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Scalp Acne

hi, i have a problem with coping with scalp acne b/c it hurts. I keep on touching it, I don't leave it alone, I put hair oil on it then its ok, the problem is that I eat healthy, take showers daily with head & shoulders, Dove and other shampoo and conditioners, I use a ton not just one brand, but don't exercise, either. The pimples have spreaded everyone.

What should I do
  hieveryone09 on 2009-07-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
write and essay on yourself, your personality, likes and dislikes etc.

what are your other ailments.

what is your family health history.
rishimba last decade
Hello rishimba, Im Tiffany. I'm 17 years old and I live in the US. I would like you to please help me with my serious case of severe acne, on my face and on my scalp. I have a bad habit concentrating in class, because it irritates me, it hurts a lot,it turns red, I wash my hair daily with Dove, Shikakai, Vatika Coditioning Shampoo, Head and Shoulders, and lots more. I also put hair oil, Parachute, Vatika, Dabur Special, Dabur Amla, on the weekends. I use one of them one in a while. I don't exercise, I sweat a lot becuase of growing up (puberty), but I eat healthy.
I would like you to help me because its getting too serious, I loss a lot of hair. P.S Reply Back =).
princess09 last decade
hmm my likes: I love to read books, I love to listen to music, watch movies, jump rope, play soccer, Favotie food is spaghetti. Sport: Martial Art: Black Belt, with four medals.I;m fashionable, but mostly i;m into my studies, I love doing hw and study, instead of being bored, I do lots of things. clean my room, I;m very organized and responsible.I'm obedient ( a good listener) I love to enjoy my life. I;m enthusiastic, I love Drama, I take Drama classes. I love Theatre Arts. My family and I are good, we are a very good family. =). We love to spend time together.
princess09 last decade
Most of my family members have Diabetes, and I also have it too. It's getting uncontrolled, also ( wel mines), I take Glucophage 500 mg and 2 or 5 mg of Danil which is purchased in India by and Chemist. I would suggest for you to help me on that one too.... PS reply Back SOon =)
princess09 last decade
you have mentioned about all good habbits and attributes in you which have little significance in prescribing.

please share with me

- when did this start

- whats the exact sensation

- what makes it better and what makes it worse.

- describe the appearance if you can.

- is it related to any kind of food or function.

- is it related to your periods.

- are your periods normal, if not, what are the pains like during your periods.

- apart from diabetes, what are the ailments do you generally have.

- what are the negetive aspects of your personality.

- how is your thirst

- do you respond well to consolation or do you hate it during your hard times.

- are you a leader or a follower.

- what fears and dream do you have.

- do you crave sweet or salt or sour.

- do you eat red meat, eggs, etc.

- how is you bowel movement.

- do you sleep well.

- how is your relationship with your boyfriend..
rishimba last decade
vinca monor 30
oleander 30
merc sol 30
kali sulf 30

2 drops from all of these 3 times a day.......
zambian last decade
The Scalp Acne startabout when I was in 9th grade so about 2 yrs. Diabetes, I had when I was eight yrs old. The exact sensation is that it just hurts a lot I can feel it inside of me , some are pus pimples ( which are bumps) and the others are redish in color. A lot of it is b/c when I 'm in a stressful mood,or maybe menstrual periods. I eat properly, sometimes in occasions, I can eat fatty foods ( oily foods that can make my skin oiler). Otherwise, healthy. Too much sugar can maybe cause it, I'm not sure, but since you are a doctor please give me some advice. It can get better whenever I take showers and stay clean all the time, but whenI bet sweaty, it gets worse, especially out in the sun, ( sun exposure). My diabetes it also goes up and down b/c of lack of exercise. I have normal periods. Apart from Diabetes, I have nothing. Negative aspects, I'm very emotional person, I get emotional. I feel great most of the times, sometimes I feel like not to talk to anybody at all, b/c I'm a quiet person. I;m very stable, I can be a very hyper person once I don't feel so tired through out the day (in the morning), or I can be drousy and grumpy in the morning, just sleepy b'c I sleep at 11 or 12 o' clock. I'm neither a follower or leader, I'm just independent. My dream is too become a doctor ( a surgeon). And I don't get good grades b/c of concemtration problem b/c of Diabetes, I feel slow and sluggish and sleepy, and tired all day. I DO CRAVE FOR SWEETS AND SOURY FOODS A LOT! I eat eggs sometimes, I eat only poultry (chicken and turkey)that's it.Bowel movement is ok, I use the bathroom. Stucked poop sometimes though. I will try to eat lots of fibers. And I don;t drink alot of water through ou the day ( maybe one glass of water a day or maybe two). And Finally, I don;t have any boyfriend. I get along with everybodt, I;m a very nice person, I can sometimes be so angry and yell at people, depends, b/c of diabetes.
princess09 last decade
please take 5 doses of HEPAR SULPH 200C each dose 12 hours apart.

take the doses in empty stomach and dont take any food or water 1 hour before or after.

one dose would typically be 4 drops of remedy in 15 ml of water sipped slowly.
rishimba last decade
thank you sooooo much...=D i will try that, but does that make my skin dry or will it be ok???
princess09 last decade
it will be ok..
rishimba last decade
Hi, Dr. Rishimba,

I was wondering if these medicines are available any where in the United States. Or just have to bring it from India????
princess09 last decade
i think you should be able to get them in states as well. you need to go a pharmacy which keeps homeopathic remedies.

else, you can order from this website.

or if any of your relatives or friends are coming from india, let them carry it for you.
rishimba last decade
hello, I also have a throid problem, because growth is not improving very much.... and body is not properly growing.... I wonder what to do

PS, please reply back soon

Yours Truly,
Tiffany =)
princess09 last decade
did you take HEPAR SULPH for your acne problem..

if yes, whats the response.

if no, you have to again fill up the standard questionnaire giving all your physical and mental symptoms.
rishimba last decade
yes i did, it actually became a little bit better =), thanks to you. It will be helpful if you give me advice for my other problem =) . Thnk You So Much =D.
princess09 last decade
1. Describe your main sufferings and other related or unrelated sufferings with exact sensations, locations, modalities and probable causes.

2. Write an essay on yourself, your personality, nature, likes and dislikes, thermal preferences, cravings and aversions, fears and dreams, your ambition in life, your inner-most desires, your place in society etc.

3. What is your profession? Do you enjoy yourself at work? Is it a profession you have willingly chosen? If not, what would it be as per your choice?

4. What would you like to change in your personality, if at all?

5. Please pick out the adjectives which best describe your personality;

Nervous, Anxious, Shy, Worrying, Paranoid, Proud, Asocial, Guilty, Depressed, Hypochondriac, Untidy, Weepy, Emotional, Impractical, Confused, Suspicious, Jealous, Timid, Aggressive, Headstrong, Forgetful, Follower, Insecure, Immature, Impulsive, Rigid, Restless, Feminine.

6. Did you have any bereavement in life? If yes, how has it affected you?

7. Do you often suffer from depression? If so, do you prefer company or solitude during those times?

8. Do you get angry often? If not, do you feel the anger inside at least? What are the things / issues on which you get angry the most?

9. Do you have any issues regarding your parenting by your guardians? How were their nature / behavior towards you during your childhood and adolescents? How has it affected your personality and thoughts?

10. Would you say your sex drive is high, low or average? Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires?
rishimba last decade
Hello, I'm facing Scalp and Skin Acne problems for a long time. Please help me out.

I have the following habits and attributes which might help in prescribing-

- when did this start
It started 2-3 years ago

- whats the exact sensation
It itches and painful when I touch it. Also hair is falling at a higher rate since it started spreading.

- what makes it better and what makes it worse.
Dust, sweats make it worse and shampoo, anti-allergy medicine (I take when start sniveling due to cold) makes it better.

- describe the appearance if you can.
Reddish and like pimple on my face.

- is it related to any kind of food or function.
I don't think so and for your information I take healthy meals with fish, leafy green vegetables and avoids junk foods

- what are the negative aspects of your personality.
I'm typically cool but turn into devils when get extremely angry.

- how is your thirst
It's normal and I take a lot of water 3-5L each day.

- are you a leader or a follower.
A leader mostly.

- what fears and dream do you have.
Fears about leaving family at home and dreams about to join my Ph.D. or work abroad.

- do you crave sweet or salt or sour.
I love sweets a lot, I don't like sour foods/fruits much and always crazy for savory items

- do you eat red meat, eggs, etc.
I love beef and eats 7-15 eggs a week without yolk

- do you sleep well.
Yes. But not every-night. I sleep well only during the days I workout. In most of the days I work from 8am to 9pm on my laptop and then fall asleep but it is not much deep

- how is your relationship with your girlfriend..
Not so good as I can't tolerate faults that done repetitively
enerpies 5 months ago

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