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how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it? 65how to recover from over -masturbation side effects after quitting it? 4


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How to Quit masturbation and recover

I Damn care for all. i am against masturbation as it destroyed me and my carrier. I lost my self.i lost the strong, athletic, intelligent, witty 'ME'.i m in field of accountancy student and now i repent of my back days FOOLS. I lost my abilities. Failures are my fate now.There s no use of repentence now.
Try googling around consequences of masturbation, u will find many medical websites telling about results of o-masturbation.
If there s nothing like o-masturbation then why these sites crying about? there are also many website where victims of O-masturbation yelling now e.g see anael

OK masturbate u will have less chances of prostate cancer

GOOD!! yeah i find a reson to masturbate :-)

but u will surly get:

-Weak erection / impotence
-eraly ejaculation
-curved penis
-Weak memory
-Weak Digestive problems
-Early white hair/beard
-Mood Swinds
-Loss of self respect
-fatigue/ weakness
-No mucsles
-Shameful matrimonial life
-Semen in urine
-Many many more believe me as i got them.

Do it at cost of above.
This is a horrible addiction more addictive and destorable then any other addiction.

opium/Heroine/alcohal drugs etc coz you have to make ur mind ,go and buy it, but masturbation ...
u need your hand and your body... There is nothing like LESS MASTURBATION ,though Some believe there s nothing like OVER MASTURBATION. You masturbate in morning , u urges for it in noon. watch a porn movie in afternoon..then.. and u also going to bed.
Coz u and ur hand all this addiction needed.
I am in this addiction , i used to make promises to myslf of not doing it daily and next day i broke them... I m invovled in it for 10 years. Now i have to say good bye to it.
I left this habit (i m 24 now) and now i m healing day by day. i am getting back ALL i lost.
i m posting my findings of how to get rid of this bad bad habit and how to get and Recover the STRONG AND HANDSOME 'YOU'.

firts of all first medicine to get recovery is your 'WILL POWER' that will cost 0$ availalbe only at your own shop. Be a MAN . Man's word i will not do it for some months, come one you can control it for some days, to enjoy rest of your life.

*Avoid seeing PORN. PLZ

*A simple natural remedy that will sound no harm as you know its ingrediants
250 gram yougurt+ 3 teaspoon Hust + two or three bananas.
mix in a bowl and eat before breakfast and in afternoon after 2-3 hrs of noon-meal.

*Take banana milk shake few times
*Avoid tea , excess meat, alcohal and masturbation.

*Yoga and excercises meditation.

Promise 2 urslf that your to stay away

Believe me Bros all who are suffering from after effects, will start getting healing.
i consumed my time thinking and writing this article, i want every one to be happy and healthy. i m not selling my herbal products. Nor a rabbi priest Mulla or saint.
A X-masturbater who suffered now trying to quit.
If some find it useful do comment.

And all those advocate masturbation ,this article is for those who suffer from after effects like me.

Good LUCK!!
Take care of Your Self
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  signature on 2009-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
with I DAMN CARE FOR ALL i Mean, those strong advocate of MASTURBATION. I dnt like young to be disguised by them.
Also in remedy Hust means ISAPGHOL HUSK,psyllium husk
signature last decade
inner ill WILL be expressed--no question there...BUT ,do we have a choice on how the ILL is expressed????? MAYBE???
John Stanton last decade
to remove the guilt staphysagaria to leave this habit bufo to recover caladium agnus castus china selenium acid phos as per symptoms
akshaymohl last decade
First thing to cure and recover from masturbation is to remove the sensitivity of the organ, that is more prone to excitement and ejaculate pre cum and sperms quickly. A little excitement/arousal opens the doors to discharge. Concerned muscles and nervours damages through excessive masturbation & become weak.
i will short my story now:
TO REMOVE SENSITIVITY : Time and nature can heal it, removing the masturbation for a quite a period will do the job.
TO RECOVER: Automatically, when sensitivity has gone , u would start recovery, ur bio energy start to store in you.

My above yogurt,husk and banana remedy is best to remove sensitivity and also to recover. ITS GREAT SECRET CHEAP REMEDY.

And Use some good Homeo advice for quick recovery

i find it useful:
acid phosQ+ avena sativaQ
5+5 drops 3 times a day
& NUX vomica 30 10 drops before going to bed.

You can use above akshaymohl posted medicine too, thats a goood advice.
signature last decade
million thanks ! you are life saver ..
nam2043 last decade
I keep seeing these posts - is this some kind of joke? Do people really believe that masturbation is capable of causing all these symptoms?

Excessive masturbation is a SYMPTOM not a cause. Masturbation on its own, done in moderation, only causes problems for sick people - those with specific weakenesses aggravated by sexual activity. Cure the weakness and masturbation no longer causes a problem.

It would be better to find the true cause of your chronic disease rather than blaming a perfectly natural and harmless activity.

There must be a strong cultural attitude showing here. I almost never hear this said in my own country.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have been masturbation for about 9 years and it has really gotten to excessiveness now i want to quit completely.In your contribution, you talked about the fact that masturbation can lead to the curvature of penis among other things.i have developed a curved penis when erect and the middle of my penis shrinks when flaccid.what i want to know is whether when i stop masturbation my penis will return to normal.what about the other effects?.will they cease when i quit and if what effects will forever remain.
Virgindick55 last decade
Maturbation does not cause curvature of the penis. It does not cause any health problems at all.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I think Professional homeopaths will disagree with you Brisbanehomeopath.
signature last decade
I am a professional homoeopath, Signature. I am also a lecturer in homoeopathic philosophy and materia medica. I have 17 years clinical experience - masturbation does not cause health problems, but health problems can be aggravated by it, as they can by any harmless activity.

I have patients who are aggravated by the sun, by moonlight, by cold water, by eating vegetables. Would we then say that vegetables cause health problems? No, we would look to the weakness that causes this sensitivity, which will be the true cause of their problem. Blaming the activities, or the environmental influences, is not helpful.

It is easy to see things only from the perspective of our own illness. When something is so aggravating to someone, it is not uncommon for that persont to regard it with fear or hatred. However, this attitude is misplaced, as homoeopathy teaches us. Remove the cause of disease (the disordered vital force, the miasmatic influence) and the susceptibility to those otherwise harmless things also vanishes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I agree with David.

Masturbation is harmless for majority of the people. The effect if at all will be equivalent to having frequent normal sex.

However as David rightly pointed out there may be people who get aggravated by it. For those people the aggravation occurs even if they have normal sex.

For some it is purely psycological, mainly because they believe in whatever appears in print/ on the net.

Use your common sense.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you Murthy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I respect you experience.
Diease is defined as
any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown
In simple words deviation from normal is disease.
Actually some problems arises due to Masturbation(excessive practice obviously).
Like premature ejaculation,
involuntary frequent discharge of vital fluids,
and other biological changes & physiological conditions.
IF masturbation can cause such Deviation in body, then it constitutes as cause of diesase/disorder which need treatment and KENT, BORIEKE, HENNAMAN prescribed medicnes for such deviation from normal.
SO i believe over masturbation can become cause of such aggravation of discharge of fluids that is not normal (because healthy person dont face such) so dangerous if continuous , Thus demand treatment
signature last decade

hey bro..saw ths post of urs..i had 1 question 2 ask u..did ur nightfall stoppd in the years whn u mastrbatd??...n if it did..aftr leavn ths habit..was it resumd back??..n 4m whn??..do u hv normal nightfall nw??..cz in ma case..in ma whole lyf..i had nightfall..js 2 to 3 tyms.. :(
m really nervs..dr.kadwa suggstd me sum medicines bt ma exms r goin on..so aftr ma exms..i wl start wit the course..
awaitin ur helpful response..
n i rly appreciate ur advices to all the guys out here..u truly care 4 ppl who r sufferin..n d 1 who sufferd..may u b blessd alwz..tc...

P.S - thanx alot..
nassy last decade
i think the things which are written above are 100 percent true bcoz i m suffering from its side effects after doing masturbation form last 4 years now i m 16 and now you have given me a new hope to live life plz tell more about its recovery
jeah walia last decade
brisbanehomoeopath , you dont look like a professional homothalpy , you dont even admit masturbation is a source of major diseases , you just keep blinding all the people around you , cuz you couldnt stop it , just like many doctors who say it is a very normal act , please if you dont know how to stop it so dont spread a false information along the forum
tarkaan89 last decade
I feel I have the effects of over-masturbation.

Please suggest some doctors to get consulted with.

Thank you
cadgs last decade
hi everyone,
I am having the same feeling for this addiction. I have been masterbating for 9 years and I am trying to quit this habbit from a long time, but didnot succeed. My current frequncy of masterbation is 7-8 times in a month but this itself create a lot of guilt feeling in me. I have tried several things, but what ever I do sometimes at some moment I fell for it and just do it and then repent afterwards.

Over the years I have developed a habit of touching my genital unconciously and I do it at any time like when i am studying or watching movie. When I am concious I avoid doing this but as soon as busy myself in some work my hand automatically goes there

I want to Quit this for ever. Please suggest me some way to keep my mind away from it.

Thank you
LostInChaos last decade
I am a straight male suffering for masturbation for more than 10 years, I really felt the effects, it lowered my self-esteem and capability to socialize and relate to other people. I feel so alone that I often end up with masturbation. I even get to the point of being attracted to the same sex and end up with masturbation. again and again. I need help and rescue please
recovering last decade
With due respect for experienced homeopaths who are favouring mastaubation I want to say that they should carry out a survey on their patients. I'm also suffering from this mal practice for long. Today I'm not able to read even newspaper or some article for more than a hour. The day I masturbate I feel exhausted and kept lying on bed for whole day. I forget everything. In my childhood days my mind was too sharp and I was quite active. Now I'm totally dull. I have fear with crowd. I escape from going to marriage parties etc. I'm 30 years unmarried. Just a few days before I tried to do sex first time in my life. As the girl touched my penis the semen flowed out and lost the sex hunger immediately. This habit has ruined my whole life. Even at this stage I'm not setteled in my career. I'm not able to remember what I study. I've tried my medicines and meditation but nothing helped me out. Still I'm not able to stop masturbation totally. I make promises to me but I dont know what happens to me at that time and I forget that this habit has ruined me. I strongly disagree with our qualified practicians who favour masturbation. I've read my homeopathic books and none of author has said that it has even a little benefit of any kind. All have opposed it. I would suggest friends overhere to learn from our experience and stay away from this habit. once you get addicted of it then none can save your life. You will be failure on all fronts of life whether it is your career, social life or married life. I've taken staphysagaria, bufu , acid phos, damiana but none worked. I am sexually too weak. My digestion too has too weak. I consider myself to be dead body who can not do anything and I hold responsible myself only. none else can be held responsible for ruined life.
jatinsharma last decade
Life is struggling as before and it became even more complicated now. I tried to quit the lust but could not. Every time i did , i said to my self: this is the last time but my words didn't last long. I control myself for some weeks and then again HATRIC SHOTS..!!
This Habit tax your body alot.. There is no other quick way to destroy yourslef than this one.I am very disappointed to my self. I am complex swarm of Problems. Perhaps solutions lie in my own hands.
Anyways things dont change unless you leave the habit completely.
One thing that contributed to my this filthy habit is the Porn websites. Open my laptop and start Searching for beauty out there to satisfy Ugly inside. Satan is so near to greet you with few clicks away, God is hard to find Though. And of course Modern technology provide u too much privacy, isnt!!.
I dont want to take this topic to the God-sin or heaven-hell, i may be tagged ORTHODOX-Religious.
Porn is sin or not, i got punishment in this world.
I advice to stay away from porn who guys think the masturbation cause of their health problems. It increase the evil urge, putting fuel to fire.

Some things that i have find Friendly effect on the body are:
Curd Or Conventional Lassi that is made in Subcontinent. It gives strength to the Nerves and have Calming effect on body.
Banana i find good in involuntary precum discharge.
Lettuce is great remedy for pre-mature ejaculation and seminal discharge. people suffering from PME can also get benefit from it. Use regularly in your meal and your will feel affect.

And of course Seek good professional Homeopathic advice and this forum is an Excellent place to connect to doctors. Very able and Research oriented doctors visits this forum that you may not find at the corner of your streets.

Best of Luck Guys and Plz Wish me the same and remember me in your prayers, i need them Badly.
90% of your problems will vanish by just avoiding the habit.
Remember the Cure Is inside you
signature last decade
hello signature,well the effects mentioned by u are 100% correct.. .
i appreciate your efforts to help out fellow brothers.. . but i was curios about one thing.. that i wanted to ask.. . if stopping masturbation altogether for 6-8 months or may be 1 year will cure premature ejaculation???? permanently???? or any other solution? i have read about KEEGEL EXERCISES by contracting PC muscles.. .tell me about if stopping masturbation will cure PE or not... waiting fr ur reply
ali_danish786 9 years ago
Masturbation certainly has tremendous bad effects. All those advocating the usefulness & harmlessness of this habit are requested to give the same advise to their own kids first.

Best remedies suggested so far are from akshaymohl i.e:

'to remove the guilt staphysagaria to leave this habit bufo to recover caladium agnus castus china selenium acid phos as per symptoms'

However don't use all of them simultaneously. esp china & selenium & staphysgeria are not feasible to administer simultaneously
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AsadGhumman 9 years ago
hello signature... really u r a ray of hope for d victims of this problem..
i want to ask HOW to cure premature ejaculation. .. m 20 years old.. n doin masturbation frm lst 6 years... will it gonna effect my marital life in future?? please reply...
ali_danish786 9 years ago
Hello Sir Nice to see that you are doing good job in attempt to warn people about masturbation after affects

I totally agree with you

Because I am also its affectee
but I am trying to recover from this bad Habit

Can I ask you about Hust you mentioned in your remedies Can I know it's meaning??
waiting for your reply

Naveed4u 9 years ago

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