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Dosage of liquid Arnica motana 6 5


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Dosage of liquid Arnica 30c

I am diabetic for the last 10years and under alopathy treatment.My HBA1C was 7.1 Now it has gone to 7.4.I have seen the wonderful results of Arnica 30 c liquid doasges twice daily.I have purchased the Arnica 30c Liquid but I do not know the quantity in drops to be taken.I have also started taking syzygium jambolanum mother tincture as I read that the combination is very effective.Please suggest and guide.
Ashok Kumar
  aakay on 2010-10-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To Ashok

I am glad to note that you have presumably read about my research on Arnica and its incredible effect on both Type I and Type II Diabetics which I first discovered in 2005.

I have sufficient evidence to accept that the Arnica 6c is more effective than the 30c but you are welcome to use the 30c which you state you have with you and report your response in a few days before you switch over to the 6c.

I shall copy my standard instructions to make the Wet dose:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle which can be used as a dose.

I note that you have also got the Syzygium Jambolanum Q and I can tell you categorically that this is just a waste of time in comparison to the Arnica which in a few cases seems to activate the Pancreas to produce Insulin as it is designed to do after in the case of one patient who was on Metformin for 3 years and discovered that the Arnica 6c made it possible for him to use it exclusively to control his Blood Sugar levels which were originally at 535mg/dl and which dropped to 95 within 36 hours. He later experimented without Arnica for a week and discovered that his BS level had only risen to 105.

This fact alone confirms that Arnica is indeed a MIRACLE REMEDY.

You are invited to visit the link below for more information on my research on Arnica:

Report your progress in 36 hours after taking Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.I shall try this Arnica 6c and revert back to you.I forgot to tell you that I am suffering from tingling and also burning in both the feet and I am told that it is Diabetic Neuropathy. Perhaps this Arnica treatment will help.Thanks once again for you guidance.Regards.Ashok Kumar
aakay last decade
Dear Mr.Joe

I have started your Miracle Remedy as suggested.I feel that just three drops of Arnica 30 in about 400 ml of spring water may be too mild.Please comment.Can you suggest the same Arnica in granules/pills format and the dosage as it will be more easy to administer.AsI have informed I am having burning on the both feets and stiffness.Do you thing that this miracle medicine will help that too.Please reply ASAP.Thanks and regards.Ashok Kumar
aakay last decade
I have perfected a method of healing using standard Homeopathic remedies which classical homeopaths have classified as 'Joepathy' as they are not able to equate the miracles of healing that my therapy has done, as can be seen on this forum and others that I also visit.

Please follow my instructions precisely as prescribed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
First of all Thanks For the putting your search on Forum.
I have started your Arnica 6C remady for my wife 44yr old .She had one tablet Reclide 20mg every day before dinner. It is observed that after 10 days of remady ( Two wet dose daily )Sugar Level in morning ( Fasting ) has reduced to 100-105 from earlier 120-125.Also checked by stopping medicine in night and level is found around 110-115.
I would like to know that for how many days this remady to be continued ??.
pravin tale last decade
To Pravin

Thank you for recording the reduction of your wife's Blood Sugar levels after taking Arnica on the ABC. Your statement will give other Diabetics the courage to use Arnica instead of the dangerous drugs like Metformin or Reclide all of which can eventually lead to Kidney failure.

Diabetes is not a disease that can be CURED especially when it is reported like in the case of your wife after some years. Arnica can only help to CONTROL it. Diabetes can however be prevented and you too are advised to take just one dose of Arnica nightly. You may like to know that I have taken it (30c) nightly since 1996 and at age 82, I believe I can categorically state that it will help those who take it to achieve a better state of health that cannot be matched by taking other drugs or minerals or vitamins to achieve that state of health that Arnica alone can bestow on those who take it on a daily basis.

Your wife can use it very safely for the rest of her life but it will be necessary that she does regular Blood Tests to check her BS level at least weekly which you can report from time to time on this Forum if you wish to have further advice.

Arnica helps Diabetics by stimulating the Pancreas to produce Insulin on demand and I have many patients who were chronic Diabetics who are using Arnica instead of the drugs they used to take to control their BS levels.

You would be doing a service to Diabetics if you start another thread on the ABC with a tile like
You can record the case of your wife and this will help Diabetics to follow the example of your wife and some can even stop the drugs and replace them with Arnica to control their Diabetes.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am from VADODARA,here arnica is available in 6 potency but not 6c.Whether Indian potencies are in 6,30,200 but not in 6c,30c,200c.Am I right? Pl inform me whether I can use 6 potency for my diabetis when there is nonavailability of 6c.
laxmipathy last decade
To Laximapathy

The potency of any homeopathic remedy expressed in numerals is presumed to be the c or 100th potency.

If the potency is
x (tenth) or
m (thousandth) potency,
the letters will always follow the numeral which as you have noticed is usually 6, 30, 200 or 1000 which is thousandth (M) potency.

You can use the Arnica 6 which is equivalent to 6c and report progress in a few days after checking your Blood Sugar level if you wish to use Arnica for Diabetes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear joe De Livera
Thanks a lot for clarifying my conception of potencies.Shall I start with 6 potency of Arnica? I will start with 6 and get my blood sugar level checked after a fortnight and report back to you.Once I thank you for your help. Laxmipathy
laxmipathy last decade
I have found that Arnica 6c in the Wet dose is more effective to treat Blood Sugar than the 30c potency and I shall await your report in a few weeks with interest.
Joe De Livera last decade
My daughter had a fall in washroom 18 months back.Her lumbar region is hurt.MRI shows that her 1)Diffuse L4-L5 disc bulge with mild to moderate narrowing of bilateral neural foramina(Lt>Rt).There are mild bilateral facet joint degenerative changes at that level.Spinal canal measurement is essentially with in normal limits.
2)Diffuse L5-S1 disc bulge with mild narrowing of bilateral neural foramina.Spinal chord is mildly narrowed at that level(AP diametr 9mm)
3) Screening of SI Joints show no significant abnormality.
from the above impressions of MRI examination pl suggest reedies,as she gets pain in neck,pain and numbness in both the shoulders ans occassionally she gets sciatica type pain in left leg.One homeopath adviced her to take Rhus tox 30c and Bry 30.It gave some relief but again resurfaces. She finds heaviness,numbness and tingling pain in shoulders when she gets up in morning.Ortopadic Dr.suggested pain killers and relaxants and belt to neck for 24 hours use.Pl advice and help to get relief of pain as the problem is causing difficulty in her official duties.
laxmipathy last decade
From the details you have indicated there is hope that your daughter will recover fully in a few weeks. The Neck support will help her and she is recommended bed rest for as long as possible to enable her to recover. You can also consider a Lumbar support corset which will keep her spine as rigid as possible.

In the meanwhile she can take the following remedies which I believe will help her.

Hypericum 200 in the Wet dose taken every 3-4 hours to control her pain.

Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily to help her to recover ASAP.

Please report her response in a few days.

How old is your daughter?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, taking Arnica 6c in wet dose controls Diabetis in addition to Blood pressure?Then its really a wonderful medicine.I'm an engineer, but interested in homeopathy. can i use it for my parents who have only BP? and can i suggest it to people who are suffering from both diabetis and BP.Please suggest.Thank you.
pradeepx28 last decade
To Pradeep

'Dear Joe, taking Arnica 6c in wet dose controls Diabetis in addition to Blood pressure?'

I believe that you have got your fact wrong as I did not state that Arnica will control Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose will control the Blood Sugar of Diabetics both Type I and Type II and from the reports I have received from patients who used my therapy, many have discovered that they can replace the drugs they are using with Arnica 6c taken twice daily.

For Hypertension you can give your parents Nat Mur 6x dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily and report their response.

If you also do not wish to inherit their ailment of BS and BP you are advised to take Arnica 30 in the Wet dose taken nightly for the rest of your life. It is absolutely safe in use and I have proved it to be so as I have taken it since 1996 and at age 82 I can categorically state that it has helped me in a manner that no other drug or tonic will equal.

I do not take any drugs whatever and you and your parents are also advised to follow my example.
Joe De Livera last decade
DEar Joe,thanx for the reply.I'm taking Arnica 30c in wet dose twice, eventhough i'm healthy. is it ok ? My parents are using ayurvedic tablets for their BP control.Once I gave arnica 6c to my mother, she told that some uneasy in stomach.So she stopped using it.And for my father,who smokes cigarettes and having BP just above the normal value, I adviced to take Arnica 30C wet dose.He is using it since 2 months.But still he is unable to quit the smoking.Is there any medicine to control Blood pressure, which can be taken once a day and whenever required?Please suggest.
pradeepx28 last decade
DEAR Joe, please confim, wheather the Arnica can heal pimples or acne.
pradeepx28 last decade
Your dad will have to make up his mind about quitting smoking as Arnica can only assist him to do so. You can advise him that he is committing slow suicide as it is his smoking that is the root cause of his Hypertension. Other more serious diseases well soon follow and he is advised to try hard to quit smoking if he wishes to survive to a ripe old age like me.

FYI I had given Arnica to a patient who used to smoke over 10 cigarettes daily and he came to thank me on the ID ul Fitr day with a bowl of Wattalapam to thank me for the Arnica which he confirmed helped him to QUIT smoking in just over a month. He confirmed that his urge for that next cigarette was reduced within the first few days and kept improving till he was finally able to quit smoking in a month.

Your parents can replace the Ayurvedic tablets with Nat Mur 6x and see how it helps with their BP.

I had already advised you to give him Nat Mur 6x to help with his BP (Hypertention) in my last post to you:

'For Hypertension you can give your parents Nat Mur 6x dose 2 tablets taken thrice daily and report their response. '

Arnica cannot affect the stomach. It is all in your mother's imagination that she reported her stomach was uneasy. This may have been due to the food and she blames a teaspoonful of Arnica !

Yes Arnica 6c will heal Pimples aka Acne.

You can check your Lipid Profile in 2 months to verify the effect that Arnica 30c has had on your body. Remember that it is not a medicine and can be considered as a Tonic.

Visit Arnica the Miracle Remedy on:

Joe De Livera last decade
my daughter is 36 years and a teacher in a international school and finding difficulty in attending her duties as she gets pain in her shoulders with heaviness and numbness.Her trouble increases by stooping of neck.Dr advised to use neck belt constantly i.e.24 hours.
laxmipathy last decade
It is not all in your mother's imagination. This is called a proving symptom and it is well-known in homoeopathy that our medicines sometimes cause unwanted extra symptoms. There are a variety of reasons why people develop proving symptoms, it is difficult to know here why your mother has. They usually cease when the remedy is stopped.

Homoeopathy is entirely based on the Law of Similars - what a substance can cause it can cure. The only way a medicine cures is because it is capable of producing similar symptoms. Your mother has experienced this principle first hand :)

As long as the medicine is not continued, proving symptoms are temporary and not dangerous.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Joe,Thanx for the advice, tommorow i'll bring Nat mur6x for BP.u said to use for 3times. But if we want to use only for one time a day, whats the potency?Anyway i'm a healthy person, using Arnica 30 two times, after reading ur post.is it ok for me? pl suggest. thank you
pradeepx28 last decade
To Pradeep

I am pleased to note that you have decided to ignore the brisbanehomeopath who I have noticed, prefers to only display his knowledge of this Science of Homeopathy and pontificate his pompous theories on how any remedy 'proves' in under 24 hours.
I consider his statement:
'It is not all in your mother's imagination. This is called a proving symptom and it is well-known in homoeopathy that our medicines sometimes cause unwanted extra symptoms', as a good example of stupidity at its worst when taken in the context of his critique of this case.

As David (brisbanehomeopath) should be aware by now after his studies of the Science of Homeopathy, there has never been a case of 'proving' of any remedy when taken at a low potency in just ONE WET DOSE. This has never been reported before and I do really wonder what form of insanity he is labouring under.

As I stated in a previous post, your mother suspected that a teaspoonful of Arnica affected her stomach and I repeat again that this is only a figment of your mother's imagination. However if she still suspects it she is free to stop taking it and she must know that in doing so, she is kissing goodbye to a remedy that would otherwise have helped her in many ways.

I have noticed that David is very quick to jump on almost every post that I make on the ABC to criticize them for reasons only known to him and it was after many months of cajoling him to put his money where his mouth is and prescribe a remedy to the patient instead of criticizing my Joepathy, that he reluctantly condescended to throw a remedy or two to a few patients which he did in the recent past. His standard contention to take a case is that the patient must meet him in person in his clinic in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and I cannot understand how anyone in his senses could possibly insult a patient by requesting him to do so. If he did not wish to treat the patient as I am doing daily, he should not state blatant falsehoods which will misguide the patient who does not usually have any knowledge of Homeopathy and can cause the patient to suspect the therapy that I prescribe, which fortunately you have not done in the interest of your parents and yourself.

If you have read the many other posts I have made on the ABC you will realize that I am not a professional classical homeopath but have practiced homeopathy for over 25 years after about another 25 years of study in my free time, prior to my using my knowledge to help suffering humanity, which I have always done completely free of charge. I have deviated from the standard classical tenets of homeopathy as practiced by David and other classical homeopaths who are invariably more intent on bamboozling the suffering patient by displaying their knowledge of this science, instead of prescribing a remedy that can help the patient. Better still he should not post his inanities on the ABC by stating deliberate falsehoods (lies) which are calculated to detract from the Joepathy that I have prescribed.

It is unfortunate that I have to waste my time in attacking David as I could have otherwise have spent this time in helping the next patient.

Dealing now with your post you have inquired:
'i'll bring Nat mur6x for BP.u said to use for 3times. But if we want to use only for one time a day, whats the potency'

I presume that you wish to give Nat Mur 6x for your parents for their Hypertension. If this is the case, the dosage is 3 tablets taken thrice daily. You will also give them Arnica 6c if they suffer from Diabetes and report their response in both their Blood Pressure and their Blood Sugar levels in a week.

You can take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose NIGHTLY as I have done for the last 16 years since I first discovered the wonder of Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
Actually Joe I have been involved in a variety of provings over the years both as prover and supervisor. I even appear as a prover in the the Koala Milk proving organized by Phil Robins. Not only that, I have been seeing real patients in a clinical situation for 17 years. I have seen many provers begin to get symptoms from the first dose. I have seen most patients get a response from the first dose of their remedy. I have seen patients get new symptoms from a single dose of a medicine.

How many provings have you been involved in Joe? How many provings have you reviewed or studied or supervised that you can speak with such confidence on how long it takes to get symptoms? I can only imagine that you do not believe in the Law of Similars – which means that you do not believe in Homoeopathy.

When a patient reports a negative reaction to a remedy what you should be doing is reassessing the case. No more doses of that remedy should be given to the person. If a patient does experience new symptoms on a remedy there is a chance that repeated doses will worsen them, or create even more symptoms. And this is exactly what has happened in some of your cases.

Telling someone that it is a 'figment of their imagination' is disrespectful and condescending. The patient is always the primary source for us when assessing remedy reactions – they are the ones who are experiencing the remedy and the problem. It is not up to us to decide what they are or are not feeling.

What is most terrible is how trusting these people are, and how you mercilessly take advantage of it. Shameful. Of course many of them do not realize you are not a homoeopath, that you do not practice homoeopathy, and they live in vain hope that you know what you are doing.

You do not practice according to any homoeopathic principles. Consequently you rae not practicing homoeopathy in any form, but an irrational fairy-tale medicine.

You attack those who do have knowledge of homoeopathy because they are your greatest threat- because they can see the truth of what you are doing. Your only way to defend yourself from this perceived threat is to call into doubt the personal character of homoeopaths.

You make outrageous claims of miracle cures, yet you insist people take Arnica forever (so no cure), and proclaim anyone you cannot cure as incurable.

You claim thousands of patients helped, but any search on the internet only shows you speaking about yourself.

You mix antibiotics with homoeoapthics with an obvious lack of faith in the power of homoeopathy to cure infection (and complete ignorance of the principle of suppression).

You cause side-effects in patients and then try to convince them you didn’t do it or that they imagined it.

You ignore patient’s requests for help. You ignore their suffering and declare them ‘helped by my therapy which has aided thousands’ despite the fact that most of their symptoms are the same or worse.

The only patients who are genuinely helped are the ones that coincidentally need Arnica or Nat-phos as per the Law of Similars which is the foundation of homoeopathic prescribing. The rest get no better, but you do your best to convince them they are, until they go away unsatisfied and disillusioned by homoeopathy (which of course they never got anyway, since you don’t practice homoeopathy).

As I have said before, I will always speak up to correct the inaccurate information you give people on this forum. As a public forum you have no way of stopping that from happening. Feel free to run me down personally all you want – it will only strengthen my resolve.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Although I am not a qualified practicing homoeopath but I do agree with Brisbane homoeopath that a single dose of any remedy can cause severe side effects in a few patients even if it is given in low potencies however, majority of the patients will not notice any effect of the remedy even if it has been wrongly prescribed and given in high potencies. Response to the remedies differs from person to person.
maraheem last decade
To David

I have stated previously in one of my epistles to you that you 'do not see the wood for the trees'. I see today that not only do you NOT see the wood but you just REFUSE to do so, merely because you do not wish to see anything new. Remember Lyc ? I shall copy again Boericke on this remedy which I feel will help you:

'Cannot bear to see anything new. Cannot read what he writes.'

This statement is again true today as you keep on harping as does Maraheem, that with just ONE dose of Arnica 30c in the WET DOSE, the patient proved it. This is absolutely impossible and I am surprised that you do still insist that your contention is correct when it is obviously NOT.

You must know that the WET DOSE is a far cry from the standard DRY PELLETS that you and thousands of other Homeopaths use in your daily practice as you have not been as fortunate as I was to have been converted by Luc to the Wet dose method which in 2005 was new to me.

If you still do persist in insisting that Arnica in the Wet dose has PROVED this remedy, I hope that you will pardon me when I state that you need to have your head examined ASAP.

I believe David, that you are so full of your own classical pomposity in your statements on Homeopathy that you cannot appreciate much less understand, the true facts of Homeopathy and that it is not your slavish adherence to the theory of Homeopathy that matters in helping a patient. It is the use of this science in whichever manner that you use it to cure the patient. Not to quibble about a matter like Arnica PROVING in the patient with the first dose which I repeat again is beyond the realms of possibility.

In the final analysis it is the Joepathy that counts, as you can read from the response of Pradeep and also verify from the thousands of posts on the ABC and other Homeopathic Forums that I have advised on and by many grateful patients whom I have treated before they were established in the early days of this century, and long before you were involved in this science.
Joe De Livera last decade
Maraheem I agree many patients will not notice a single dose, if there own disease is more powerful than the remedy. As we known a more powerful disease repels a weaker one. However, IF a patient does react it is our responsibility to proect them from further harm by adjusting or stopping the treatment.

Joe I wonder what Dr. Du Schepper would say about your mutilation of the homoeopathic method.

Actually no need to wonder, this is what he has to say..

'upon simple investigation he sins against every principle of true homeopathy. He claims that he has found his own method, necessary because these are new and trying times and therefore even Hahnemann would have approved of his inventions. Yet this “important” looking statement only hides his incompetence and laziness to truly study this difficult topic continuously. He attended a few seminars and now thinks is possessed of a knowledge that no longer needs fine-tuning. He prescribes for every patient a “protocol,” similar to his well-learned allopathic physicians, forgetting that to cure a patient the individuality must be taken into account.

According to his conviction--for Disease A, there is “protocol A” which should be applied for several months. It is a secret wish of someone who wanted to be an allopathic physician or at least attain his stature, as he seeks to imitate those who practice contrary to anything that stands for homeopathy. But of course he tells you about the enormous “successes” he had. In reality, he does not know what a “true cure” stands for: the freedom of any mental. emotional and physical suffering, and the prevention of recurrence of your disease or transference to another disease. He is sure that his “genius” will be recognized and that the next Nobel prize in medicine is his. There is no lack of delusions here.'

Hmmmm....does that sound familiar Joe?

What a shame you could not be converted to proper homoeopathy by Dr. Du Schepper as well.

I have not used dry doses in clinic for many years now. I was practicing from the 6th edition of the Organon from the beginning of my practice. I imagine you have never even read the Organon of Medicine.

Why do our principles exist? They exist to protect the sick and vulnerable from harm, to guide practitioners to cure - real genuine cure. You denigrate those principles, cast them aside, out of ignorance and ego, and your 'patients' suffer because of it.

You claim that all this theory gets in the way of helping people. And yet people come to this website based on the reputation of homoeopathy to cure the incurables. They come because our 'theories' have given homoeopaths an ability to help men and women beyond any other single therapy.

I realise that you are completely unable to refute the points I make. It is clear that your only defence is to insult my character. It is no wonder you don't practice homoeopathy - you do not have the mind or heart for it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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