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This term has for long been a favourite diagnosis label in ailments associated with sharp pains, aches in various parts of the body, especially, neck, back and limbs. Pains in the lower portion of the back have been called lumbago. A recent and popular diagnosis in many of these conditions is 'slipped disc'.
There are, of course, various tissues and structures in the regions affected which can suffer damage by strain or become inflamed as
the result of irritation from without or from within (the body often manufactures its own poisons or irritants, which cause inflammatory reactions in one or other of its tissues).
A disc, the fibrous pad or cushion between two adjacent vertebral bones, may on occasion become nipped or damaged, especially when a sudden movement is made without adequate guarding by supporting muscles; ligaments or muscle attachments may be wrenched or strained with resulting local swelling and involvement of nerves, causing pain. Or, as mentioned above, the same state of affairs may be brought about without any actual injury or trauma. In any case there are sharp pains owing to nerve involvement and usually local tenderness on pressure over the affected spots or area.
This condition may be brought about by physical stress, by exposure to inclement weather, by auto-intoxication or by some other elusive and ill-explained cause. The usual indication is for rest and warmth, possibly assisted by gentle massage and movement to avoid stiffness. Too energetic manipulation or too active move¬ment may easily add further damage and make things worse. Remedies taken internally can be of great help and some of these are as follows (a few doses of 30, or more prolonged use of 6, till relief is obtained):
ACONITUM sudden onset of severe pains after exposure to dry cold winds; WORSE every movement, in warm room at night; thirsty, restless, touchy, scared.
APIS burning, stinging, stitching pains, whole back feels tired and bruised, WORSE heat and least movement; restless, irritable, depressed, wants to be uncovered and cool.
ARNICA spine very sensitive; spasms in muscles of neck and back; feels bruised, as if 'bed too hard'; WORSE from mcvement but has to keep moving; morose, irritable.
BELLADONNA violent cutting or tearing pains, in neck, spine or hips; walks restlessly to and fro in search of ease; WORSE when at rest; blazing hot, bellicose, bed seems to be 'surging up and down'.
BERBERIS paralytic pain, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, beneath nails; thighs feel cold; heels sore; WORSE walking; weakness and tiredness.
BRYONIA pains in nape, back, limbs; after exposure to dry cold, especially east winds; RELIEF from heat; WORSE least move¬ment; anxious, ill-at-ease, peevish, great thirst for large amounts at long intervals.
CAUSTICUM drawing and tearing pains in limbs, especially at back of knee, with stiffness or weakness; lower limbs very restless at night; RELIEF in warm moist weather; WORSE cold winds, draughts and taking coffee.

CHAMOMILLA pains drive from bed at night to walk the floor; arms 'go to sleep' when grasping objects; temper in a turmoil, nothing is right, pains are intolerable.
Kali B1CHROMICUM wandering pains, felt especially in fingers and wrists; pain at bottom of spine when sitting; WORSE cold air, when snow is melting, 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.; cross and listless.
KALI CARBONICUM stitching cutting pains, often stabbing while at rest; pains extending up and down back and into thighs; WORSE walking; on attempting to walk feels as if 'back would break'; firm pressure in small of back gives RELIEF; irritable, touchy, can't stand noise.
LEDUM pains which shift rapidly and spread centrally; associated with great stiffness; RELIEF from cold; WORSE heat, move¬ment, after sitting still for a while, least pressure.
Nux VOMICA pains which come on after a wetting, or over¬exertion, especially in lower part of back; hurts to turn in bed; muscles seem paralysed; cramps in calves or soles at night; WORSE dry cold, before rain, first thing in a.m.; RELIEF when rain actually falling, firm pressure, towards end of day.
PULSATILLA shooting pains in nape and elsewhere; neck and shoulders 'crack' on movement; legs feel heavy in daytime and ache at night; WORSE heat, stuffy room, first movement, evening and first part of night; RELIEF from gentle movement and from pressure.
RHUS TOXICODENDRON one of the most useful remedies in this condition; pains brought on by over-exertion or exposure to cold and wet; back pain is relieved by bending body backwards; finger tips feel numb on grasping objects; pains and stiffness WORSE after rest, and BETTER by continued movement; extreme restless¬ness of mind and body.
Hay Fever
This most distressing and obstinate affliction, like asthma, presents a highly individual problem. The sufferer possesses a nose that is extraordinarily sensitive to changes in the composition of the air breathed.
Seasonal variations in the atmosphere, contamination of the air with dust, pollens, or some other irregular constituents will induce the violent reactions in the nose and eyes that are spoken of as hay fever. A more accurate term would be allergic rhinitis as hay is by no means the only offender. The fault lies in the individual and is a capacity for allergic (over-active) response to what are often unavoidable irritants in the air.
The problem of treatment is a knotty one; it can probably be handled best by the homoeopathic approach because this takes into
account the individual factors in the case. For adequate control, or cure, each case of hay fever presents a separate and distinct problem requiring skilled assessment along constitutional and miasmatic (toxicotic) lines. It is the deep-seated reactive capacity of the individual sufferer that has to be modified and rendered less vulnerable.
However in the matter of immediate relief of an actual attack certain remedies have been found of use, among them the following (two or three doses daily of 30 or 6 till better):
ALLIUM CEPA nose and eyes stream; sneezing is severe and of increasing frequency; lip and nostrils become sore; WORSE indoors, in morning, from contact with flowers and peach bloom.
ARSENICUM ALBUM sneezing violent and painful; violent tickle at one particular spot inside the nose, not relieved by sneezing; profuse watery discharge which burns the lip; WORSE change in weather; restless and worried.
ARUM TRIPHYLLUM sneezing is WORSE at night; much pricking in nose with desire to bore into nostril or pinch nose; nose is stuffed up, especially on left side, or runs profusely making nostril raw and sore; throat is also involved; eye symptoms are not severe.
DULCAMARA constant sneezing; nose stuffed up, or nose and eyes stream; eyes swell and water, then nose runs; then eyes water again; WORSE open air, damp, being chilled when hot, contact with newly cut hay.
EUPHRASIA much sneezing; discharge from nose is bland, but eye discharge is burning; throat often involved, with hard dry cough; WORSE open air, wind, lying down.
GELSEMIUM violent sneezing; nose streams in morning and discharge is excoriating; eyes feel hot and heavy ; much tingling in nose; throat dry and burning; swallowing causes pain in ears; face hot; aching all over, limbs feel heavy.
Nux VOMICA prolonged distressive spells of sneezing; nose apt to be stuffed up at night; excessive irritation in nose, eyes and face; itching extends to larynx and trachea; face feels as if close to a hot iron plate; chilly and irritable.
SABADILLA frequent spasms of severe sneezing; nose either stuffed up or running freely; much itching inside nose; eyelids red, face mottled; very sensitive to smell of flowers, fruit, garlic and other odours; extremely chilly; possibly associated with severe frontal headache or with bleeding from nose.
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