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Natural, Holistic Doctors Reject Circumcision

'...the Creator must have bungled a good deal, else why these needless tonsils and superfluous prepuces?' - James Compton Burnett, On the Fistula and its Radical cure, Chapter 5 [In infants]

'Most males born into the Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures are circumcised. It is a normal practice for the doctor to strap a new born infant down in a circumcision chair and cut their foreskin off without any anesthetics. Anyone who has heard the screams of an infant while this pseudo religious ritual is carried out cannot deny that this causes tremendous pain. Great shock, fear and suffering are the first experience that most males have with their penis. A natural part of their body is literally being cut off from one of their most sensitive organs and thrown in the garbage. This barbaric method is still carried out for its so-called hygienic reasons in modern times. The psychological damage to a young male infant is not even taken into consideration.

When one takes an affected male and guides them through their circumcision by enactment and psychodrama it brings up horrendous repressed emotions. This pseudo-religious-cultural ritual may affect a male’s feeling of safety, self worth, and wholeness and induce shock, terror, fear and loss as their first genital actualization. This associates suffering with an organ that is supposed to be actualized by sensations of pleasure. This causes confusion of the pain-pleasure reflexes in a manner that is not healthy for infant, adolescent or adult sexuality. This method should be rejected as a needless operation from a realistic standpoint.'
- David Little, Hahnemann's Advanced Method, Volume 2, Constitution and Temperament In Homoeopathy, Chapter 2, Lesson 20.

'Since diseases in general are but dynamic attacks upon the life principle and nothing material - no materia peccans - as their basis (as the old school in its delusion has fabulated for a thousand years and treated the sick accordingly to their ruin) there is also in these cases nothing material to take away, nothing to smear away, to burn or tie or cut away, without making the patient endlessly sicker and more incurable ' - Samuel Hahnemann, Aphorism 282 Sixth Edition

'Why does it shock the true physician to see blood drawn from a patient, whether by venesection, or leeches, or cupping glasses?'
- Hahnemann's Letter and Examination In Homeopathy.

'nor can he [the physician] permit any venesection or cupping, however much the patient may declare that he has become accustomed thereto.'
- Samuel Hahnemann, The Chronic Diseases

'Some families that have opted not to have their sons circumcised are resorting to an alternative ceremony called Brit Shalom -- meaning covenant of peace. This ritual is a baby-naming ceremony done without removing the infant's foreskin, explained Rabbi Adam Chalom of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation in Chicago. The Brit Shalom is similar to a traditional bris in that it welcomes the baby boy into the covenant of the Jewish community. During the ceremony, parents talk to the child, sing songs, read poetry and share wine.' - Religion News Service

'Nancy Wainer is one such mother. When her son was born 34 years ago, Wainer and her husband had him ritually circumcised. She has regretted it ever since. 'I can still hear his cries,' she said. 'He cried for hours. He was inconsolable.' Now, as a midwife in Massachusetts, Wainer advises mothers to leave their sons' foreskins intact... 'There are ethical questions about forcing an unconsenting person [to be circumcised].' - Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh

'The homœopathic physician who is a master of his art, and God be praised! there is now a not inconsiderable number of such masters in homœopathy, never allows a drop of blood to be drawn from his patient; he never needs any such or similar means of weakening the body, for such a course evermore remains the negation of curing.' - Samuel Hahnemann, The Chronic Diseases

“But the human organism in its living state is a complete whole, a unity. Every sensation, every manifestation of power, every affinity of the component parts of one part is intimately associated with the sensations, the functions and the affinities of the component parts of all other parts. No part can suffer without all other parts sympathizing and simultaneously undergoing more or less change.”
- Samuel Hahnemann, Aphorism 41 First Edition

'Coming from a European background where routine circumcisions...are nonexistent, and where many Jews reject a brit milla as an archaic and barbaric ritual... This author grew up in France in a traditional Jewish family. Not a single male of her generation or her children's generation within her large family (or in her circle of Jewish friends) was ever circumcised.' - Nelly Karsenty, Humanistic Judaism - Summer, 1988

'...the Creator must have bungled a good deal, else why these needless tonsils and superfluous prepuces?' - James Compton Burnett

'as recently as the mid-nineteenth century, in Eastern Europe and Russia there was a widespread move to stop the practice... Led by women--what a surprise!--who thought the practice barbaric and patriarchal, the movement eventually even convinced Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, who refused to allow his own son to be circumcised.' - Michael S. Kimmel, TIKKUN, Volume 16, Number 3,
May/June 2001.

'As stated in the Encyclopedia Judaica, 'Any child born of a Jewish mother is a Jew, whether circumcised or not.'...'the Torah prohibits the torture or causing of pain to any living creature.' ...considering Hillel's encapsulation of Judaism: 'What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow-creature' (Sab. 31a), should we force circumcision on another? It is a violation of Torah law to physically assault or harm another person (Exodus 21:18-27)....according to Jewish law, the human body must not be cut or marked (Lev. 19:28). It appears that in some ways circumcision is not consistent with Jewish laws and values. '- Ronald Goldman, Jewish Spectator

'nor can he [the physician] permit any venesection or cupping, however much the patient may declare that he has become accustomed thereto.'
- Samuel Hahnemann, The Chronic Diseases

'Rothenberg, a Brooklyn social worker and high school guidance counselor, has helped hold a bris-sans-circumcision for more than 100 local families, “It's a welcoming ceremony, a celebration of the newborn,” that usually includes prayers, naming and — depending on parental preferences — tree-planting, singing, dancing, blessings, or donations to plant trees in Israel... Rothenberg hopes to educate other parents to make decisions about their sons “on the basis of principle, not conformity.” - Daily News

'Also the singer and literary critic Menachem Ben didn’t arrange a Brit Milah for his sons—in spite of his firm belief in God and the Bible. “It is possible to do a Brit Milah at a level specified in the Torah: ‘And you circumcised the foreskin in your heart,’ ” he claims with insistence. “I circumcised my sons my own way, without cutting, by reading verses from the Bible.” - Yediot (Israel)

'an article in the January 1999 British Journal of Urology reported
that women who had slept with both circumcised and intact men preferred sex with men who were not circumcised. The article reported that the women achieved orgasm faster, and were more likely to achieve multiple orgasms.' - Michael S. Kimmel, TIKKUN, Volume 16, Number 3,
May/June 2001.

'[Dr. Ronald] Goldman pointed out that Jewish circumcision is not universal, as some Jews in South America and Europe do not perform it. Some contend that the commandment to circumcise is at odds with the Torah's prohibition against marking or altering the human body, and against causing pain to any living creature.' - Daily Hampshire Gazette

'The myth is that all Jews circumcise. But in Europe, South America and Israel, as well as here, there are Jews who do not circumcise their sons.' - Dr. Ronald Goldman, Baltimore Jewish Times

'The homœopathic physician who is a master of his art, and God be praised! there is now a not inconsiderable number of such masters in homœopathy, never allows a drop of blood to be drawn from his patient; he never needs any such or similar means of weakening the body, for such a course evermore remains the negation of curing.' - Samuel Hahnemann, The Chronic Diseases

'...venesections, shedding streams of blood, leeches, issues, setons, etc., whereby the vital energy is sometimes weakened to an unmerciful extent, sometimes, if it do not succumb, gradually abnormally deranged (by each substance in a peculiar manner) in such a way that, in order to maintain life against these inimical and destructive attacks, it must produce a revolution in the organism, and either deprive some part of its irritability and sensibility, or exalt these to an excessive degree, cause dilatation or contraction, relaxation or induration or even total destruction of certain parts, and develop faulty organic alterations here and there in the interior or the exterior (cripple the body internally or externally), in order to preserve the organism from complete destruction of the life by the ever - renewed, hostile assaults of such destructive forces.' - Samuel Hahnemann, Aphorism 74 Sixth Edition
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Health Benefits of the Foreskin
'This directory contains academic articles and discussions about anatomy, dimensions, immunological functions, innervation, vascularity, sexual function... The articles are indexed in chronological order of publication.'

'The prepuce has been demonstrated to have immunological functions and properties, which protect its owner from disease, and to be erogenous tissue with important functions in human sexual response.'

Immunological functions of the human prepuce
'A review of the scientific literature, however, reveals that the actual effect of circumcision is the destruction of the clinically-demonstated hygienic and immunological properties of the prepuce and intact penis....The higher rate of STDs in circumcised males might well be the result of the loss of preputial immunoprotective structures. The loss of the protective, self-lubricating, mobile, double-layered prepuce exposes the glans penis and meatus to direct friction, abrasion, and trauma. Eyes without eyelids would not be cleaner.
Neither is a glans without its prepuce. The surgically externalized and unprotected glans and meatus of the circumcised penis are constantly exposed to abrasion and dirt, making the circumcised penis less hygienic. The circumcised penis is more prone to infection in the first years of life than the intact penis....These factors may explain why circumcised males are more likely than their genitally intact peers to engage in high risk sexual behaviours (such an anal intercourse and active and passive homosexual oral sex) that lead to HIV and other STD infections.'
Immunological functions of the human prepuce, P M Fleiss, F M Hodges, R S Van Howe, STI (London), Volume 74, Number 5, Pages 364-367, October 1998

Circumcision as a Risk Factor for Urethritis in Racial Groups
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Volume 77 Number 4: Pages 452-454. April 1987.

For more Jewish and Israeli sites, see http://www.jewsagainstcircumcision.org, http://www.gonen.us, http://britmilah.org.il & http://www.kahal.org

Other resources can be found at http://www.PEACEFULBEGINNINGS.cjb.net, http://www.mothersagainstcirc.org, http://www.historyofcircumcision.net, http://www.DOCTORSOPPOSINGCIRCUMCISION.org, and http://www.Nurses.cirp.org.

Toronto Post:
'When the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) reviewed the medical literature and came out against routine circumcision in 1996, I thought the matter was settled... Still, I believe a consensus against circumcision is steadily emerging. In this new era of patient rights, circumcision has come to seem like an anachronism. Among doctors, there is a greater emphasis on informed decision-making, the limits on parents' rights to make decisions about their kids' health and the rights of children to be protected from parents who make wrong decisions. Even some adult men who were unnecessarily circumcised as children are asserting their rights to restitution. And since the balance of medical evidence suggests those who oppose circumcision have the facts on their side, doctors are increasingly refusing to perform circumcisions. Complications from bleeding, amputation, renal failure, sepsis and death are powerful incentives to stop.

Indeed, the media coverage of the incident may speed circumcision for non-religious reasons into the dustbin of medical practice -- alongside many other once-popular procedures, such as the removal of the ovaries for hysteria, tonsillectomy for a sore throat, lobotomy for mental retardation, etc. In a few years, looking like dad or wanting to keep a boy 'clean' may no longer be legally legitimate rationales for circumcision. It's about time they weren't. But it is unethical to continue a practice that is no longer medically defensible and could harm our kids.'
- The growing consensus against circumcision by Jackie Smith
National Post, Toronto, 30 August 2002.

Canadian Medical Association Journal:
'Removal of a healthy body part without medical indication has been viewed as being a violation of the Hippocratic oath, falling under the United Nations' definition of genital mutilation. As such circumcision is seen as being against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of the Child.' - Canadian Medical Association Journal, Volume 152, Number 11, Pages 1873-1876,
June 1, 1995.

Central Union for Child Welfare in Finland, Helsinki 25.8.2003
'The Central Union for Child Welfare considers that circumcision of boys that violates the personal integrity of the boys is not acceptable unless it is done for medical reasons to treat an illness. The basis for the measures of a society must be an unconditional respect for the bodily integrity of an under-aged person.

Circumcision intervenes in the sexual integrity of a male child causing a permanent change in organisms and has consequences pertaining to both health and quality of life.

The circumcision of girls is rightly considered as inhuman mutilation of the genitals and is punished abuse. Also boys must be guaranteed a similar protection by law.

The Central Union for Child Welfare in Finland hopes that the working group in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will consider measures to bring about a cultural change that will secure the integrity of children and leads to the end of circumcision.'
- Central Union for Child Welfare in Finland, Helsinki 25.8.2003
Presented to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM060:00/2003)
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Dutch doctors: circumcision should be stopped
Published on 28 May 2010 - 10:41am
From: Radio Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Medical Society (KNMG) has said it wants a stop on the circumcision of underage boys. The society said on Thursday that circumcising boys without any medical reason infringes the right to autonomy and the right to bodily integrity.

Family doctors have been asked by the society to warn parents 'actively and urgently that there are no medical advantages to circumcision and that there is a risk of complications'. Such complications include haemorrhages, infections, urethra constriction and panic attacks. Complications, although a normal concomitant of surgical interventions, are not justifiable when the surgery is not medically necessary, the medical association says.

KNMG President Arie Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman says the basic principle underlying the statement is that one does not perform surgery on perfectly healthy children. The doctors' association felt urged to express its views because of the increased emphasis on children's rights, he said.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
“The physician today has a duty to discourage circumcision and to refuse to perform it.”
- Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, April 1996.

'In all studies to date, the risks of circumcision have always exceeded any alleged benefits, a fact that often is not made clear to parents.' Circumcision and the Code of Ethics, George C. Denniston, M.D., M.P.H., Humane Health Care International, Vol. 12, No. 2, April 1996.

'Study provides further evidence that circumcision for non-medical reasons may be a mistake.'
The Chronicle of Urology & Sexual Medicine, Routine Circumcision Questioned as Prepuce May Have Special Function.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
'What about religion? For boys and girls alike, under basic human rights principles, anothers right to practice a religion must end where that individuals body begins. Otherwise, individual protections carry little meaning. Many Jews and Muslims are involved with organizations working to stop male circumcision, and many are questioning whether removal of healthy tissue from the bodies of their children is required by or even consistent with their faith. When the child is of the age of consent, he or she can make up his or her own mind about his or her own body.' - Steven Svoboda, J.D., 'In Search of Fatherhood' Magazine Interview
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Dr. Benjamin Spock.
'I am in favor of leaving the penis alone. Pediatric opinion is swinging away from routine circumcision as unnecessary and at least mildly dangerous. I also believe that there is a potential danger of emotional harm resulting from the operation. Parents should insist on convincing reasons for circumcision and there are no convincing reasons that I know of (as cited in Wallerstein, 1980).'
- Dr. Benjamin Spock, famed parenting author.

Paul M. Fleiss, MD., MPH.
'Circumcision harms the developing brain: Recent studies published in leading medical journals have reported that circumcision has long-lasting detrimental effects on the developing brain, adversely altering the brain's perception centers. Circumcised boys have a lower pain threshold than girls or intact boys. Developmental neuropsychologist Dr. James Prescott suggests that circumcision can cause deeper and more disturbing levels of neurological damage, as well.'
- Paul M. Fleiss, MD., MPH., The Case Against Circumcision
Paul M. Fleiss, MD, MPH, is assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California Medical Center. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in leading national and international medical journals.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
'This is precisely what happened in England, a nation formerly obsessed with circumcision. In the 1940s, following the release of information that supported leaving male babies fully intact, England's circumcision rate plummeted almost overnight to less than 1 percent. Similar information is beginning to gain ground here in the United States, so I'd like to share it with you.'
- Christiane Northrup, M.D.

'Within the Jewish community, there is growing disagreement about circumcision. Some feel that circumcision contradicts other aspects of the Jewish religion. The Torah forbids the torture or causing of pain to any living creature, especially physically assaulting or harming another person (Exodus 21:18-27). Jewish law specifically forbids body modification, including the cutting or marking of the human body (Lev. 19:28). Jews are also required to help those who are helpless, such as newborn infants, and are exempt from performing religious duties that would cause harm to others.' - Ryan McAllister, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark D. Reiss, M.D.
'I am a 72 year old retired physician, a Jew who is an active member of a Conservative synagogue, and a grandfather. Three years ago, as I was about to become a grandfather for the first time, my interest in the subject became more focused. I learned that more and more physicians now realize that any potential benefits of circumcision are far outweighed by its risks and drawbacks. Whether done by a physician in the hospital, or a mohel in a ritual brit milah, the procedure has significant complication rates of infection, hemorrhage and even death. Mortality may actually be higher than thought since some of these deaths have not been attributed to circumcision, but listed only under their secondary causes, such as hemorrhage or infection. I’ve learned of the very important role the foreskin has in the protection of the head of the penis in the infant, and in sexual functioning in adulthood.

Growing numbers of American Jews are now leaving their sons intact as they view circumcision as a part of Jewish law that they can no longer accept. Alternative brit b’li milah or brit shalom ceremonies (ritual naming ceremony without cutting) are being performed by some rabbis. Increasing numbers of intact boys are going to religious school, having bar mitzvahs, and taking their place as young adults in the Jewish community.

As a Jewish grandfather, I want to assure young couples about to bring a child into the world, that there are other members of the Jewish “older” generation, including other Jewish physicians, and even some rabbis, who feel as I do. If your heart and instincts tell you to leave your son intact, listen!'
- Dr. Mark D. Reiss, M.D.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
THE VANCOUVER SUN, Vancouver, British Columbia,
April 10, 1995.

Nurses Condemn Circumcision

The routine circumcision of male babies was condemned by the province's registered nurses at their annual convention in Vancouver.

The preamble of a resolution passed by a majority of nurses said male circumcision is a procedure without demonstrable medical benefits in the vast majority of cases. The procedure is also not recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

The nurses also agreed Friday that routine circumcision has numerous complications that are rarely communicated to parents, and that most medical authorities worldwide believe newborn males have a right to remain intact except in rare instances.

And they believe nurses have a role to play in educating parents about the perils of circumcision.

The resolution was introduced at the convention by the New Westminster chapter of the Registered Nurses' Association of B.C. Before being passed, it was amended to include both sexes. The phrase “routine infant male circumcision” was replaced with “non-therapeutic circumcision.”

“It's circumcision of all forms on all sexes and so it makes it quite open,” Iva Phillips, a registered nurse from Victoria, said Sunday. ``And what it emphasizes is the role of the nurses and the association in raising awareness regarding this procedure.''

John Cox said Sunday the resolution passed Friday asked the board of directors and individual members of the nurses' association to help raise public awareness about the risks of non-therapeutic circumcision.

It also asked the board of directors and the Canadian Nurses' Association to develop positions regarding the role of nurses in non-therapeutic circumcision, said Cox, director of public relations for the nurses' association.

Said Cox: “I am sure that there will be some kind of a statement made that will clarify what the nurses' role is and this will, I think, help create a higher level of understanding.”

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