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Are there no real Homeopaths on this site?????

It is being continuously posted on this forum that there are no true homeopaths on the site. Are there no real Homeopaths on this site????? If it is true then it is matter of great concern as Homeopathy is entirely different from other treatments. Allopathic system just targets particular disease only not the patient as a whole. Allopathic says person has headache and it should be cured while Homeopathy says why person has headache and its causing sources should be cured to get complete cure. Homeopathy targets why THE PATIENT is sick. The primary objective of Homeopathy is to CURE THE PATIENT AS A WHOLE NOT JUST THE DISEASE. If patient or say the causes of the disease is cured then of course the disease which is the manifestation of some abnormality in body will automatically be cured. Incorrect Homeo remedy may suppress the disease and complicates it that may manifest in other form later. Therefore it is requested that only true homeopaths should advise the patients not every one. Thanks.
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  abd111 on 2012-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is not very nice. With this kind of attitude, I would like to withdraw my prescriptions for your treatment of
Re: Semen leakage, Prostatic fluid & Back pain.
nawazkhan last decade
true homeopaths never found inthe earth,hahnemann also not true homoeopath, ''incorrect homoeoremedy may suppress the disease and complicates it that may manifest in other form later'. this state ment is absolutely wrong,totalhomoeodoctors give incorrect remedies[they feel correct]but nothing will happened,most of patients were cured,suppress the disease by the allopathy,not homoeopathy,many homoeo doctors blindly fallow the hahnemann rules,they do not think innovatively[except dr.joe de livera],hahemann discover the homoeo medicine 50 percent only,we are trying to research,innovatively,
dr.alex last decade
i agree dr rex but faith is very important factor in healing along with true picture given by the patient which is always different when you physically see patient .j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
I am a real homoeopath. I practice according to the guidelines you have mentioned. I have always been a supporter of Classical Homoeopathy - Law of Simlars, Single remedy, Minimum dose, Direction of Cure, Principle of Individualization, Totality of the case, Principle of peculiarity etc. I argue for this method over all others reguarly on this forum. I am surprised you haven't seen at least one of the many debates I have with other kinds of practitioners here.

The most dangerous kind of medical practitioner you will ever see, is the one that denies suppression and its dangers. They will kill their patients with a smile. The allopaths are the ones that continue to deny suppression exists, because to admit it would be to admit that their 'medicine' causes more harm than good.

Hahnemann not a true homoeopath? What a ridiculous thing to say. So the allopaths are actually the homoeopaths, and the man who invented homoeopathy wasn't? Such completel nonsense. I can only boggle at the outrageousness of such comments. Clearly you are one of those practitioners hiding in our profession and working to destroy it from the inside. There are many of you unfortunately, all busily working to make a buck from the good work we have done, while distracting people from the harm you are doing.

Homoeopathy is quite difficult to practice properly. So many fail and blame homoeopathy itself for it. That denial of respsonibility for their own failure should tell you something about them as practitioners.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
self praise is a bad thing j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Dr Alex

I was interested to note that you have set me apart from the other Homeopaths when you stated:
'many homoeo doctors blindly fallow the hahnemann rules,they do not think innovatively[except dr.joe de livera],hahemann discover the homoeo medicine 50 percent only,we are trying to research,innovatively,'

I have just noted that David Kempson has joined in the fray as I thought he would, and I felt that I too should contribute my thoughts to this debate of Classical versus Non classical Homeopathy aka 'Joepathy'.

I first started on a study of this precious science of healing after I was disillusioned with the drugs that I had been prescribed by a succession of doctors for my frequent colds from which I suffered about 40 years ago, which only made a bad situation infinitely worse. I started with this study in the standard classical manner and later invested in Radar 9 software which gave me unparalleled access to almost all the classical Homeopathic textbooks which I studied and followed as per the classical rules.

I was disenchanted with the results that flowed from blindly following the remedies that Radar indicated and it was in 2006 that i decided that enough was enough and commenced my own therapy which the classical homeopaths derisively labelled at that time as 'Joepathy' in the hope that it will effectively silence me on this ABC and the other Homeopathic forums that I visited at that time. I was also roundly attacked by classical homeopaths as indeed I am even today, by the Australian detractor who fancies that he is the sole purveyor of Homeoapthy of which science he assumes some form of ownership as displayed in his writings.

I believe that there was some modicum of jealousy involved in their concerted attempt to attack me as it seemed obvious that my Joepathy based on the allopathic principle of using a remedy on a 'This for That' principle, cured the patient sometimes overnight while the standard classical therapy prescribed by the classical sect did not seem to equal the cures that I was responsible for at that time and even today.

Never did these same classical homeopaths dream that this term Joepathy would hit the international headlines as there are over 2000 hits on Google under that title today which list some of the choice cases that I have solved like the case of Robert Ray who was felled by 3 strokes in 2002 which left him a paraplegic and appealed for help for some other ailment in 2010 for which I prescribed Nat Phos 6x and added Arnica 30c in the Wet dose.

I must admit that I was flabbergasted to learn late last year that Robert was completely cured and was back in action and earning $125000 annually. Please visit:


I have always maintained that the science of healing whether it be Allopathy or Homeopathy or Joepathy is not about the methodology adopted by the prescriber as it is all focussed on curing the patient ASAP.

The classical homeopaths who have often criticized my therapy seem to feel that unless the classical therapy as taught in Homeopathic Colleges is followed the resultant cure of the patient will lead to other more serious diseases like c-ancer. I have gone to great lengths to disprove this theory which I can quite categorically state, is totally false and is absolutely unfounded in real life.

I believe that the only reason for the flagrant abuse of this precious science by the classical homeopaths in blindly following the classical method which they were brainwashed into believing was the only way to cure the patient, is to enable them to state that they are only following the rules laid out by Hahnemann who incidentally only had about 60 remedies to experiment first on himself and later on his patients on the 'Simila similibus Curentur' it must not be used.

The classical homeopath cannot be officially faulted by anyone including the patient who although he was not cured of his ailment, has to concede that the homeopath had prescribed according to the classical rules.

This is where Joepathy comes into its own. I prescribe the remedy on the premise that if it has cured a patient who presented the same ailment in the past, it should help the patient I am treating. My therapy has been likened to the Allopathic form of therapy where a drug is prescribed for a particular disease (This for That). My sole interest is to cure the patient ASAP and this occurs sometimes overnight.

I would like to place on record that I am not the only Homeopath to use this direct therapy as it is the only therapy used by Dr Prasanta Banerji of the Banerji Homeopathic Foundation in Kolkata whose website specifies their philosophy which coincides with mine. They treat over 1500 patients daily (free of charge like me) and this very fact should indicate that their therapy cures. I mention this fact as my detractor has raised questions about their rate of cure, without verifying the facts.


I have proved that the classical adage of never using the same remedy for any extended period is not by any means dangerous and I refer to the nightly use of Arnica which I use and recommend to all who would like to use it in the manner that I have done to enjoy the great benefits that result. I have 17 years of nightly use of this remedy to prove that I am still alive and kicking at my advanced age of 83 years free of the standard aches and pains that are accepted as the price of advancing years.

I was agreeably surprised to note from the Blood test reports of a patient who was suffering from Angina for some years who was on a daily dose of the TNT pill which the Cardiac clinic in our government hospitals dole out free in handfuls with other drugs who consulted me a few months ago. He reported that the pain left him in just 3 days after he started on Arnica. His first blood test showed high levels of both Cholesterol and Triglycerides and his subsequent test in just 2 months on my therapy when he took Arnica 30c in the Wet dose showed that these fats had stabilized at normal levels.

What greater proof of how Arnica works?

This is Joepathy for you.
Joe De Livera last decade
This is an open forum and one can present a true picture. True homeopaths know that whatever I have said, is correct. Here I am not blaming anyone but wanted to draw the attention of people. You should be happy if someone wants to prsent homeopathy in true way. I hope you will not mind. Thanks
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abd111 last decade

Yes after reading your posts, I have known that you are practicing classical Homeopathy. This is the reason when one of practioners on this site withdrew from my case, I forwarded it to you for classical Homeo advise. Thanks a lot for your efforts & comments to my post about real Homeopaths.
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abd111 last decade
I believe in moderate homeopathy which should include principles of both classical & modern homeopathy depending upon case to case as the ultimate goal should be to cure the disease not the victory of classical or modern homeopathy.

Here on this forum I saw a patient of loose motion & pain at lower back being treated in the classical way. Sulfur was prescribed on the 14th day of his sufferings & he immediately got relief in next 1 or 2 days.
This is what I actually hated that since it was obvious from day-1 that the patient clearly needed Sulfur but had to suffer for 14 days just because the so called classical homeopath was searching for similimum while analysing his height, weight, smile & sorrows, mood & likings... Do you think he did any good to homeopathy or to the patient? 99.99999% of patients will run away if treated like this.

While in case of deep rooted chronic diseases, where haste can make waste, I believe in following rules of classical homeopathy.
AsadGhumman last decade
Homeopathy is only helpful which follows law of similars otherwise it is most destructive for an individual if follows this for that. Homeopathy cures the individual and not the disease by correcting the vital force.allopathy is totally fake system it is really false system. Only classical way is helpful otherwise it is dangerous to take these remedies except under proper case and individual. I have seen Many posts in this forum which has not been cured even in 2years even brisbane has been failed.nobody is perfect in this system even hahnemann,only allah knows .
Laserjet last decade

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