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Attn: Dr Joe 2 year old has GERD

Hi doctor,

My two year old son has GERD. He currently weighs 27.5lbs. Has been on ranitidine since he was 6 months old because it took us that long to figure out that he was spitting up inside his mouth and swallowing it back down. He was also getting an ear infection every 3 months for which he was given antibiotics. The ranitidine stopped working at around 18 months of age. Then the pediatrician put him on Prevacid. Although it works for him, he is very irritable during the day. He also refuses to sleep in his own bed and seems to be fearful of sleeping alone.
Also another problem is that he is constantly getting sinus infections which leads to startled sleep throughout the night and maybe that is contributing to his irritability during the day. I do have access to homeopathic medicine here.

Can you please help me.
  Floridawaters on 2013-12-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Florida,

First, if you want to talk to Joe, who btw is not a Md or a homeopath,
you can go to his site http://joedelivera.com and get an answer
much faster than on here, bc he is not on this forum that often anymore.

Joe will probably tell you to get the cell salt Nat Phos 6x and have your
son take one tab after a meal to stop the reflux. You need to stop the
prevacid and the Nat phos can be adjusted to how he is responding and
given less and less until the reflux is gone.

Due to the antibiotics, your son needs his gut flora replaced so that
he can digest things well again, and you need to buy child/baby
probiotics. You can find these at Whole Foods and you may have to experiment
with brands bc they react differently on everyone. The probiotics need to
be given at least once a day for a minimum of 2 months. I belong to
a huge HMO and they tell everyone to do this now after antibiotic treatment.

Third on his sinus infections. This will need a remedy or a different cell salt.
Cell Salts are a sub branch of homeopathy and they work balancing out
the cell metabolism. You will find cell salts at Whole Foods- Hylands
Brand near the remedies. Or you can order online from Vitcost. They are
also called Dr. Schuessler';s tissue salts- but just put Nat phos 6x cell salt
into Vitacost and the same Hylands brand will show up as Whole Foods.

The sinus infections usually start from colds or allergies. Constant mucous
wears down the mucous membranes in the nose, gets them irritated and
then they don't form enough of a barrier to keep out infection. Once the
infection starts you need a remedy to handle the infection. When it is over
another remedy would be used depending on how it starts, and the
mucous color etc and other symptoms.
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you Simone. I will use the nat phos. I was just curious if I should keep it at one tablet because he is already 27.5 lbs or if I should give him a higher dose. Also, is there a specific cell salt for the sinus infections for him?

Thank you again.
Floridawaters 8 years ago
Hi, I would start with one tab. You can always go up
depending on the response.

On the sinus-it depends where he is in this cycle and if
it starts from a cold or if he has allergies. Ferrum Phos
6x is the cell salt given at the start of a cold/runny nose
where you see some clear mucous starting. After that,
it depends on the mucous color and consistency. Also,
fyi, my ENT told me that constant mucous drip- the post nasal
drip that can be very subtle, but it can run in tiny quantities
down the back throat sinus passage, is a cause of
stomach acidity and reflux.

How is your child doing right now as far as a cold or sinus

If he has one you can always post his symptoms on here -use
the form http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum22.php/188925 and
put the answers on this thread. It is best to have one person
monitoring the remedies.
simone717 8 years ago
He got a cold a few weeks ago which resulted in a sinus infection to where he had trouble breathing at night. There is no mucous that actually was coming out. The pediatrician gave him a antibiotic -Zithromax. On the last day of the antibiotic, he got a cold that lasted a few days. Clear drainage at first, then cloudy, but then the same thing again, trouble breathing - no drainage but I can hear the rattling in his nose. Trouble breathing at night.
Floridawaters 8 years ago
By cloudy, you mean sort of opaque whitish color?

Is the trouble breathing due to the blocked nose- where he has to
mouth breathe or is his chest tight?

you should really fill out the form answers for him. I will look it over.

Meantime, avoid bananas, oatmeal and dairy bc it increases mucous
production. You can also get a saline only nose spray ( no medicated
ones) and use as often as needed. it flushes allergens and germs etc
out of the nose and then the tissues do not get irritated and start
the mucous production.
simone717 8 years ago
Hi Simone,

By cloudy I mean translucent to opaque. It varied. Right now there is no mucous. Just dry rattling in his sinuses when he is sleeping which makes him a very restless sleeper throughout the night. What finally helped him sleep last night was burying his face near my neck last night while he slept. The warm moisture seemed to be helping him breathe better although I have a humidifier constantly running during his sleep. Also, I saw an ENT a few months ago who suspects that his reflux causes his breathing issues. I do try to keep my son propped up during the night on a pillow.

I cannot seem to figure out how I do the form to send to you. I will look at it more closely when I have more time.

Btw, I looked up Joe de livera's website but there is no place to contact him.
Floridawaters 8 years ago

All you need to do is answer the questions that the form has,
and put them on this thread. Reflux does make it hard
to breathe, but usually in the chest area.

I know there is a place on Joe's site to contact him, bc people
write to him all the time, but I don't think it is easy to find.


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simone717 8 years ago
Hi, nat phos worked for a couple of weeks and is no longer working. My son ended up getting a fungal infection in his ear due to the regurgitation of food. He did not have a cold this time. He is currently on antibiotic ear drops.
[message edited by Floridawaters on Sun, 26 Jan 2014 06:01:24 GMT]
Floridawaters 8 years ago
Dear Floridawaters,

This issue has been going on a long time. Have you ever
thought about taking him to a homeopath in person?

There is much more to go on in person, especially with
children. If you want to let me know your general
whereabouts I could give you some options of people
I think would be qualified to treat your child.


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simone717 8 years ago
Please answer applicable questions and I may be able to select a remedy. Answer in front of the questions leaving them in place:

1. Your appearance (age, weight, height)
2. What are the symptoms of the problem
3. In your view, what caused this problem
4. What makes the problem better
5. What makes the problem worse
6. How are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, stubborn, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc)
7. Are you feeling cold or warm
8. How is your level of energy
9. How is your thirst
10. Are your lips or mouth dry
11. Your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
12. Your likes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
13. Your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc)
14. Your dislikes in food regarding temperature (cold, hot etc)
15. Any other health issues that you have
16. What allopathic medicines are you taking
17. What homeopathic medicines have you taken in last 6 months (dates, dose, potency)

If you have fever during this illness, please answer these questions also:
1. Are you feeling cold or hot
2. Any shivering
3. Are you sweating or not
4. What makes you feel better (cover up in blanket, remove clothes etc)
5. Are your hands/feet cold
6. How is your thirst

1. If you have cough its details (dry, loose, phlegm, its color)
2. What makes the cough better (drink, eat, lying down, night, sleep, talking, running etc)
3. What makes the cough worse (drink, eat, lying down, night, sleep, talking, running etc)
fitness 8 years ago
FIRST: Joe De LIvera is a fruad! Please do not take his advice. I went through his advice and he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about and not only that, when you tell him that his FREAKING JOEPATHY is not working, he gets defensive and drops his patients IF we can call ourselves that!

SECOND: I orderd $41.60 worth of Homeopathic remedies from EHEALHTLAND.COM THROUGH THE ABC HOMEOPATHY SITE and they charged me the money but a week later told me they did not have the medicine. I asked them to cancel my entire order and refund me my money that they had already posted on my credit card. They agreed. It has been over 45 days and they have not refunded my money. Having contacted them several times, I keep getting the, 'oh, its on its way' trick. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. EHEALTLAND IN my opinion is a fraud and should never be dealt with!
Floridawaters 8 years ago
BTW, if there is another mother reading this going through the same thing as me, the ONLY homeopathic medicine that has worked is Colic Calm. I bought it at the drugstore.
Floridawaters 8 years ago
I feel sorry that things didn't work out well.

In retrospect, please see the subject of your post, you came in requesting only Joe to respond, that's what you got.

Most of us who prescribe here are not professional homeopaths but some of us do know what we are talking about regarding homeopathy.

For info, have a look at the GERD cases that I have prescribed for.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do agree that I am not going to find a full blown homeopath on a forum. The only reason I specifically asked for joe on this forum was because there is unfortunately a LOT of information regarding his so called joepathy and it working for some people. The funny thing is that once I started paying attention to all the postings by different people, there were only 1 or two people who claimed that his GERD TREATMENTS worked completely. Most of the time it is just him making premature and false claims that his so called joepathy has worked for so many hundreds of people.
Floridawaters 8 years ago
Dear Floridawaters,

We are an open forum, and you are entitled to post your experiences.

I am not in a position to comment on the effectiveness of 'joepathy', except that he has been a member for many years, and in that time (As far as I know) has been attempting to help people, for free, and has even sent people the remedies at his expense. I honestly don't what proportion of his patients have been helped, but I know his intentions have always been honest.

I am in a better position to clarify the matter concerning E-healthland:

E-healthland have been our partner for over 11 years, and this is the first time anybody has made such an accusation.

On the refund, it seems the wrong card was credited for the refund; your card was credited yesterday, when you brought the matter to our attention. I apologize for the mix up.

Thank you,
moderator 8 years ago
My opinion regarding Joe De Livera is exactly the same as when I wrote my complaint a few posts ago.

Same with ehealtland. I have already made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding them because even though you claim that my credit card has been credited miraculously now and so do they, I do not see the credit as of right now on my card. No customer should have to go through what I went through with ehealthland. I have owned companies before where I have processed peoples credit card information and this claim that a wrong credit card number was used to run the credit is quiet unbelievable. This should have been double checked the very first time I informed them of me not receiving MY money back!
Floridawaters 8 years ago

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