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"joepathy" works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted this information regarding my situation on 4/17/2010. I posted to all doctors and Joe De livera was the only person to respond.

'I survived a right side stroke in September 2002 (caused by high blood pressure, which is under control with diet exercise and vitamins). When I was treated in the hospital it was discovered that I had 2 small strokes prior to the one in 2002. (exact dates could not be determined). Since that time I have severe spasticity and weakness in the leg, hip and glute area and very tight groin muscles. I had weakness in the right arm and hand, but I was able to correct it with exercise.
I have difficulty walking (I use a cane), kneeling, climbing stairs, rising from a seated position and bending (as if to pick up something)
The right arm becomes spastic while walking.
I have been trying to strengthen with resistance training, the right side leg and hip muscles to help with walking and weight transfer motions while walking. When I exercise the muscles feel stronger and movement is better, however after the session and subsequent cooling down period,I am right back to square one with severe spasticity,(weakness subsides for awhile) an abnormal gait, inability to take a full step (I use a cane), tight groin muscles and muscle pains (mostly aches and occasional cramps in hamstrings) and problems rising from a seated position. Can you advise on how to deal with the lingering spasticity and pain.'

Since approximately 1999 when I suspect that I had the first minor stroke I had been plagued with severely painful leg and hip muscles 24 hours a day. I had an abnormal gait (known as hike hip) due to the minor stroke.

I had no idea what was happening and went to my 'Doctor'. He advised me that I had arthritis. He prescribed some anti inflammatory medicine.

After the second minor stroke in 2000 I experienced more difficulty walking and could barely bend over. I went back to my 'Doctor' and received the same diagnosis and medication at a stronger dose.

In September of 2002 I had the third stroke which kept me in the hospital for 30 days. The diagnosis was the stroke was caused by high blood pressure. I was given physical therapy (and high blood pressure medication) in the hospital and continued outpatient therapy for another month after discharge.

For the next 8 YEARS I suffered from EXTREME spasticity on the right side arm and leg. I have tried acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, magnet therapy and just about any treatment recommended to try and get relief.

On April 17 2010, I posted the message at the beginning of this forum. Joe De livera responded and recommended his staple remedy ARNICA 30c in the wet dose. Within 5 days exactly (believe me I was counting them) I felt great relief. No pain, tight muscles relaxed, and the spasticity was 95%relieved.

I could not believe how good I felt and I kept waiting for the pain to come back. IT HAS NOT RETURNED AS OF THIS POSTING! I have continued to feel relief and do not have anymore spasticity and flexibility is returning.

My mobility has increased 80%. Prior to Joe's treatment I could not walk 10 feet without stopping because of the pain. I have been able to go shopping (which I couldn't do before. I would drive to the store and my son would go inside and shop.)

I have been able to exercise more vigorously which is helping me to recover muscle strength which is important. Prior to Joe's treatment if I exercised or 'hobbled' a long distance I would be incapacitated for at least 2 days. When I say incapacitated I mean flat on my back and if I did stand I need 2 canes for support.

All of this has stopped since working with 'JOEPATHY'
and I do not see it returning. I was so impressed with the progress I was making I turned to 'JOEPATHY' for other ailments I was experiencing. (Yeah, I WAS a walking train wreck).

I developed gynecomastia (male breasts) as a result of one of the blood pressure medications I was taking (spironolactone). I contacted Joe and he recommended Nat Phos 6x which helped me loose weight, I went from 205 pounds to 195 and counting (I am over 6ft tall).

The gynecomastia has been cut in half and is still going down. If you are reading this and are a man I don't have to tell you how relieved I was not to have 'BREASTS!'.

I suffered from a peri-rectal cyst in 2009 which recurred this year. I again turned to the originator of 'JOEPATHY'
and he recommended silicea 6x and ferr phos 6x in addition to arnica. Guess what, NO MORE CYST!!

I've read negative posts regarding 'JOEPATHY' and everyone is entitled to their opinion. However if you want fact I can attest to the truth that 'JOEPATHY' WORKS!!!! I will continue to follow the treatment laid out by Joe De livera because it WORKS!!!!

If there is any interest the original and subsequent posts can be found at http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/223620/

I am a believer and thank Joe for studying and thinking outside the box to help me with my problems. In a world where people are becoming more selfish and narcissistic it is wonderful to find someone a selfless and people oriented as Joe De livera.


Robert W. Ray
  jorbri1513 on 2010-05-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Wow! that's great news.

Good health to you.
dragonfly1976 last decade
Congrats.....Have a healthy and long life....
sfreya last decade
To Robert

Thank you for confirming the improvement in your status of health on this thread.

It is precisely this form of recording your personal experience that will prove to readers and more especially to those who delight in vilifying me, that my Joepathy has helped you in a manner that all the drugs and other therapy you have used for the last 8 + Years, have not done. The improvement in your health in the short period of 3 weeks is in itself monumental and it is my hope that I will be permitted to continue to help all those who desire my therapy in peace, even though I have to waste precious time as I have done a few hours ago, in responding to yet another attack from Gavini Murthy on:

Joe De Livera last decade
It is strange that some people can't refrain from taking names despite being suspended for many years for doing so.

Discuss on the subject and the points rised. Not on personalities.

gavinimurthy last decade
This is just to remind those people who has failing memory about the consequences they faced in a similar situation earlier.


Re: gerd From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-06
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Since Murthy has not decided to help you in spite of his alias requesting that you consult him you may like to use the standard remedy that I have prescribed which has helped many hundreds to stop the drugs they were using in the past.

The remedy that I would like you to get is Nat Phos 3x and Arnica 30c. The Nat Phos 3x is available from Hylands and other manufacturers and the dose is 2-3 tablets taken 3 times daily immediately after a meal. The Arnica is to heal the ravages of the gastric juice in the esophagus and this is taken twice daily preferably in the wet dose.

Please note that you cannot expect to be healed immediately but you should experience some relief from your heartburn and other symptoms that you described after a meal.

Please report response in a few days after you start this therapy.

[Moderator comment: Joe has been suspended for being antagonistic towards Murthy]



I again request one and all to stop name calling to preserve the peace on this forum.

gavinimurthy last decade
A reminder to those as to what may happen if they can't change their ways of dealing with people who won't toe their line of thinking and appreciate their 'discoveries'.

gavinimurthy last decade

Kindly stop being antagonistic towards Joe.

The forum has been peaceful and it's been a very long time since anybody was suspended and I think we're all better off if it stays that way.

Thank you,
moderator last decade
while searching for Joepathy I fumbled upon this interesting discussion.

Do read.



It is quite interesting to see how skeptics view some of us and our discoveries/ research.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Simon

Did you read this post?

Re: Broken Vein Valve From Joe De Livera on 2010-05-27
To Gavini

I can see that you are not the type who will admit to an ERROR which is so very fundamental but this is not at all surprising as you have often put your foot into your posts on this and the Homeopathy and More forums in your many rantings, in the past. I was delighted to delete your posts on the H&M and this stopped your interference there. Here unfortunately I do not have that facility and all I can do is to watch you dig your own grave deeper and deeper, day after day with every post you make.

You must remember that the ABC has about 10000 hits daily and all these people comprising visitors and members will hold you in utter contempt at your pathetic attempts to make Venous Blood BRIGHT RED not to mention your other posts where you are ever ready to criticize my advice and prescriptions. It is a matter of surprise however that you stop short of helping a patient in spite of your vast store of knowledge which you have accumulated during the past 5 years of your studies of this Science.

A good example is the error I made accidentally by prescribing both Arnica and Hamamelis to this patien and I would have expected you to pounce on my error of prescribing these remedies for the patient for use daily as quite frankly I had not remembered that they antidote each other. I am grateful to Pankaj who spotted this fundamental error and I shall amend my prescription. What is the use of your concentrated study of Homeopathy which you stated you stated that you were involved a few years ago on a 24X7 basis ?

I believe that your main problem is that you feel that you are the Homeopathic God and that anything you say must ipso facto be correct. You should learn to be HUMBLE first and this may help you to project a certain aura of love and understanding of your patient and this may perhaps give you the ability to get out of the mess that you are now wallowing in, at least from a Homeopathic angle. As you often emphasize I am according to you SENILE but in my last post to you I compared our two levels of mental aptitude and I hope I have proved to you and certainly to those who read my posts that I at my advanced age am easily the sharper in intellect of the two of us.

All your subsequent posts after I spotlighted your BOO BOO will not and cannot change the colour and with each post you made, your ratings internationally dipped and proved that you are a person of an unusually warped intellect where you feel that you and only you can change DARK RED into BRIGHT RED in the case of Venous Blood. This issue may be trivial but it was obvious that when I pointed this fundamental error to you, all you had to do is to withdraw your statement which I presume you made in a moment of pique perhaps after some stimulant last evening.

I am amazed how you can label me SENILE simply because I am 81 years of age when anyone who read the exchange of post would label you MAD !!! I remember your mentioning some years ago that you were 45 in 2005 which will make you 50 now. At your age this is hardly the time to be irrational and vituperous in your writings on this Homeopathic Forum, as the ABC and the H&M are both designed to help anyone in distress with the prescriber's own therapy. You have succeeded in upbraiding the feelings of all right thinking people on this forum and I hope that you will realize your folly in your pathetic attempts to pontificate your thoughts here as this obviously reduces your status from the Homeopathic Constable (which term I did not confer on you) to that of a PSYCHOTIC or one who has taken leave of his senses and is badly in need of either Homeopathic or Medical assistance to contain your anger and your pride.

Please remember that I may be able to help you to overcome your present status of mental health into which you have sunk so unnecessarily and indicate some therapy to get you out of the Morass you are now wallowing in.

As for me, I am happy to be back here on the ABC at the pleadings of my patients and you will soon discover that your posts will not be heeded by those who desire to be cured. You may still have some support from a few classical homeopaths but the large majority will still depend on me and other rational homeopaths to cure them.

It is only a pity that I have to waste a lot of time to respond to your posts which I hope will find a target in your befuddled 'brain which often boils over' to quote your own words.

Joe De Livera



Who is being antagonistic?

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

Here we go again.

Pankaj very rightly corrected me and quoted Boericke on Hamamelis which is antidoted by Arnica. This is a fact that Boericke and other august Homeopaths have discovered and recorded about 150 years or more ago.

I note that you have now even questioned Boericke's findings and I shall copy the relevant section from Boericke below:

Relationship.--Compare in hæmorrhoids: CALC FLUOR; Aloe; Mur ac in varicose veins. Mangifera indica.

Compare: Arnica; Calend; Trillium; Bellis; Sulph ac; Pulsatilla.

Antidote: Arnica.

Complementary: Ferrum.

Dose.--Tincture, to sixth attenuation. Distilled extract locally.

I also note that you scorn the records of Boericke merely because Kent and Abdur Rehman has discovered otherwise.

I have already amended my prescription to Suraj on the basis of the record of Arnica antidoting Hamamelis and I shall not change my therapy on the basis of your information.

You have always emphasized that 'little knowledge is dangerous' with particular reference to me.

I believe that the time has come to apply this same statement to your own rantings on the ABC.

This case is again a close parallel to your pathetic attempt to make Venous Blood, BRIGHT RED. Your rantings will go down in the History of the ABC for many years into the future and would provide visitors an insight into your own vivid description of your 'Brain that Boils over'.

I believe that your problem stems from a lack of HUMILITY where you seem to have taken over this precious science of Homeopathy to suit your own rantings and only succeeded in digging your grave deeper and deeper with every passing post you make here on the ABC.

I often wonder when you will STOP your belligerent attitude to Homeopathy which according to you must be prescribed according to Murthypathy or else face the consequences.

I would like to make an amendment to Boericke's therapy for Hemorrhoids and Varicose Veins which may be of interest to you and to others on this forum. This is based on my own experience in the treatment of these 2 common ailments.

You will observe that he has prescribed the dose:

Dose.--Tincture, to sixth attenuation. Distilled extract locally.

My own experience in the treatment of over 50 cases is that Hamamelis 200c in the Wet dose is by far more effective in resolving these 2 ailments as the lower potencies do not seem to work.

The 200c potency works overnight to resolve the bleeding Hemorrhoid or the pain from a Varicose vein.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
I leave it to the moderator to react appropriately in reasonable time. Hopefully the ugly situation of five years back will be avoided from repetetion.

gavinimurthy last decade
No two lists are the same as far as remedy relationships are concerned.

Boericke is not the ultimate authority..no more than Miller.

Abdur Rehman's encyclopedia is a compilation of all the information that is available so far.

He also says Hamamelis is antidoted by Arnica. Some other author would have said Arnica is a follower to Hamamelis and hence it is included as a follower too.

My question was how do you reconciliate this seeming paradox?

I know the answer. I will wait for some time to stimulate the brain cells of others before telling it.

gavinimurthy last decade
When it comes to treatment, Joe De Livera has Midas touch.
girilal last decade
To Robert

It is now over 4 months since you last reported that you were 80% cured of your symptoms which you suffered after your first stroke in 2002.

'My mobility has increased 80%. Prior to Joe's treatment I could not walk 10 feet without stopping because of the pain. I have been able to go shopping (which I couldn't do before. I would drive to the store and my son would go inside and shop.) '

I would like to have your latest report on your present condition.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I am pleased to report that
my condition continues to improve daily. I have continued to show improvement on the spasticity and I would assess my level of improvement at about 90%. I will be working with a PT (physical therapist) to help with strength and mobility (to ensure I'm doing the correct exercise). As far as homeopathically I am still improving and I still say JOEPATHY WORKS!!!

jorbri1513 last decade
Dear Joe
I have been following your articles on Dengue treatment with wet dose of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200. I belong to Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. These days Punjab and mainly Lahore is in the grip of one of the worst dengue epidemics. I have tried your suggested remedy on a few people suffering with dengue or fever with headachs and body pains with quick and positive results.
I would like a few clarifications:
- Is the above remedy good for both types of dengue viruses i.e Simple Dengue Fever (DF)and Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF)?
- Can the same remedy be used for prevention of both types of dengue fevers in non effected people in the community?
- In another thread I have read that Dengue haemorrhagic fever should be treated with Ipecac 200. Can the same be administered in a wet dose.
Your early respose will save many lives.
God bless you.
raazcure last decade

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