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To Dr Haran ch malaker

To Dr Haran ch malaker

Your post on: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/222838/

I note that you have referred to me and the therapy that I prescribe which your type of classical homeopathy derisively branded as 'Joepathy' some years ago.

Here is what you have stated in a post above on this thread which I shall copy below:

'your openion (there is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation. Is not at all desirable as joepathy has served for mass of sufferers since a long time.I have treated eczema with Arnica.Eczema of this baby is treatable with homeopathy you please sugesst medicine and help the mother of baby as well as we the participants of this forum.Thanks,malaker'

It is a matter of concern that you, who I presume are a qualified classical homeopath should deride my therapy merely because I do not conform to the rules of classical homeopathy which you were brainwashed into believing during your studies as being the only path to a cure.

I have proved conclusively that while classical homeopathy with all the questions that are involved in the case taking process can perhaps identify the correct remedy for the ailment presented by the patient, the JOEPATHY that I prescribe which is a direct 'this for that' process based on previous records of success in the use of the remedy, in this case Arnica 6c in the Wet dose for the child's Eczema, is also equally or even more effective that your own classical remedy, in helping the patient to be cured.

It is your form of derisive criticism that I resent at my advanced age of 81 years. I have ample evidence throughout my years of prescribing Homeopathic Remedies to patients who consult me, that my Joepathy has cured many thousands of cases much faster than your own type of classical homeopathy. I do not criticize your method of identifying 'One remedy to treat the totality of the symptoms the patient presents'. The fact remains however that the chances of your identifying that elusive single remedy are few and far between and I expect you and all other classical homeopaths who may read this analytical post to please observe the ethics observed on this and other Homeopathic Forums which is never to criticize the therapy prescribed by another Homeopath. If you have any objection to a prescription, you are free to report the post to the Moderator but not to directly criticize it in the manner that you have done so on this thread.

This form of criticism was tried by 3 pseudo classical homeopaths on my about 4 years ago and I decided to boycott this ABC forum in 2006 as I resented their constant interference of my therapy and this has now been stopped by the owner of this Forum Simon Broadley who has inserted the last line under every post which reads:

'Report post to moderator'

If you have any quarrel with me you are free to follow his instructions and do so but I do resent your snide attack on my therapy when you state:

'here is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation. Is not at all desirable as joepathy has served for mass of sufferers since a long time'

It is obvious that you have not read all my posts on the ABC and the 3 other Homeopathic forums that I visit daily as you will realize that I do not prescribe Arnica alone for every ailment that the patients present.

It is very likely that I at age 81, have been in Homeopathy long before you were born. I practice Homeopathy for the joy of healing anyone who consults me and I do not levy any fee from anyone although to you, Homeopathy is your profession and I do not resent that.

All I seek is that all of us who prescribe on this forum do so in peace without criticizing each other as it is the patient's cure which is paramount and NOT the method used 'Joepathy' or Classical Homeopathy. If Joepathy can cure faster, it is the patient's choice to use it. If he is not cured the patient can then use your own brand of classical homeopathy.

For the record I shall copy below a case of Eczema which was cured in under 2 days which you can read about on the link below. This is direct evidence from the patient that he was cured in just 2 days.

Can you or any other classical homeopath testify that you have cured a case of Eczema in just 2 days?


'Re: eczemaFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-04-05

Glad to note that my Joepathy has virtually cured your Eczema in under 2 days. The great advantage that you have with Arnica is that the cure will be permanent but you may have to take it for a few weeks into the future to make it permanent.

You will remember that I predicted that your Eczema should respond in 3 days.

'Re: eczema
From Joe De Livera on 2010-04-04

The therapy aka Joepathy is still the same for both Contact Dermatitis (CD) and Eczema.

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose should dry the lesions in under 3 days. It should also be applied directly on the lesions as prescribed above.

If however CD does not respond to the Arnica I shall prescribe another remedy than can help'

It is rarely that any prescriber would dare to predict publicly on a Forum like the ABC that any ailment can be cured in 3 days but in this case the patient has confirmed on his own without any prompting from me that his Eczema has responded in 2 days.

'Re: eczema
From a2manmohan on 2010-04-05

Dear Joe,
Thanks a lot.
I have tried the above remedy, it worked like wonders.
1) Redness on my left and right forearm has decreased a lot.
2) Now there is no itching as before.
I hope it will cure soon.

Thank you once again.

With sincere regards,

Manmohan Sharma'

Classical Homeopaths please note.

Joepathy invariably works wonders.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
  Joe De Livera on 2010-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear sir,i think there is a confussion of my post which i replied against the post made by another doctor,im pasting here the quote of that post for your kind perusal if you see anything wrong then please excuse me (Dr Kadwa,I need a second opinion,please help
From Parakletos. on 2010-04-12

I must say I agree with Mr.Kadwa. There are some people on this forum who call themselves homeopath, but apparently not.
A serious homeopath had asked about the symptoms your daughter has, emotionally, mentally and physically, etc. You can not just propose a medicine without further examination. In particular, there is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation.
Seems to me that Mr. Kadwa is a more serious guy, suggest that you listen to him.
I can also help if needed. E-Mail address can be found on my profile.
Practitioner of classical homeopathy
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
And it was my reply to that doctor ( Is not at all desirable as joepathy has served for mass of sufferers since a long time.I have treated eczema with Arnica.Eczema of this baby is treatable with homeopathy you please sugesst medicine and help the mother of baby as well as we the participants of this forum.Thanks,malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Respected Sir Joe De Livera,I think we should not even comment on people go criticize us,as they do it will :


Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love .

Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust.


Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success.


A prejudice is a prejudgment: i.e. a preconceived belief, opinion, or judgment made without ascertaining the facts of a case. The word prejudice is most commonly used to refer to a preconceived judgment toward a people or a person because of race, social class, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

It also means a prior beliefs (without knowledge of the facts) and includes 'any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence.'

A classical Homeopath also started to criticize me in same manner in another thread in forum but it just ignored this kind of people who think themselves as '' EINSTEIN'' of homeopathy.

Trust me Sir Joe, This people are not even good to reply on their comments.

let them criticize ,b/c it is ONLY CRITICISM ,that they know to do.

let them enjoy this SHALLOW JOY of criticism and let us have our share of joy by seeing the joy on people getting cured b/c its CURING THE SICK that matters.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
om sai clinic
Dr Abhishek last decade
To Haran ch Malaker

Please accept my apologies for having confused your post of April 25 where you copied the post of Parakletos which I mistook for your own post and thought that you were deliberately insulting me.

As you are perhaps aware, I am 81 years of age and old enough perhaps to be your father. I do not take umbrage easily but when I am convinced that I am being insulted I am quite capable of rebutting the insult but in very gentlemanly terms, as I have done in my post which I addressed to you in the mistaken belief that you were the author.

I now realize that you were only quoting the post of Parakletos with whom I shall deal with later on this thread. It is a pity that I cannot alter the heading of this post which should read


I note that Parakletos has further insulted me today on this same thread which I shall respond to shortly on this thread as it will provide some food for thought for Parakletos and for other members who pretend to be classical homeopaths but who are only insulting this precious Science which they have so subverted in their own minds that the remedies that they prescribe do not cure anymore and only serve to give Homeopathy a bad name.

Here is your post as it appears on the Thread : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/222838

Re: Dr Kadwa ,I need a second opinion,please help
From Dr.Haran ch malaker on 2010-04-25
Dear Dr.Parakletos,you are being a classical homeopath as you have claimed yourself but you are prescribing allopathic medicines or giving hints over forum.A sufferer comes here with good confidence to get relief from troubles and every body is trying to help as par their own achievement but your openion (there is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation. Is not at all desirable as joepathy has served for mass of sufferers since a long time.I have treated eczema with Arnica.Eczema of this baby is treatable with homeopathy you please sugesst medicine and help the mother of baby as well as we the participants of this forum.Thanks,malaker

As you will note, you have not stated in your post that you were copying the post of Parakletos as it is customary in written English that any quotation is made within 'INVERTED COMMAS' also referred to as' QUOTATION MARKS'.

You have signed your name Malaker at the end of this post and when I read it I was naturally very annoyed that you had referred to me in a disparaging manner in the statement:

'(there is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation. Is not at all desirable as joepathy has served for mass of sufferers since a long time.'

I can now see that it is Parakletos who has recorded this statement and therefore must be blamed and I shall do so in another post addressed to him later.

I would request you in future to remember to use the 'QUOTATION MARKS' to which I referred above. to avoid this form of misunderstanding which you will note is due to your own mistake in not using them. Incidentally I would like to know the reason why you copied Parakletos's post as it does not seem relevant to the thread when you analyze it.

I cannot help recording the post of a patient who had suffered from a stroke in 2002 who reports to a cure of about 95% of his ailment in just 5 days after he commenced my therapy. This will give classical homeopaths and espeically Parakletos documentary proof of the efficacy of my Joepathy in the treatment of diseases which have not been cured by allopathy and classical homeopathy.


Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom jorbri1513 on 2010-05-02Hi Joe,

I ordered arnica 30c in the wet dose and prepared the mixture as you advised. I have been taking arnica for 5 days now and the spasticity is 95% relieved. I still experience intermittent tightness when standing from a sitting position and walking. I am continuing my exercise, although I am still experiencing some weakness on both sides (which I expected with the relief of spasticity). How long should I continue dosing?

Can you recommend something for my balance problems and lack of limb coordination while walking. All results of the stroke.

Thank you for your expertise and helpReport post to moderator Re: Attn: All DoctorsFrom Joe De Livera on 2010-05-02I am indeed delighted to read your post where you stated:

'I have been taking arnica for 5 days now and the spasticity is 95% relieved.'

This is the satisfaction that I derive at my advanced age of 81 years from treating difficult cases such as yours where you had a stroke in 2002 and have been under the treatment of many doctors. I have an abiding trust in God and I have no doubt that you were guided by our Creator to post your problem on this Forum and I was able to help you. If you had done so 8 years ago shortly after you were treated in hospital, you would be completely cured today.

I can boldly state that NONE of the classical homeopaths on this Forum who often criticize me for my own therapy aka JOEPATHY would have prescribed the same Arnica that I prescribed for you which in just FIVE days has relieved your symptoms by 95%.

You must remember that old English saying 'Rome was not built in a day' . In your case you have only started on your road, in just 5 days, to hopefully a full recovery and it will be my pleasure to help you to do so.

Please complete the Patient's Questionnaire on the link below to enable me to study your case in greater detail and help you better. You are advised to give all details of your ailment, how it started and what therapy was used by your doctors. It is understood of course that you will not use any drugs or other medicine with my therapy.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe ,if your see this EINSTEIN classical homeopath's every post he has CRITICIZED every one sometimes or other,when he criticized me i thought i must reply hard to him,then i searched his posts and found that he has a habit of criticizing everyone,so i took piety on such classical's and left them to themselves,in their absurd state of mind,

In India it is thus said that don't go to bite a '***' if it bites you,B/C AFTER ALL WE ARE HUMANS.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
om sai clinic
Dr Abhishek last decade
Checking the word Joepathy as my post is being refused by the software on the Forum Reply box.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am posting my reply to Parakletos in separate parts as I am encountering some problem from the Forum Reply box which states that 'Your test contains contains certain words not permitted on this Forum

To Parakletos

Since you have referred to my defense of Joepathy I shall give you an answer.

I do believe that Classical Homeopathy has its place in this curative Science of Homeopathy. In my experience of over 25 years in actively helping patients, which as I have often stated I do without charging any fees, I discovered that identifying the remedy for an ailment in the classical manner after the standard process of questioning the patient for 2 hours, did not usually work. This was due to the fact that using my mind alone to do so was limited by various factors. This I felt, was the real reason why, in the majority of cases of Homeopaths using the classical formula, the remedy did not work. This was because the selection was based on what was largely a theoretical formula which the homeopath's mind with its limitations, had identified. For instance if a patient consulted you and later consulted me for his ailment the remedy that you would give would in all probability be different from mine. This is the weakness of the classical formula where the selection of the remedy is done in the mind of the classical homeopath where he may not remember the precise rubrics to fit the remedy.
This system unfortunately leads to other more serious ramifications as the poor patient continues to suffer and has to pay the fee to the homeopath for every visit while he continues to suffer from his ailment. In many cases after several visits, he is forced to consult an allopath who then uses steroids or antibiotics which cure the disease but leave behind serious after effects.

I would like to take this opportunity of informing you and any other classical homeopath who may read this post that I often use Radar 10 which as you may be aware is accepted as the most comprehensive software that is available in Homeopathy. I use it only when I am not familiar with the case presented by the patient or when I wish to be certain that the remedy I have prescribed is correct.
Joe De Livera last decade
This is the reason why I decided, after a process of elimination of remedies, to use my own selection of remedies which was based on my studies of Remedies from the same textbooks that you have used in College. The difference is that I use my own mind in the selection which is based on the identification of not only the remedy but the subtle difference that various potencies of the remedy can make in curing the patient.

You and other homeopaths on this Forum have often implied that I only use Arnica to treat the ailments of all patients who post their problems on this Forum and you will see that this is not correct. Reference to the thousands of cases that I have treated, the majority of which have been cured, will prove otherwise.

The difference in my use of Homeopathic remedies in what you state is in an allopathic manner is because I and many thousands of Homeopaths who use the direct 'this for that' formula have discovered that if a remedy cures an ailment, say Eczema in a patient, it is very likely that this same remedy will do so in the case of another who presents the same symptoms.
Joe De Livera last decade
You are not the first 'classical' homeopath to criticize my therapy which a classical homeopath had the audacity some years ago to derisively refer to the numerous cures which are there for all to read on the Web. He did not dream of the fact that this term would continue to identify my therapy internationally. If you type this word 'Joepathy' into Google you will discover that there are over 1400 hits listed today each of which give the link to many cases that I have cured on the 4 Homeopathic Forums that I visit daily.

If you are still curious to have more proof of the many remedies that I have used in the past, you can type my name 'Joe De Livera' into Google and you will discover that over 19000 hits are listed.

I would also like to emphasize that I am not the only Homeopath in the whole world who uses the direct 'this for that' method in Homeopathy.

If you wish to further investigate my therapy and how other more qualified Homeopaths use it you can insert into Google:


I shall copy their opening statement on their website on the therapy they use which is IDENTICAL to my own Joepathy.

Banerji Protocol of Treatment

The Banerji Protocol is a new method of treatment using homeopathic medicines. Specific medicines are prescribed for specific diseases. Diseases are diagnosed using modern/state of the art methods. This is done because modern diagnostic approaches incorporate and help in the selection of medicines so that specific medicines could be easily prescribed for specific diseases. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy.

The concept of specific homeopathic medicine for a disease based on symptoms was first perceived and practiced by Late Dr. Pareshnath Banerji. With the passage of time and the availability of new diagnostic tools like Ultrasonography, MRIs, cancer markers and other advanced tests, we were able to further streamline the treatment protocols accurately. The efficiency of this streamlining is reflected by the encouraging results of The Banerji Protocol.

In The Banerji Protocol of treatment, mixtures of remedies or frequent repetitions of the remedies are used when required. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy. The combination of two potentized medicines, we use, are made in a meaningful way based on years of clinical experiments and observations by us. They are mixed for special advantages in treatment, so that the aggravation due to drugs can be checked, side effects of the medicines can be abated, quick and uneventful recovery can be ensured in a much shorter time.

Specific homeopathic medicines are also used for supportive care. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on constitutional grounds may play a useful role in supportive and palliative for patients with malignant disease.

The Banerji Protocol is scientific, logical and is based on all modern diagnostic tools and is very realistic.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that I am not in Homeopathy to make money. To me Homeopathy is only a Hobby and a Passion with which I have helped thousands of patients and in many instances CURED the majority of patients who seek my assistance. As you perhaps are aware, I am 81 years of age and I am living evidence of the efficacy of Homeopathy as I do not have any ache or pain in my body at my advanced age. My BP is
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Sir,you are like my father and i have no words to greet you for the great explanations that you have already made here.Yes i admit my mistake while quoting the reply for which i beg pardon.I have been using Arnica since your introduction its as 'Jeopathy' and my success rate is satisfactory.I would like to know from you further as when a patient using beta or calcium channel blocker for keeping hypertion under control.That patient can be advised to take Arnica wet dose with allopathic medicines.And when BP will drop the patient can withdraw the medicine gradually making lesser of the prescribed dose or how may kindly be enlightned.Regards,malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
I am glad that the misunderstanding has finally been cleared.

Please note that I bear you no ill will nor do I bear any ill will against Parakletos. It is just that I resent any unfair criticism of anything I do and this does not include Homeopathy alone. I am a perfectionist by birth and have a highly developed sense of observation which has often been commented upon by many. If I do make a mistake, I will be the first to apologize as I did to you and I am glad that you too have realized the reason for my mistaking your post for that of Parakletos who I believe bears a Greek name and is reputed to be practicing Homeopathy in a Scandinavian country.

It occurs to me that P may be following in the footsteps of the great GV aka George Vithoulkas and you are advised to visit the Otherhealth Forum which I also visit to read the post entitled 'Joe and Arnica' which I shall copy below:

Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica
I am copying an extract from a thread on the Homeopathy and More forum on Dr George Vithoulkas and Arnica which I hope will be of interest to members.

Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
Started by: Joe De Livera at March 21 2008

Replies: 8 & Views: 1007 Font

Page 1 of 1 Reply

Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
March 21 2008
I am copying below the link to a lecture that Dr George Vithoulkas gave on Homeoprophylaxis which may be of interest to members.

In his talk Dr Vithoulkas referred to Arnica which is often prescribed for use both before and after surgery ranging from the extraction of a tooth to major surgery. He stated that Arnica is a remedy that is known to thin the blood and that its use before and after surgery is contraindicated and is irrational as it should cause more bleeding during surgery and after. I believe that he failed to address his mind to the fact that Arnica has been accepted and remains the first remedy to heal open wounds, surgical or otherwise.

The fact remains that many who have had teeth extracted have benefitted from the use of Arnica which I prescribe at the higher potency of 200c before any surgery and at the lower potency of 30c after. It has helped almost everyone who has used this simple medication. It was only a few months ago that I had 3 teeth extracted from my upper jaw as they had all cracked due to massive overfilling with the old mercury based amalgam which had been liberally done by a succession of dentists throughout the years who so delight in opening up a massive hole in the tooth when treating a simple case of caries. My dentist who is a close friend and is now hooked on Homeopathy for all her ailments, was apprehensive at the pain that this triple extraction could have on me and prescribed Ponstan which she stated would serve to both deaden the pain and also prevent any swelling after surgery. I informed her that I had already taken Arnica 200 before the extraction and that I felt that my follow up dose of Arnica 30c every 2 hours after surgery would replace the Ponstan. She seemed skeptical of this therapy and rang me up about 6 hours after the extraction and I was glad to inform her that I was completely free of any pain and that there was also no swelling at all which I attributed to the Arnica I had used in this manner.

I hope that members will visit the link provided above of Dr Vithoulkas on his condemnation of using Arnica in Homeoprophylaxis and I believe that if he uses it in the manner that I have detailed, he may change his mind about the use of Arnica in this manner. I do agree with him that Arnica does thin the blood and can be considered as counterproductive when used both before and after surgery. The fact remains that I have been experimenting with the use of Arnica both pre and post surgery and have had the most amazing results which impressed the nursing staff and the surgeons in a hospital that I was warded in 2002 when I had a Retropubic Prostatectomy or the classic open Prostatectomy in Columbus OH. I had this procedure when I was 72 years of age and woke up with the usual IV connections which also included a connection to a patient operated syringe of Morphine which the nurse showed me how to use when the pain was building up. I requested her to disconnect it as I had my own medication Arnica in the dry dose, which I told her was more powerful than the Morphine. She did not of course believe me and referred the matter to my surgeon who warned me that it would be dangerous to not use the Morphine. I reassured him that I was confident that my Arnica would work and it was only after I signed a note absolving the hospital of any charges that the Morphine syringe which cost $175 was discarded.

I used 2 pellets of Arnica sublingually every 2 hours and was frankly amazed at my lack of pain in spite of a surgical wound of about 7 inches or 18cm which required about 20 clips to close. I did not use any pain medication whatsoever and surprised the nursing staff in my quick recovery. I was able to leave the bed and sit up within 36 hours after surgery and was discharged on the fifth day. I reduced the dosage to 3 times daily after the third day and recovered in 2 weeks and went out shopping

It is this form of information gleaned from using Arnica personally that has made me more dedicated to promoting its use for many other ailments not listed in the Repertories and MM's as I feel that it is now time for the classical homeopathic fraternity to open their eyes to the realities that they have missed due to their servile acceptance of their bible which was written over 200 years ago when Homeopathy was in its infancy and the range of remedies used was under 200.

I would also strongly recommend that Arnica is used by all over 50 years of age on a nightly basis as I now have sufficient evidence to prove that those who used Arnica in the Wet Dose in this manner do not have any problems with Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar while their pulse was usually around 70 bpm.

I do believe that Arnica which I have consistently promoted here in Sri Lanka and on all the Homeopathic Forums that I used to visit, is indeed a Miracle Remedy. It is pity that sufficient research has not been done on this remedy to tabulate the many ailments that it can be used for which are not accepted by the classical fraternity of homeopaths who would rather go by their classical texts rather than fairly evaluating the efficacy of any remedy before condemning it out of hand merely because it did not fit in to their classical thinking.

Re: Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
By: udaya kumar
March 27 2008
Why are we tempted to think that thinning of the blood do not improve the quality of the blood? It is an inherent quality of the blood to clot particularly so when it comes into contact with atmosphere. When we thin the blood this quality is enhanced and the blood shows its natural enhanced powerful qualities whether in flow or whether in clot.

Arnica is suggested by eminent practitioners all over the world as a medicine indispensable for surgery and of undisputed value.

Dr. Vithoulkas perception seems very shallow. The very fact that as he himself admits in his very first line 'The main theme of Arnica symptomology revolves around a deep traumatic experience upon the physical or emotional or mental body. A traumatic experience of the human organisam resulting from injuries, falls, blows, concussions, freight, fear, financial loss, etc.' Having said that, it should also follow that in an injury, a fall, blows, concussions ,cuts, bruises etc. the blood as everybody knows should be flowing out from them and Arnica being the accepted first-aid remedy for that is used for clotting the blood and repairing it. How can Arnica be used in an injury, concussion, blow etc when it is a blood thinner? It would then be promoting the blood flow than stopping it. But, every homeopath knows that Arnica is to be used there. Is this not a contradiction in itself ?

In all kinds of accidents, and falls and blows etc. the dominent factor is fear. Adrinals being the shock absorbers of the body, and fear being the dominent emotion in any trauma, it is the Adrinals which is affected and Arnica Montana without doubt is directly RECHARGING THE ADRINALS AND ITS FIELD OF FUNCTION IN THE BODY IS WITH THE MOST OBSCURE OF ALL ENDOCRINE GLANDS IN THE BODY I.E. THE ADRINALS. In other words, Arnica is our corticosteriod and more minus the ill effects of steroids. I said Adrinals is obscure because,not much is known to the scientific or medical world about the complete function of the endocrine glands in human beings and in particular the Adrinals. And we rarely come across good medicines aimed at improving the function of this vital endocrine gland. These being energy centres, and power houses of the body, it obviously need a third eye to understand their mystry fully.

The fear of death, the fear itself are all indicative of weak adrinals. And that is what Arnica cures. Again the fear is cause for stress and stiffness of the body, and since Arnica acts right on Adrinals, it is our best remedy for stress, stiff back, lumbago and consequent sciatica and other back problems. Excessive use of cortico steroid damages the adrinals, one important side effect we can see on the street is young persons losing all hair on their heads including mustaches and eyebrows after using cortico steroids. A pitiable sight. Arnica's promoting the growth of abundant hair is certainly and indicator towards how the adrinals are replenished and natural production of cortico steroids by adrinals are promoted by use of Arnica. A great remedy indeed.

Your perception ' believe that he failed to address his mind to the fact that Arnica has been accepted and remains the first remedy to heal open wounds, surgical or otherwise', is fully endorsed. I think Dr. Vithoulkas will certainly acknowledge that in all his magnanimity.

with warm regards.


Re: Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
March 29 2008
To Udaya

I was at first disappointed to note that no member chose to comment on my post above and I thank you for having done so. It is possible that members were reluctant to do so considering that I was criticizing the teachings of the renowned personality of Dr George Vithoulkas, who I have noticed recently is promoting his lectures on the ABC on almost every page.

When I first heard his lecture and listened to many others on his website, I was uncomfortable at his dogmatic perception of Homeopathy. He obviously has far more experience than I have in this science, but his theories about it should not, I feel, be accepted as dogma by his students, merely because he has said so. Homeopathy is an ongoing science and it is important that all practicing homeopaths should record and share their own findings in the manner that remedies react on disease as it is in this sharing of information that we can all contribute to the progress of this great science that has suffered through the actions of the 'great' homeopaths who like to carve out a niche for themselves and propound theories which distort the actual truth as Dr Vithoulkas does, by condemning the use of Arnica in this lecture.

You will observe that none of his students dared to question the veracity of his statements during his lectures as they have elevated him to the status of a demi homeopathic god which seems to be such a pity. We can all contribute to the progress of Homeopathy and as you know I have always promoted the direct 'this for that' attitude now known as 'Joepathy' which is precisely the approach to healing that the majority of practicing Homeopaths in the Indian subcontinent adopt in their daily practice. It is only a very few like me who dare to question the dogmatic theories of the 'greats' and prefer to record our own 'discoveries' in the manner that some remedies react on ailments that are not listed in the classical texts used in Homeopathy today. The fact that these reactions are not recorded should not bar the sharing of this information with other Homeopaths so that they too will be able to use them even on an experimental basis in the treatment of a similar ailments presented by their patients.

My records of the many ailments for which I have used Arnica in the past which I have listed in the thread 'Arnica the Miracle Remedy -- Case Records' on this Forum is a case in point. I believe that my accidental discovery that Arnica helps in the reduction of Blood Sugar levels in Diabetics is a good example of the many uses that a remedy can have in the alleviation of disease even though it has never been recorded before. Many homeopaths have informed me that they now use Arnica for Diabetes and many have confirmed that they prefer it to other remedies listed in the Repertories for this disease.

It seems a pity that Dr George Vithouskas teaches what he considers are facts to his students especially with regard to the use of Arnica prior to and after surgery as there is ample evidence to prove that his statements are incorrect. It is my hope that he will reconsider his teachings in the light of the actual response of patients to Arnica when used in the treatment of various ailments which he may not be aware of.


Re: Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
By: garcot
March 31 2008
Dear Joe,

I have no choice but to believe in all honesty, what you said and experienced about Arnica is True.

The way individuals perceive about a given remedy ( inspite of being well proven), especially different homeopaths are always different. We cannot blame the action of Arnica on the humans. It is ego of the human beings which is the culprit.

Human ego is such that, it gets satisfaction only when it contradicts, and acceptance is never the virtue of our ego. And for us to accept and appreciate the works of others, our ego needs to be either tamed or removed from our devilish mind.

So we would love see more of your new discoveries and also help the suffering individuals, without getting perturbed by such remarks, and retain your unique ways of healing patients.

With Lots of regards

'wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy'(Nietszche)

Re: Dr George Vithoulkas on Arnica.
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 1 2008
To Garcot

Thank you for your post agreeing with my viewpoint that what the great Dr George Vithoulkas has stated in his lecture on the Internet is incorrect. It seems such a shame that homeopaths of the calibre of GV who, I understand, has also received the Alternate Nobel Prize should make statements such as this. I believe that in doing so, he is misguiding his students who are all practicing homeopaths who in turn may not use Arnica for their patients merely because the great GV has said so. I feel sad that GV in his lecture chose to belittle the curative effect of Arnica of which I have personal experience, having used it nightly for over 12 years. I have recorded the many ailments that I have used Arnica in my post 'Arnica the Miracle Remedy' on this Forum. I cannot understand how he could go so far as to categorically state that its use was dangerous when used as a Prophylactic prior to surgery and immediately after as there is ample evidence that it has helped not only me personally but countless others to recover from surgery far more quickly than they would have without this remedy.

I presume that he does so on the basis of his own interpretation of classical homeopathy which I consider is downright dangerous and far from the truth as accepted by countless other homeopaths both classical and non classical worldwide. It seems such a shame that homeopaths of the calibre of GV should continue to deviate from facts and distort this science in his lectures which are attended by so many homeopaths who pay dearly for them and slavishly accept statements made by the 'greats' who as you have rightly observed derive some vicarious satisfaction from contradicting accepted facts which have stood the test of time and are being used by many on a daily basis. It is interesting to note that GV did not, in his lecture, suggest any alternative remedy which can be used as a prophylactic both pre and post surgery.

On the basis of his lecture it is not difficult to visualize the real reason why Homeopathy, to quote Manish Bhatia of Hpathy.com, 'Is Bleeding to Death'. I agree with you that it is the Ego of classical homeopaths that is the direct cause of this precious science suffering from their teachings and I would like to exhort all Homeopaths to directly respond and attack statements such as this made by GV or any other homeopath when they see that their teachings are an obvious distortion of the truth.

Kind Regards

Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Joe i request you to change name of thread to ''TO PARKELETOS''.


Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
om sai clinic
Dr Abhishek last decade
Respect Joe The Livera.
I think you misunderstand, no one disagrees that Arnica is a good remedies.
What I react to is that you use Arnica for everything, no matter what kind of problem. I find it very strange, and for me it does not seem serious. Maybe I'm wrong.
Vithoulkas is also not disagree with you that Arnica is a very good remedies, but to the right symptoms. One may get the impression that Vithoulkas not endorse Arnica as a homeopath medicine, when one reads your post.
You also refers to a sample with stroke, Arnica is an excellent medicine in this field. in that it has the ability to remove clotted blood.
So again what I responded to, your use of Arnica for everything.

Parakletos. last decade
To Parakletos

I cannot understand how you still insist on stating that :
'What I react to is that you use Arnica for everything, no matter what kind of problem. I find it very strange, and for me it does not seem serious. Maybe I'm wrong.'

It is possible that you have come to this conclusion because English is not your mother tongue as I presume that you are of Greek origin.

I note that you have addressed your post to me above:

'Respect Joe The Livera. '

I am entitled to my name which must be spelt correctly and it is:

Joe De Livera.

It is important before you make a broad based statement such as yours in the public domain on this Forum which is read by at least 10000 visitors daily, it is essential in your own interest that you stop to consider if your statements are factual.

You made this same statement in your original post which I quote below:

Re: Dr Kadwa ,I need a second opinion,please help
From Parakletos. on 2010-04-12
I must say I agree with Mr.Kadwa. There are some people on this forum who call themselves homeopath, but apparently not.
A serious homeopath had asked about the symptoms your daughter has, emotionally, mentally and physically, etc. You can not just propose a medicine without further examination. In particular, there is a man here who believes Arnica is the solution to everything, not good. Suggest that you stay away from such people. It is such people who give homeopathy a bad reputation.

Seems to me that Mr. Kadwa is a more serious guy, suggest that you listen to him.

I can also help if needed. E-Mail address can be found on my profile.

Practitioner of classical homeopathy

It will take too much of my time to disprove your statement but the easiest way you can satisfy yourself that I am not the fool that you seem to make me out to be, by prescribing Arnica for all ailments is to type in the following words separately into Google Search Engine on your browser:

JOEPATHY 1400+ of my best cases listed today



You will discover that I have used the standard Homeopathic Remedies as you and other Homeopaths do but with a difference. I have used not only Arnica but many others for ailments not listed in the classical texts with outstanding results which you can verify for yourself. I believe that I have a distinct advantage over all you classical homeopaths who are brainwashed into believing that Homeopathic remedies may only be used for the ailments that are listed in the classical texts. I do not believe this statement and if you care to spend some time in studying the many cases that have been listed in the Search engines like Google under 'JOEPATHY' you will be compelled to change your opinion of me and the remedies that I have used to help patients which you must know I do without any charge for my services both here in Sri Lanka and overseas.

It is true that I prescribe Arnica for many ailments that are not listed in the classical text books that you and I have studied but this does not mean that I use ONLY Arnica for ALL ailments that I treat. I will copy the link to a thread on the ABC where I have recorded my research on Arnica which may open your eyes to the many ailments for which I have used Arnica which I consider a MIRACLE REMEDY:


I hope that you will never make statements such as yours in future as I will otherwise be compelled to use the facility which you will note lies below each post on the ABC which reads:


This will ensure that any offensive posts are deleted and if you persist in doing so you will be banned from this Forum.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Mr. Joe De Livera.
I think I have discovered a new symptom, when it comes to Arnica. People who take Arnica for a long time can be very touchy, and they start to call people names, like 'brainwashed'.
Can it match your experience using Arnica?

My opinions on this forum is because I get upset when I see how people use homeopathy. It seems that some believe homeopathic medicine is a kind of candy.

I reacted strongly when I saw a prescription of Ignatia in the following doses: 'Dear ash30, pl take IGNATIA 200C 4 pills 3 times a day for 7 days, etc. ...'
How can someone who calls himself homeopath prescribe in such a way?
Can you tell me why I'm not allowed to respond to this?

Notice what introduction to this forum says, written by moderator:
'Taking a Particular homeopathic medicine often, for a long time, Particularly in high potencies, is generally Considered bad practice. While homeopathic Remedies are in restriction elves free of long term side effects, this Can lead two Other health problems while your immune system is directed your two initial symptom. '

Would it mean that the moderator is also brainwashed, in your opinion?

And why do people write to me, who have tried joepaty, but now want to try classical homeopathy? Could it be that this joepaty, in many cases, have only a temporary effect?

Sincerly, Parakletos.
Healer and Practitioner of classical homeopathy.

P.S I am not going to report you for calling me 'brainwashed' Because i have a great sens of humor, And I can take criticism, I'm not the touchy type.
Parakletos. last decade
Joe De Livera.
You should also read this, as our moderator has written

1. 'One size fits all'
In the headache example above, somebody might suggest a remedy which cured their own, or their friend's headache. It may work for you; it may not. In some cases, this will work consistently, for example, most homeopaths would use Arnica Montana to treat bruising without considering other symptoms. In other cases it works on all the people they've given it to, as there are common factors, such as environment, or genetic susceptibility, if all the patients are family members. In other cases, this simply won't work
2. 'Combination remedies'
Certain groups of medicines can be combined on a single pill. This is much easier to prescribe, but some people simply do not respond to combination homeopathic medicines, or respond only in a short-lived and minor way.

Parakletos. last decade

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