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15 Month Old Child Pneumonia

Dear Doctors,

I am Ahmad from Lahore. My son 15 month old. He is caught by Pneumonia almost 2 months back.

He got admit in hospital got treatment for 7 days and on some recovery he was discharged and was on oral antibiotic treatment.

But with in three four days his condition get worse again and he has to admitted in hospital again for 6 days where different class of antibiotics were given to him for 6 days and double pneumonia was told me this time.

On discharge he was given 1 month oral medicine(for 5 days Antibiotic). He was quite well this time for almost about 2 weeks or 15 days when his nose started running again. in a day or two again his chest started giving sound and cough started. Which for me was very bad news.

We have again consulted the doctor and he advised regular nebuelization and started the oral antibiotic again and said that he has allergy and we have to live with this all his life. This is 5th day after that. His condition is not better yet. I am too much worried.

I have my own history for getting treatment in cold and flue with homeopathy medicine in my childhood and now i want sincere advise from the doctors specially that what are the possible and affective treatments of such condition now in homeopathy. Can any one please guide me what should i do. Is there any good treatment in homeopathy i wanted to discuss it and start it.

And after that if some good homeopathician in Lahore can be suggested then i will be really grateful for that.

Best Regards
  adnanahmmad on 2011-03-09
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please doctors.
Anyone guide me.
adnanahmmad 7 years ago

Adnan please answer the following questions apart from giving current symptoms.

1) Tell about the appearance of the child.

Colour of hair: Colour of eyes: Skin: Complexion: Build: Posture:
Height: Weight: Nails: Other details

2) Can you give details about ailments/conditions running in child's family. At the least give details of its parents.
3) What does the child suffer from in terms of symptoms (complaints in the order of priority)?

4) Can you connect these complaints to any other events? What was going on in in child's life personally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally when the complaints came on?

5) What are the things, which aggravate the complaints and things which make the complaints feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc.

6) Describe thirst and hunger of the child? (Examples: Average or Excessive or
thirstless or loss of appetite or any other associated details)?

7) Talk about child's sleep habits and problems if any.

8) What are the cravings and aversions in general? Any food/drink craving or aversion.
9) How does the child feel with heat or cold?
10) Talk about child's temperament, personality, fears/anxieties
11) If this is infant, is it being breastfed or bottle fed ?
12) Any other details about the child.
maheeru 7 years ago

Thanks maheeru for replying,

The main problem is his continues developing musqus in his lungs or chest and even after giving so much anti-biotic it is not curing and causing his health condition poor and poor day by day.

1 -
Ans: He is only 9 KG(15 Month of age) Thin and week as compared to many others in the same age. His color has become pale.

His hair are black but not dark. eye color is dark brown. Skin is very dry. Complexion is fair. He is thin hight is less than 2feet. His teeth are not yet came out completely. Her hair are very thin and very less. Nails are small more whitish in color. He has bad constipation since the age of 12 months when we have changed his formula milk.

In parents, no major problem persists. Only I have quite and ofter flue problem but it is routine mater never serious.

As i wrote before he had double penmounia twice. After 2 weeks dischrage from hospital he started with a thin musqus fluid running out of his nose. Started coughing in two days and then with the coughing with the sound of musqus from the chest. The current condtion is same.
His musqus become thick a little then before and come out of his nose regularly or when hi coughs or saneez. The frequency of saneezing and cough is increased in the early day time while he cough a lot in pathces all the day and night. Also the quanity and sound of muscus felt increase when he cough or saneez. Also it seems he feel pain becuase he is used to cry with a little voice after cough in the night.
His diet was limited from the start. He took mother feed very less almost 3-4 month and shifted to powder milk or forumla milk.

4 - Only think i can associate that he is bit week as he tends to get illness very quickly. He was suffring from flue and cough quite and ofter before the pnemounia. We live in a crowded area where the trafic plution may be present along with dust(i m not sure). May be he is allargic from the current living envoirment or the poweder milk we are using for him.

5 -
The current conditon started beocoming worse when the weather became cold few weeks back. Earlier he was ok when dischaged from the hospital. At the early day time his chest seems to be most effective and congusted with muscus fluid and he coughs and sneez a lot. In all other part of day it became little less but continues. Cough become more frequent in the night when he is sleeping.

6- He feels very low hunger as he eats very less. He used to be taking milk throgh nipple bottle 2-3 times in a day and 2 times in the night and used t cry for it but the quantity he takes is very low like 2-3 ounce at a time only. The thirst is there but not very much.

7- He seems to feel heat while sleeping and doesnt sleep comfortable in the night and used to roll arround all the bed during the whole night. Also wakes up crying 3-4 times in the night.

8- He likes chocolate very much. earlier we gave him but now after pnemounia we have stopped it. He likes to eat apple only in the fruit. Any thing which is bit greecy like banan he dont eat it.

9 - In heat he his cheeks become red and used to show discomfortness by crying or chaning his sides while sleeping. In col he shows happiness and his mood become fresh.

10 - The child seems to be fearless to me. He doesnt fear of pets etc. Once he is given something new thing he really enjoyes it but i a very short time he dont like to see it again and dont even forget about it. He donot have good temperament as if he want something if the thing is not given to him or not happens that way he used to shout or cry a lot.

11- He is 15 month old now. He is being bottle feed since he is born. Only the first 4 month he was also given mother feed but after that he refuses to take it so since than he is on bottle feed. His milk forumla has beenc changed before 4 months and since than he is having more complaints of cough and flu.

12- He had sever typhoid fever in last summer along with dyria and hospitalized for three days.

Please tell me how homeopathy can help in this condition. Is there any good remdy which i can use for good results.
adnanahmmad 7 years ago

A few more questions Adnan.

What type of sound do you hear from his chest(associated with his cough/mucus in chest)?

what is the nature/consistency of discharges from nose and cough?

Does he have any issues with sleep postures? Is he comfortable on left, right and on back?

Does he have fever now?
maheeru 7 years ago

Dear maheeru,

At the moment the sound is associated with cough or when he cry. Not loud enough to be heard normally. The sound seems to be coming from deep inside chest which seems to be due to mucus conjunction.

Regarding the consistency, 6-7 days back when it all started again it was not thick and nose was running all the day. After 2-3 days of starting antibiotics, it became very thick and doesnt come out of nose without cough or saneez. from yester day it is bit thin again. While it is not thick it is whitesh more or may be grey but not yellow,green or brown.

When it became thick, it tends more to yellowish and whitish.

From very start he used to seep on his back. So i suppose he feels more comfort when sleeping this way.

He doesn't have fever now.

Question: Why the mucus is forming again and again. When the condition is better the mucus become thin and with in day or two the condition become bad and the mucus became thick again. And doesn't disappear at all. Can it be an allergy. Can the powder milk we are using have any role into it.

Best Regards
adnanahmmad 7 years ago

Dear Adnan

Ok thanks for answering. Mucus is forming because of pneumonia and it's after effects. Only allergy test can conclude if there's an allergy towards a certain substance. But we can try homeopathic remedies to make him feel better.

As a start please give him homeopathic remedy, Nux. vom. 30c, one pill or drop, twice daily, for three days. Observe the changes and report after this period.

General guidelines:

Do not give anything for 30 minutes before and after the medicine.

Do not expose him to strong smells including incense and perfumes.

Do not give him cold/chilled foods.
maheeru 7 years ago

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