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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank you toosweet for sharing your experience.

I was always wondering if my problem was "just" psychosomatic or if there is a physical problem behind.

As I said some kinesiological tests showed that I have no fungus ... but maybe these tests were wrong.
A blood test also indicated that my thyroid has some problems (but my doctor didn't go into detail)

At the moment I'm on the Sulphur treatment and will wait for another 40 days before I will consult another doctor.

Toosweet, could you describe the problem you had, how you discovered its real origins, and the cleanse you started in more detail. Did you take lycopodium together with the cleanse?

Thank you for your input.

Personal observation:

Today I woke up with lots of freckles above and below my right eye - strange, the day before they were not there.
Is sulphur doing such things?
hope25 last decade
updating my situation:

I'm now backpacking in Australia / New Zealand(holidays :-) ...
It's great, but my digestion is troubling me.

My stomach problems have got worse again since I am on a less regular eating scheme again.
I get easily stressed and have little appetite.
I get easily cold (here it's summer, but air conditioning and changing winds make me cold)
I get bloated even after eating little.

And the freckles I have mentioned in my last post have disappeared again.

So far my condition (17 days since I took Sulphur 1M as prescribed by HA21; once in a while I take magn. phos. 6x, but no other potencised remedy.)
hope25 last decade
Hope25 : Please compare your symptoms, as from your first posting in this forum till now and post changes that you feel has affected your symptoms, mental and pathological symtoms, habits, thinking pattern, energy levels, sleep, digestion - acidty - gas and so on. You should start feeling the effects of Sulph from now on, since it is about more than 20 days. Try to use the soda-bicarb therapy, whenever you upset your normal eating regime.

Bio-chemically NAT.PHOS - 200X, will help u in ur digestion / stomach problems.

Red Wine made from black grapes or beet root will also help you in your digestion / stomach problems.

keep smiling - HA21
HA21 last decade
it is not so easy to keep smiling when in pain...

since I'm travelling it's not so easy to get my hands on schuessler salts (but I will try to get Nat. Phos 200x).

Instead I bought a mix of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from flaxseed oil (I feel that my eatings lacks the 'good fat').
and for a digestive relief I bought some antiacids (magnesium hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide and simethicone) - I used similar before and they brought some short-term relief.

Concerning my symptoms:

I did not observe any shifts, maybe aggravations since I'm now travelling -
A strong feeling of distress arises, when I'm entering a large room full of strangers. I have the feeling that they are looking at me, what makes me very insecure. (In general I'm lacking the feeling of security and care...)

Relief comes from lying down (especially after eating).

--- sorry but nothing really new ---

Well ... and now I'm returning to my smile (since at the moment I feel fine)
hope25 last decade

I finally got my hands on Schuessler Salts and take now Nat. Phos. 6x (no higher potency was availiable) 3 times a day after meals.

I feel still very bloated, have flatulence, feel sluggish after meals ...

Anything special:

Once I got a craving for milk and I drank some soy milk.
The next day after some sports I got cramps around my belly button. I had to bend forward, drank some ginger tea, and later it went away again.
(I had these cramps quite often in my childhood - then I used to drink milk regularly)

My memory for names has slightly improved.


After I have tried many homeopathic remedies now, I start thinking maybe homeopathics don't work for me ...
hope25 last decade

If you refer to my posting dated 12th december, in your topic forum, this is what I had observed = "Your immune system has gone high protien intolerant".Soybean milk is High protien. Flaxseed oil is High protein even though it contains omega fatty acids n in fact most oils are High protein, n that makes it intolerant in weak disgestive systems. Instead of Antacids, try Soda Bicarb, it is 100% safer. Try to take a more appropriate diet, which is suitable to your digestive tract.

U have taken Sulph-1M on 02 January, that's about 40 days ago. On the physical symptoms, U have confirmed that U feel better, but get easily distressed when travelling. On the mental symptoms, U have confirmed that U feel better, except when meeting unknown people. Kindly wait for another 20 odd days. Refrain yet from any potency medicines. Take NAT.PHOS 200X n not 6X. Please post changes in symptoms, as they happen.

For your psychological symptoms I suggest the following :

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES : A cocktail of remedies mixed together in equal quantity. LARCH + IMPATIENS + CHICHORY. In liquid form - take 10 drops of the above cocktail, every fifth hour (3 doses per day), mixed in a spoon of water, directly on clean tongue. Hold on the tongue for about 5 seconds before swallowing. Do it for about 30 days. This will take care of your following self observation, which you last posted..:

"A strong feeling of distress arises, when I'm entering a large room full of strangers. I have the feeling that they are looking at me, what makes me very insecure. (In general I'm lacking the feeling of security and care...)"

BACH flower remedies are not potencised medicines n can be taken even when on potencised remedies or any conventional medicines.

keep smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
Hi HA21,

thanks for following my case.

Some comments:
I have confirmed that I feel better?
Well, I felt better when I had a more regular lifestyle (but to be honest, I doubt that this is the influence of sulphur)

high protein intolerant?
It is true I have quite some problems with milk proteins, but olive oil and flaxseed oil don't have a similar effect.

There is no NAT. PHOS 200X availiable (I was happy to find any Schuessler Salts here in NewZealand).

If the BACH FLOWER Remedies you suggested help with the lack of self confidence it might be something to try (Once I got a special mix of Bach Flowers prescribed ... but did not help much - since then I only trust Bach's rescue remedy)

Another thing I forgot to mention: through the summer heat my forehead always gets 'shiny' and develops some acne. (this happened again)

And my throat feels over-sensitive (to the cold).

Keep smiling - it would be much easier for me if my mood would not depend so much on the eating
- missing a meal I feel bad
- after the eating I feel bad
I have only some hours in between, where my digestion does not take center stage.
(Let's see if I find anywhere some BakingSoda)
hope25 last decade
Hello HA21,

I'm now using baking soda to get rid of too much stomach acid. Here my experience.

In general it works fine and I feel much better after meals now.
Only once I experienced a strong feeling of distress after taking sodium bicarbonate quite late - I got bloated so much (could not belch), that I woke up in the middle of the night - then I took some Aluminium Hydroxide and felt better.


Here now my questions:

HA21, your diagnosis is "High Protein Intolerance".

Due to what?

Treating the excess stomach acid seems to me like treating symptoms and not the real causes.
(That's why I was hoping that homeopathy would induce some deep change within my body: like there are the big 3 remedies against bloating - lyc., china, carb. veg.)

What's the real cause?
- Could it be some candida infection as suggested by toosweet?
- Or is it just mental - that I'm lacking the feeling of security and so my body get's easily stressed, producing too much acids?
... ?


hope25 last decade
High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ?

Low stomach acid does not mean that the acids responsibile for digestion and pulverising the incoming food, is not enough or is reduced. It simply means that the oxygen required for proper utilisation of the digestive acids is simply not sufficient or is greatly reduced. Breaking of the high protien food for absorption takes long time for the G.I. mechanism and requires more energy (here read oxygen). This oxygen cannot be supplied by external factors, but only by body activity, as described below.

Consider this explanation : You have a bottle filled with petrol. Light it. The wick burns. NOW the question is : a) is it the Wick that's burning, b) is it the petrol that's causing burning or WHAT. Could it be that the oxygen around the wick thats causes burning or a perfect combination of all.

The G.I. tract's peristaltic action on its own does not digest / pulverise food. The Stomach acid (Petrol) on its own does not digest / pulverise food. Reduced Oxygen for the G.I.Tract causes the entire specturm of gastric disorder including the mental and phsyical distress.

You cannot supply oxygen to the stomach by any other means except the bodies own metabolic functioning. Taking Yeast tablets, HCL capsules, Soda Bi-carb, Anta-acids like Aluminium Hydroxide, lacto bacil, yogurt, physillium husk, enzymes, certain herbs and so on, will never ever make up for the oxygen required by the G.I.Tract. All above is like providing more petrol in a hghly reduced oxygen system (like in a car engine) and creating host of other problems, like reduced speed (digestion speed), more jerks (body distress), more pollution (acidity n toxins) and ultimately malfunction of the body system (car engine)..

Why would the oxygen level in the stomach get insufficient ?
1. Simply because of persistant reduced body activity. 2. Simply because of persistant reduced body surface exposure to the sun for proper oxygen synthetises thru the skin glands. 3. Simply because of persistant n daily higher intake of High protien foods or unabsorbable food. 4. Simply because of daily intake of stimulants like Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Marijuana, which use up too much oxygen while digesting n causes temprorary psychological euphoria due to reduced levels of oxygen in the blood. 5. Sedentary life style. 6. Over eating or junk eating, 7) improper chewing or swallowing of large pieces of food needing more energy to breakdown. 8) like very very early weaning away the infant from mothers breast feeding, will result in high protien intolerance at a later stage in life.

What benefits would we derive with proper oxygen in our G.I.Tract ?
1. Proper and complete assimilation of food. 2. Complete absorption of minerals n vitamins from the food. 3. No Acidity or Gastric distress. 4. Optimum activity from our mental and physical body. 5. High level of psychological concentration and optimum thinking energy.

Would sweating help in better use of body oxygen. ?
Sweating or profuse prespiring clears the blood arteries and speeds up the energy (oxygen) level synthesis / usage by our body system. Steam bath, Sauna bath, Hot spring bath (Sulphur Springs), glycerine massage (glycerine contains literally 30% oxygen), hot mud bath and so on. Oxygen is better made available to the G.I.tract, due to prespiring or a massage.

A Person has to eat n drink food, as per the individual body's activity n routine. You cannot eat high protien (which putrefies long long enough) n relax or go to sleep. That is okay for carnivoures type of G.I.Tract, which uses mouth to rectum STRAIGHT n SHORT body length G.I.Tract pipe system Humans are not carnivoures and have a twisting type of 9 meters (more than 27 feet) of mouth to rectum COILED n LONG G.I.Tract pipe system (which is literally 5 times the human height).

High protien intolerance results in what is called as Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS), which has its after effects in promoting plaque formation in blood arteries, prostate enlargements and many skin disorders. LGS will directly cause sluggish physical / mental activity.

High protien causes malfunction to the insides of the intestines pipes, causing to clog the nutrient absorbing capacity thereby promoting indigestion, gas, acidity which leads to mental and phsyical fatigue. Mental dullness follows with increased desire for sleep (always), and also immediately after a full meal (irrespective of meal time). The body system demands more warm atmosphere like more layers of clothing and more blankets to cover himself. It also results in a desire to avoid bath, sexual masturbation and reduced desire for a normal sexual performance.

High protien diets are suitable to those people who do a lot of vigorous workouts, atheletes, field labourers. In other words people who sweat (prespire) more than normal. And certainly not for people with mental/desk jobs/work..

High protien diets are also suitable to those who live in extreme cold temperatures, since their body goes hyper in their metabolism and burns energy more faster. Here the need to sweat is immaterial, simply because of the body's high metabolism rate and the micro-prespiration (invisible) rate.

HOPE25 : What you do is Eat more and Relax more. It means that your body metabolism is very low and sluggish. Walking - Low speed, long distance, elephant style walking (like delibrate firm n heavy steps) with a 8 inch broad hard non-flexible abdominal belt tied on the mid abdominal area will help you in digestion problems.

Sulphur in potenciesed form is not for upper or lower gas or acidity, as you mentioned in case of Lyco, Carb.veg, China, which is actually the pathological indications as you mentioned. Sulphur is capable of rectifying the entire insides of the Gastro Intestional (G.I.) walls (the homoeopathic root reason), by re-building up corroded tissue cells making up the G.I.Tract. Since u r a physics student, it might be interesting for you to know that Sulphur powder is used in explosives and its main function is to syntheise oxygen for the blast.

An understanding of Materia Medica Repertory, alone, is not sufficient. A vast understanding of Bio-Chemistry and Micro-Biology is also needed for understanding medicine.

Food that are rich in High protein are Peanuts, all types of oils extracted from any type of seeds (only humans consume plant seed oil and only humans suffur the most G.I. distress). On its own, the fat-oil in the chicken is literally harmless to the human body when in comparison to plant seed oil. Similarly the fat-oil in beef, goat, sheep, rabbit, snake, fish, crab, shrimps are also very less harmful which in comparison to plant seed oil. Certain non-commercial home made oil extracted from certain plant roots and / or certain plant leaves are beneficial.

Consider this :
Breakfast : Eat like a Emperor
Lunch : Eat like a King
Dinner : Eat like a pauper

Try to obtain Nat.Phos.200X, it will help you.
Kindly continue with the Soda Bi-carb for your intermittent disgestive distress. It is very safe.
There is no such thing as candida infection that the body cannot take care of itself - that too within a very very short period - no external source / remedies required for it.
If possible start the Bach remedies, as described earlier. It will relieve you of those symptoms within a few weeks.
Ponder on above explanation and see if you can fit it within your lifestyle. U will not any medicines for your G.I.tract, ever.

If you smoke - try to refrain. Instead try smack / hashish ... just joking.

keep smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade

Thank you very much for this extensive explanation of high protein intolerance.

I will print it out and study it thoroughly.

At the moment I would like to post a change in my symptoms I have perceived after returning from my trip (the jetlag was not too bad):

I feel new strengths. I'm getting up much easier in the morning.
On the other hand I hardly know how to deal with this new body activity - I have difficulties to relax, to concentrate ... that's why I'm walking a lot and enjoy it.
Most important I have the feeling that things are going to improve, that I'm able to cope with my problems.

I have confidence
hope25 last decade
I finally obtained Nat. Phos. 200X

How often shall I apply it?
hope25 last decade
Nat.Phos-200X, is not for external surface application, as you have presumably made out in your innocent question.

Suggested dosage for maximum optimised effect.
1. 6 tablets of above on your tongue (don't chew, suck or gulp - let it dissolve on its own) - early morning, on empty stomach - even before tooth brushing (tooth paste contains Mint - will instantly neutralise Nat.Phos). Give a clear 20 minutes before you do anything else.
2. Two tablets just before every heavy meals - to be taken as above.
3. Take above for a long long time, even much after most symptoms don't reoccur and then psychologically slowly wean it off.
4. Does your skin look more fresher and alive, now then long time before the medicine.
5. Try to take the Bach flower remedies, as suggested earlier. Will be most helpful to you.
5. Take Sulphur-10M liquid, in the same manner as you had earlier taken Sulphur-1M. BUT AFTER 90 days from the first Sulphur-1M dose. Discontinue all potencised medicines thereafter.
e.g. = You have taken sulphur-1M on 02 Jan-2005 and you would take Sulphur-10M on 05 April-2005 and no potencised medicines thereafter till 05 July 2005.

Please try to keep posting your negative / positive symptoms.

keep smiling - HA21
HA21 last decade
HA21 you are a man of precision :-)

I will take Nat. Phos. as suggested and the Bach remedies

+ I feel stronger, more angry, less frightened...

+ I have confidence in my future.

- my biggest problem: the anxiety .. it gets worst in the afternoon (if I don't get my nap, I have difficulties to concentrate, and I feel dizzy.)
--> doing sports helps (I enjoy physical activity which makes my body tired instead of my mind)

In my own words:
My problems to digest are not only physical, but also mental.
I feel that the information/noise my senses (eyes, ears ...) receive is overwhelming me - problems to digest them (sometimes I would wish that I would not be so "open/receptive").


I started to drink beetroot juice every morning (I love the color :-)
I drink a lot, but I still feel dry (lips, throat)

there is hope http://www.abchomeopathy.com/images/em0002.gif
hope25 last decade
PS: Nat. Phos. 200x I bought is not in tablets, but in globuli (the pharmacist said that in this high potency it is not a Schuessler Salt anymore, but a homeopathic remedy) - I guess it does not matter
hope25 last decade
I am now taking the Bach remedies as suggested. (Hopefully the flower Impatiens has some power to heal my impatience ;-)

symptom: I had a bad-memory day again. I had to remember a name of a friend: I could even see his face, but the name was far away. I could not remember ... Afterwards someone told me the name, and of course now I could remember.
Another day we were playing a quiz, and I really did not enjoy it. I was embarassed not to answer a simple question. (Again I could not remember, the answer was too far away/"hidden".)

I have the feeling that my brain is missing some important fuel to work as usual.

At least for now, my brain performance does not matter. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/images/em0008.gif

Personal remark concerning your advice of taking sulphur 10M
"For me it's a little bit a waste of resources: I have to order the remedy from the US, paying 40 dollars (including shipping), taking a few drops of the remedy and then throwing away a "full" bottle) - maybe there is a better way?"
hope25 last decade
Regarding to your earlier post ... The pharmacist is fooling his customers, when he says that Nat.Phos-200X is not a schuessler salt anymore, but a homoeopathic remedy. Nat.Phos-200X is triturated medicine and works on a different platform and potencies work on a different platform. Nat.Phos-200X is easily available worldwide, and one of the reputed manufacturer is Dr. Willmar Schwabe of Germany.

I suggest you should continue with the Soda Bi-carb, as well as the Bach flower remedies. Bach remedies always work, time factor immaterial, if taken persistently on a clean tongue, as suggested earlier.

REGARDING ....Bad memory, Lack of memory and other symptoms. Consider this.

What you are experiencing is Mental (Brain) Fatigue, usually common at your age of 25 and with the type of food you consume and type of sedentary life-style you indulge in.

What is food got to do with Mental Fatigue : Brain cells for their optimum activity require appropriate amount of oxygen for proper circuiting - Usually this is upto 90% oxygen (when not sleeping) that the brain sucks or say vacums up the oxygen to its cells thru the lungs n blood vessels. Less oxygen or inapproriate oxygen absorption by the brain will cause sluggishness to the entire spectrum of brain (memory) related activities like hampering of the memory-data retention capabilites, reduction in the thinking capacity, hallucination and many more and all of this leads to irritation, frustration, anger, anxiety, loss of confidence and concentration and then if this continues unabatedly and persistently leads up to schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and so on.

Here if our food uses up too much of oxygen (as explained in an earlier post), the brain gets deprived of the required strength of oxygen and malfunctions - such as in your case. Correction of diet and more of closed eyes relaxation or meditation will help over this, gradually. More of deep sleep also helps. A Schuessler Salt by the name of Kali.Phos.-12X also helps in this effort.

Why would the Brain utilise most of the Oxygen - that's precisely the way the brain protects the body typically called Self preservation. Anything awkward with the body, the brain simply shuts out everything to protect itself.

Say if you eat less or maybe don't eat the entire morning, you will find that you function more energetically, 'cause U R not mentally fatigued, 'cause the brain uses the full oxygen and the G.I.Tract simply does not need the oxygen-fuel for any type of synthesis.

I would still strongly suggest you to take Sulph-10M, as discussed earlier. Keep the remaining / rest of the medicines in a proper place for maybe some future use by you or someone else - this things have unlimited shelf life.

By the way, US$ 40.oo is really chick feed, when in comparision to your own health. I would spend a million dollars, go to Russia, if I could get back my youthful age back on my soul and spirits. Someone said HEALTH is WEALTH. Obviously you prefer the other way.

Keep smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
Hello HA21,

your explanation makes sense, although I would prefer an answer like this: just take this remedy and you won't have any problems anymore ;-)

commenting your advice of eating less in the morning to feel more energetically.
I have already experienced this - but I felt so impatient at the same time. My head gets hot, and I don't get hungry at all.
As said earlier before, eating gives me some kind of calmness.

I started to use the Bach remedy (8, 18, 19) and I have the feeling it helps. (Anyway I like the taste of the alcohol :-)


Some days ago I had a serious argument with my girlfriend, and afterwards I felt a heavy stone in my stomach. It was terrible.
hope25 last decade
Hello HA21,

Two things came up again, more clearly now

- if things don't go the way I want them to go, I become angry (especially with myself: angry that I am angry).

- in my relationship with my father there are still old wounds which heal only slowly. (in our family there are difficult father-son relationships over generations)


Before ordering Sulphur 10M I would like to ask you if I should order another high potency (CM?) remedy at the same time [to save shipping costs].
hope25 last decade
Hello HA21,

Two things came up again, more clearly now

- if things don't go the way I want them to go, I become angry (especially with myself: angry that I am angry).

- in my relationship with my father there are still old wounds which heal only slowly. (in our family there are difficult father-son relationships over generations)


Before ordering Sulphur 10M I would like to ask you if I should order another high potency (CM?) remedy at the same time [to save shipping costs].
hope25 last decade
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." ... Thomas A. Edison

The lengthy theory n explanations, presented here are meant as a COUNSELLING n AUTO SUGGESTION session for your sub-conscious mind. FOR YOUR PROBLEMS, SPECIFIC.

Taking medicines (whatsoever n whichsoever is immaterial) is not a permanent solution for the body. Nothing is permanent in our body. Changes are the norms in human body. Conditions re-occur - medicines are re-taken - constitutions gets changed / altered. How long a person should keep on encountering this un-pleasant experiences.

CONCLUSION : It is better to be educated / knowledgable. If you can, periodically, read the earlier suggestions, you would start automatically incorporating them in your regular lifestyle and start becoming free from your problems, ever.

REGARDING "serious argument with my girlfriend" ... Girlfriends are supposed to be loved - they are the base for a man's future emotional world. Cool off with a brandy laced chocolate. Here the current Bach flower will start helping you.

REGARDING father-son relations : It is nothing new or specific to you or your family. It is all over the world. People tend to react instinctively but people won't learn to be neutral. And as it is parents are that way and should be that way - possessive, bossy, protective ....

Consider this :
1. If a taxi-driver abuses me - I would kick him real hard between his legs. HOWEVER, IF MY FATHER ABUSES ME - I WOULD TURN AWAY N SULK. That's being neutral
2. If I were to be hospitalised - I would wish my father to visit me at the hospital. BUT I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE VISITED BY A TAXI-DRIVER. That's compassion.

By the way - one day you are going to be a father yourself - Hope you get the logic on family / fatherly relationships.

Regarding further medicines on ordering Sulpher-CM. Hope you are not being sarcastic on me. No, Sulph-CM not required. Anyway, since you are ordering, you would very well order about 20-30 ml of PULSATILLA-200c, Bio-Chemic salts like NAT.PHOS-200X, Kali.Phos-12X and Dr. Bach flower remedies by the name of Cherry Plum and Walnut and Vine and of course the great RESCUE remedy for your medicine chest..

If you can persuade your father, a bach flower cocktail comprising of CHERRY PLUM + IMPATIENS + WALNUT + VINE to be taken in the same manner in which you are taking. This will take the sting out of his fatherness and will make him more compassionate. A sure shot remedy for all fathers. A 90 day session with the above bach flower cocktail should do it.

Kindly continue with the Soda Bi-carb and Bach flower remedies, as suggested earlier. Consider consuming more of potassium rich foods and reduce sodium rich foods.

keep smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
Hope25 : How are you keeping now. Any relief or the same symptoms. Wish you could post your current health condition.

Keep Smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade

I did not forget this forum - I just wanted to wait until I get my final blood-testing results before I post an update.

But one thing after the other:
first of all - I did not take Sulphur 10M...
Instead I consulted an acupuncture-doctor. The needling-sessions brought relief (I relaxed deeply) - but the next day I would be stressed again...
We did blood testing: no food incompatibility on gluten, best data (uric acid ok) ...

Only one parameter was high: TSH (hormon of the thyroid gland) ... after doing an antibody test, we found more indications of a malfunction.
A few days ago I went to the hospital for a sonography and szintigraphy ... although the official diagnostic findings are not availiable yet - it is almost certain that I am having a hypofunction.

And looking back - my symptoms are more then obvious:

- easily feeling stressed
- loosing weight
- feeling hot/cold
- :

and in my family there are other cases with a thyroid malfunction.


I am looking forward that this will bring my body in a "normal" working state again :-)

cheers hope25

PS: It is ok that I am having a nervous stomach and an irritable colon - but it is too much of a burden, if my hormone system is not working properly

PPS: I do not think that homeopathy can deal with this malfunction (at least none of the homeopathic doctors I consulted could really help me - and none of them suggested a thyroid test)
hope25 last decade

I came here because of a google searching for Schuessler Salts and I read your postings.
What I realized, was all those hints and you, Hope, tried and tried, but nothing worked.

You know why?
Quote: Last week I started taking natrum carbonicum C 30, after I had read “psychologic homeopathy” by Philip Bailey.
And now my gastric pains got worse.

Did somebody never tell you, that homeopathics work, when it first gets worse? It's the sign for that. And also, that you have to be pacient because homeopathics are working deeply in the psyche, ergo they antagonize the reason and not just the symptoms.

Therefore nothing works that fast. Your body has to adjust.

But maybe it wasn't just the time for you and you haven't learned out of your illness.
Every illness has a reason and wants to call attention to something.
Listen into your self and you will find out.
But be pacient... ;-)
Miriam last decade

About 80% of your symptoms are similar to that of mine. I have tried Nux, Nat Phos, Cal Carb and they all have worked for some time. About 6 months back when every medicine stopped working my doc gave me arsenic alb 200 once in 2-3 days. It helped me a lot bot resulted in depression. Than Doc advised to change to 30 potency once a day. It worked for the last six months. Believe me all my symptoms, behaviour, nature are similar to that of what you have describe. May be you can give it a try. I have some apperihensions about ARC ALB, which I have posted on this forum.

Thanks ang good luck
wahijs last decade
Thank you for your postings:

concerning Miriam:

I know I am quite impatient (that might be connected to the thyroid gland or might be not)

but why I really stopped Natrum Carb. C30 after quite a short period of time: I prescribed it myself ... and I realized you definitely need a doctor to guide you - I have tried so many remedies, and some worked, some did not...
maybe I got impatient with my last homeopathic doctor as well, because I need the feeling that he knows what he is doing and he is not on trial and error.

The acupuncture-doctor at least was honest: he said he does not really understand why acupuncture only gives relief for some hours ... he suggested it might be linked to the thyroid gland.

However I will try to be patient, will take a blood test in three months (to see if the TSH hormon is normal and see how I feel)

concerning whaijs:
thank you for sharing your history (you must be really a great guy since you are very similar to me ;-)

As you have said: a doc gave you the medicine (I have tried Ars. Alb in C30)
if you really have a chronic case you do need the high potencies (and I don't want to try them by random)


Instead I will be patient, listen for guidance, and if things don't improve find a proper doctor (who supports me in healing)


hope25 last decade
for your gastric trouble use Natrum Phos 3x four tablets atleast 4-5 times daily and Pulsatilla 30 thrice daily.i hope it will definitely eliminate your trouble.i firmly believe in natrum phos it is a wonderful medicine.
sajjadakram635 last decade

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