA. Increased from 60% to 70% specially in the morning when chest in fully clogged with phlegm. When I exercise with each jerk I feel phlegmy discharge dripping down from inner nose into my throat.
DEPRESSION/FRUSTRATION.problem decreased from 30% to 20% but occasionally I feel confused regarding what to do I get disoriented . I feel frustrated as m not getting married n time is passing by. Anger is at full swing.
now a days when I wake up my heels ache as they feel stretched and if the fan is on high speed phlegm increases. My asthma aggravates with use of sour and cold beverages, too much gases and constipation, exertion. Phlegm only comes out when I puff inhaler followed by relief n passing of stool also helps. During asthma I also feel itching at my back .
sir some other symptoms that m facing these days. White rashes on my penis are spreading these spots are not flat but little ribbed. I am worried about them. Plus the fingers of my hands n feets sometimes gets stuck as if in spasm for 5 seconds could ot be some deficiency
thundercracker 7 years ago

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