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Using the periodic table to prescribe a well represented but underused remedy

Male patient

What is the reason you are here today?

I am putting on weight even though my diet is the same. Weight is around his abdomen. Have added a stone in weight in 12 months.
I have outbursts of verbal rage – occasional but intense – feel really bad about it.
Suffers from Celiac disease – affects my mood, may feel depressed from eating the wrong food – even suicidal.

Tell me about the Celiac disease.

Diagnosed 10 years ago and put on a strict diet.
Was losing weight, had chronic diarrhoea, began to age prematurely.
After the diet, improved dramatically – felt 10 years younger.
Still have some heartburn which has increased over the last 6 months.
Heartburn < night, after dinner; lasts 10-15 minutes; once or twice/week.
Feel bloated after eating, around abdomen immediately. Feel full after eating only a small amount.
Appetite is wanting during the day, but increases in the evening – say by 6pm.
Craves sweets after dinner, but they aggravate him.
Loose stool ½ to 1 ½ hours after getting up in the morning.

What other symptoms do you have?

Psoriasis on the scalp at the back of the head < right side, right ear – was worse in the past (all over body).
Striated nails.
Cholera at 25 years old when in Bali – nearly died
Craves potato chips +++, peanuts, biscuits, rice crackers, cheese
Aversion to offal (even though grew up eating brains)
Not thirsty, but likes drinking bourbon
> Heat +++ - thrives in it
Hates the wind +++ - cannot handle it, depresses him
> Morning+++ - jumps out of bed bright and happy
> Evening – can work till 1-2 am
< 1-3 pm
> If busy, hard to sit still, loves having things to do all the time, must be doing something
Energy 9/10 – always on the go
Sleeps well, but on Sunday night become frightened I will sleep in, must be at work by 8am, will have clothes out ready to go.
Very punctual person, never late for anything
Organise myself and my wife to always be on time.
Live by the clock.
My job revolves around appointments.
Talk in sleep a lot
Walked in sleep up until 40 yrs old – would take lights out of sockets, put shoes out for work, urinate in shoes or in vegetable box.
House is spotlessly clean – cleans everything.
Always on the go.

Tell me about the rage you mentioned earlier.

Was always a problem until the diet was changed – everything changed then.
Explode – only to the family, never to people outside the family.
Sister and mother are the same.
Feel guilty afterwards.
Verbal outburst – screaming.
Angry with myself – what I have done is wrong.
Feels like a release.
Feel I could pick up something and throw it – or even hit.
I control it or it would destroy me.
Want to be left alone.
Rare but it is ugly.

Tell me about your childhood.

Parents divorced when I was 6 years old. I was torn between the two of them.
My stepfather was not a loving person.
Unhappy as my parents were always fighting.
Always tension.
I was a mummy’s boy, always at home for her, helping her, trying to protect her.
As an adult, found my real father again – became close to his second wife, and then she committed suicide. Met my half-brother.
My stepfather resented my contact with my half-brother. My sister refused to talk to him at all.
Had a huge altercation with Mother over it – have not spoken to her since.
Grandmother sent me a letter saying she never wants to see me again – this cut me up – the hardest thing that has happened to me.
I have cut all contact with my family.

What is your mother like?

She is vindictive, unhappy, would turn on people.
She was my best friend – now will not speak to me.
Family is bitter about what I did – they resented that I contacted our real father.

How has this affected you?

It has made me hard. There is a barrier that stops me from getting a closeness with people. I am afraid of the hurt. My mother has deserted me. I feel I will be deserted again.
All I wanted was attention from my stepfather, but he never gave it.
We have chosen not to have children – the family are angry about that too. Sister was so angry she kicked the door of the car in.
Wife accidentally fell pregnant and we had it terminated.

Analysis of Case

On the surface, the remedy looks like Nat-mur – A/F Disappointment, Fear of being hurt, Fear of being rejected, Fear of getting too close, Fastidious and Punctual, fullness after eating ever so little, somnambulism.

Let’s look a little closer.

What are the issues in his life?

Many of his problems revolve around family – this suggests either the Carbon or the Silicium series. Since it is not an issue of dependence, but of the relationships in the family, it is more likely to be Silicium. There is a problem of Love and Hate, which is definitely a theme of the Silicium group, and of Communication (or the lack of).

What are his feelings in regards to his family?

There is a feeling that the family has cut him off – as if he has been exiled from the family.
He has had to let go of the idea of family – even to the point of not having children himself.

These are aspects of Stage 17 – and specifically of Chlorum (muriaticum) – letting go of your family, wanting attention, the Mother-Child relationship ,letting go of children. The muriaticums relate strongly to any problems with the Mother.

So, is it Nat-mur? What are the other aspects of the case?

His main physical problem relates to food. This suggests the Carbon series. Also finding his natural father is a Carbon issue.

The reactions stirred up in the family over the issues of contact with the real father are resentment, bitterness, not talking to him, anger, never wanting to see him again. It has made him hard and closed. These expressions are of the Ammonium group. His mother (muriaticum) was a vindictive (ammonium) person.

The prescription is Ammonium muriaticum 200, 10 drops twice.

After the remedy the patient experienced a huge surge of anger, and was quite unable to control it, and let it loose at a family member. After that, he felt much better and didn't experience the anger to the same degree at all. In fact, he felt much softer and was able to forgive his family. At the same time, his gut symptoms became much worse, then slowly improved. He lost weight around his abdomen, and the hearburn vanished. He was slowly able to reintroduce many foods that he thought were forever forbidden to him. After several weeks the psoriasis had reduced to tiny patches that were almost unnoticeable. Patient has remained well to this day with only occasional repeats of his remedy.
  brisbanehomoeopath on 2009-08-27
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