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Dr Joe plzzz help!! Alopecia Areata

From September 2008 , my hair started falling and it went worse when I went through some major surgery in Nov 2008 only.After my surgery I had an extensive hair fall for an year and then I took hemopathic medication for 4 weeks which consisted of

rx lyco (g)
Nat mur (p)

plz note: my hair used to fall in bunches.

After this medication my hair fall lessened can say about 10% improvement out of 100%, they kept falling in bunches while shower or combing or when I used to tie my hair teh n also they kept falling.
Thereafter by my own internet search I started of with

phosphorus 30c for 2 weeks , I took this wet dose with 2drops in water once in a day.There was a major improvement, hair fall stopped but again not much can say around 70% improvement.

This year again from month of june my hair started falling again not in bunches but while I comb or they mostly fall when I sleep, they ar all over bed and on the floor. I am very much disturbed by this, it is going on for almost more than 2 years now.

I had major hair fall from left portion , front front lobe the line has receded to back. when I tie my hair I see lots of bald patches on my left portion but front portion. Now i am seeing it is affecting right lobe also my hair have fallen from there also and became light so now It had affected my frontal lobe right and left.

My Age:31 yrs
Allergy: I had bronchitis at the age of 18 which was cured then.
Skin- Dry
Drinking/Smoking - NO
I have a migrane problem for last 10 years that effects only left lobe but from past 1month I am noticing pain in back lobe also.
Lifestyle- I do yoga and bris walking Thrice in a week.
Diet- veg
Nails - My nails became pitted and rough, they have vertical lines and quite rough when I touch them.
status- single
menopause - no problem.

Dr. I need serious help plzzzzz!! I heard wen u take hemopathic treatment one should avoid taking egg.Can I take it with homeopathic treatment...Please advise!!

U suggested this treatment for someone , can i follow the same for Alopecia Areata?

  Ritzy on 2011-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Many chronic cases of Hair Loss have responded to my therapy copied below.

The loss of hair is usually arrested in 2 weeks and in 2 months the new growth of hair is seen between the existing hair roots. Inspection for the new hair must be done in a darkened room with a flashlight by someone who has good eyesight.

The remedies are as noted below:

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

Arnica Q or Mother Tincture to be mixed with Olive Oil to be massaged in a 20% emulsion daily into the hair roots. the 20% emulsion is made using 20 parts Arncia Q mixed into 80 parts Olive oil. The emulsion must be shaken hard to emulsify with the Olive oil immediately before application daily into the roots of the hair daily after a shower.

Ferr Phos 6x 3 tablets taken twice daily.
Cod liver oil capsules dose 1-2 daily.
Exercise is essential to sweat it out.
Drink at least 3 liters of liquids preferably water daily.
No harsh shampoos.

The Wet dose is made up as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also known as Liquid Dilution.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles.
This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is sipped as directed.

Report progress in a month or earlier.

For your Migraine you can take Bryonia 200 in the Wet dose before bed at night.
Some chronic patients have reported that they were cured overnight by this therapy.

You can certainly eat all the eggs you wish to as they do not interfere with Homeopathic remedies. Sausages, ham and bacon and coca cola and other canned beverages are taboo.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr.,

I will definitely follow your instructions and update you about the improvement.

Thanks a lot!!
Ritzy last decade
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Ritzy last decade
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Ritzy last decade
Dr. Joe,

I've been taking the medicine as instructed by you. Today is a second day, I can notice little difference but can give u proper feedback after a weeks time.

I've got liquid arnica 30c , where I am taking 2 drops in a glass of water, twice a day.
exercising for 45 mins.
taking cod liver tablets1-2 daily.
taking ferr phos 6x thrice a day.
having 3 litres of water daily.

But , I got some reaction on my skin after half an hour of taking arnica empty stomach.
yesterday I got a rah on my hand and today I got a rash on my face and having lot of itching and getting bit of burning sensation also. Mark is not going and I am afraid. Please could u suggest me some other medicine for this rash.I will continue taking arnica , I guess it's some allergic reaction, I am not sure , May be you know better. Please suggest.

And yes , there is something I would like to tell you. whenever I used to oil my hair , I used to get migrane and hair used to fall but this time for these 2 days I did oiling by using emulsion of Arnica Q and olive oil. I didn't get migrane and my hair didn't fall. So it's bit positive for me ,rather my hair texture has improved after using it.

Dr. Joe , please help me with rah thing! Will it leave a mark on my face?
Ritzy last decade
I can see that you have not followed my therapy precisely as prescribed.

You stated: 'I've got liquid arnica 30c , where I am taking 2 drops in a glass of water, twice a day.'

My instructions to make the Wet dose was to use 3 drops in 500ml water. However this is not relevant as you used 2 drops in a glass of water.

You also stated that :
'yesterday I got a rah on my hand and today I got a rash on my face and having lot of itching and getting bit of burning sensation also. Mark is not going and I am afraid. Please could u suggest me some other medicine for this rash.I will continue taking arnica , I guess it's some allergic reaction, I am not sure , May be you know better. Please suggest. '

I presume you meant a RASH on your hand which you noticed half hour after you took the Arnica 30c in the Wet dose.

This is very surprising and I am wondering if you used Arnica Q instead of the Arnica 30c in the glass of water to make the Wet dose.

Please confirm that you did not do so. In the meanwhile STOP ALL THE MEDICATION THAT I PRESCRIBED.

I shall deal with your case after I receive your reply.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr.Joe,

No, I didn't use Arnica Q, I only used it for emulsion. I took Arnica Mont.30 in a glass of water. I am sorry if I went wrong in taking the medicine the way you stated.

Actually I have a very sensitive skin. Before starting your medicine 4 days back, I took flexin as prescribed by my doctor for my dental treatment. I took it twice and after that I got rash on my hands with lot of itching and burning sensation and then I immediately stopped it.As far as your prescription is concerned ,When I started your medicine I didn't take any other medicine along with it. I would like to tell you , I've this history of bad skin (Dry) for last 10 years where I used to get rashes on my skin with lots of dryness and itching and sometimes it used to bleed as well. I did lot of yoga which definitely improved my skin, took lots of water and now for 1 year I am taking amla(indian gooseberry) juice also which has improved my skin texture and now I don't have any problem.I was allergic to eggs before , I used to get rashes and itching and used to get itching in my eyes as well, which used to get extreme. Because I am taking amla so I started of with taking eggs, but allergy is little there but it's not extreme. As I took your medicine , I also had egg in morning , I guess that could be one of the reason.

That rash has lessened a bit and now no itching is there.
And also I would like to bring in your notice, I had no hair fall today at not even at hairwash. First day I had less hair fall, today I didn't have hair fall at all, not even a single strand.

As advised ,I've stopped your medicine.
Ritzy last decade

There is one more thing before I saw your post today. I already took my second dose and I didn't see any reaction like rash on my skin neither on face nor on hand tonight.

Ritzy last decade
It is important that you make up your mind as to what precisely is your problem and how my therapy has helped you or otherwise has harmed you as you imagined in your post to me when you reported that ''yesterday I got a rah on my hand and today I got a rash on my face and having lot of itching and getting bit of burning sensation also. Mark is not going and I am afraid. Please could u suggest me some other medicine for this rash.I will continue taking arnica , I guess it's some allergic reaction, I am not sure , May be you know better. Please suggest. '

You now state that it was the Flexin which you were prescribed by your dentist that was the cause of the rash.

You must understand that there are many on this forum who are just awaiting the opportunity of criticizing me for my therapy which does not agree with the classical therapy that they prescribe which I have proved time and time again that it does not seem to work as well as my therapy aka 'Joepathy' which you can check for yourself on Google has invariably worked miracles with otherwise impossible cases.

You have caused me great embarrassment in the eyes of the consultants on this Forum and I regret that I am compelled to withdraw from your case and hand you over to the classical homeopaths to deal with your case.
Joe De Livera last decade

your therapy has definitely worked for me ,no doubt.

good signs which I've noticed:

1. Because of insomenia problem , I can hardly sleep , but after taking your medicine,I had sound sleep after a very long time may be after many months.
2. one first day after taking your medicine had less hair fall and on second day had no hair fall at all neither at hair washing nor even at combing.
3. texture of my hair has improved after using emulsion of arnica Q and olive oil. It has become more silky and shiny.

so no doubt there is any problem with your therapy, it has definitely worked for me . In just 2 days I can see amazing results 'coz I used to have major hair fall around 200 strands in a day and after taking your medicine I am having no hair fall so ofcourse results are 100%there.

I tried your medicine on first day , I did get lottle rash on my face. On second day I took your medicine I got rash on my face . Even though you've asked me to stop the medicine, I just tried today once to see if it's because of medicine I am getting rash or because of something else so I did get rash again and had itching there.

I am not pointing out here any problem with your therapy, It's just that sometimes some salts doesn't work for some people and for some people they do work.Like my mom is allergic to Flexin, she got black spot on her hand after taking that medicine but it works fine for my dad, he doesn't get any rash or sopt whenever he takes that medicine.

So I am happy with your medicine 'coz I've seen fine results in just two days and believe it will definitely cure my problem after 2months time.

All I am asking if you can suggest me some other medicine along with arnica for this itching and rash. if there is no solution then I will stop using it.

Dr. Joe you are very nice person who has helped lot of people and that's why I trust you.

Ritzy last decade

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