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Hi there,

This is a great site and has answers to a lot of questions. I was wondering if there was a medicine that cured Vitiligo, specifically vitiligo on the lips and the right ear. I've tried several ones and am having a hard time pinpointing one that works, and esp for me.

  utahjazz on 2004-04-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
homeopathy Offers a comprehensive treatment as it goes to the root of the problem by helping rebalance the energy and eventually restoring the pigmentation. As a rule, homoeopathy never looks at Vitiligo as a local disease. Vitiligo is considered as a local expression of a systemic disturbance. This calls for an individual case study in every case. As such, there is no single specific remedy for all cases. The exact treatment is determined only upon in-depth evaluation of the individual case, usually with a miasmatic or constitutional prescription. If the underlying cause is digestive trouble this is addressed first.In the repertory under VITILIGO in the Diseases chapter we have only sepia and thuja in plain type!
wafaa haddad last decade
Have you tried Acidum Nitricum?
Ac.Nit is a syphilitic remedy with prominant action on mucocutaneous junction.Just see if you have other features of Ac.Nit
dr_sadhwani last decade
I've had vitiligo for almost 20 years, and it wasn't really a big problem until about 2 years ago when I first noticed it on my face, and then later on my head from where I had banged it a couple of times (I have white hair in those spots now). Pretty much accepted that I was doomed to go through the rest of my life having to cover up in the sun until I visited a naturopath for a different problem. Turns out the remedy she had for my vitiligo was quite simple, as it is a cell salt called Natrum Muriaticum, which is basically sodium chloride/table salt. I was taking 5 tablets 3x a day, and it was of the 3X variety (from Hyland's Homeopathic). Within a week with adequate sun exposure (but by no means hanging out in the sun for very long) I started to have frecking in some of my spots on my arms. I'm now getting freckling in spots on my hands that have been devoid of pigment for close to 20 years, and it's from the inside out, almost implying that the melanocyte was simply inactive and not completely dead. I'm not saying my case is going to be the same for everyone (my vitiligo onset was with injury of skin tissue, and less the spontaneous loss of pigment as I've seen described). It's a slow process, but I'm very excited about it, and how quickly it has regressed since I started the treatment in June.

Good luck.
ChiroStudent last decade
Hi, had vitiligo for years, want so much to be back to normal, with the Natrum Muriaticum product, was there a particulr strength of tablets taken ? And, how is your re-pigmentation going, good luck with it, would love to know if it works !
thanks so much.
monngi last decade
3X Nat Mur is the strongest is gets apparently. 6X would indicate 1/2 as much of hte NaCl than the 3X, and so on down the line. I'm not sure exactly on the details of concentration though, b/c in my case, the 3X dissolve almost immediately in my mouth, and I can take almost an excess at a sitting. I'd say I'm at about 30% recovered. I'm hoping within the year it will be closer to 100%, but I'm not sure how it will proceed going into the fall and winter here in Iowa (cold and low light).
ChiroStudent last decade
Is NAT MUR 200 same as 3x NAT MUR.Do u find any side effects as burning sensation on the hands when u eat spicy food or when the climate is hot.
kalchak last decade
I'm not sure if 200 is the same as 3x Nat Mur, but I think it's less. I would recommend you talk to a Naturaopath as they're really the most knowledgable about this subject.
I eat spice food all the time and don't have any problems with any burning sensation you describe. I also prefer hot weather over the cold, but for completely unrelated reasons to the vitiligo. Sounds like something other than vitiligo in that case.
ChiroStudent last decade
Let's address something that was completely missed on myself when I was "diagnosed" with vitiligo. Did the doctor perform a KOH prep test. This is basically a test to determine if the white spots you have is a fungus or not. I understand its relatively simple, most any lab can do one. But, the doctors convienently forget about fungus (which are quite ubiquitous, or everywhere), and automatically assume since it's not raised, that it must be vitiligo. Basically these fungi can live under the skin layers and not be addressed by something as simple as soap and water. So here's a simple way to find out if it is or not. Get some selsun blue (I bought the Walgreen's generic) and apply that to a spot of skin where you have "vitiligo." Try to find an area that can easily be exposed to sunlight. Then see what happens. I suspect that the sulphurous active ingredient weakens or kills the fungus, but the pigment hasn't grown in ages, so it may take a while to start producing.

BE CAREFUL!!! I did this on my arms from my fingers to elbows and it worked, but I didn't put on suntan lotion on a day I was out excessively and got 2nd degree burning...NOT FUN!!! The good news, I have a considerable amount of pigmentation back in my arms and hands, and now that I've applied it to my upper body, my neck and head. I've continued to drink a salt water mix (I'm starting to like Kosher salt) and couldn't say whether that's helping or not, but it certainly won't hurt if your kidneys are in good shape. It's interesting how when I was drinking it recently, I found that it almost had that taste or consistency of a tall glass of milk after a long day. The right amount of table salt can be refreshing, but too much can be a bit much to handle. I also find it's a cheap alternative to a sports drink (read the indgredients of your favorite sports drink, and you'll find sodium present).

On a side note, if you have a fungus that was "diagnosed" as vitiligo, the UVB narrowband probably works quite well b/c it actually ends up killing the fungus present. And who's to say my chiropractic care isn't helping out some by slowing the progress.

Finally, I've heard a statistic once that medical doctors incorrectly diagnose 5 out of 6 times. Not to say their inept, but they're doing the best that they can. Sometimes I think we forget that we know our own body best, and should listen to what we KNOW our bodies need. Listen to your body because healing comes from within, not without.
ChiroStudent last decade

Why are you drinking salt water mix.
Maybe in homeopathy there is something for fungus. Have you ask for any?
your lab test came up having fungus on your skin?

kitty last decade
This is for Waffaa Haddad

If a person with vitiligo has digestive and nervous problems what do you suggest?
kitty last decade
I am drinking a salt water mix because this is basically what Nat Mur is (sodium chloride), and it's a poor man's replacement. Being the poor college student I am right now, I haven't been in to my naturopath to check out a fungus treatment. Same goes for the lab test, but the fact that I'm having a much more profound improvement of pigment since the selsun blue treatment, it points to fungus rather than an idiopathic cause, like autoimmune dysfunction. I'll be more interested to see if this helps with my eczema this coming winter.

I've only done the upper half of my body at this time, and I was talking with our resident microbiology professor about doing a KOH prep test (for fungus) and she seemed open to it, so perhaps I'll stop by and talk to her about that.
ChiroStudent last decade
Would like to know the ingredients of this Selsun Blue.In Malaysia this is a shampoo which contains Selenium Sulfide and is used for treating Dandruff. Nobody has heard of Nat Mat, is it only NACL ? If I was to make a mixture at home, what quantity per volume of water do I use, any advice ?
Harjinder last decade
For the Acidum Nitricum, how much and how often would you recommend for a 150 lb. 14 year old girl?

bluerus last decade

Can you please tell the salt/water proportion you used to treat your vitiligo? I have an relative who is suffering from it. She lives in a country where homeopathic pallets are not availalbe and it would be too expensive for her to buy from overseas. Please help! It has gotten worse for him in the last 2 years, appearing on his face and he it is affecting her life terribly.

Thanks much.
zuummaa last decade

Ok, for the record, this isn't a treatment for vitiligo. This is an approach for cleaning up Tinea Versicolor, which looks very much like vitiligo. If they have access to a KOH prep test, they should get that to determine if that's what they have.

The neat thing about how I approach the salt/water proportion is that it works on an individual basis, so it't not a hard and fast amount. For myself, I find that a light dusting of salt in the bottom of a 32 oz glass is what I need, but ultimately it's to taste. Basically, mix it in a proportion that's not overpowering to the person. For myself, I find everytime I sit down to drink a glass of water at home, I add salt. Also, I find that there tends to be a need for an activation on the surface of the skin, at which time I use a dandruff shampoo that has selenium sulfide (1% around here), and the salt works from the inside to balance it. Also, I find the taste to be appealing until it becomes overpowering, which is often a fine balance.

I've discussed this with one of my doctors at school who is very involved with nutrition, and he has informed me that this is an old approach to any sort of parasite/bacterial/viral/fungal infection, as most of these little bugs don't like high salt levels. It's why pork has so much salt in it to cure it, you have to make sure none of those nasty little parasites are still present in the meat, otherwise they get into your muscles when you eat it (though in the US, this has largly been dealt with thru antibiotics, vaccines, and breeding selection).

So salt to taste, or even over-salt a little and see what happens. Try some selenium sulfide dandruff shampoo on the skin if it needs a boost. I've also heard reiki is good for this (and probably helpful with vitiligo).

Good luck.
ChiroStudent last decade
Thank you very much, Chiro, for your quick response.
I will pass on the info. I am thinking she has nothing to lose to try your remedy.
zuummaa last decade
I just had my first appointment for Vitiligo in Venezuela and was explained that a group of venezuelan doctors discovered that the melanocites where not dead but inactive instead, they offered a treatment that has been 85% effective which activates the melanocites, it includes 2 vitamins, one aminoacid, all available at GNC, a diet to desintoxicate your body (no smoking, drinking malt, alcoholic beverages, coke, no colorants...)neutral PH shapoo and soap and they give you a cream Vitilvenz to use in the affected areas.
I am very optimistic since i was recommended by someone whose sposts disapeared in the time frame they gave me (3 months).
Good luck
italia last decade
What are the vitamins they recommended? I'd be interested in trying it.
ChiroStudent last decade
The vitamins are a dietary supplement called Cell Protector and Pycnogenol and the aminoacid is Fenilalanina, this aminoacid is needed for the melanocites but people with Vitiligo do not have it.
I also have a friendo who is been treated in Caracas with a different doctor but with the same theory and she was prescribed Fenilalanina also, she was also prescribed a vitamin b complex, she has been for 2 weeks and I cannot see her spots any more.
Of course these treatments include a cream that you put on your spots and then get a few minutes of sun exposure and then wash the cream. But apparently the cure is the vitamins and diet and the cream is for pigmentation.
italia last decade
Thank you for your comment. However, I believe the best treatment is what works for each individual, not what is shown by statistics. So if one proves to his/herself that supplements or other forms of unconventional methods worked, so be it. The information that these people supply would help others who have tried the UVB treatement which DID NOT work.
zuummaa last decade
I have helped a patient who had first noticed Vitiligo 7 years ago with Ars Sulph Flav 3x taken in the liquid dose once daily. 1 dose of Syphilinum 200 (3 globules dry) is also taken monthly.

There was a noticeable reduction of the skin discolouration in about 6 months and this improvement continues to this day.
Joe De Livera last decade
I understand that the UVB treatment does work, the treatment that I am following does the same thing with the topical cream and the exposure, the thing is that I also want to activate the dormant melanocites and that is done with the supplements and the diet. If they take a biopsi of your skin they can prove you do have melanocites but they are flat. I am not a doctor I am just finding out everything I can. The Doctor in Caracas with I have not visited yet has been curing Vitiligo for more than 15 years with this theory and people are cured.
italia last decade

Why I don't argue that UVB narrowband is effective in treating vitiligo, not every case of vitiligo is actually vitiligo, which was my point from my earlier post (it may have been overlooked). There are many fungi that are in fact misdiagnosed as vitiligo, as was my case. My experience with doctors is that they have too much information to sift thru, and often aren't aware of latest treatments, or just what they learned in school.

As far as statistics, well, as effective and real as they may be, anyone can manipulate statistical data to serve their own ends. Hopefully this is not the case. Also, you're not going to see homeopathic statistics simply because there are no funds available to pay for the research, so you end up with smaller studies or simply case studies of people who have had success.

Bottom line, the proper diagnosis is required to determine whether or not an individual has vitiligo or some sort of fungus. These homeopathic remedies are often simple, and able to be done by individuals with no harm to themselves until such time as they can get to a UVB light to see if it works. Not everything that is medical is the end all be all. I'd like to say we have answers to everything in the universe understood, but we have more questions than answers. Also, the medical community only does research on drugs they can sell (or really expensive UVB lights, as the cheapest I've found are around $600 USD). Evidence (statistics) is not truth. Evidence is PROOF of the truth of the statement.
ChiroStudent last decade
Hi, do you have a email address I can contact you at about the cure for vitiligo that you have found through these doctors?
starz1 last decade
I have had 'vitiligo' for 7 years now , diagnosed by 2 doctors and I followed treatments with nowgood effect. the problem is that I am not quite sure it is vitiligo :I have small , almost round, spots the size of a coin on my arms and they are not perly white but you can see the difference between the 2 shades on my skin ; I also know that vitiligo appears with no feeling , they do not hurt but in my case they are red at first and itch , I felt the urge of sratching all the time and then they turned white and no matter what I applied on them they stayed white and itchy. Now they are not dry anymore but they slowly expend. Last summer I got tanned and surprisingly they were covered but in 1 month the tan was gone and the spots were the first ones to reveal. i really want to know if I have any chance with the homeopathic treatements and where to get them .
lilianam last decade

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