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CALCIUM - Why is it not absorbable in the human body

CALCIUM - Why is it not absorbable in the human body.

This explanation is to a question by "sazim", which he asked in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254/2 dated 29 September, 2005.

I REQUEST and invite all forum members (including college qualified, non-college self-qualified, Non-Classical and Classical Homeopaths, specially - Homeo Pharmacists), to discuss and give in their, biased or unbiased, view point on this topic.
* * * * *

Calcium from non-vegetable kingdom (like oyster, coral, chemicals, inorganic salts (Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate ....), animal MILK / meat) is NOT absorbed by human G.I.Tract system and ultimately toxifies our blood and tissues. Billions of US$ is spent in consuming Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate, YET, these very people who consume Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate for years, suffer the most bone disorders. A slightly better version of ORGANIC & absorbable Calcium is Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium Orotate, Calcium Aspartate. The retention of Organic Calcium in the Body is higher than Inorganic Calcium Carbonate which the body tends to excrete rapidly through the urine - Hypercalcuria.

Most easily, absorbable Calcium is from the Vegetable kingdom (like green leafy vegetables, seeds (sesame, soybean...) and dry fruits & nuts. Calcium from Fresh fruits (not canned or processed) and Raw vegetables (not cooked or processed), is the best calcium which is fully and immediately absorbed by the human body due to the 30 feet long G.I.Tract mechanism, the human body enjoys.

DRINKING HARD WATER (OPEN / BORE-WELL) CAN PROVIDE (200mg /per liter) of CALCIUM DAILY, which is most easily assimilable and 1000% absorbable. 80% of Earths population drink above type of hard water and enjoy absolutely good skeletal (bone) health.

DRINKING of chlorine-treated water will start truncating out calcium from blood, which in turn leeches out the calcium from the skeleton bones.

FAULTY functioning of the Liver & Kidney's will also cause excessive loss of Calcium. So will excess Phosphorous in the system. A high Acidic blood level (anything below p.H. 6.5) (most normal is alkaline pH of 7.4) will also cause loss of Calcium.

OTHER factor for calcium deficiency (or say LOSS) is Smoking, Alcohol, certain Drugs, Calcium thinners, High protien diets, consuming Iodised Salt, lack of Sunshine, Body movement and Sedentary life styles.

Drinking bottled mineral water contains non-organic calcium, which under no circumstances is absorbable by the human body.

HOWEVER, OVERALL the absorption of calcium by the human body is dependant on the amount of Vitamin-D, that can be available in the blood. Vitamin-D can be provided to the human body by various means, which in a way is really useless. THE ONLY & ONLY BEST WAY, VITAMIN-D, CAN BE EASILY SUPPLIED TO THE HUMAN BODY IS VIA THE "SUN", due to the synthesis factor via the human skin, with a minimum of 30 minutes skin exposure to sunlight for atleast 45% of Human SKIN. People wishing miraculous short-term results in a short time can easily skip the above.

SUN-light, is literally the Mother & Father & Guardian of Good Skeletal (bone) health. People with little or no exposure to the sunlight, will definetely suffer from bone diseases. This is one major factor in Females being the most potential candidate for oestoporosis ....., wherein the conventional medial faternity finds it convienent to blame the female hormones, which is utter nonsense.

People deficient in Calcium and Vit-D, tend to have high cholestrol and being over-weight. A simple Skin exposure to the sunlight (as above) would help start convert cholesterol in your skin to vitamin D ultimately synthesing it into Body storable calcium.

To retain calcium reserve in our bones, Calcium has to be taken with Organic Magnesium, Zinc, Boron.
The following minerals are required in ORGANIC form in these specific ratios to help reverse Osteoporosis or for re-generation of skeletal calcium deposits.
Calcium 1200 mg + Magnesium 600 mg + Zinc 60 mg + Boron 6 mg. Per day dosage, for many months together.

Dr. Schussler, the father of Bio-Chemic Tissue salts, has provided the best way of inducing the body to produce Calcium via Cal.Phos-3X, Silicea-12X, Calc.Flour-6X. The homeopathic version of Calc's, Symphytum's ... in potency form, is not that effective, verses the Bio-Chemic salts. Few Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural remedies like Ashwagandha, Dandelion, Cissus quadrangula (Had-jod) ... do help in the long-term persistent usage pattern.

* some of the above inputs have been incorporated by PIRATING postings of "HA21", a forum member.

Further inputs and serious discussions are invited, since Bone disorders, are a serious health hazard for the coming generations.

CONSIDER THIS : "A professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep."
  Nesha-India on 2005-10-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I had a friend who was always getting kidney stones. I inquired as to what the doctors were advocating for treatment and he said that since the stones were always made up of calcium that his doctors told him not to ingest anything with calcium, this included green leafy vegetables!

I was a biochemistry student at the time and I found this to be a stange prescription for such a malady. He was a 38 year old male who oddly looked as if he had already lost considerable bone mass just by observation. I figured that since his lifestyle was one that involved many trips to the fast food restaurant that his body was desperate for CALCIUM. Instead, I presumed that he needed the very thing that his doctors were telling him to avoid.
I figured that his body was so desperate for calcium that it was rapidly breaking down skeletal bone calcium stores in order to keep adequate blood levels just to keep his heart pumping. This is what caused the kidney stones since it was done in a desperate haphazard way that it formed kidney stones made up of calcium in the process.

This was just my line of reasoning and I had no scientific proof of such. Over time he grew fed up of frequent trips to the ER and undergoing painful treatments that he followed my advice and ate lots of green leafy vegetable and gave up eating red meat and lots of protein. Within a years time, he was rid of his kidney stones and since have not returned. I can never be certain that my suggestion was the catalyst for him ridding himself of his chronic problem but I suspect it had a lot to do with it.
jentoun last decade
Hi, Nesha. I liked your wonderful article on Calcium and would like to record my appreciation for explaining it in so simple language. As a qualified Medico, I agree with your views and explanation. I would further request to elaborate more deeply on this subject, since as you rightly said that Calcium or Bone disorders, are a serious health hazard for the coming generations.

Please discuss on some more alternatives for bone disorders / calcium deficiency, since we medicos are really not successful on calcium supplements given to patients, whether be it Allopathic or Homeopathic preparation.

Good luck from all of us overhere.
carlos last decade
Dear Nesha,

I've been reading your post, during my spare time and have caught myself chuckling at times with the response you gather from people.

However, this post seems to be a tamer one. LOL.

Just wanted to add to a few things to the complexity of Calcium absorption.

Either then vit-D (which Calcium is dependent on for absorption as you said); I would like to other factors that are implicated by the lack of absorption of calcium.

Hormones: Calcium (Ca) plays a major role as a mediator in hormone action. Problem here lies when hormones levels fluctuates. (I.e. birth control, steroids and even antibiotics).

Hormone fluctuates involves Ca channels to fluctuates, resulting in the Ca to be leached out. (Best reference for this is look at the correlation of DEPRO-PROVAR and it's relation to lowered Bone Density Scores).

Phytic acid found in wheat bran, whole grains (cereals) and legumes; block the ability for Ca to be taken by your intestine (specifically the intestinal lumen). This is only through for those who eat large amounts of unleavened whole wheat and yeast products (but don't omit them; it's a great antioxidants look at European people they live healthy lives).

Fat absorption impairment in your gut can lower the Ca absorbed in your abdomen. To much fatty foods = not much Ca absorption --> produces insoluble Ca salts (just like what Nesha said about non-plant sources).

Prescription medications / over counter medications:
1. Antibiotics change the rate of movement in your intestines; impacts Ca absorption.
2. They also change enzyme levels in your liver; which impact Ca absorption.
3. Causes gene sequences to change: mutation of gene's: Acetaminophen is shown to impact certain gene sequences. These long term gene changes can result in the trigger of certain weakness or predisposing we all have leaving us open to a wide variety of problems.
Example: Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis have cases that are caused by gene mutations and the rate of increased antibiotic use and over counter medication usage can lead to the beginning of more mutations; may it be with Ca receptor genes or vitamin D receptor genes).

Our generation does not walk half as much and as we get older we tend to stay away from exercise which helps our bones to calcify.

Magnesium, Phosphorous and the other small amounts of minerals.

Love your posts and your ability to research into topics. You’re either a doc or a student who learns from open eyes and ears; which is better then people like me who go through the years of orthodox teachings (hard to keep them open after years of getting beaten with the same ideas of no openness).

Open mind, open spirit, open heart = knowledge

Doc. Common Sense
apu_stiffler last decade
Dear Nisha

Thanks for a detailed informative article on CALCIUM, the good thing about starting a new post is that people have started adding as well, for example the effect of Calcium on endocrine system as mentioned by apu stiffler

thanks & regards

sazim last decade
Hi Nesha
I have some questions etc to your post (thanks for it):

WHY calcium is not absorbed from animal products? Our digestive tract doesn't differentiate between sources of food- it only "sees" forms of calcium-and organic salts are ok with it.

calcium citrate is an organic salt-unlike calcium carbonate- and is absorbable (because it is soluble in water).
Astra2012 last decade
WHY would silica help calcium absorption (see your mention of Schuessler salts) - I heard only about magnesium -also could be zinc and boron-but not silica.
Also -Schuessler salts, cap and ca-f are inorganic of course- how do you think they work?
Astra2012 last decade
cap = ca-p = calcarea phosphorica

double check your sourses, otherwise you are in danger of quoting nonsense.
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra,

Not that Nesha needs any defending as she is a tough cookie to bit into.

I figured maybe I could answer some of your questions (hopefully Nesha wont mind):

"WHY calcium is not absorbed from animal products?..."
Calcium is absorbable in all forms it's the quality verses quantity philosophy.

Calcium from animal products are not as absorbed at a higher rate (compared to vegetables) in your gut not because your intestinal tract differs from sources as such but more so because of the properties of fat in meats. Fats actually reduce the intestinal tracts ability to absorb Calcium into the body (if you would like more detail I will happy to post it).

Calcium sources like carbonate and citrate are different in terms of chemistry in how they are formed chemically (valence shell's) and therefore will have a different absorption rate in your body (i.e. how drug companies come up with 1st generation antibiotics, second, third etc: they change specific chemical compounds).

However, a major point that I think was missed by all including myself is that the body is unable to handle such large doses of Calcium found in supplements/drinks etc.

Research has shown that low doses of Calcium is readily absorbed through the intestinal tract and is utilized with greater efficiency then larger doses.

Kind of like homoeopathy in the sense that smaller doses are better for our bodies. I.e. our body is only able to keep so much food and water in at one time when we over load our digestive system we over load our whole body which becomes sluggish.

"WHY would silica help calcium absorption[?]"
Silicea has 5 main spheres of actions (physiologically speaking): The first and most important is Bones (Fibrous tissue) and the 4th mucous membranes.

Silicea in a large doses (allopathic for the pun of it) "results in the destruction of the bones, periosteum and fibrous tissue in any part of the body" PHYSIOLOGICAL MATERIA MEDICA. Silicea has been used historically for Rickets.

Homoeopathically Silicea does not influence the functions of bone tissues, but more so it helps in the influence of nutrition.

In terms of the mucous membranes: your intestinal guts (large and small guts) are all covered with mucous membrane and it plays a role in helping reduce increased secretion of mucous in the guts which could potentially not prevent but slow down food sources that are rich in Calcium.

I hope this helped a bit.


Dr. CommonSense
apu_stiffler last decade
Hi Dr CommonSense,

I'm not trying to attack anyone-i just like truth in scientific facts.
Nesha said:
Calcium from non-vegetable kingdom (like oyster, coral, chemicals, inorganic salts (Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate ....), animal MILK / meat) is NOT absorbed by human G.I.

which is not true.

You are saying: yes, calcium IS absorbed but at lower rate due to difference in fats (right?)

(btw thanks for offering to post details but no, thank you, i'm a biologist by educ. and know enough)

While certain-SATURATED - fats are certainly bad for absorption (not only of calcium)- and these fats are usually found in animal products-not all animal fats are bad-like deep ocean fish and ess. fatty acids)
Also you might have animal product high in calcium and low in fat-like skim milk-why calcium from skim milk would not be absorbed?
I'd say you can get more calcium from skim milk than from veggies with butter.

About silica-I was asking how it helps calcium absorption (as i don't think so) not how it influences bones.

Astra2012 last decade
Hi Aster,

Sorry for the accusation of attacking, I guess way it was written implied this and therefore I apologizes.

By education I'm a medical doctor and also currently involved in research with homoeopathy and my major focus in clinical training was gastroenterology and immunology.

I'm happy to discuss with someone who is of a science back ground especially one who has an interest in homoeopathy.

I find it interesting you like scientific facts when homoeopathy is not designed to follow our rules of engagement (i.e. the way we are taught to run experiments; mechanical method).

You are right that there was an error's from Nesha (which is why it's great to take her information correct the wrongs and expand on it so those who are do not have backgrounds in sciences be it in biology or medical can benefit; I think that was my point). So here we are correcting the wrongs and expanding our knowledge :-)

Yes I said calcium is absorbed at a lower rate in fat sources. However I did not say that all meats (fish or not) prevent calcium form being absorbed but slows down the absorption; fish has calcium in it but at what rate is all of the calcium absorbed? That’s where I was attempting to get at.

Regarding calcium sources from skin milk being greater then veggies... to a certain point.

I say this because of enzymes necessary for digestion of milk... if you can't drink milk you can't absorb it :-)

The best source of Calcium is milk period, no disagreement on that. The next best source is cheese (yes it is milk). Mind you research is linking osteoporosis with a protein found in milk... (I still drink my milk; old wisdom never fails… most of the time).

But drinking too much milk, can affect a persons appetite; reducing the intake of other foods thus may affect how their body absorbs iron.

I think the key is balanced diet helps with calcium absorption and other small elements found in other foods (meat, veggies, milk) are all necessary to help the body work with calcium. Example: Calcium and phosphorous are present in milk and green vegetables with the two you help the body with calcium.

Silicea does help with absorption in the bones. To ensure we keep our facts straight. I wrote specifically "Silicea does not influence the functions of bone tissues, but more so it helps in the influence of nutrition".

Silicea helps with nutrition; i.e. the guts. The guts are lined with mucous membranes. If these membranes are inflamed, or the production of mucous is too little or too much this would impact the absorption of calcium.

Silicea in my practice has helped bone conditions; now because you like specifics: conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis have been helped a lot with the use of Silicea (but I'm not "classical" with homoeopathy; even though historically classical homoeopathy does not exist).

I’m sure there are more questions, but I have one for you for the time being:
Why do you believe that Silicea does not help with Calcium absorption (i.e. what are your own thoughts that you are basing this on and ‘scientific facts’)?

Looking forward to your post.


Dr CommenSense
apu_stiffler last decade
Hello Dr CommonSense,
I just lost a post-this is just to let you know that i'm going to reply (sooner or later).
Astra2012 last decade
Absorption of nutrients is a very important topic- thanks to Nesha for starting it-it is just very important to make sure the facts are true. (like in silica/calcium absorption--i read only about magnesium and other elements like zinc or boron that lose 2 electrons when in ion form--it is imppossible to prove negetive so if you know of any reliable paper on it please let me know)
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks to all the participating reading members and posters on this topic. Sorry, I'm not acknowledging it individually.

ABSORPTION OF CALCIUM is a malfunction of the G.I.Tract. The G.I.Tract requires appropriate amount of fuel for synthesis of the Vitamins, Minerals, other nutrients, for direct leech into the blood stream and for further deposit into the skeleton..

read an very very interesting article by "HA21" (a dormant forum member) on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/2 dated 26th February 2005. under caption "High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ?" Atleast NESHA, never gets tired of reading it over and over again and THANKS "HA21" again for the wonderful eye-opener.

The above ABSORPTION work is carried out by "VILLI", a small finger type projections (millions of them in the insides of the G.I.Tract), which helps absorption of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals ...) from the insides of the G.I.Tract, direct into the blood stream. The role of pro-Biotics (like curd, lacto bacil) is really useless here and is of no real significance to the G.I.Tract appropriate functioning.

The "Villi" to remain strong and healthy requires that the G.I.Tract remains clean of high acids and toxic substances. To make them strong & healthy, further best options available could be as :
a) Ample of Sunlight for OXYGEN synthesis into the G.I.Tract
b) Dr. Schussler, Bio-Chemic Tissue salts like Cal.Phos-3X, Silicea-12X, Calc.Flour-6X.
c) Others ....

Appropriate amount of CALCIUM to be absorbed in the blood stream, requires a healthy "villi". The villi can absorb only at micro-cellelur level (i.e. trace quantites only). Once the villi is destroyed and or is malfunctioning, the salts leech/escape unfiltered (in non-trace quantities) from the G.I.Tract to the blood stream and these salts/minerals/vitamins etc... then cause havoc to the blood system, the hormonal system and irritate the entire mental and physical sphere of our body.

BLOCKAGE OF CALCIUM ABSORPTION, due to HORMONE malfunction contributes approx. about 10% of the reasons for malfunction / blockage of Calcium absorption.
Here EVEN if a person is having appropriate functioning of all his hormonal systems, then too the person would simply be skeleton'lly be Calcium deficient, that's - IF - the person does not have appropriate amount of Vit-D, in his blood, which is strictly required for Calcium synthesis and storage in the Skeleton.

Daily persistent consumption of foods like High-Starch ingredients (potatoes, sago, rice, wheat and wheat products will cause malfunctioning of the "villi' and even destroy it completely, further causing NIL or reduced absorption of any or all nutrients. CELIAC disease is one of them. A complete full-blown celiac disease will cause chronic skin disorders like Psorasis.

Incidentally, systematic over-exposure to the Sun (though safely in a prescribed regime), in a way reverses Celiac disorders and Psorasis and most food intolerances and food allergies.
NESHA, hopes that someone will debate / discuss / argue on the above without a biased mind.

"Astra2012" : What may seem "nonsense" to you, makes me see sense in it. Try to think the uncommon or unconventional - you could reach the moon.

"Astra2012" : Calcium Citrate (pH value less than 6.0) is not an Organic Salt, even though it is completely water soluble. Calcium Citrate is not a natural occuring salt but is obtained after synthesising it with Citric Acid. At the best usage is as a FOOD preservative, flavor enhancer and softner.

On the Contrary due to its Water Solubility, the Calcium Citrate Salt, enters the blood stream more quickly via the G.I.Tract and causes more havoc that Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Citrate, because of its Water Solubility capability (more than 2 times than calcium carbonate), is also the prime player in forming plaque in the interior of the arteries leading upto heart and artery disorders / diseases. Calcium Citrate is also responsible for deliberate Hormonal changes, mental lirritability and Obesity due to its capacity to cling around in the blood. A appropriate biopsy of the insides of the arteries in a chemical analytical lab. will reveal that the Plaque inside the arteries is really more than 70% calcium deposits which tend to calcify and harden the arteries causing it to lose its flex.

A injection of 2500mg of Calcium Citrate, will flush and pass out through liver and kidneys in less than 6 hours, and at the same time severely Toxify the Liver and Kidneys, besides causing knotty stools and G.I.Tract gastric distribuances. Here absorbtion rate of Calcium is less than 1%. A appropriate lab. testing of all stools and urine (of upto the next 36 hours) will confirm this.

"Astra2012" : To your following question " WHY calcium is not absorbed from animal products?"
Answer : Calcium to be absorbed requires a balance of pH (Alkalie verses Acid).

Human blood is slightly alkaline, and the body makes every effort to maintain this alkalinity at a constant level. For this purpose, we normally have an ample reserve of alkalising minerals.

for general information : Carnivorous (animals) have a higher acidic blood than non-carnivorous (herbivorous) with ideal pH of 6.5). Similarly the G.I.Tract temperature of Carnivorous is 10-12% higher than Herbivorous and breaks down or converts protien and other ingredients more faster and is absorbed more faster. This higher acidic pH and Higher Gut temperature interfers differently in calcium absorption metabolism in Carnivorous verses Herbivorous.

Most of our foods supply minerals. The total balance of minerals in a particular food may be either acid or alkaline. Mineral salts are composed of an acid group (anion), such as chloride or phosphate, and of an alkaline group (cation), mainly metal ions such as sodium, calcium or potassium. If one of these groups is stronger than the other then the salt is either acid or alkaline on balance. In plants strongly alkaline metal ions are usually combined with weak organic acids There may be a surplus of organic acids not bound to cations, and this will make the food taste acid, as in fruits. However, in the body these free organic acids, as well as those bound to metal ions, are OXIDISED. In the end, this leaves an ALKALINE RESIDUE. Therefore, we say vegetables and fruits are alkalising or alkaline-forming.
In a ALKALINE atomsphere, the absorption of Calcium is easier and complete.
Animal tissue, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of strongly acid phosphoric acid bound to weak reacting proteins and other bio-chemicals. The organic compounds in food of animal origin will be OXIDISED, and a strongly ACID RESIDUE remains. Accordingly, we may classify our food as either alkaline-forming or as acid-forming.
In a ACIDIC atomsphere, the absorption of Calcium is not possible and is in-complete.
Nesha-India last decade
Sorry for writing in parts-that way i will not lose the whole thing.

Science requires an open-mind which comes in handy in homeopathy. Let's do not forget it was founded by medical dr/scientist - a very educated and op[en-minded man.
but let's get back to absorption.
Do you know the rate of calcium absorption from different foods? That would be very interesting!
from fish? dairy (which were shown to trigger mucus overproduction in the body)?

you said:
Silicea does help with absorption in the bones.


(i use American English so your mucous equals my mucus etc)

Best regards (no more parts)
Astra2012 last decade
The use of antibiotics debases the ability of the villi [pseudopods of the GIT ] from absorbing many types of materials.

THe reason is that the antibiotics destroy the symbiotic balance of flora and fauna that aid digestion .

These have been in the gut from the early years of growth. Without them it is difficult to transfer material from the throughput of the GIT to the bloodstream.

By feeding supplements you further debase the ability to absorb.

The use of LOW potency remedies such as Calc carb , calc phos, fer phos , fer met, iod, carbo veg etc will ALL help the the GIT to function better.
walkin last decade
Hi, Nesha. I have really started to Marvel at your explaination on Calcium absorption. I have re-read your explaination several times and each time I have gained further insight on the Calcium absorption technique. I am sure you have more explaination.

Let me compliment you further by saying that even my medical college professors here in England did not explain and lecture us, the way you have done it, that too in a so simple manner. In my 10 years of Medico practice, I have not been able to understand the Calcium absorption methods. Thanks once again.

I am sure you are a medico professor or a scientist. Am I right. You have a real powerful language and explaination command. It was like reading a fiction novel, at one go. I am real impressed. I feel proud of you. Also, Thankyou for your simple truthfullness in pointing out the "High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ?" article by "HA21" in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/2. That too was most wonderful. Wonder why "HA21" does not post views and articles here anymore. In fact I have just posted an email to "HA21", complimenting the above article.

Please keep it going strong, at least on my request. I am taking a printout of your Calcium absorption explaination and shall email it to all my collegues in N.Y. and England.

Good luck from all of us overhere.
carlos last decade
hope it didn't get personal.
But of course I disagree that:

*calcium is not absorbed from non-vegetable sources

**citric acid is an inorganic acid
(even my husband with PhD in organic chemistry agrees here)

I still call these statements a nonsense.

Astra2012 last decade
I mean organic in chemical terms of course-not whether it is synthetic or comes from natural sources.

Sure-all of it in supplements is synthetic.
Astra2012 last decade
"Astra2012" : As I said earlier "What may seem "nonsense" to you, makes me see sense in it". Conclusively, When people don't understand or do not WANT TO understand, the easiest way to escape is to call it "NON-SENSE", like in your case.

One a biologist and one a chemistry phD. The chapter closes after that. The end of the world. OPEN MINDED ??? You can't reach the moon - forget it.
Go ahead and keep on basking in your ego. AND even if it gets personal, I immunised myself against it.

"Astra2012" : You have not yet replied to "apu_stiffler" (Dr.CommonSense), question dated 19 October, wherein you were asked the following question "Why do you believe that Silicea does not help with Calcium absorption (i.e. what are your own thoughts that you are basing this on and ‘scientific facts’)?"

Astra2012, you said you would reply (sooner or later). It is a L-O-N-G-lonnng (zzzzz-zzzz) time. When are you going to give your biologically-scientific explaination / reply. Hope this question does not go away with the maxim "GONE WITH THE WIND"

HOWEVER, if you do not know the answer, DO LET ME KNOW, for me to explain over here.

CONSIDER this :"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't."
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha-India and Astra2012,

I will be posting a few days. Looking forward to hearing from the both of you as well as everyone else.

And I have a few questions for both, as I feel questions and answers shared amongst people are the best method for learning and answering questions with a clearer conscience method.

This is a topic I’m intrigued with on two main levels:
1) Astra and her questions on Silicea and other points
2) Nesha on animal vs. veggs in Ca absorption

A minor level I feel that was missed involving bacteria guts I will point out in my post (if time permits)

Thanks to everyone involved in this post keep it coming and let’s see where this can take us.
apu_stiffler last decade
Basically I do not plan to get involved in this"discussion' - just to answer apu-stiffler:

about: why I do not think silica is not involved in calcium absorption.
the reason is the same as for why I do not think ferrum is involved in calcium absorption. I have not found any single reliable mention that it is!
As soon as I read something like that-of course I will say it IS involved- now I don't think so.

As one sceptic said on another forum:
you have right to your opinions but you have no right to your own facts.
Astra2012 last decade
Today I carefully read through all the posts on the above subject.

Calcium absorption in different mediums and or with various adjuncts was the subject of my thesis for Post graduation in Pharmaceutics.

Strangely it the first time I have ever read the recommendation that Silica will help Ca++ absorption.

In exhaustive search, I have not come across a single reference advocating the absorption enhancement of Ca++ by Silica.

Can I get the published reference about the role of Silica in Ca absorption.

Mohan last decade
Astra2012, I'm disappointed you have opted out and hope you reopen your mind to this discussion.

My opinions is based on two main points:
1) Clinical experience (where the rules of science often never follow par) {you would know this if you practiced medicine).
2) From scientific literature and from writings of historical sources.

In homoeopathy if one is to base their facts only on pure scientific facts, you have become only a materialist. A balance between theories and opinions is how science evolves must we not forget and yes at times opinions and theories may be wrong but they point us to a direct of truth eventually.

Astra and Mohan I will be posting on Silica later, please do read and agree to disagree and tell me why. For science evolves through ideas and theories not through strict facts.

For Mohan, one thing I want to know on how you view homoeopathy: would you agree with this statement.

"Homoeopathic medicines have various spheres of actions which help in the healing of the body"

Looking forward to the discussion and Astra please do join in: My experience in clinical medicine with Silica has helped children with bone disorders and adults; this is why I say it helps and will explain this further more.


Dr. CommenSense
apu_stiffler last decade
Oh no, dr. Commonsense, I love discussion-you can learn a lot from them! There's no need to wonder-I'll join in as long as it is a real discussion.
However, I consider hopeless "discussions" with venom-spitting a waste of time.

So, dr CommonSense: do you think silica is involved?Why?
Astra2012 last decade
Astra, I will try to post up reasonin for Silicea before Friday.

I'm just in the middle of getting ready for a conferance again...
apu_stiffler last decade

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