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Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - THIS FOR THAT

Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - This for That.
Let all Homeopath prescriber's prescribe all Homeo medicines on the policies of Allopathy. That is "THIS FOR THAT" and so CON';VENIENT "THAT FOR THIS" . Why bother for Repertorisation. Why bother for similimum and provings. Why bother for the root cause and why bother for constitution and why bother understanding the Organon (Bible of homeopathy).

A small play to temporary'ly break the monotonic postings of this forum :
AFTER Kent (USA) and Boenninghausen (Germany) invented the repertories and Hahnemann (Germany) invented the Homeopathic world.


Hahnemann, Kent, Boenninghausen start squirming together, in their caskets, six feet under the compacted earth.

Hahnemann : Hey, Why did I not think of this before ?
Kent : Think of what ? Arnica for Hair growth ? Yeah Why ?
Boenninghausen : (seriously) or for deep refreshing Sleep. ? Yeah Why ?
Hahnemann : sob ... sob ... my 50 years of invention gone down the drain.
Boenninghausen : Would you re-pharse that to "Gone with the Wind". Please be more civil.
Kent : Atleast, you could have tried giving Arnica, as a placiebo for Hair Growth.
Boenninghausen : (accusingly) don't forget its use as a palliative for the refreshingly deep beauty sleep.
Hahnemann : I guess, I over-slept over Arnica. How could I miss out on the Arnica provings. Must be my acidity & my obesity.
Boenninghausen : (sneeringly) Hey, that's OBESITY or FAT, I see on your middle.
Kent : You must take NatriumPhos-6X and you will loose (not lose) 1 kilo every week.
Boenninghausen : (suspiciously) Hey, isn't that the one you discovered on 25th december 2004.
Kent : Yeah..... Yeah. I gifted my discovery to this world, on christmas day.
Boenninghausen : (sighhh) Great ..isn't it. Just like Santa Claus, the ho-ho-ho-go man who always brings us gifts on christmas day.
Boenninghausen : (with a far away look - nostalgically starts singing)
--- Jingle bell ... Jingle Bell .... Jingle all the way ...
----- Santa Claus is coming along, riding on a sledge.
------ HEYyy ... Jingle Bell ...... Jingle Bell...... Jingle all the way ......
Hahnemann : Will it work on my hippopotamus. The doorway is getting too narrow for him.
Kent : Let's all take Arnica-6 and go for sleep.
Boenninghausen : (urgently) Yes. Yes ..... But let's first fizzle and succucess it ... hmmm ... how many times was it. Hold it ... I'll take Arnica-30 and not Arnica-6. I'll bang the water bottle against my casket.
Hahnemann : Squirm ... Squirm ... There isn't enough room in this casket.
Kent : Ohh nooo ... my bottle did'nt fizzle.
Boenninghausen : (squintingly) ... Wow ... I just increased the dilution by 0.007 times.
Kent : Hey how un-hahnemann'ien ....... that's a discovery. What a dilution. What a BOND. What a secret service to humanity.
Boenninghausen : (hissess) Yeeeesssss. This is "my discovery" and "I gift" it to this world.
Kent : Which world ... below this earth world or above this earth world ?
Hahnemann : Hey .... Hey ... What about me ? I proved the Arnica.
Kent : Who are you ?
Boenninghausen : (staringly) forget your dilution. Homeopathy is re-written, Herewith.
Hahnemann : (succumbs) OoohKkay. Can I borrow some Arnica from your bottle. I have balded from the top.
Kent : That's good. Now you are talking our lingo.
Boenninghausen : (obsessingly) Hope "my discovery" is written in Gold letters on a Platinum plate.
Kent : DONE ....... let's all say "AMEN"
(special appearance) HERING : AMEN

play written, composed and directed by NISHA-INDIA.
  Nisha-India on 2005-08-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Denis Burkitt, a British surgeon studying the FIBER RICH diets of rural Africans made an amazing discovery after comparing the size of hospitals with the size of excreted feces. His finding? Large stools, small hospitals; small stools, large hospitals.

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT.

CONSTIPATION = Abroma augusta radix, Hydrastis, Senna.
Nisha-India last decade
homeopathy prescribed conveniently - this for that.

fixed ideas / obession / bias / infatuation = thuja
eccentricity / faddishness / weirdness = thuja
persistent insomnia = thuja
obessive compulsive disorder = thuja
persistant fever, does not break = thuja
persistant incessant cough, without respite = thuja
Nisha-India last decade
Oh give it a rest, Nisha.
Minsa last decade
Oh!! You dont give up easily, do you. Very obsessed.
DaVinci last decade
Looks like you know about homeopathy. Stop this and start prescribig to people who need your help. Be constructive.
homeopathbuff last decade
"DaVinci" ... TOUCHE...Touche...touche (Oh!! You dont give up easily, do you. Very obsessed.)
Yes. You are right. Being an Indian, I'm very very obsessed, with TRUTH. By the way, did you mean to call me incessant or persistent - language & culture difference, I presume.

"Minsa" ... apologises, but can't rest. Haunt's me at sleeptime. The Arnica split dose does'nt fizzle me to sleep.

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT
MENTAL WEAKNESS = Avena sativa, Ashwagandha.
Nisha-India last decade
"homeopathbuff" ....... you said "be constructive" ???
that's what i'm doing ... by creating awareness.

homeopathy prescribed conveniently - this for that
migraine = aconite, belladonna, glonoine, lachesis, melilotus, gelsemium
Nisha-India last decade
And aspirin's for a headache. So what? If you don't like Joe, so be it. Big deal. Get off your dysfunctional soapbox Nisha. Your're boring us and you're beginning to look like you've got a mental problem.

Yeah, yeah. You're going to come back at me with some sort of odd response. I've seen this kind of poster on so many health Forums and how they crash a good discussion and steer people away from using their energy to help others. When all we do is explain ourselves to someone like you, it's energy wasted.

My only hope is that you'll tire sooner than later and move onto another alternative health forum to crash.
laddy111 last decade
"laddy111" = You are sooo right ON me or should I say right about me. But DID I comment anything on anybody over here on this topic, as you have so generously & biased'ly crashed in & intu'itively posted with your abundant seamless energy. Intuition or Religious. Me having mental problems - seems you have abundant experience of mental problems in your married life.

By the way, which are the "so many health Forums", where you gloat.

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT
Unsatisfied with LIFE = Arsenicum Album
Nisha-India last decade
Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

Delirium tremens = Apocynum,
Capsicum, Rananculus bulbosus
Nisha-India last decade
I dont agree..
Will give only 1 eg to a dumbo like you...
Nux Vomica 3 is for loose motions.. BTW not for all.. and Nux Vomica 30 is for constiation.. This will not help all with the same problems but those who also have other similar symptoms of the medicine... Here in the forum they dont give same for all but why do you care.. are you against the forum helping people FREE. there are many homeopaths who charge the earth and the moon but their medicine does not help the patients as the symptoms do not match the picture. Please dont criticise or whine when you dont know the principle of the science..
maya_hari last decade
Welldone Nisha !!!

I believe that you have touched a very very important point in a very amusing way. I am personally very confused about this practice of prescribing homeopathy allopathically.

I know some very very renowned and respected homeopaths who prescribe like this and still people flock to their clinics like bees on honey...they must be getting some results???

Also the combination remedies confuse me a lot....some homeopaths say that they can CURE, some say they can only suppress the symptoms temporarily, and some say "dont even touch combinations" they are useless..........Some combinations are so well known for certain diseases that people swear by their efficacy eg, Gold drops (by madaus) for heart troubles and high BP, and Kalkurenal drops for kidney stones. What do you say?

I read a recent very scientifically done study done in Israel where they gave Traumeel (a combination of arnica, rhustox and about 8 other remedies by Heel pharmaceuticals...a homeopathic antiinflammatory) at accupuncture points to cows who had udder infection (mastitis) and compared them with placebos...and guess what! the cows who got Traumeel had their mastitis much reduced or fully cured!!!
those in the placebo group did not show any response.

It is only this kind of thoroughly sclentific research that can ultimately prove or disprove the utility of combinations as well as other homeo meds prescribed allopathically. What do you say?

I also read another study in which arnica failed to reduce the pain and inflammation in post op patients.


I am very glad that you started this topic. We should not taunt each other . rather we should try to teach and learn in a healthy spirit. Keep it up Nisha.

Good Luck and DO KEEP POSTING.
i would also encourage other experienced homeopaths to write on this very important topic.
Alfalfa Q last decade
"maya_hari" You have abused me & called me a name "dumbo". I like it. Thanks for your discovery & the gift. Did I say anything on "Nux Vomica 3 is for loose motions". Frustration ??. Stare at the smiling icon against my name and think of me. By the way, ARE YOU A SCHOOL DROP-OUT.

"Alfalfa Q" Your signup / login name is very good, as is the Alfalfa medicine itself. I have started this thread only to irritate those absurdity that some people have started here against the homeopath principles of similimum, constitution, repertorisation. Did you notice the number of people who support such absurdity as is evident from the numerous names I have received. One such example is just above. I am going to continue the "THIS FOR THAT" as a taunt & joke on such people, by posting one such everyday. Also read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT
ASTHMA : Blatta orientalis, Grindelia, Lobelia inflata, Passiflora, Pothos, Senega
Nisha-India last decade
Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

TAPE WORM = Cuprum oxidatum nigrum, Filix mas., Granatum, Kousso
THREAD WORM = Turpentine oil, Chelone.
PIN WORMs = Santoninum, Filix mas., Teucrium, Cina, Nat.Phos 2X

Also read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Nisha-India last decade
Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

HOOKWORM = Chenopodium.Thymol

This are not for WORMS, but helpful when indicated with the skin disease.
RINGWORM = Chrysarobinum, Sepia
SCABIES = Balsmum peruvianum
Nisha-India last decade
Hello nisha, can't quite work out if your for it or agin it? but very helpfull info, keep it up!
parachute last decade
Head strong and like a leech. Persistant. Are all Indian girls like you. Should think twice!!!(Not you)

Now seems to be doing a good job, I presume.
DaVinci last decade
Please do not insult all Indian girls if ONE is too Opionated, etc.

Most of us are very normal as all other girls in the world.
maya_hari last decade
Well I agree with Nisha completely! all Indian girls are as normal as any other girl, however i also agree with Davinci to an extent that Indian girls are head strong and persistent. I must remind you all indulging into mutual accusations that this is an open for all forum and everyone has a right to spek for himself. It would be better if we stopped calling names and try and learn something new with an open mind!. and yes Nisha i like the topic that you started but urge you to be less defensive. You are right in your ideology ... let others understand that rather than you trying to justify your belief. sorry... if that was long, boring, pretentious or thrusted opinion but i thought i must participate... thats all
ps2002 last decade
"parachute" - Thanks. Rest assured "THIS for THAT" will continue.

"DaVinci" - Thanks for opening up your mind. Be my Guest. Welcome to India, see if the Indian Girls are strong headed ... though come wearing a Helmet and carry some ARNICA too - just in case.
Also you said - "Should think twice!!!". DON'T. Better to think a thousand times. Google search "Rani of Jhansi". This alone would change your thoughts on Indian Girls.
What do the LEECH's do. : Persistently draw's out the bad rotting blood from the body. Nisha (the Leech) is doing the same - Cleaning up the absurdity on this forum.

"ps2002" - Thanks comrade. I do not practice any type of Ideology neither I am being defensive. This topic, may seem defensive, but is only for awareness about the absurdity being posted here. Readers around the world read such postings, for some relief from their un-ending dis-ease's. Imagine the cascading disastrous effect it has due to such morally irresponsible absurdity. Your opinion was not boring at all - please continue posting for the benefit of all.

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

ASTHMA : Blatta orientalis, Grindelia, Lobelia inflata, Passiflora, Pothos, Senega
ASTHMA ATTACK : Aconite, Kal.Mur-6X, Mag.Phos-6X
ASTHMA SENSATION : Aconite, Ipecac
Nesha-India last decade
Keep on posting.it is beutiful.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi Nesh

Iam really amused. You are giving lot of clues for experimentation. Keep it up.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Sorry.Spelling mistake.Read Nesha...

bandarbabu2000 last decade
"sajjadakram635" = Thanks. You are doing appreciable work in your posts.

"bandarbabu2000" = Thanks. I feel elated for that comment coming from such a senior and experienced member like you. By the way ... What's in a name.

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT
Brain Fag = Phosphoric acid, Silicea, Zinc.Met.,
Excessive Anger = Kali.Phos-12X
Anxiety = Kali.Phos-12X
Unrefreshing Sleep = Kali.Phos-12X
Sleeps well but restlessness, Jerks, twitching = Arsenic
Excessive Worrying = Kali.Phos-30X
Chronic Financial Worrying = Calc.Flour-12X
Unknown Grief / Suppressed Grief = Puls.
Involuntary Mental Irritability = Puls.
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha

Fun apart, there is a branch of homeopathy that deals with mother tinctures. Some people call it phytotherapy also.

It can be used the way you term it,THIS FOR THAT,since we are dealing with physical molecules,and not with energy medicine, which is beyond 6c.

There are many instances of Mother tinctures like Cratageus, working well for heart complaints.

And my view regarding Biochemics is also same, provided you stick to 6X.That is why I don't hesitate to prescribe biochemics along with the homeopathic remedy.

You have the zeal. Try to help the patients here, the best way you can.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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